reven8e – Revelations

The episode opens with every one of the characters carrying shotguns and shooting skeet.  The fact that everyone was still standing was nothing short of a miracle.  One of the gentlemen involved in the group’s sporting session is Salvador Gorbet,  a member of the board of directors at Grayson Global and someone who came into his own wealth by marrying well.   He has always voted for and with Conrad, and now his vote is crucial in determining whether Daniel or Conrad is to take over as the company’s CEO.  Gorbet is impressed by the fact that Daniel has delivered a substantial interest in NolCorp and is leaning towards casting his vote for him.   He’s also impressed by Ashley and she turns on a little of her charm.  A girl has to keep all options open when surrounded by millionaires.

The Ryan brothers stop by the bar to see Jack.  They notice that Carl Porter’s address book is on the counter and the two of them flip though a few pages.  When Jack invites them to baby Carl’s christening, they accept, saying that it would be good to see a few of their own Dad’s old pals and get a sense of some of his history around the dock.

Helen Crowley from the Initiative calls Conrad that he is no longer useful to the group as it seems that Daniel will be taking over at Grayson Global.  She also tells him that he isn’t to warn Daniel or he’ll be eliminated.  Victoria grabs the phone from Conrad and issues her own warning – that if anyone lays a hand on her son, she’ll kill Helen herself.   I saw Victoria handling that shotgun as well as her other handiwork  and  I wouldn’t take her threats lightly.

At the offices of Grayson Global, Nolan and Padma meet with Daniel.   When Nolan asks where Aiden is, Daniel tells him that there is someone who he should really see.  Marco Romero steps forward and Daniel informs Nolan that Marco has been kind, and revengey, enough to share that little tidbit about the missing $500 million.   Daniel says that he wants 51% control over NolCorp or he’ll enlist the assistance of a forensic accountant to track down the money.   Ashley isn’t too keen on Marco and tells Daniel that he’s just another Grayson wannabe, like Tyler.  It takes one to know one, I guess.   Amanda sees that Ashley is trying to turn Daniel against Aiden but,  then again, Amanda and Aiden do have a video of Ashley and Conrad in some very compromising, and from what I could see, uncomfortable, positions.  If they come up with a video of Ashley and Grandpa Grayson, well, I don’t think my ick meter could even give an accurate reading for that.  Anyway, they’re pretty certain that the video should put Aiden back into Daniel’s good graces.  Nolan’s sure hoping so, because, as he says to Aiden,  he’d like to put the “ripcord back in my golden parachute”.

Jack Talks to Matt Duncan in Revenge Season 2, Episode 9, "Revelations"

Baby Carl is being baptized with Amanda as godmother.   One guest, who wasn’t invited, but manages to make the event, is Matt Duncan, the old friend of Carl Porter’s and the man who killed Joe Ryan.  When Matt spots the Ryan brothers, he tries to warn Jack about them,  telling him not to deal with them.  If he’s doing business with them, then Jack should get out of it right away.   Jack, knowing that Nolan is good at things like this, asks the techy savant to look into the Ryan brothers’ background.

The video has gone viral around Grayson manor now that Victoria’s seen it.   She shows it to Conrad and goes a little apoplectic on him.  They two of them think that the Initiative made the clip and are using it to drive a wedge between them.  Victoria is running around the house with her little film and can’t wait to show it to Ashley.  Of course, Lady Grayson sees this as an opportunity and gives Ashley two options,  sleep with Salvador or be annihilated.   Ashley chooses Plan A and dresses for seduction, then makes her way to Salvador’s hotel room.

Aiden calls Daniel and asks him to meet him at the same hotel.  When he asks Daniel why he no longer trusts him, Aiden tells him that he’s pretty sure that the lovely Ashley may have had something to do with planting that seed of doubt.  The two then go upstairs, to Salvador’s room, where they find Ashley and Salvador in matching hotel robes, obviously having just concluded “business.”   Daniel takes a picture of the two of them, threatening to send the picture to Salvador’s wife, and telling Ashley to get her stuff and move out.   Aiden happily reports to Amanda that it all worked out just as they planned.

The board meeting has come to order and Salvador, having very few options, tells Conrad that he’ll be voting for Daniel.   Victoria and Conrad plead with Daniel to call off the vote.  They tell him that he’ll be in danger if he becomes CEO, but stop short of telling him exactly what the nature of the danger is, or from whom it will come.   The vote moves forward and Daniel assumes the seat at the head of the table.   Daniel lets Aiden that there is no room for him on the board, but that Mr. Takeda should be relieved now that the bottom line of Grayson Global has just jumped 30%, thanks to NolCorp’s funds.

Nolan has dug up some very bad stuff with regard to the Ryan boys.  Nate has served time in prison for drug trafficking and Kenny doesn’t own that mansion that was broken into be Declan.   The Ryans have already found Matt Duncan and killed him.  Before he died, however, he told Jack that it was he, not Carl, who killed Joe Ryan and the sons are now looking for payback.  The Ryan brothers come into the bar and pick up the address book, flip to a specific page and then put it back down.  When Jack look at it, he sees that Matt Duncan’s name has been scratched through.   Jack told them that Matt died without saying anything about Joe Ryan’s death or killer.

