reven8e – Penance

Mason Treadwell pays a visit to Amanda, still believing that she is Emily Thorne.  He wants to ask her about her friendships, and shows her a photograph from Allenwood Juvenile Detention Center in which both Amanda Clarke and Emily Thorne appear.   He tells her that she can either tell him the truth now or she can read all about it in his next New York Times bestseller.  After sending him on his way with no real answers, Amanda meets Aiden for breakfast and they discuss their plans for Grayson Global.  Amanda tells Aiden that he has 24 hours to position Daniel to take over as CEO.   She knows that the charges against Conrad are going to be dropped and that the Initiative plans to send an envoy to the investors meeting at the Graysons’ home.

Victoria and Conrad are also discussing the investors and the attaché from the Initiative.   He is fairly certain that they’re going to deliver the marching orders Victoria and Conrad are to follow.  She is determined to take the sinister group head on and take them straight to hell right along with the couple.  After they are through talking, Kara announces that she’s leaving and asks Victoria for a credit card number to confirm her flight.

While Jack and Emily are talking wedding plans – and dropping fashion designer, Narciso Rodriguez’, name – Mason calls, asking Emily to meet him for lunch.  He tells her that he would like to get her side of the David Clarke/Grayson Global story.  When Emily tells the real Amanda about his request for an interview, Amanda tells her to cancel it.  He is to stop calling or Emily is to get a restraining order against him.

A brief and strange conversation takes place between Kenny Ryan, Jack’s new partner, and his brother Nate – great, double the trouble.  Nate is very interested in more of the businesses along the dock and seems to be willing to take down the Porters to achieve his goal.

Aiden meets with Nolan to talk about Amanda’s plan to infiltrate Grayson Global, as well as drawing out the Initiative.   She’s adamant that Daniel must take over as CEO and that the investors have to believe that the company has major holdings in NolCorp.   In order to make that happen, the 20-year-old check and note from David Clarke to Nolan has to be offered up as proof.   Nolan says he’s willing to do it because he cares about Amanda.  Aiden says that his interest in helping is because he’s trying to make amends for hurting Amanda and would do anything to win her and her trust back.   We all know that he’s crazy about her and that’s a huge incentive.   Having agreed to serve the cause, Aiden calls Daniel to tell him about the David Clarke check.

Mason drops by the Porters’ bar, telling Emily that he’s not there to see her but to show Jack the Allenwood photograph.  Faux Amanda tells him that it was all faux Emily’s idea as she is obsessed with everything about her and David Clarke.  She agrees to meet Mason at his place but warns him that faux Emily can’t know.

The investors’ meeting has begun at the Graysons and, just as they thought,  the Initiative has sent their favorite envoy – Helen Crowley.   Aiden gives the David Clarke papers to Ashley and tells her to hand them to Daniel.    Amanda has been tracking Kara through Victoria’s credit card number and knows that she’s headed to Colorado Springs.

Emily has met Mason at his home and sees his amazing dot to dot work on his cork board.   He tells her that he’s going to write a book that will clear David Clarke and will also expose the faux Emily as a crazy stalker.   When he brings up Frank Stephens’ murder, Emily moves to club him over the head but is stopped when the real Amanda enters the room.   Amanda tells Mason that she is, in fact, Amanda.  She recounts their interviews when she was a young girl.  He, in turn, lets her know that he regrets not doing what he had promised – which was to write the truth about David Clarke.   While they talk, Nolan calls and tells Amanda that Kara has gone rogue.   Amanda tells Mason that it’s about time he made amends.   Mason then calls Kara and tells her that he has information about Gordon Murphy’s murder.

Kara and Mason meet and he shows her the pocket watch with her picture inside.   While Amanda listens and coaches his side of the conversation, Mason tells Kara that she should get as far away from these people as possible.  Then he decides to go a little further than Amanda wanted.  Mason takes it upon himself to tell Kara that David Clarke is innocent.  Amanda is angry and tries to remind him that Kara is off of her medication and is very unstable.  Amanda has good reason to be concerned.

While Conrad is trying to convince investors that he and Grayson Global are doing just fine, Daniel is doing is own pitch to become CEO.  He then tells them about the NolCorp connection and money, hoping that the information will seal the deal and put him in charge.

