Sons of Anarchy – S5E11 – To Thine Own Self

I was going to hold this until tomorrow but I’m awake and this show just got interesting. Go read the review I submitted last night to get caught up if you need to.

In this episode, Tara has been offered a new job and has decided to accept it. She tells Jax yet and this new timing throws everything into fast forward. The hospital people wanted an answer by the end of the week. They call the lawyer to discuss the Otto ‘mess’. What it boils down to, is a felony charge made after a deal with the feds, kills his part in the RICO case. That is, Otto cannot be trusted because he killed the nurse. So now they have to figure a way out of Tara’s part in it and are getting the stories straight. Jax is about to lose it because he’s barking quite a bit especially when the lawyer tells him that Tara could go away for a long time for bringing the murder weapon to Otto. “THEN MAKE SURE THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN”.  Dead RICO isn’t going to sit well with Romeo (CIA) because it takes away his leverage to use the club for getting the guns and transporting the cocaine. What he has been working on since he became prez is to transfer the cocaine to the Mayans, and the guns to the Chinese so that SAMCRO can concentrate on legitimate businesses such as the companionship business (Dirosa) with Nero. He tells Bobby to set up the meetings.

At Gemma’s house, she had Luann Delany’s belongings on her table from the day before when she dug out the crucifix for Tara to take to Otto (he used it to kill the day nurse in the infirmary. Clay walks out of the bedroom, and she has him believing that he has a chance at getting back together with him. She asks Clay to put the boxes away for her. Gemma asks him if the club knew that Tara had volunteered at the prison and was seeing Otto. The answer was no. Up to this point, Clay has put together the pieces of the puzzle regarding the CIA, The Irish, and the Cartel. Remember that Gemma’s job is to find out a way to connect Clay to the Nomads… We’ll leave that there for a moment.

Over at the prison, Otto is in his cell when the door opens, and a strange guy walks in. We haven’t seen this guy before to my knowledge. He asks Otto ‘can you hear my voice, Mr. Delany’. In walks a guy who kind of reminds me of Opie. That’s just a basic description. The guy proceeds to beat the hell out of Otto and that’s where we leave that scene. Later in the show, Otto recieves a visitor, Same guy. He asks again, can you hear my voice. Otto thinks the guy is there to kill him and the guy tells Otto that he will die but not yet, The next few months are going to be the worse of his life (Otto isn’t going to die this season). We next see this guy at the hospital when Tara is taking the boys home from day care after telling the people that she’s decided to accept the offer (I’ll get to that in a second). Strange guy doesn’t approach or talk to Tara he’s just there. We’ll get back to him in a minute (we’re leaving a lot of things for later, aren’t we? Stick with me here).

Jax arrives at the garage. Rat and Unser are leaving in the tow truck and Jax asks Juice where they are going. Unser’s chemo appointment. Jax tells Juice that his time is up, has to have those documents today and to tear Clay’s house apart to get them if need be. Jax then goes in to the garage office and tells Chuckie to excuse himself, so he can talk to Gemma. She resists helping him further until he fills her in on everything that is going on. He tells her the only reason Clay is still alive is the Irish gun connection and he tells her about RICO, Otto, Tara, everything. She agrees to help him.

Chibs and Bobby knock on the door, it’s time for the grand opening of Deosa (The brothel). Jax asks them about the meetings they were supposed to have with the Mayans and the Chinese. Alvarez (Mayan leader) is in, still no word from Lim (Chinese guy). Meanwhile, Tig meets up with Clay, at Clay’s request to talk. Tig isn’t very fond of Clay these days and Clay wants him back in his corner. He tells Tig that very likely, he is setting up outside enterprises. He tells Tig that if he ever grows tired of working for the guy (Jax) who is sucking up to the guy that set his daughter on fire (Pope), there may be a place for him in Clay’s new organization. Tig refused to have a drink with Clay and even told Clay that the bridge between them has been burned (in so many words).