Padma is upset that NolCorp has become a subsidiary of Grayson Global.  Nolan assure her that the best way to destroy a castle is from the inside.  He also lets her know that they will be finding a position for Marco at NolCorp.  All Padma has to do is make good on her promise to prove her loyalty to Nolan.

Conrad and Victoria, in a complete state of  panic and paranoia, are having the house swept for bugs and hidden cameras, presumably believing that the Initiative is behind all of the incidents in and around the Hamptons in the past year.  The Initiative, however, has moved on to Daniel already, and there’s a camera in a clock on his desk, right next to a note that says “welcome to the fold”.  Jack is tearing up the floor above the bar and finds his Dad’s gun in a plastic bag.  Daniel is deleting pictures of Ashley from his computer but is staring longingly at those of Amanda.   While Aiden and Amanda are talking on the porch of her house, Victoria calls to ask Amanda to discuss Daniel.  When Aiden asks her about it, Amanda says “it’s leverage”.

Nolan Talks to Emily at Carl David's Baptism in Revenge Season 2, Episode 9, "Revelations"

This picture doesn’t really have much to do with the story.  I just liked Nolan wearing an outfit that makes him look like “The Music Man”.

Revenge won’t be back with a new episode until Sunday, January 6, 2013!  It’s going to be a long month.   😉


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  1. BB says:

    I didn’t watch Revenge last night so thanks so much for the recap. Love the picture of Nolan looking like The Music Man. 😀

  2. Morning Empress….I actually stayed awake to watch this time…. lol
    I thought Jack found the gun under the floorboards in the boat ??
    Is it me or are they having Nolan starting to act “corny ” ????

    hugs and peace

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Hey Diva-how you doing?
      I think Nolan was always a bit “corny” but now he is extremely corny…maybe b/c he is going to do some very schemy things soon?

      • I like to think of Nolan as eccentric with just the right measure of “corny”. I do think he has a few schemes of his own on the horizon.

        • melthehound says:

          I hope so and I hope one of them involves Daniel getting shot in the face. Marco needs a face down dirt nap as well.

          • MTH – somehow I have a feeling this is not going to end well for Marco. May I say I hope it doesn’t!

            I love me some Nolan. Empress, I like your description….”eccentric with just the right amount of corny”. That is Perfect! 🙂

          • Daniel gets on my last nerve, too. IMHO, Marco is going to be around until he’s no longer useful in Nolan’s plans to undermine Grayson Global.

            • Oh, I so agree Empress about Daniel. He is so different from last season and I keep thinking he is like a little boy who is playing grown up. I just don’t buy it with him. He will have his comeuppance too no doubt!

              • Boobah says:

                I agree! He does acrt like he is playing ‘grown up’. For once, I wish heh took his mothers advice. He is out of his league. Even if there was no Iniative and he was just the new head of GraysonGlobal, I would think the same thing – he is no where near ready for anything like what he signed up for.

  3. not THAT Jill says:

    Empress-I maybe crazy but I dont think Matt Duncan is dead? I think Jack said he was in the hospital. I dont know if this has anything to do with the future of Jack and the Ryan’s?

    • Jill and Diva – You may both be right about a couple of the details. I saw some floorboards somewhere with a gun hidden underneath, and just assumed the worse for poor Mr. Duncan when the Ryans crossed his name off in the address book. I’m going to blame my wicked cold, too much cough syrup and a boatload of Tylenol for whatever confusion I might have caused. 😉

      • melthehound says:

        I made the same assumption as you, Empress. It didn’t cross my mind that it would be the boat floor because the upstairs of the bar, had just been refinished.

        • So some pieces of the puzzle might come together now……if it was the floor boards on the boat….remember at the beginning of the first epi this season when the boat had been sunk and they were fishing out a man from the water?!? Ooooh, revengey!

          I also did not think mat was dead…..but he may be the one that went down with the boat. Unless it is one of the Ryan brothers…or Jack. I was afraid to say that cuz I don’t want them to off Jack, though I don’t think they will, he is too popular of a cast member…I hope!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Oh sorry you are not feeling well Empress!! That cough syrup would have me dizzy!! I give you A LOT of credit for being able to pay attention and blog this show while under the weather!!

        • Thanks Jill, but as you can probably tell, the cough medicine did leave me in a couple of fugue states – I couldn’t tell a boat from a bar and then I killed Matt Duncan.

          • Well that fits right in with the Revengey story lines Empress! LOL! You are a star! But I am sorry you aren’t feeling well and I agree with Jill…..thanks for recapping in spite of it. Hugs!

          • Boobah says:

            “and then I killed Matt Duncan.” <—– That made me roar with laughter!!!! I think you did a great job and reading your recap first then watching the show was very helpful. Typically, I am left with so many questions and often realize that I miss so much, but this time I was able to catch most of the important hints that the show tends to pepper thoughout the episode.
            Thanks so much!!