Kara has made her way to the Graysons, and while the men of the family are busily cutting each other’s throats, she cuts off a few of their security cameras.   A maid tells Conrad that Victoria has a matter of utmost urgency and needs to see him.  The urgent matter is Kara and she has a gun trained on Victoria.    She then tells the newlyweds that they have to confess their part in framing David Clarke and killing the plane passengers.  Conrad says that he did it to get back at David for stealing Victoria.   Victoria tries to reach for her own gun but Kara already has it.  Victoria then tells Kara to look in the lining of her jewelry box and Kara sees the other half of the prison picture where Gordon Murphy killed David Clarke.  The Graysons also tell her that Gordon was the one who blew up the plane.  Kara doesn’t want to hear any of it and tells Victoria and Conrad to put on blindfolds and kneel down in the dressing room.  Before she can exact her own revenge, Aiden knocks her out with chloroform.   She wakes up in Amanda’s car and Aiden and Amanda are trying to convince her to save herself before the Initiative finders her and kills her.

Mason has been arrested for Gordon Murphy’s murder thanks to a few well-placed tips to the police – the flight recorder that was put in his house and found during the execution of a search warrant.  Amanda visits him at the police station and tells him that his time has come to set things right.  He is to confess to the crime he didn’t commit and go to prison.  When she is ready and her work is done, Amanda says that she will free him with her own confession.  Until then, she says, he should write the book that he should have written in the first place.    He agrees to the deal.

Victoria and Conrad are convinced that the glitch in their security system was the work of the Initiative because they still need their services.  Mason is seen giving his confession to the police.  Amanda and Aiden are kissing like two people who share more than Revenge School.   Best of all, Padma tells Nolan that she would like him even if he was simply Nolan Ross – with or without NolCorp and all of the money.

Revenge won’t be back with a new episode until Sunday, November 25th, and then we’ll get to meet Victoria’s mother.


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  1. Boobah says:

    Thanks for the recap Empress! I had to catch up before watching last nights’ Revenge. I was on a Revenge high.

    As usual, I don’t fully understand everything. Why would Nolan lose all his money? Even if Grayson Global has a majority stake in NolCorp and does a hostile take-over, how can they take Nolan’s money? I think I am missing something or I am off the mark in my interpretation.

    Side note – I love when Nolan sayd the word revengey. Makes me giggle everytime.

    Oh, and I think we will see Amanda’s mom very soon. And a part of me thinks she knows that Emily is Amanda, her daughter, and is just playing along.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Boobah-Im with you-I get confused about somethings!! Then I come read Empress and it helps clear things up…then I watch the show again!!!

      • Jill, that’s very nice of you to say. If you read my reply to Boobah, though, you’ll see that I can get a little lost in the plot twists and story lines right along with you. 😉

    • Hey Boobah! I wish I could figure out how everything Nolan has goes to Grayson Global, so you’re not the only one who’s a little confused. David Clarke wrote a check from his personal account, so I don’t understand why that wouldn’t be considered a gift from a friend, rather than a business deal – must be some kind of “revengey law”.
      I love your take on Kara and her part in all of this. After all, she was married to Gordon Murphy and spent 20 years with him. Heaven knows what secrets she’s privy to and what tricks she has up her own sleeve.

      • Boobah says:

        LOL@ revengey law!! Yeah, I didn’t get the personal account vs. business transaction part of the NorCorp/GraysonGlobal mess. There was some sort of discretion clause also.

        That’s what I was thinking re: Kara…surely Kara has learned a thing or two from Gordon. She was able to shut down the Grayson’s security system pretty easily. And she knew to go to Victoria to try to tease out info about Gordon. She was also very prepared when Aiden first found her at that motel. Something is up with that one.

    • trudie says:

      About Kara knowing that Emily is really Amanda: I actually was pondering this morning whether or not I would know my own child if I hadn’t seen her in a number of years. The mother in me said I would; at least I hope I would.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Trudie-I agree-the mother in me says I would know. That Kara is a bit crazy but I think she knows lots too. She probably knew from the beginning that Emily was her daughter-this show is so twisty!!

        • trudie says:

          Jill, it really is so twisty! (Your description made me laugh). You definitely cannot multi-task while watching this show!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I have to make sure the girls are in bed and my husband is in my bedroom-I turn the lights out and just pay attention!! If I get distracted-I have to rewind!!!
            Twisty and Revengy!!!

            • trudie says:

              I work out of my house. I grew up in a large family surrounded by noise, so I always have the television on while working. I find that it often takes me twice the normal time to “watch” a show because I am really just kind of listening and then something sparks my interest and I have to rewind. My kids and husband hate watching tv with me!

