FauxAlity Wednesday – SAMCRO S5E10 – Crucifixed

Welcome back fans. Last week we left off with Juice riding away from Clay’s house and Jax following him. That’s where we pick up this week. Juice gets home to find Eli’s deputy waiting for him who wants to take him in for questioning for the attack at Unser’s home (the attempt on his life). Over at the garage office, Gemma is there and Chibs walks in. The two of them talk about what’s going on with her. Where she’s going, what she’s doing, that sort of thing. Bobby arrives at the garage and tells Chibs that Jax needs to fill him in on some stuff. At Jax’s house, Tara, for some reason decided it was a good idea to wake Thomas so she bangs on the kiddie piano to make a racket. Juice is brought to the sheriff’s office and Eli tells him that Jax knows he gave the club up to protect his secret (half black). Eli tells him he wanted Frankie and that was the only bit of information that he had to offer in exchange. Of course, he never said anything because Frankie was dead but Jax figured it out anyway. So, now Juice is spooked. At the clubhouse, Bobby, Chibs, and Jax are getting all of their info straight. Chibs says he knows what the leverage is on Juice. His dad is black. Jax and Bobby can’t believe that was enough to get Juice to turn and kind of joke, it’s time to change the bylaws. They decide to bring the matter to the table but only after everything else is settled. They decide not to even let on, there’s a rat at the table.

Over at Jax and Tara’s he is in bed, she is getting ready for work. She says she’s going to take Thomas to day care and the Nannie (I guess) will be there in 20 minutes. Jax asks where Able is and she answers ‘playing with Juice’ who is in the living room with him. Tara says she’s going to see Otto and thinks she may be able to get him to reverse his RICO story. She leaves, he goes out into the living room and they basically tell each other that they know each other’s secrets about Juice cooperating with the Feds. He tells Jax that he did it to protect the club but we all know he did it to protect his secret about being half black. Jax tells him in order to get a pardon, he has to help take Clay down. He wants the contents of the safe. Meanwhile, at the prison where Opie was killed, one of his killers is being released. Big tall goon of a dude too. The prospects are in the tow truck following this guy and where he stops is where the prospects call the club to. Meanwhile, the HR director is down from Portland or where ever this other hospital courting Tara is from, is meeting with Tara and Margarete (thank you Lady C). They are gushing all over Tara and make her a pretty sound offer, even though she cannot currently operate. The prognosis for her hand however, is good so they still want her. Tara is off to the prison. Over at the garage, Jax arrives as does Mayor Hale. Remember that guy? Apparently after the tranny did his number on the councilman, the vote for Charming Heights went Hale’s way. Imagine that. Jax has asked Hale for the proposal for the project (to show to Pope) but Hale is a little suspicious and nervous about it. Jax says he’ll reveal the investor when the time is right. Jax tells him that when all is said and done, he wants a couple things from Hale. First, all the mechanical maintenance for the city vehicles goes to T&M. Second, subsidized housing for Lila and her kids (Opie’s wife). The guys come out of the clubhouse and say the Prospects have called with the location of Opie’s killer. At the prison hospital, apparently Otto has faked a few symptoms of whatever it is he’s supposed to have to get Tara to come back. There’s some discussion about the past, Otto’s wife being a religious nut, probably to atone for her sins, he asks Tara if she believes. She says sort of and he fires back with that’s just something you say in case of the Rapture to CYA. He goes into the previous day’s visit (remember here, Otto originally told her not to come back), that he hadn’t cried like that since he was a little kid. He agrees to reverse his RICO testimony against the club. Tara is relieved but Otto isn’t quite finished with her yet. He has another favor to ask. He wants Luanne’s crucifix that he gave her when he went away. The promise was she would give it back when he got out. She agrees to try and get it but he says it has to be today. Blood work is going to reveal the lie about Otto’s condition.

Next we see what I believe to be a rare site. Clay in the prison visiting room there to see Lenny (?). Clay wants to know what this guy knows about Otto and the RICO. If there’s anything new. Lenny denies knowing anything more than what he’s told Jax and that Otto is locked down on death row with no visitors allowed. Neither of them know that Tara has been volunteering in the prison hospital. Back at the garage, Unser pulls up in his truck and walks into the office. Apparently Gemma has been trying to get hold of him, even checked the trucking lot but the airstream is gone. He was asked to leave. Seems attempted assassinations aren’t the kind of thing they want around there. Go figure. Gemma offers him a spot in the garage lot to park his trailer because he’s been dragging it here and there. She asks him to sit down and tells him that Clay is behind all of the Nomad stuff. Unser has suspected this all along of course but plays kind of dumb. She says that she’s supposed to get something on Clay that the club can hang him with. Unser says he’ll try and figure something out. I’m tellin’ ya, Gemma is going to screw this all up. There are reasons Jax doesn’t trust her, and this is one of them. The fellas are now meeting up with the prospects to take the big goon out. Turns out, he’s being protected by their old friends, The Grim Bastards (the black motorcycle club). While inside the club talking to these guys, Hightower sees them and starts shooting. He takes off, jumps in his truck as the guys follow him out, shooting. He spins around and does a domino knockover of their motorcycles. Seems the relationship with these guys goes back 20 years. The mark’s name is Randal Hightower and he’s TL’s cousin. Jax offers to just throw the guy a beating (he’s like 7 feet tall and weighs about 450 pounds) and get the info on the other two that helped kill Opie. TL agrees to help deliver the guy for that purpose. TL agrees, says he’ll track his cousin down and let them know.