Over at Deosa, it’s opening day. Chibs, Bobby, Phil, Happy, and Jax arrive.  Phil sees something he likes and goes after her. The club looks good, Lila is there in a wheelchair but still all dressed for the occasion (this is Opie’s widow and Frankie Diamonds shot her in the leg). Of course, nothing can ever go smoothly, for these people. Nero’s old crew isn’t happy that Nero left Stockton. He says that the money will keep flowing for them but that isn’t what they want. They want guns. Apparently Nero’s number two is looking to expand but since Nero left, all of their action is getting stepped on by rival gangs. They say once they go broke and homeless, they will move into Deosa, with their kids. Kids are expensive, even the ones who are not on crutches. Nero wants nothing with to do with the guns but Jax offers to get them some hardware. They have some stuff laying around the warehouse. They arrange a meetup and for now, everyone goes away happy, except Nero. Jax tells him that basically, he’s getting away from the situation cheap.

Clay arrives at the garage, Juice sees him, knows the house is empty and leaves to go search it. Clay walks into the office where Gemma is going through some old files looking for (the same stuff that Juice is looking for) Jax’s brother, Thomas’s birth certificate. At least that’s what she tells Clay. Seems his birthday is in a couple weeks and she’s feeling sentimental, again, that’s what she tells Clay. He says, get a duplicate birth certificate but she says, not the same, she wants the original. Clay gets a call (from Romeo (CIA) ) and is summoned to a meeting.

Over at the hospital, Unser is finished with his round of chemo and is resting in the chair. There is annoying Muzak playing (Kenny G) when Tara walks in. She says she’s just checking in on him but really wants to talk. He asks her to get him out of there because the Kenny G music is going to give his cancer cancer. They walk out of the room, he has to sit down and he asks her what’s up. He doesn’t think the stage 4 magnetism is what made Tara stop by to see him. She tells him she wanted a more distant perspective of everything that’s going on. She says she loves her kids, Jax, embraces the club and the guys, and even says she’s happy to be a part of it (She’s become a true Old Lady). Unser notes that the only thing she didn’t mention that she loves, was herself. She says that she use to love being a surgeon, and begins to get upset about not loving it anymore (I think). About that time, Unser makes a dive for the trash can and tosses his chemo cookies. Somehow, they find that funny and leave to go feed the boys.

Clay, meets up with Romeo and Luis. Romeo tells Clay that Otto killed the nurse, RICO is dead, and they confirm what he suspected. They are CIA. They tell him that they are going to take out Jax because they still need the cocaine to pay for the guns. The deal with the Cartel was that the club would transport the cocaine to be sold, to pay for the guns, that they need Clay to help them get from Gahlen (sp? Irish). With RICO dead, that all goes away because they no longer have anything to hold over the club’s head (These two are just as dirty as the club in all this mess. If their goal was ever to take out the club, they could just do it but that’s never been the intent). They suggest that Clay make his move to get the gavel back before the chapter evaporates. Jax and anyone who stands in the way, has got to go. Today. Clay asks for time to discuss things with Jax and make him see the weight of the situation. Romeo gives him two hours.

Jax, Chibs, Tig, and Happy are at the site to meet with Nero’s crew when they show up about 10 strong. They aren’t there to buy guns but to take them out and steel the guns. The guys get in the car and it’s on. Gunfight at the empty road coral. With Jax running the car around the site, gunfire is exchanged. Happy takes a grazing across the forehead just before Jax crashes the car though the guard fence. The run down hill, roll the car a couple times (none of them of course are strapped in), and when the car comes to a stop, they act like they’ve been on the roller coaster ride of their lives. Jax takes a head count of sorts, asks Happy if he’s okay, he says, “it went through, I’m Rapturous”. That is one weird dude. They finish their ride down the hill and end up back at the clubhouse where, Chibs is stitching up Happy. Bobby tells Jax they need to go meet with the Chinese guy. Jax tells Nero that his crew needs to be dealt with, the last thing he wants is a war with them in Charming. As Jax and Bobby go to leave, Clay asks for a minute, Jax refuses, Clay says, you really should. In the apartment, Clay spills that he knows everything about RICO, the CIA, Otto, the whole bit. Clay keeps calling Jax, Son. He tells Jax that Romeo intends to take him out. Jax is suspicious and doesn’t trust Clay. Clay reminds Jax of a talk they had months back when Jax wanted out. Jax says that changed when Clay killed Piney and tried to kill his wife (because of the letters). Clay tries to convince Jax that keeping the Cartel thing going is the way to go but Jax has other plans. Clay calls Romeo and tells them that things between he and Jax are complicated and asks for another day. Jax and Bobby leave to meet with the Chinese guy. Romeo says to Luis, He couldn’t do it. Make the call. Jax tells Bobby that Clay knows everything (At this point, Bobby still thinks they are just making changes for the club, he doesn’t know the end game that is to take out Clay). They need to get to Lin (Chinese guy) and close the deals for the gun and drug traffic part of the club life.  Jax and Bobby leave. Unser is back at the garage (he’s living in the parking lot). Nero comes out with them to go back to Deosa. He and Gemma talk for a minute, Clay sees them kiss and isn’t too happy (He believes that he and she are getting back together).