      • Boobah says:

        Trudie, that’s what I thought – mother’s intuition/instinct type thing. But also, maybe it is possible that she kept tabs on her daughter over the years. When she was talking to Emily/Faux Amanda and saying her good-byes, Kara said that she was proud that her daughter was everything she had hoped for her daughter. How did Kara know what or who her daughter had become? At that point, they had only been in contact with each other for a few days. Thats not enough time to know what type of person her daughter had grown up to become. Maybe she knew that her REAL daughter was standing right outside the door and wanted her to hear it.
        It also felt like Kara was playing along when they were on the beach and she asked Emily (the real Amanda) if Amanda forgave her to which Emily replied, ” think she wantes to”.
        To me that felt like Kara knew exactly who she was really speaking to at that moment.

        Hope this post wasn’t too confusing.

    • Beckygrey says:

      I loved last nights show. I loved the boxes and how it was a very high tec commercial. I was sucked in by it all.

      • Hi Becky. I liked what they did with the commercials, too, making them a little story within the story. When I first saw “The Gift of Revenge” idea on their website, I thought it sounded a little silly, but they did a very good job with it.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          ‘The Gift” commercials were fun, at least they kept things interesting so I didnt channel surf!!!

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  3. Hello Empress! I am so glad I checked in today! Love the Revenge recap….I had been hoping to find somewhere I feel comfy to chat about this show. It is such a great show. Having said that, I get confused sometimes too and…just when I think I have figured it out, they throw another curve ball. Why I love it so much!

    I think Kara definitely has more of a story they will flesh out. How did she come to be married to Gordon and what did they do together? Also, she WAS very prepared when Aiden found her…and not just in a “protect the wifey and show her how to protect herself” sort of way. Gordon set that up for a reason.

    Also, I think there are more secrets about NolCorp and Grayson Global that will come out. There is more to Nole and David Clarke’s relationship IMHO that he has not told Emily/Amanda.

    I have not watched last night’s epi yet, but it was fun to read the recap. I will try to watch tonight!

    Thanks Empress! See you soon!

    • P.S. *Waves at Boobah & Jill*! Hey ladies! 🙂

    • Hello right back atcha Mardrag! I’m happy to hear that you feel comfy here, so grab a recliner and enjoy – just not the red one, that’s the hubby’s.
      Re: Nolan and David Clarke. No, I don’t think David just pulled Nolan’s name out of hat and decided to give the kid a leg up, either.
      Stop by anytime. I think you already know how I feel about your blog, but thanks again for giving us a place just as comfortable, if not more. 🙂

      • Boobah says:

        *waves to Mardrag* Hi there!

        Wow! I think you are both right about David Clark and Nolan’s relationship. Way back when, I thought that Nolan was his son making him Amanda’s brother. But that was clearly wrong and I since stopped wondering about Nolan and Davis’s connection (there were so many other plot twists to distract me)…that is…until you guys just mentioned it and now I’m dying to know more!

        Another thought…Mason was never heard giving a confession, he was behind the glass. He could have been saying anything. Could he be released soon?

        Arrgh! So many questions to this little revengey saga. And we have to wait 2 weeks!

        And what was up with those Neiman Marcus commercials??? Weird but I hafta admit…they kept me captivated!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I agree with the Nolan/David thing-there is more there then we know-however, every time I think Im on to something with this show-they mix it all up. Im waiting for Jack to get his thoughts together and figure out he is with the wrong woman-I love that Jack!! I have a bad feeling he is about to find out some shady things about his Dad-he is going to be devestated!!!

      • Thanks Empress! I won’t grab hubby’s recliner…mine is purple! 🙂

        So agree about DC not pulling Nolan’s name out of a hat. There is some sort of history-mystery there and I am intrigued!

        Boobah….great idea that Nolan was DC son, but what about him being connected to another branch of the family? Remember when Emily/Amanda found his mom (was it?) in the country and that whole scenario of how she worked for Grayson Global. Conrad no less, and she just had to up and leave the job when all hell broke loose? I was verrry suspicious about that and thought it would come back to play in the story somewhere.

        Jill….that guy Jack went into business with to save the bar is a Creepy McCreepster and I so don not trust him. Something bad is gonna happen there….but do you recall the beginning of a recent epi where they showed his boat the Amanda had sunk and they were fishing out a guy whose hand and arm they showed and it looked like it might be Jack’s, his denim shirt? They never explained that yet…sooooo…….

        I am so excited I came here and found you lovely ladies to talk about this show with!!! You are simply fabulous!!! Hugs!

    • Beckygrey says:

      Your’ll love watching it even more. It was edgier than usual.

