Why General Petraeus Needs Olivia Pope

If there’s anybody who should be handling the General Petraeus/CIA/FBI/biographer/socialite scandal it’s Olivia Pope.  For those of you who watch the ABC series “Scandal” you’re familiar with what Olivia and her team do.  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll explain myself – they’re fixers, Washington, D.C. style.  There’s no problem too big for Pope and Associates.  Her team can return a kidnapped baby back into the loving arms of her Russian diplomat parents.   Mistresses and love-struck White House interns are dealt with and dispatched before their indiscretions become a blip on the media’s radar.  They can skirt all sorts of authorities – and laws – if a member of Congress or a governor or even a president manages to muck up their lives with affairs, corruption and murder.  Olivia would be perfect for this real life D.C. brouhaha, especially considering the fact that she’s had her own affair with the president on “Scandal”.

She’s not real, though, and that’s too bad.  Now the players in this mess are trying to fix things themselves, and we know that’s not going to work out too well for them.   It’s already become the fodder for late night talk show hosts and their jokes.   The General has made the same mistake that people in positions of power have made time and time again.  He turned his back on everything he believed in as well as the people who believed in him, and fell for a woman who wanted to rub elbows, and other body parts, with greatness.   All of his education, experience and, apparently,  common sense went right out the window when he started to think that Paula Broadwell was in love with just David – not the 4 star General and Director of the CIA.  What a foolish and egotistical man.

So now, the General, Mrs. Broadwell, Jill Kelley and FBI Agent Humphries are in the midst of a much larger investigation.   The action, emails and activities of this group of very foolish people have given members of Congress and the media something to wag their tongues about, not to mention the giant headaches some folks at the White House are suffering.   Everyone even remotely involved in this mess is going to come under the kind of scrutiny, the likes of which they are unfamiliar with and, more than likely, not going to be able to deal with.

Amy Scherzer/The Tampa Bay Times/AP Gen. David Petraeus, Scott Kelley, Jill Kelley, Holly Petraeus.

The most annoying player in this bit of tawdry theater is Jill Kelley, who, from where I’m sitting, looks like she’s actually enjoying all of her 15 minutes.   Mrs. Kelley, a Tampa socialite and Honorary Counsel to South Korea – a position which amounts to little more than being a good event planner and party hostess – involved the FBI after she began receiving emails which she felt amounted to harassment.   In the course of the FBI’s investigation, spearheaded by Kelley family friend, Agent Frederick Humphries, the email stalker’s name was discovered – Paula Broadwell.     More and more emails began to surface, thousands of them in fact.   Broadwell was jealous of Kelley, Kelley was jealous of  Broadwell and General John Allen, another friend of the Kelleys was thrown in for good measure.  Under the heading of sex, lies and photographs, Agent Humphries sent out an email of himself without his shirt – just some funny stuff between friends.

Paula Broadwell, the Biographer

The fallout has been staggering.  Whether it deserves this much attention has yet to be determined.  Petraeus has resigned his position as CIA Director.  Agent Humphries will be investigated for his role in the scandal.  There are some questions as to whether he had the right to insinuate himself into the whole matter as well as it was within his discretion to determine what and what isn’t a matter of National Security.   Broadwell, whose computer was found to have contained some classified documents, has been stripped of her security clearance.  She still has that biography to sell, though.  By the way, the title is “All In” – it’s too easy, so go ahead and insert your own jokes here.   Kelley is the laughing-stock of Tampa, Washington, D.C. and Seoul.  That hasn’t quite sunk in with her yet.  She called 911 to report that the news media had descended on her house and suggested to the dispatcher that the police might want to call in some diplomatic level of assistance.  After all, don’t they know who she is?   I think I know who she is.  She’s one of those political donors who is given some worthless title as a thank you gift for supporting a candidate.   She, along with her sister and husband, aren’t even good donors, having crashed a fundraiser for Marco Rubio in 2010 and then leaving without so much as a tip for the wait staff.  She, and her family, are the Salahis – wannabes who are more trouble than they’re worth.