At the hospital, Tara confirms to her potential new employer that she’s accepting the offer. She says Jax was born and raised here and she needs a few more days to get Jax completely on board (with leaving SAMCRO) but they can go ahead and start processing the paperwork.

Back at the prison, strange dude walks into the visiting room to see Otto. Lock down death row inmates who have just murdered someone aren’t allowed visitors, or so I thought, so this guy has some pull with someone somewhere. He once again asks, if Otto can hear the sound of his voice. Otto thinks he a fed, laughs and says he should have just kept going and killed him with the beating. Guy says to Otto, I know you want to die and will but, before that happens, there are a few things that need to be done. Otto chuckles and says RICO is dead, bitch. Guy says, this isn’t about RICO, he’s not a fed, just a citizen. That wipes the smile off of Otto’s face and he asks the guy what he wants. The guy says, he does want something. ‘When a man is forced to put away what he loves, sometimes he forgets who he is. He thanks Otto for giving him something to want. Before he leaves, he informs Otto that the next few months will be the most excruciatingly painful times of his sick and miserable live. I think Otto may have realized who this guy is.

Over at Clay’s house, Juice is checking every nook and cranny as if his life depended on it . It does. He then looks up and realizes where what he is looking for is. Meanwhile, at Lin’s resturant, they are discussing guns and supply of such. He says he can get guns from Gaza (Hamass) and asks how often. Every two weeks. They tell him to set it up. Juice calls Jax and tells him that he’s found the papers. Jax tells him to put them back where he found them and and call everyone, including Clay to his house. He tells Juice NOT to leave Clay alone in the house. While Jax and Bobby are on the way there, the CIA henchmen kidnap Jax right off of his motorcycle at a stop light. Stab Bobby’s tires so he can’t follow them, and drive off. Over at Clay’s house, they’re wondering why Jax wanted them to meet there. Bobby calls Chibs and tells him what’s happened and tells him to have everyone meet at the clubhouse. They suspect, Nero’s crew so they are going to ask him about it. Remember Nero’s end game here. To buy his uncle’s farm so he can take his son Lucious to live there. Nero isn’t going to be happy with his old pals shitting all over that plan. The guys leave for the clubhouse, and Clay, who says he has to take his meds, manages to get left alone, in the house (to move the documents). Nero’s crew is in their house watching TV or something like that when he crashes in carrying a shotgun. He shoots the first one who moves, don’t know his name, never did, don’t care, he’s worm now. His number two is understandably confused by this recent turn of events (Nero thinks they have Jax). After some brotherly back and fourth about where Jax is, Nero shoots the guy in the head, twice. He says, they wanted old Nero back, that’s what they got.

Next we see Jax strapped to a chair in an empty room. Romeo and Luis walk in and point out to him how easy it is for them to make him disappear. Jax asks, Cartel or CIA. They tell him same difference, one just involves paperwork. Jax proceeds to put their minds at ease about him wanting to be free of them. Tells them he’s working to set them up with replacements so they can continue their own business. He tells them that Gahlen hates and doesn’t like dealing with wet backs (Show’s words, not mine, write FX network if you have a problem with it) so they are going to need another gun source. After all, does it really matter which terrorists the guns come from? IRA vs Hamass? They tell him it better work after he tells them it won’t be cheap but they (CIA CARTEL) can keep doing business as usual. They cut him loose.