  4. LA_Debra says:

    I’m so sorry if I’m butting in, but I have been reading your blog ever since I found it listed over on NMD’s blog. I am obsessed with Revenge! but sometimes, actually most of the time, I fall asleep before the end. Your blog holds me over until I can watch the whole episode!. And you do a GREAT job on the recap, and I very much enjoy your POV.

    I have a thought on the Nolcorp story line. When Daniel and Aiden were talking last week, Aiden was the one that pointed out that even if David Clark used his personal money as Nolan’s start-up money, there was an exclusivity clause in his contract and that means it was still on behalf of Grayson Global. And that would mean that Grayson Global would have a controlling interest in Nolcorp. (sort of like the clause in an employment contract that says if you invent anything when an employee of XYZ, it is the property of XYZ). I think that means that pretty much all the earnings of Nolcorp were not at the disposal of Nolan, but were the property of Grayson.

    I never thought about Nolan having a stronger connection to Clark. Very interesting. I did think it was his mother that was the link though.

    Anyway, thought I would add the bit about the contract and see if that helped.

    • LA_Debra, You’re not butting in at all! In fact you’ve answered the question that it looks like a lot of us had about the seed money for NolCorp and how Grayson Global could get their grubby hands on all of it 20 years later.
      I’m very glad you stopped by and that you enjoy reading the recaps. 🙂

    • Ahhh, that’s right. THAT’s why Grayson Global could take over. Thanks LA Debra! NOW….I start to wonder if that seed money actually came from DC or if DC is not who HE is slated out to be….then we have a couple more potential twists. AND if the situation with Nolan’s mom comes back into play, because I really did NOT buy what he/they told Emily/Amanda that day in the country. Ooooooh…such good stuff! Thanks all!

      • Oh…and what about Nolan’s dad who just died? That’s a whole ‘nuther plot line, because I don’t believe that’s all there is to that either. Sigh….I am imagining I am a writer on this show! 😉 Stop me now!

        • Boobah says:

          You are so right…Nolan’s fathers’ passing must mean something more. Who was Nolan’s Dad? So many questions!

          And, omg, Mardrag, I completely forgot about Nolan’s mom! That whole plotline came and went so fast. Why didn’t we get more history on her? Why didn’t Nolan even mention his mom when he told Amanda/Emily about his father’s death. Ya know, like, my mom is okay or sad or whatever.

          Maybe David Clark isn’t who his was slated to be. Maybe he isn’t dead!!!!! Maybe he is in on the whole thing. A mole in Grayson Global for the Feds and he is just ‘off the grid’ right now.

          Okay…I’m losing it. I think not having TV for a while kicked my imagination into overdrive. LOL!

          • I like the way you think Boobah! What if David Clark’s death was a set up to frame Conrad? And he IS still alive? A superb thought!

            Yes, Nolan not mentioning his mother when his father passed was very suspicious to me. I do believe he is still there to protect and help Emily/Amanda, but I certainly do not think he has revealed everything about himself to her. By the same token, SHE may not have revealed how much she knows about HIM!

            I could go on all day with this. So fun!

            • P.S. Upthread Empress clarified for us that it was not Nolan’s mom in the country….It was his Aunt Carole. (Good catch Empress, thanks!) So….now what about his mom? OY!

              And Aunt Carole working for Conrad….has to be more there.

    • Boobah says:

      Holy Moly! Thank you! AND wouldn’t that also mean that Nolan would have to pay back what he spent?? Then that’s why he would be left without anything! Thanks LADebra!

  5. trudie says:

    Some other questions: Do you trust Padma or is she playing Nolan and part of some other conspiracy we know nothing about yet?

    What’s up with Ashley? Is she playing both sides against the middle vis a vis Daniel and Conrad? Does she care which side wins, as long as she is on the winning side?

    • Hi trudie, The only reason I trust Padma (for now) is because I prefer a bit of blissful ignorance, meaning I hope that Nolan doesn’t get hurt. Ashley is a whole other story – that one looks like she’d play anybody, just as long as she ends up being a Grayson. The bottom line is that I don’t trust anybody outside of Jack and Sammy the dog (RIP).

      • trudie says:

        I agree – I don’t want Nolan hurt either, so I am hoping that Padma is the real thing. I hate the way Emily treats him. There has to be some bigger connection other than DC giving him start up money for him to take all of her abuse.

        • I am with you guys on this! I so want to believe Padma is there for the right reasons and won’t hurt Nolan, but my Spidey senses tell me that may not be the case. OR….is she somehow connected to Nolan’s dad who just passed and is trying to vet info about that check from DC to Nolan. remember, she “opened a can of worms” by going to Grayson Global. But, was that really “accidental” as she says?