The disgraced General and his wife, Holly, have a long and rocky road ahead of them.   How they deal with this is none of our business.   While I love conspiracy theories, if Petraeus was doing his job, in spite of what was going on behind all of those closed door sessions with Broadwell, then none of this should have been our business.   What is our business is when and by whom the story was known.   I don’t want to think that there was some kind of cloak and dagger stuff going on, involving election cycles and partisan politics.   I don’t enjoy them.  In fact, I don’t want to see us, our Country, become the objects of ridicule, particularly in light of the tenuous and even dangerous nature of foreign policy and global relations.  It would be nice if this whole thing could be put to bed, so to speak, with the least amount of damage to America and our leaders.

As for Petraeus, well, he’ll have to face those who hold all the cards.  His military pension is in jeopardy because the Uniform Military Code of Justice frowns on infidelity and it’s authority extends even to retirees.    He’s going to have to answer for how and when this affair took place.   If it did, as has been rumored, go back to 2010, while he was still a general, then he puts his career and future in jeopardy.   All of this will look like a walk in the park given the fact that, after all is said and done, Holly Petraeus will get to weigh in with her own version of justice.   If she decides to forgive him, then she’s a better woman than I am.  Her husband took oaths of honor and vows of trust and fidelity.   Thirty seven years is a long time to stand beside someone as a partner, particularly when you’ve been a military wife.  She’s made more than her share of sacrifices.  This can’t be how she saw a post-military life.   On the other hand, her husband probably never believed that he would ever make such a foolhardy and sophomoric decision.   In a world where a man is only as good as his word, David Petraeus surrendered his ethics and morality – leaving him with nothing.

This real life scandal would have made for some great television.  Olivia Pope would have been able to retire on the fees she could have made with this disaster.   She could have fixed this and it probably would have remained none of our business.




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45 Responses to Why General Petraeus Needs Olivia Pope

  1. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    I would love to see Olivia in a room with these players-she would let them all have it, especially Paula Broadwell -I would love to hear what Olivia would tell this one!!!!

    • Olivia would have had a field day with the whole lot of them And she would have shut that crazy Jill Kelley down and shipped her out of Tampa before she even knew what hit her.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Jill Kelly has that look about her like she doesn’t know when to just shut up-Olivia would shut her down first-ship her off to never be heard from again…maybe Huck would be in charge of her!!!
        Totally off topic-I saw that you had a blog about Nashville-have you been watching? I just started and I love it.

        • I do watch it and I love it, too. Doing regular recaps about it was a little more work than I was ready, willing or able to take on.
          Re: Jill Kelley – she wanted her 15 minutes and boy, is she going to get them. I hope it’s all worth it for her. I’m sure that there’s going to be more to this story. The twisty part of me sees conspiracies around every corner, and this whole thing doesn’t feel right at all.

          • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

            It is so shameful how those 15 minutes mean more to people than anything in the world. Fame just doesn’t seem worth it to me-but we see people who chase it and get it any way they can.

            • I think Mrs. Kelley bit off more than she can chew with this one. Her over-inflated ego and delusions of grandeur are going to be her undoing. Look at the mess she’s made already. Which begs the question – is she just a famewhore or is she the unwitting whistleblower?

  2. Donna says:

    OK,,, I haven’t been watching Scandel, day, station, time please.

    Seems that a lot of post election highjinks are moving out of the dark and into the light. Humm who is going to fall on the sword for this man that that thought below the belt instead of above the neck.

  3. Jake From State Farm says:

    This is the second high profile incident involving ALL of our security that the president has professed ignorance about.
    His staff either doesn’t trust him or doesn’t respect him.

    Just damned scary.

      • baronessbeachcomber says:

        Training is the military’s answer to everything. Having worked for the DoD for 36 years, believe me, I know. If someone messes up big, train everybody. I’m sure billions of dollars have been spent on unecessary training just becuase of what a few idiots have done.

        • baronessbeachcomber says:

          Remember the Tailhook scandal? Everyone who worked for the Navy had to have a one-day stand down training because of that – military and civilians. My command rented a 5,000 capacity concert hall to have it and fed everyone lunch. Can you imagine how much that cost? And multiply that by thousands and thousands throughout the entire country.