Back at the clubhouse, Jax and Clay tell the rest of them about the RICO – CIA deal. Then then Jax tells everyone about his plans for the guns and the drugs and once voted on, passed, and put into play, they are out of the illegal stuff (mostly anyway). He tells them that they’ll all have to take a pay cut but since it was a unanimous vote, they seem on board with the idea. They leave the meeting room, Clay says well done, Jax says not yet (He still has a score to settle). Jax tells Gemma to take Clay to her house and keep him there until they call. He tells Juice, Bobby, and Chibs, time for show and tell. They leave. Tig asks if Jax needs him there. Not yet. He asks Tig if he still loves him. Tig answers, I love you boss.

Over at the hospital, Tara is leaving (I guess) and she passes someone who is sitting in the hallway. Strange guy from Otto’s past. He begins to follow Tara. This guy knows way too much to just be some citizen. At Gemma’s house she is giving Clay his injections. They talk about Nero, she says there was never anything there, still isn’t. Clay’s phone rings but he doesn’t take the call, Juice has called him 4 times. There’s a knock at the back door. It’s Nero. Clay tells him that Jax is fine, it wasn’t Nero’s crew. He asks to see Gemma but Clay doesn’t want to let him. I’m sure Clay would love to blow this guy’s head off. Nero wants to know where he stands with Gemma. She assures him that their time will come, just be patient.

Over at the clubhouse, Bobby is trying to convince Jax that Clay doesn’t need to die. Drop the Nomad thing. Jax fills him in on everything. The letters, Piney, Tara, Everything. Clay has to go. Bobby pays Clay a visit.. To tell him what’s happening? Clay asks if Bobby is there to kill him. Bobby says no, he’s there to keep him alive. More of Jax’s plans?

That’s where the show ends.

Now, Strange guy promising to make Otto’s remaining months hell on earth. Here’s what I think. We’ve seen John Teller’s grave site. Is he really in there? We’ve Never seen Jax’s brother Thomas’s grave site… Where is it? Is he really dead or is JT really dead. JT knew how Clay would try to kill him and that’s what was in one of those letters that Maureen sent back from Ireland. Thomas had some kind of disease that killed him, so we are told but, I think, we’ve just met, a very alive and well, John Teller. The club stole his family from him and he’s back for revenge ‘Thank you Otto for giving me something to want’.  That’s what I think and I further think, this is part of the set up for season 6.

Check back next week so we can see how this all plays out. As usual, watch the show here if you like. You can also watch S1 – S4 on Netflix if you want. For some further entertainment, here is some soundtrack from the show. Katey Sagal singing Son of a Preacher Man

See you next week..

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32 Responses to Sons of Anarchy – S5E11 – To Thine Own Self

  1. The Diva says:

    Hey hey… was up at 530 this a.m. and read the other post…waiting for this one..
    I think the dude who went to see Otto is the brother of Otto’s wife OR the brother of the guy that ran the porn biz that she worked for and he got killed….TOM ARNOLD played his character..hmmm
    Can’t believe one more episode till THE END…. WOW…went by fast…
    Back to my rock…
    Hugs and Peace

    • melthehound says:

      You think this guy is Luann’s brother? It’s possible I suppose as he wants Otto to die the same way she did, Beaten to death. Somehow though, I doubt he’s Georgie’s brother. Otto had nothing to do with him being killed. Though, it would certainly explain why he has an ax to grind with the club.

      Come out from the rock more often. I enjoy talking to you about this stuff.

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        I swearI I saw that guy in earlier episodes back when SAMCRO first started…. Maybe on set when they were filming the porn and Bobby was doing the books….. You just KNOW , Kurt is going to do a DOOZIE of a cliff hanger….whoop whoop
        and DONT forget about the guy Clay went to see in prison…the one with the voice box… he’s still a player in all this…. hmmmm

        • melthehound says:

          Perhaps you did Diva, not discounting the possibility, JT is just the one that popped into my mind when strange guy started following Tara. You probably have a far better memory for these sorts of details than I do. The guy with the voice box, is Lenny The Pimp. Is he a member or just a friendly associate?