          I just do not want to see Nolan get hurt either. Soft spot for him.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I do not trust Padma at all! Did I see Nolan kissing a man in the previews for the Thanksgiving epi?? I love Nolan-he is so odd and endearing. What happened to Nolan’s mom/ Did they ever mention her? (I dont remember and I just watched the first season on Netflix!!)
          I really liked Ashley in the first couple of episodes but she didnt take long to show her true colors-so now she is on my “dont trust” list (which is very long )
          Boobah is throwing her own monkey wrench into the show with her David Clark maybe not dead theory!! I like that idea-you never know how twisty and revengy this show can get!!

          • Well, Nolan did a whole lot more with that psychopath Tyler in Season 1 than just kissing him. Nolan made a comment that he’s a “3 on the Kinsey Scale” – meaning he enjoys both men and women.
            I’ve given some thought to the David Clarke is alive theory and that would be perfect. LOL at “twisty” and “revengey” – looks like we have a new Revenge language!

            • Boobah says:

              LOL@ a new language! I’m feelin’ a little twisty right now.

              If Padma screws with Nolan, she better watch out because he will sic Amanda on her for a little revengey of his own!

              David Clark Lives! Geez, all that revenge for nothing. Next season’s show would have to be called Guilt.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I just thought it was strange that he would be kissing anyone-man or woman-if he was in a relationship with Padma. I feel very awkward when Nolan is intimate with Padma-it doesnt seem right. I wonder who the man is that he is kissing? This is going to be a long 2 weeks of waiting!!

              • The next episode is supposed to provide a little history of the characters, going back to 2006. I’m hoping, for the sake of Nolan’s relationship with Padma, that the kiss he shares with the other man is also 6 years old. 😉

                • Wow…ok…I haven’t seen the epi yet, so I’ll be back after I watch it. With it likely Padma is not who she says she is….I don’t think Nolan is either so…twisty again!

                  Love the new Revenge language! This has been fun today everybody! 🙂

    • Boobah says:

      Trudie – I really hope Padma is legit. Why doesn’t Nolan do his tech re-con work on her? He can hack into just about anything and get info on anyone…why not her?

      Re: Ashley – I do not trust her one bit. Like Empress said – she doesn’t seem to have loyality to anyone. Also, it seems clear that she doesn’t like that Daniel is still friendly with Emily/Amanda.

      • I wondered about that too Boobah….why didn’t Nolan check Padma’s history…but I do not think he wants to know. He has feelings for her and might not want to find out. OR…..could be he knows already and is using HER…hence the “how far will you go to calm the storm” she started at Grayson. So many possibilities.

        Ashley….didn’t Emily/Amanda bring her into the picture? She knew her and later told Nolan she chose her because she was an easy target. I don’t trust her either and so far, I just think she is a gold digger who will sway wherever the gold lands. So far anyway!! Who knows what revengey twist is there!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I think Emily befriended Ashley b/c it was a way to get to Victoria. Ashley was working as Victoria’s party planner/event coordinator. Ashley wants to be rich-Grayson rich-so she will do anything to move up the ladder. She is going to cause her own trouble!!
          As for Nolan checking out Padma-maybe he did and he is playing a game too!
          What a fun group you all are to chat are all very twisty in your plot ideas!!!

        • Boobah says:

          “how far will you go to calm the storm”….Excellent point! That statement sure does sound loaded. You could very well be correct…Nolan might have something up his sleeve. Wonder what it is?

          • Possibly stopping her right in her tracks of doing what she came there to do. Maybe we just don’t know yet that Nolan knows her for who she is. Remember Emily/Amanda warned him. Perhaps he looked into it then and it is just coming up now. Twisty!

            • OK, Boobah and MarDrag, you have me completely SMH. Real Amanda and Aiden took the discovery of David Clarke’s check in stride, as if they weren’t surprised at all. In fact, both of them wanted to make sure that Daniel knew all about it. So, does that mean that Padma is part of the revengey-ness, something cooked up by Amanda and that Nolan doesn’t know about? Is Padma just an innocent pawn who was supposed to find the check, and Nolan does know about this plan? Maybe the sudden news of the death of Nolan’s father and the contents of the storage building weren’t quite so sudden or surprising.
              I’m going to have to lie down for a while – I hope both of you are happy now. 😉

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Between MarDrag and Boobah-they got things more twisty than ever!!!