          • bb, Then your own experience tells you how ridiculous this latest missive is. If 40 years in the military and all of those honor codes haven’t worked, then I have no idea what a new set of guidelines and a few training sessions are supposed to accomplish. Maybe they’ll have to assign babysitters like they did with the Secret Service after the Colombian hooker incident.
            Even working for government at the local level, I know how it becomes everybody’s problem when one bad apple can’t just do the right thing.
            Yep, our tax dollars at work.

  4. Vegas Chick says:

    If Olivia Pope was involved, at least, we would have some answers, lol. I haven’t been able to watch it this season (I don’t have a DVR and wonder why myself), but plan to get caught up at my girlfriend’s one of these days.

    You said: “It would be nice if this whole thing could be put to bed, so to speak, with the least amount of damage to America and our leaders.” I disagree. Somehow, someway, it’s all connected to the 9/11 massacre in Libya, and the WH would like nothing better than to put it to bed and keep the focus on personal indiscretions. I want everyone involved held accountable. Four people died unnecessarily, IMHO. Unfortunately, we probably won’t know the truth until 5 or 10 years from now. It’ll come out when no one is paying attention and no one cares except the families and friends of the people who lost their lives.

    Sure wish Diva felt well enough to join the convo. If you are reading, D, I hope that you are feeling better. Get plenty of rest. We miss you! xoxoxo

    • Vegas Chick, My comment “It would be nice if this whole thing could be put to bed, so to speak, with the least amount of damage to America and our leaders” was just some wishful thinking on my part. Our government has been rife with all sorts of scandals for a very long time. I guess I’m just tired of dirty tricks and cover ups and leaders who think we’re stupid.
      I think the general’s zipper problem is just the tip of a very large iceberg. I want answers to the attack on our Embassy in Benghazi, too, and I agree with you – we may not get them for a very long time. I question the timing re: the sex scandal, as well as why Majority Leader Cantor didn’t take the information he had further up the food chain. Closed door hearings and claims that everything is a matter of national security doesn’t help things at all.
      FWIW, that appointment of Susan Rice to Secretary of State should come to a grinding halt until somebody gets some answers about her role in weeks of misinformation, disinformation and doubletalk.

    • melthehound says:

      Somehow, someway, it’s all connected to the 9/11 massacre in Libya, and the WH would like nothing better than to put it to bed and keep the focus on personal indiscretions.

      I agree.

      • Buttercream says:

        Here’s a bit of news revealed to me over the Thanksgiving Holiday – Holly has knows since May of this year that David had an affair with Paula, his biographer ….that the WH, Hillary and Holder held this info over David’s head to testify to Congress (ergo, LIE) that the 9/11 attacks in Benghazi were stemmed from the now infamous bogus Video, while in reality, David, West Point grad, knew immediately the attacks were coordinated and notified Hillary and Obama with this information was indeed terrorist attacks.. See Ms Rice’s lied 5 separate times in one day? Those talking points did not come from the CIA, they came from Hillary, Holder and Obama.. “talking points” ? HA! More like, misdirection of the truth from the WH, Clinton and Holder .. they ALL need to resign due to dereliction of duties to the Office that they took an Oath to uphold and have FAILED!

        • Well, Buttercream, That really is interesting. So now I’m wondering why they needed to obfuscate. Does this mean that they knew a terrorist attack was imminent and didn’t provide security for the embassy, or that they knew of it in real time and, for whatever reason, let it happen without any military intervention – or, from how it appears now, without any recourse?
          It’s never the act – it’s always the cover up…smh.