          • thedesigndiva2 says:

            Found this on SAMCRO site….hmmm
            The way Toric was tearing into Otto, one might think it had something to do with the nurse he killed – who happens to have been played by Karina Logue, Donal’s real-life sister who shared screen time with him in Terriers. As far as stunt casting goes, that’s right up there with Carla Gugino popping up on Justified.

            I think Lenny was one ?? of the original members from way back Redlands ???

            • melthehound says:

              First 9? Good to know strange guy’s name. Toric.. (easier to type 😀 )

            • Hey dd, Speaking of casting – I just finished watching all of the past seasons, and I cracked up when I saw who the “cleaner” was at Gemma’s dad’s house. He was played by writer Stephen King and the character’s name “Bachman” is a pseudonym King writes under.

              • melthehound says:

                That was Stephen King? I’m glad I’m glad I’m doing these show recaps here because when it comes to the background info, I don’t have anything on everyone else here.

            • darrian1324 says:

              do you or does anyone know the name of the actor that played the random guy that came in and beat the shit out of otto in his cell?? he looks so familiar but I can’t place him or find his name in credits!! It is driving me nuts!!!

  2. I won’t give away any spoilers, but the “strange guy” is a new character, making his first appearance on last night’s episode. We’re going to find out more about him and who he is in the last two episodes.

    • thedesigndiva2 says:

      Well chitz.. maybe I saw him in a “flashback “…. I am waiting to see what part Dave Navarone is going to play … I also read Joel Mchale ( SOUP ) is suppose to appear ??? LOL

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        BRAVO SUCKS !!!!!!! not even doing HWS….. OVER THEM…. YEA

  3. mth, About Thomas’ grave site. During Donna’s funeral, Jax visited two graves just before Piney came over to him. One was John Teller’s, in the veteran’s section, and the other was Thomas’. It was a very quick shot and I had to rewind to read the headstone. I don’t know if JT is still alive, although I like the idea, but I always figured that Thomas died from the same heart condition that Gemma calls the family curse.

    • thedesigndiva2 says:

      Empress…I’m with ya…JT is more than likely dead….

      PS…. I KNOW THE SPOILER…I forgot I had read about it back awhile ago….WINKS..

    • melthehound says:

      Okay, I just didn’t remember seeing it. I thought Thomas had dis of some disease and I know that Jax visit’s JT’s grave kind of often when he needs to think. I do remember the scene. JT being alive is just a theory of mine, that is probably wrong. It’s how I might have written the end of this season though and I wouldn’t doubt the idea was tossed around 😉

  4. Boobah says:

    Hi All!

    Completely off-topic – just got my laptop back after a mofo of a Trojan waged a war on it. I am shocked my pc guy could fix it! Sweet relief because I haven’t done a back up in a long time. Luckily I was able to use hubby’s pc to at least watch SAMCRO. Anyway, it’s good now. Woohoo!

    Diva – GREAT to see you! Hope you are feeling better, and Mr. Ford too! As always, my best to you and yours.

    Now, about SAMCRO – I was thrilled to see Stephen King make an appearance as Bachman! His character was hysterical! Tig’s reaction to him was even funnier! This show is brillant when it comes to casting, IMO.

    I remeber Jax’s brother’s grave. I forgot exactly what it read so I did a quick google search –

    Jax’s brother’s Tombstone Reads: (Picture of a tricycle) In Loving Memory of our Little Boy Thomas Wayne Teller Born January 8th 198? (blocked by Jax’s foot) Died April 4th 1990. So, the oldest he could have been was ten when he died. But I think he was younger.

    I think there is a chance that JT is alive. Obviously the police report seen in season 4 says otherwise – That he was dragged 150 feet (or so) behind a truck after being sideswiped and died in the hospital after two days. I am watching season 4 now and I’m at the part where Gemma is freaked that Tara had a copy of the police report. IMO, this is not what happened to JT or if it did – then the sideswipe was a planned hit.