                • I should just stop doing the recaps and we’ll come up with our own story lines – Boobah and MarDrag can be the head writers. 😀

                • Boobah says:

                  Jill – Hahahaha!! This show is so good, I can’t stop myself…all the endless possibilities!

                  Empress – Knowing this show and how calculating Emily is…it would not be surprising at all that Nolan’s dad’s death was timed somehow. It’s driving me bonkers that we don’t know who Nolan’s dad is yet. Although I have my theories…..

              • Sorrrry Empress! Have a good nap! 🙂

                BTW – those are great points you make!

  6. Boobah says:

    Bwahahaha!!!!! I admit it! I have gone rogue with my revengey and twisty theories!! I told ya all…my imagination went into overload while I was without power/TV!!! Don’t stop doing the re-caps…my head will explode. LOL!! I might have to lay down myself.

    Back to being twisty…

    Mardrag and Empress – it’s true that Emily and Aiden did indeed take it in stride. In fact Aiden was tld by Emily to pose as a potential client so they had eyes on the inside. So…it is possible they knew this would happen – that Padma would take the bait. Afterall, Emily did say to Aiden that Nolan was someone she would protect. Emily clearly wouldn’t let Nolan get hurt. Maybe then, Nolan does know, like you said Mardrag.

    But is Padma a pawn or a player???

    The timing of Nolan’s father is suspicious. How come we didn’t see a picture of his dad? The dad’s death is timed awfully close to Gordon Murphy’s death. Hmmmm. I think Nolan needs to take a trip to Aunt Carol’s again.

    I might be running out of theories. I LOVE the conversation here. This is has been a lot of fun!!

    • Boobah, I don’t want your head to explode!!! To prevent that from happening, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll keep doing recaps as long as you, and the rest of the Revenge conspiracy theorists, keep bringing your own twisties. All of you are making it fun. 😀

  7. “The timing of Nolan’s father is suspicious. How come we didn’t see a picture of his dad? The dad’s death is timed awfully close to Gordon Murphy’s death. Hmmmm. I think Nolan needs to take a trip to Aunt Carol’s again. ”

    GASP…..I don’t know if I should even say the twist that just went through my head when reading that!!! I don’t want any exploding heads! LOL!

    Empress….I just found your recaps, you can’t stop doing them now. It’s swiftly become my “drug of choice”.

    Padma…Pawn or Player…that is a good question and I can’t wait to see how that plays out. Maybe she is a little of both. Also, thanks for reminding me that Aiden and Emily did want to make sure Daniel got involved in the David Clark investment line. That makes me go hmmmm too.

    You guys have made this so much fun!

    • Boobah says:

      “I don’t know if I should even say the twist that just went through my head when reading that!!! ”

      SPILL!!!!! I promise my head will stay fully intact! 🙂

    • Mardrag, As for your comment, “I just found your recaps, you can’t stop doing them now. It’s swiftly become my ‘drug of choice’. ” I’m in this for the long haul, so I guess we’re stuck with each other for our morning after Revenge-aholics Anonymous meetings.

      • Empress – Oh goody! Revenge-aholics Anonymous meetings…love that!

        Boobah… answer your question….as soon as I read your comment about Gordon’s death so close to Nolan’s dad’s death I thought uh oh…could Gordon have been Nolan’s dad? *Don’t throw things at me*! So that is another reason why Nolan was set up to take care of and be there for Emily?? Because BOTH Gordon and David knew she would meed protection? Especially if it was just a set up to get DC under ground? Ooooh lawdy! (We need to get the producers to read this blog!)

        • Boobah says:

          Okay…my thoughts are getting very twisty!! OMG Mardrag! What if Gordon was Nolan’s dad? That begs many more questions…but first, Gordon tried to kill/maim Emily, would he do that if he really wanted her to be protected? Maybe. In an effort to make his motives believeable maybe he had to. I mean, look what Conrad did to Victoria to make themselves believeable….she actually told Conrad to rough her up at that cabin. Clearly this people will go to any length to appear credible.

          Okay, now back to the Gordon/Nolan thing…WHAT IF NOLAN IS IN ON ALL OF THIS…and asked to be a mole on behalf of his father Gordon and his wife Kara!?!?! Maybe they knew Davic Clark left all his money to the real Amanda and they wanted her dead so that Kara would be the next in line to get the inheritance. So, Gordon goes undercover for the Grayson’s in an attempt to get close to them, knowing that Amanda/Emily would make contact with them at some point…from there they would try to off her. When she killed her, Kara would come out of hiding and claim the money!

          Could Nolan be a bad guy??