Eli is looking at Rita’s death certificate in his office when Unser walks in. Unser is there to tell Eli that it was Clay who was behind the Nomads. While this is going on, Gemma meets up with Tara in some parking lot to bring Luanne’s crucifix for Otto. Apparently Gemma didn’t know either that Tara was volunteering at the prison either but, she knows now. Does anyone but me think that Gemma is going to try and use this as leverage somehow? Over in some other parking lot, Clay is meeting with his Cartel contacts, Romeo and the other guy. Clay has pieced together all of this RICO business and Jax’s part in it and believes these cartel guys aren’t quite who they say they are. Clay wants things to stay as they were in the club and with the cartel and the Irish. Clay is very curious how the RICO suddenly went away that Otto testified for. He’s also curious why he’s still alive. He wants protection from the cartel guys in exchange to help continue the gun trade.. They make him an offer.. Out with the new, in with the old. Get rid of Jax. Clay says he won’t make that deal, they say sure he will (he, being Clay).

In yet another parking lot, Jax is waiting and we see Pope arrive in his Rolls Royce. Jax is there to deliver the Charming heights proposal to him and Pope likes what he see’s in Jax- thinking beyond the street. Pope says he’ll have the board take a look at it but he’s about to call in a promise made to him, and soon. He wants Tig. Jax says he isn’t quite finished with Tig yet and Pope tells him, make sure Soon, is Soon. His patience is wearing thin. He needs Tig to take down Clay. Pope tells Jax where Hightower is before he leaves. Jax and the boys pull  up at the boat yard, and Grim Bastards are there, trying to convince Randall that the club isn’t going to kill him. TL tells Jax what he already knows about the hit on Opie. They all go inside and meet up with Randall. After everything calms down, Randall tells them what they want to know. At that point, Chibs puts a bullet in the back of his head, followed by two more for good measure. TL and Jax exchange words about having given their word. I think Jax just severed this relationship with The Grim Bastards. They arrive back at the garage, Bobby ain’t happy about what just happened. Jax, angrily points out that Bobby didn’t see the smiles on these guy’s faces when they caved in Opie’s skull. Tig goes into the clubhouse to talk to Bobby (we don’t see them any further at this point), Chibs and Jax talk outside. Jax isn’t sure Bobby is cut out for how bloody things are about to get and asks Chibs to reassure him about what corner he’s in. Chibs says he loves Jax and gives his full support, before going into the clubhouse to clean Randall’s blood off of himself.

Cut to Clay’s house where Juice is rifling through papers looking for these documents that were in the safe. Am I mistaken, or didn’t Clay burn them? Juice finds a cashbox in a cupboard and inside, is a 45 (1911 Colt government model) with the SOA Reaper on the grips. I would like to have those grips. They look a lot sharper than the stock grips. Anyway, about this time, Clay arrives home so Juice scrambles to get everything put back and pretend he’s there doing something else when Clay comes in. Juice is putting away dishes and Clay asks him to sit down. He thanks Juice for helping out for the last month, sort of confesses to doing a lot of terrible things and wonders, if at his age, he’s chasing after things he doesn’t even want anymore. Between this, and his meeting with the cartel dudes, I’m thinking he’s trying to make them believe he wants to step down from the club and just walk away. I don’t buy that but, whatever. The doorbell rings, Juice answers it, it’s Gemma. She’s brought gifts, in the form of groceries. Juice goes out to bring the rest in and then leaves. Gemma is putting them away, Clay approaches her, she says not here, let’s go home, they do, back to Gemma’s house. I guess she plans on going through with Jax’s demands to get back into the family life. I don’t trust her either.