          • Buttercream says:

            According to accounts of former CIA director David Petraeus’ closed door testimony about Benghazi to congressional intelligence committees earlier this month, the intelligence community eliminated references to Ansar al-Sharia in the talking points so as not to tip off members of the terrorist group that the CIA believed that they were responsible for the attack. When David testified before Congress Post his resignation, he said that baloney which came from the intelligence community? Not the White House? We are supposed to believe that because Ansar al-Sharia — a group inspired by al Qaeda’s ideas, but having no links to the terrorist group that attacked the United States on 9/11 — was able to pull off a deadly attack in a Middle Eastern country ravaged by a recent war against a lightly defended U.S. mission, killing four, that al Qaeda is suddenly an important threat again to the United States.

            If you buy that, I have a bridge in Benghazi I’d like to sell you

            • Thanks, but I’m all set with bridges to nowhere.
              I know that a lot of folks are criticized as falling for “right-wing conspiracies”, but it seems as if the more we find out about this, the more unsettling it becomes. Maybe it comes from being a child of the ’60s and 70’s, when we questioned everything and everybody. I understand that there’s always going to be partisan politics no matter what the subject matter is. What I’ll never understand is why politics and political aspirations take precedence over country. I must be incredibly naive.

              • Buttercream says:

                I agree .. very sad turn of events … watched on a Black and White T.V. the day Nixon resigned for a cover up with less at stake than the four murders of Americans .. why this Benghazi event on 09/11 is being squashed by the Govt and media is a shame and a reflection of the consciousness of the American people at this time in our lives ….

                • Our government has counted on the publics’ apathy for a long time, so history gets to repeat itself. Nixon’s Watergate seems like child’s play in comparison to Benghazi-gate. At least he could use the excuse that he was wildly paranoid and nuttier than a fruitcake.

          • melthehound says:

            Look into OBLA’s ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. That 9/11 Libyan attack that cost 4 American’s their lives, Cost their families their husbands, sons, fathers, and brothers. That whole thing being a result of some dumbass video didn’t pass the smell test from day one. Simple plain and true, the POTUS, is a traitor. Yet to many he is also the lord and savior. The head buried in the sand stupidity of half the voting pubic in this country is stunning. If he wants to get in bed with those camel molesting savages, Let him but, Let him do it someplace besides the White House.

            • mth, What I don’t get is why anyone – and I mean both the media and the public – thinks that this particular administration is above criticism. It’s our responsibility and even our duty to hold our leaders’ and representatives’ feet to the fire. They’re supposed to answer to us, not the other way around. Looking the other way and taking “talking points” at face value is just foolhardy, and we end up looking and acting like sheeples. You’re right – there’s plenty here that doesn’t pass the “smell test.”

              • Buttercream says:

                I’m curious to know what happened to the 30 other Americans who were flown out of country around the time of the Ambassador’s body was airlifted .. they were all inbound to Germany. Where are they now? Who debriefed them?
                The ambassador was raped, why isn’t that on the news?
                There was a “humanitarian” Ship near Libya which sailed unexpectantly the day after the Ambassador was killed – were their guns on board?? Lots of questions, no answers … stone wall delays!
                About the current occupant of 1600 PA Ave in DC re-election …. In Philadelphia 56 polling stations with over 98% voting participation, zero votes for Romney …None at 98% voter turnout in a city without early voting?? Yeah … right .. uhhuh … BS!

                • melthehound says:

                  I was going to mention that.. Thank You for mentioning it. I also read somewhere that Florida had a 150% turnout. Don’t know how much truth there is to that…

                • Buttercream says:

                  Mel – Found an article you might find interesting – seems that Benghazi has another set of legs and won’t be going away anytime soon!


                  Read and let me know your thoughts – thanks!

                • melthehound says:

                  Buttercream, “Too many answers, not enough truthfulness.” says it all. I didn’t read the article thoroughly so maybe I’ve come away from it with a different impression than I should have. You know how to spot a liar? Ask him or her, the same question more than once, at different times of the day, week, month, year or, even within the same hour. 99% guarantee, you’ll get a different answer each time it’s asked. I’m amazed that these ‘politicians’ are unaware of that. Every time I read something about these asshat traitors, I’m reminded of Baghdad Bob, who stood in front of worldwide TV and Swore, there would never be any allied tanks in his city, while they were in fact, a block away from where he was standing.