          • Boobah says:

            AND…..the mother actually did try to kill Amanda as we now know from the flashbacks! Maybe Kara isn’t crazy, as in delusional, but crazy as in EVIL mastermind! Maybe Kara tried to kill little Amanda because she knew about DC’s investment and the HUGE financial return BUT DC had fallen in love with Victoria. Maybe Kara feared DC leaving her and worse, leaving her penniless (sp?) so she tried to kill her daughter just to make sure she got what she felt she deserved…cold, hard cash.

            • My head is spinning, my head is spinning! LOL! So, I am not sure about your backstory for Nolan….but I DO agree that Nolan knows more than what he is revealing. That also might explain why he is not bothered by Emily being so harsh with him. I don’t want to believe Nolan is a bad guy….so I am going to let that one hang in the air for awhile!

              Kara DID try to kill Amanda, so far we think it was because she was crazy, but I do tend to agree that maybe that was not the entire reason/story. Like you, I think more will come to light about her.

        • LA_Debra says:

          Oh! I like it! My name is Debra and I’m a Revege-aholic!!

          You guys see patterns and twisties I would never imagine. Very engaging! Although I see where you could get a headache. I’m going to get a pen and paper and take some notes.

          • You know we’re never going to make it through the next two weeks, right? Maybe we should look into having sponsors for our addiction. BTW, I’d be completely lost without my notes – even to the point where I’ve made up my own shorthand. 😉

      • Boobah says:

        Revenge-aholics!! I DO NOT have a problem…I mean, I only watch on occasion….I have it under control….I promise. *sighs* Okay, maybe it’s time to look in the mirror. Yup, I have a problem. LOL!

  8. OK….you guys are gonna kill me but, I was just in a hot shower, where I do some of my best thinking (LOL) and I thought of 2 more things.

    1. When did Gordon and Emily/Amanda connect about her getting him the goods on Vic & Conrad that would absolve him of Vic’s beating? How & why? Then he tried to kill her. BUT, he was married to her mother, so wouldn’t he be more likely to protect her? He also, allegedly now, killed her father. Something is skewey there.

    2. Anyone recall when Gordon visited Victoria to bring her those passports for she and Charlotte and Vic mentioned the names he set on the passports as….Veronica & Samantha Clark…..and she said something like…”How perverse (or something similar) of you” and he responded with…”I thought you would appreciate that (sarcastically)”. I remember thinking who are Veronica and Samantha Clark then….and that David and Amanda are likely not the only Clarks in the picture. Aaaack! :O

    • Boobah says:

      I remember #2!! I remember being a little confused by it. BUT now it seems there was something more to it as there usually is with this show.

      RE: #1 – I think I have to re-watch now because that is one very good question!! How did that come to pass. I am probably wrong but I think I remember Emily going to Victoria sometime before that. They had Gordon as an enemy in common because he broke into Emily’s home and recorded Emily and Daniel together and used this as blackmail against Conrad…I mean we know he didn’t record the couple but the Grayson’s think he did!

      Having this in common, did Emily go to Victoria in some fashion…I can’t remeber…it’s all getting so swirly now! Aaarrggghhhh!!

      • I know, I think we are confusing ourselves! LOL! I want to go back and watch some epi’s from earlier in this season to see if I can catch anything between Gordon/Victoria/Emily. I will have to get back to you on this one.

        And I still haven’t watched this past Sunday’s episode! Going to try to watch tonight!
        Sigh….so I’ll be back! 😛

  9. melthehound says:

    Well, I don’t have much to add to all this because I’m late watching the show so I’ll just say, great recap once again Empress 😀

    • Thanks mth. If you have any of your own theories, jump right in. As you can probably tell, we’ve all gone a little rogue. Now I don’t know which I enjoy more – the actual show or everybody else’s revengey ideas.

      • melthehound says:

        Oh, the discussion is usually better than the show, with all shows. I was happily surprised to see this much of it. What I remember is that the graysons figure they have a claim to Nolcorp as a result of a no compete clause in his contract. IIRC, from my own experience, those no compete clauses were kind of iffy at best and only if having to do with the same industry. We know what Nolcorp does but I’ve never known what it is that Grayson Global produces other than investment paper. Nolcorp produces product. How I’m supposed to square one with another, I have no real idea, especially if David Clarke had left the company before he made the investment.

        Wasn’t Padma the one originally digging into the possibility of a connection with Grayson Global somehow? I still don’t trust her, regardless of what she tells Nolan. I believe he’s thinking with the wrong head and has been for quite some time.