Over at the prison hospital, Tara delivers the crucifix to Otto. He thanks her and asks her to put it around his neck, for a few minutes (he’s strapped to the table). She does. He says next to my heart, she puts it under his shirt. He then asks for some privacy as it’s been a long time since he’s prayed. She collects the paperwork to take to the lab and complies. Once she’s gone, he buzzes for the nursing staff. They come in and note that the charts are gone (Tara took them). He says there’s nothing wrong, take him back to his cell. As they are unstrapping him, he attacks them just as Tara walks back in. Otto has the nurse on the ground as he rips the crucifix from it’s chain, Tara asks him not to do what he’s about to do. He responds, Sons Live, Redwood Bleeds and then begins stabbing the nurse in the neck, much to Tara’s horror. The guards come into the room and haul Otto away.

Back at the garage, Juice arrives as Jax is looking at Unser’s trailer in somewhat disgust. He asks Juice how it went, nothing yet. Jax says, Ticking clock, Juice, Find it. Juice asks what happens to Clay when he does find it (I don’t think he’s going to).. Jax responds, Same thing that will happen to you, if you don’t find it. He has a few words with Unser about his crime investigation board. There’s nothing new that they don’t both already know. Unser asks about Frankie Diamonds, Jax tells him that pin can probably be removed. Jax tells Unser he’s going to expect some labor in exchange for the space (what does that mean?). Unser sys he will work on his pole dancing. Thanks for the visual ::shudder::

Over at Gemma’s house, she comes out of the bathroom, I assume ready to let Clay bust one off as she agreed to do. Clay is sitting on the bed, still fully dressed. She asks why, he says he’s surprised to be back there at all. He says that out of all the chaos, the only thing he’s ever loved, is her. He says he doesn’t want it if she doesn’t. He can’t handle losing her twice. Jax arrives home, Eli is waiting for him. Eli asks about Juice’s whereabouts. Eli knows that Clay is behind the Nomads and doesn’t want Clay dead. Jax says he’s open to suggestions and then goes in the house. There is Tara at the table having a smoke. He asks her how it went and she tells him that Otto reversed his RICO statement. Then tells him the rest of what happened. Tells Jax how and with what Otto did it. It was all planned, to hurt Jax and the only way to do that, was to make Tara an accessory to murder. Jax promises that they will get through it like they do with everything else. That’s what scares her the most.

Things always seem to unravel on Jax before they get better. I’m wondering how well this season is going to end for Jax. Right this second, it isn’t looking good.

As always, Watch the show here.

See you next time my friends.

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38 Responses to FauxAlity Wednesday – SAMCRO S5E10 – Crucifixed

  1. Lady Chatterley says:

    Hey Jeff, Admin Lady is Margaret.

  2. Lady Chatterley says:

    The Lord C thinks that Clay’s going to end up back at the end of the table at Season’s end – I think Jax will pull off his grand plan. I can see Jax showing some mercy at the end and letting Clay walk away from the club. Who knows? I imagine that by the series end, it will be Jax walking away from the club. I’m not so sure that Juice will survive this season.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      I meant to say that Lord C expects to see Clay back at the “head” of the table by Season’s end.

    • melthehound says:

      It isn’t looking good for Juice. As I said, I Think, Clay burned whatever was in that safe. I’m kind of caught between you and Lord C about who the president will be at the end of the season. Somehow, I think Gemma is going to throw a monkey wrench into Jax’s plans.

    • Lady C and mth, Before last night, I thought Jax could carry out his plan, then Otto killed the nurse, dragging Tara down with him. I’m not sure that Jax can spin that many plates without at least one of them crashing.

      • melthehound says:

        Otto is definitely a flaw in the slaw. I think Tara (and Jax) can kiss that new job goodbye. You know, the one they were hoping would give them a fresh start, away from SAMCRO.

  3. Boobah says:

    Okay…you got me! I haven’t watched SAMCRO yet, but I am pulled in now. I am going to start watching from Season 1, Epi 1 if I can find it online. My hubby told me that a friend of his LOVES this show…so I think we will give it a shot.

    Also, I had to play catch up with Survivor. I just watched the one where CJ gets ousted. I am hoping to watch last weeks’ show sometime today so I can be up to date for tonight. Looking forward to your recap on that as well!

    • melthehound says:

      Seasons 1-4 are on Netflix but if you don’t have netflix, just follow the link at the end of my recap.

    • Boobah! You have to watch this show. Thanks to the link mth provided, I’ve been able to go back and see it from the beginning – it makes much more sense when you know the history of all of the characters.
      It’s a win-win – you’ll have a whole new addiction and we’ll come up with a new set of twisty theories.

      • Boobah says:

        Thanks Mel and Empress! I will go back to the beginning. Maybe I will do a SAMCRO marathon!!!!! I have been home under the weather so this will be the week to do it.