    Maureen Ashby had a relationship with JT, as I now understand. But Gemma seems to believe that JT abandoned her and the boys. This part doesn’t add up. Also, the priest had a very deep relationship with JT. At least deep enough for him to feel comfortable telling Jax that JT didn’t want the outlaw life for his sons. The Priest couldn’t save Jax from SAMCRO but he thought he could save Abel. This is suspicious stuff to me. How could JT want to take Jax and Thomas away from that life but be accused of abandoning them at the same time. Gemma might be twisting this up just a bit.

    • melthehound says:

      We’ve kind of determined that the strange guy (as I call him) is not JT. That doesn’t rule out him being alive though but for now, we’ll assume he is in fact, dead. JT and Piney were the original first 2 members of the club. They started it. Lenny the Pimp, was the third (so he’s another First 9) I’ve learned, since I wrote the recap. Father Ashbey (who is Maureen’s brother) and kind of the godfather of the IRA (or was) overstepped his bounds with Abel.

      This Still does not give us any clue as to why the documents in that safe are SO important for Clay to keep hidden. Thanks for the info from the grave site.

    • melthehound says:

      BTW, 1 TB USB drives are less than $100 and will work for backing up your computer. At the very least, you can back all your stuff up to one.

      • Boobah says:

        Thanks for the computer info!

        I know that w/SAMCRO I am very behind everyone here, so I am probably missing a lot. But when I watched last night, coupled with your review, I have a better understanding now. The documents seemed really important and that was weird to me also. The only reason that I can think of for why birth certificates are important, if in fact, birth certificates are some of what Clay is hiding, is that maybe the names on the birth certificates will demonstrate some of Clay annd Gemma’s lies. If Jax’s birth parents aren’t Gemma and JT, then Jax will lose his mind. Maybe they are afraid that if Jax gets pissed enough, he would rat them out once and for all and be done with SAMCRO forever. Leaving them in jail to rot. Just a thought.
        Does Juice even know what the hell he is looking for or is he just worried about saving his ass at this point.
        I think Clay knows Gemma is just stringing him along and he is going with it for now. I don’t have any real evidence to this…just a gut feeling. From what I saw last night, Clay seems aware that he has ‘eyes’ on him.

        • melthehound says:

          As they all left from Clay’s house after Jax was kidnapped, Clay stayed behind which is exactly what Jax told Juice not to let happen. We didn’t see him do anything there other than look up a the ceiling vent where he has the papers hidden (that Juice found). As far as Juice knows, he’s looking for legal documents of the type that may be kept in a safe. The assumption we are supposed to have and what may get Juice killed, is that Clay took the documents and moved them someplace else. (I’m stating all of this with the assumption that you are also watching the current season 5 episodes as you catch up on the others), Don’t worry about being behind the rest of the class. If you have something to share, shout it out 😀 I said before, that’s part of the fun of writing the blog.

          I remember floating the idea of who Jax’s real parents may be and that’s the big secret they want kept.

    • Hey Boobah!!! Didn’t you love that stuff in Belfast?!?!
      About the accident report – didn’t Unser have something to do with writing/doctoring it? I would think that if something had been tampered with, the cops would’ve found out during their investigation, unless Unser covered it up.
      He may be corrupt as hell, but I love Unser. He does what he has to do to keep Charming “charming”. I also think he has a huge crush on Gemma.

      • Boobah says:


        YES, I really enjoyed the Belfast storyline! So much back story to JT and SAMCRO. The characters were all really interesting. I hated Jimmy, the Priest was way to full of himself, I felt bad for Maureen and Trinity. The accent was hard to understand at times but the plot was really good.

        I have a soft spot for Unser also! And hell yeah- I definitely think he has a huge crush on Gemma also! Lol! I am pretty sure that Unser tampered with JT’s accient report. I haven’t seen him or anyone admit to it at this point, but Gemma implied something along the lines that if the truth came out, they would both get in big trouble.

        Thanks for the link to the Huff Post article. Very good read.

  5. I read this article over at HuffPo and decided to bring it here. It dispels any notions that this show is just about a bunch of outlaw bikers who go around shooting everybody.

  6. Honey Poo Poo says:

    Whoa, how comed I always gettin da blame?!
    “‘I’m sorry that I hit your family. I thought I saw Honey Boo Boo.'”

    Dats jest not faired!

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