                  I am further amazed that the people of this country have their heads so far up their asses that they re-elected this traitor so they could assure the future of public television and big-phucking-bird. The stupidity, Stuns me. But, don’t mind me. I’m just the conservative chest pounding bully bigot bastard that doesn’t want a black man in the white house.

                • melthehound says:

                  I forgot to add weirdo and angry tool who has some imaginary vendetta against women to that list of names. Buttercream, I appreciate that you are willing to ask for my opinion and I’ll Try to answer anytime you want to listen. Empress, I’m sorry, in advance, for whatever troll shit storm what I just said may bring here.

  5. Vegas Chick says:

    There is an article in the WSJ entitled, “In Final Days, Petraeus Hurt by Libya Clash, Then Affair” that I cannot get to load. Apparently, P wanted “his aides to push back hard and release their own timeline involving the Benghazi attack.” Sounds like it’s the crux of the bisquit, and the reason he was canned. I’m going to try to read it at work.

    • The Wall Street Journal site is not very cooperative. This is the article you mentioned, but it takes some gymnastics to read it. WSJ.com – In Final Days, Petraeus Hurt by Libya Clash, Then Affair

  6. I’ve added a couple of articles to the post. The first is about Attorney General Eric Holder’s reasons for not notifying the White House regarding the Petraeus affair.
    The second is an Op-Ed piece as to why Susan Rice might not be the right choice as Secretary of State.

  7. Vegas Chick says:

    Wow! This gets better by the minute. So… no one knows who changed the talking points??? (In my best Teresa Guidice voice)…Are you kidding me? Do they really think that we are that stupid? Obviously, they do. Holder should be removed from office for deciding to keep it from the WH ‘until the election was over.’ That’s pure BS. Meanwhile, the whole thing has caused a greater division between the parties so we march like soldier monkies off the proverbial fiscal cliff. http://www.hark.com/clips/nyzwrgvzfv-wicked-witchs-soldier-march

    • melthehound says:

      From the W Post article…

      “Holder fired back Thursday, saying the Justice Department “made the determination as we were going through that there was not a threat to national security.” Because of that conclusion, he said, there was no reason to advise officials outside the department before the investigation was complete.”

      If I’m to believe that then I’m to believe this is just a sex scandal. These people should stop the lying, they aren’t even very good at it.

    • Mr. Holder has had more than his share of missteps that could have resulted in his removal from office. Operation Fast & Furious is a glaring example of the “who’s minding the store” mentality when it comes to this particular cabinet member. When your job description includes top law enforcement officer and attorney for the United States government, I don’t think that “I didn’t know” is the right answer to a gun-walking operation. But what do I know? The Inspector General cleared the Attorney General, the President invoked executive privilege regarding pages of documents and 100’s of people, including a border guard were killed. Everything’s fine and Holder can stay on for another 4 years, if he so chooses.
      Yep, that’s pure BS.

  8. Donna says:

    Sign in my News Feed “Real Housewives of the Pentagon, Season1”

  9. Being one of the daughters of a Military man.. stationed at SAC Command Omaha NE for years and having read his black book…that was STOLEN from my Mothers house after he died…I now know why he instilled in us… Always follow your guts.. “inner feelings ” and question within reason anything that just doesn’t sound plausible…. I thank him for never giving me crap back in those days when I questioned authority and / or the reasoning behind certain laws or actions of the gooberment…winks
    Thanks DAD for letting me be a peace loving.. bead wearing ..tie dyed shirt wearing chick !!!!!

    FWIW…. My son..( deceased ). who FAITHFULLY served his Country in the USMC , called me on my Birth day ..12 days before he died… from a payphone no less… he was afraid his calls were being monitored…. One of the last things he told me before hanging up and the last words I ever heard from him were….He had plans to leave the Corp when his tour was up,,Said that he could not cope with all the politics involved with each and every promotion he got. He said his soul was not for sale..I was so proud of him for not compromising his principles.. I miss him everyday …

    So.. yea… this Country has some serious problems that will be exposed soon…I pray the body count is ZERO…

    hugs and peace

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