        YES…A win-win…more twisty theories to come! *wrings hands together with evil laughter*

        • melthehound says:

          If nothing else, it’ll pass time for you. Say hello to the carnival clown in Season 1. One of the best forms of Justice I’ve ever seen on a show. If you use the link I provided, pick your episode by clicking Watch. In the player that pops up, hit Close Ad and Watch as Free User (don’t download or sign up for anything). After some other crap loads and other windows open (which you can close), Watch Video Now should show in the player screen. Click that and enjoy. Some shows at these sites are missing episodes and you’ll get an error in the screen saying the show isn’t there. If it’s season 5, they are all recapped here at Empress’ farm. Hope you get feeling better.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      🙂 It’s a worthy investment of your time, Boobah! The Lord C and I count down the days to the next show every week. And between seasons, we rewatch previous seasons. Great writing, compelling characters – it’s just great TV.

  4. Boobah says:

    Okay…just watched the first epi of Season 1. Pulled me right in. Holy chit! My hubby came home for lunch…watched 5 minutes and got hooked. I know I am really far behind at this point but it be fun laying catch up. Right now I am looking forward to seeing if Jax’s ex makes it. I think Jax’s mom purposely gave her a dirty dose. Either it’s a message for her to stay away or it was meant to to keep her away permanently. I shall soon see.

    • melthehound says:

      Gemma definitely gave Wendy a dirty dose.. In a bible no less.

      • Boobah says:

        That was totally messed up! I can tell Gemma is one tough woman. I’m not sure what to think of her conversation w/her hubby about keeping Jaz staright and “nailing him down” so he doesn’t lose sight of what the club is. She mentioned all their hard work to get it where it is today. Sounds like Gemma is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the.

        Question – Is SAMCRO the name of the club? It was also in the title of the book that Jaz found that I think his dad wrote. But the book title seemed like a man’s name. Just a play on words?

  5. Boobah says:

    MelTH – Just caught the epi w/the clown. I’m speechless. Unbelieveable! Yeah, this show is excellent. It’s more gritty than The Sopranos, which I didn’t see coming. Glad I finally tuned in!

  6. melthehound says:

    It’s a very sad subject but I was glad for the ‘justice’ even if it had a side motive.

  7. Boobah says:

    I am not sure how current everybody is w/SAMCRO so just in case ALERT! Details of season one below (although I am fairly certain everyone here is up to date)-

    I am 7 (or is it 8?)shows in…couple of thoughts/questions for anyone interested…

    1. Gemma is crazy protective of Jaz (JAX! Winks@ Mel). She is afriad of JaX becoming like his dad, John Teller. Right? I think John Teller went rogue according to SAMCRO kinda like John had an moral epiphany, hence the book he wrote that Jax is currently reading.
    2. Gemma is also treating her role as Jax’s protector as high priority. It seems pretty urgent. I think this is due to the fact that Clay has arthritisnd hi riding days are numbered. Gemma mentioned something like this at one point and I noticed Clay wring his hands in what looked like pain. Could he have a bigger medical condition?
    3. A crazy thought I had but I don’t this its feasible….could Clay be Jax’s real dad?
    4. Why did Gemma burn that photo of her, John, Clay and someone else? It looked like a wedding pic.
    5. Lowell’s father was buried with the enemy. Please tell me the others bodies were indeed Mayans and not John Teller.

    Okay, so that’s where I am at this point. This show is really good. I don’t mean to highjack the blog with first season stuff.

    • melthehound says:

      Hijack all you like Boobah.. To really get everything that’s going on, unless you’ve seen them all and have a photographic memory, it’s sometimes necessary to go back and look again. I’m wondering to who Jax’s real parent(S) are. No, JT wasn’t in that grave with Lowell Sr.

    • melthehound says:

      Gemma’s entire role on this show it seems, at least for the first 4 seasons, is to keep the past, in the past. When you hear the Irish music, you’ll begin to understand JT more (not going to spoil any more of that).

      • Boobah says:

        Well, I thought I replied to you earlier today but it either went into blog jail (which I doubt) or I did something wrong. Weird.

        What I said was thank you. I enjoyed your clues…parentS and Irish music. I am relieved that JT wasn’t in that grave. Although I am really looking forward to finding out what exactly did happen to him. I suspect, at this point, that JT was taken out by SAMCRO.

        I am so surprised by the humor! There have been so many scene’s and one-liners that caught me off guard. Juice in the diapers after he took the drugs, the stolen ambulance, Clay’s sighs and mutterings after dealing with Gemma, the looks of disgust when the accountant, um…er…took care of personal and private business right in front of everyone (as the woman restaurant owner called him Jerky Jerk Man). And they taped his hands to his legs!! LOL!! Omg…funny stuff.

        • melthehound says:

          😆 You met Chuckie… The Parent(s) thing is a suspicion of mine. Clay, in season five had his safe stolen by the nomads (these home invasions have been a theme all season long). The only reason I can think of for that item being taken, is the documents Juice is looking for in Clay’s house, reveal more than he wants known from the past.

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