            Still laughing at some of your comments….

  4. Boobah says:

    Thanks for yet another excellent recap Empress! Sadly my Uncle died and was at his wake last night so I wasn’t able to watch Revenge. I hope to watch tonight but I am tired and still a little under the weather. Your recap made me look forward to it. I wonder whats going to happen to Ashley now?
    Empress- I didnt realize you were sick also. Feel better soon. Diva- hope things get better for you.

    • Darling Boobah…I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle!! I wondered why you had not been around for a bit. Please accept my condolences…..and take care of yourself. Get some rest too. Prayers for you and family as you start the healing process.

      I did not know Empress was sick also…….I am sending out a whirl of healing energy to Boobah, Empress and Diva, and anyone else who might need it. Warm thoughts and hugs to you all and wishes for a speedy recovery. (((((Everyone)))))

    • Oh Boobah, I’m so sorry to hear about your Uncle. I’ll keep him and you in my prayers. Don’t worry too much about me. It’s just a cold and my hubby has a very good bedside manner.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      sorry about your Uncle Boobah-hugs to you and yours.

      • Boobah says:

        Mardrag, Empress, and Jill – Thank you so much. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Your sentiments are heart-warming. Empress, that is sweet about your hubby. Nothng beats TLC from your loved ones!

        Diva – Still sending you my prayers. You are such a lovely person and miss your posts.

  5. cheri says:

    I don’t like the new Daniel. I think he is definitely turning into a Grayson, and that is not cool at all. I am excited to see more of the storyline with Jack and the Ryan brothers. I am curious what they will have in store for Jack to get back at him. I always have to wait until the next morning to watch it, since I am working my shift at DISH when it airs. With my DISH Hopper, I can use Auto Hop since Revenge is recorded with the PrimeTime Anytime feature. I get through the show in less time, since it skips over the commercials for me, and I still have time to get the kids off to school. I cannot wait to see what happens between Emily and Daniel, and what will come of Aiden. I do hope that Nolan gets his company back, and I am excited to see what he has up his sleeve in order to do that.

    • Boobah says:

      Hi cheri!

      I am curious about the Ryan bros. storyline also. I am still unclear as to what they really want but I think its about the prime real estate on the wharf. I wonder if it goes deeper than that also. I am annoyed that the wroters didn’t give us any addition insight in the sinking of the boat, The Amanda. I think the Ryan bros are connected to that somehow. No sure who the body was that gets pulled out of the water but I am hoping that it isnt Jack.

      Daniel still has feelings for Ems, IMO. But I don’t think Ems feels the same way. I think she still harbors feelings for Jack. I am not sure what she really feels for Aiden, it just doesn’t seem all that deep to me. But they are birds of a feather so maybe their relationship will grow just from that commonality.

  6. Boobah says:

    Okay, so….a few twisty thoughts…

    I don’t think we have seen the last of Ashley. Since she is willing to do anything to get money and power, I bet we see her somehow getting back in the mix of things. Maybe she will try her own hand at some revenge? Maybe Ems will call upon her for a favor sometime on the future. Of course, Ashley won’t have any idea that she will just be a pawn.

    WTH with not developing the storyline of the The Amanda going down!! Or maybe they did by showing us the gun below the floor boards – why was the gun in a plastic bag?? I could be wrong but to me that means that the gun still had evidence on it – fingerprints, etc. If Carl wanted to protect Matt (and himself) why didn’t he wipe the gun and toss it out?? Hiding it under the floor is a big clue, IMO. But to what??

    I am weary of Aiden. What’s his end game here? Have I missed something?

    I still love Nolan even though he is getting a bit cheesy. Marco is jerk but I think he is being used. I suspect that Nolan will get his company back but he needs to play the Trojan Horse role for a little while to help out Ems. But I think he will benefit from this also. Somehow he has to erase the trail to the missing 500 million so that he doesn’t get into trouble – afterall this all came to the forefront because of an audit that we still don’t know much about. Maybe if David Clarke’s name is cleared then Nolan can finally be honest about the secret 500 Million Cayman Island account that was really Ems – and this truth will demeonstarte that he didn’t co-mingle, launder, hide, or embezzle, (or whatever else is considered illegal) his company’s money and this will stop the audit or credibility of NolCorp?? (Note: In my brain this paragraph makes sense. But it is very possible that it doesn’t and I, in fact, didn’t make a point at all.)

    Vic and Conrad are unraveling. I really want to know what Vic wants from Ems? In the last scene, Ems referes to Vic’s call as “leverage”….hmmmmmm. I wonder if Vic is going to try to get Em’s to rekindle her relationship with Daniel? Vic has seen her son’s reaction to Em’s whenever they are in the same room, so maybe she wants Em’s to get back together with him so that Em’s can be Vic;s eyes and ears. I mean, that’s what Conrad did with Ashley.

    Oh – we see that Declan lives on The Amanda now….is he the one that goes down with the boat?? Maybe the Ryan bros try to send a message by orchestrating an “accident” that they hope scares Jack into selling?

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