        The partner brothers… I don’t trust them at all, never did even though we just met the one. It isn’t going to end well for Jack who, I think, should have let his brother take the hit, sold the bar to pay the guy back, cut his losses, and sailed off into the sunset with faux Amanda on the Amanda. It seems though that down to earth Jackie boy is just as interested in staying in the Hamptons as all the rest of these characters are. You know, the old song… Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em. Know when to walk away, know when to run, Most importantly, never count your money when sitting at the table and that’s exactly what he did.

        • MTH – totally agree about the partner brothers that Jack got caught up with. That was a very deliberate and suspicious move they made to get involved with the bar. Still don’t know WHY yet. But now the “Amanda” is at the bottom of the ocean and they are fishing a guy in a denim shirt out. Both Jack and the partner where wearing denim last we saw them. Duh, duh, duh….who will it be?

          • The Ryan brothers also mentioned something about doing business with Jack and Declan’s Dad, Carl, in the past.

            • Boobah says:

              Omg – that’s right! They didn’t seem all that fond of the Dad either. I wonder if they offered him a crazy amount of money and Carl turned them down? Spoiled rich jerks don’t like the answer NO.

          • melthehound says:

            I forgot the opening scenes of the season. This is why the discussions are far better than just watching.

            Empress, I do remember that as well when they met and were talking about ‘5’ boats being leased out to others.

        • Boobah says:

          MelTH – I had to look up eactly what type of business Grayson Global…Hedge Fund. I assume that they produce nothing except for what you mentioned – investment papers. Thanks for the info regarding the no-compete clause. I wondered if it was binding and a serious threat to NolCorp. I guess the answer is we don’t really know yet.

          Padma was the one who took it upon herself as acting CEO of NolCorp to dig around. She made a request on David Clarke. My question is why? We know that Nolan was being audited and that’s how Padma became CEO in the first place. Did the audit motivate her to look up David Clarke/Grayson Global? Does anyone even know why NolCorp was being audited?

          I agree completely about the new partners – the Ryan brothers. I got the impression that the entire thing was rigged. That Declan was set up from the beginning. The robbery was planned and the Ryan brothers were in on it so that Declan and Jack would owe the Ryan’s a favor. Am I remembering that correctly?

          I think the Ryan’s are just a twisty side note. They might just want that prime real estate on the water to do what they want with, including owning boat slips on the pier which will bring in big bucks. Maybe build a yatch club or better bar. Basically I think they are greedy criminals but nothing like the Graysons.

          • melthehound says:

            Oh, it’s the boat parking spots they’re after. For some reason I thought it was the boats. I too think the whole B&E thing with Declan was a setup to set this thing in motion.

  10. Morning Revengeys! I just wanted to pop in and say i finally saw last Sunday’s epi last night so I have a couple comments to add. There were a few things I didn’t know yet, so here we go:

    1. Conrad’s convo w/Vic where he said the “Initiative” hid assets at Grayson Global and that is why they are stuck in this mess. Sooooo, I started to think about that check from David Clark to Nolan for Nolcorp. What if David had been involved with the “Initiative” and was sent to get “in bed” with the Graysons to get them to launder money, but then he fell in love with Vic, went rogue, and they set him up. Meanwhile, Gordon is one of the “I”, he is monitoring the Graysons but he wants to get out too, so he and DC conspire to fake DC’s death. DC tells Gordon to protect Kara, but he can only get to her through the Graysons, so he has to pretend a while longer. Then he falls for and marries Kara. We think. This also might explain why Nolan is sooooo protective of Emily/Amanda (especially if Gordon might be his dad as we speculated above).

    So, that check from DC could be “I” money that became DC’s when he went rogue. Or, he intentionally gave it to (under cover or pretend) launder. Twisty.

    2. Nolan’s look at Aiden when he was in his office….if looks could kill! Something more there!

    3. That last look between Emily/Amanda and Kara after she & Aiden get her out of Grayson manor and she was getting in the car to leave? Oh yeah…Kara knows Emily is the real Amanda.THAT was a mother’s knowing look!

    I can’t believe we have to wait 2 weeks for the next episode! This has been so much fun and I look forward to many more Revengey conversations.

    Thanks again Empress!! Hugs to you! 🙂

    • Mardrag, I’m so glad you saw Sunday’s episode. You’re theory #1 is interesting. Now I’ll have to mull that one over. As for #2, I think Nolan’s “killer” look at Aiden might be because he knows that Amanda’s heart was already broken by Aiden – all the way back to Revenge School. #3 Yep, never underestimate a mother’s instincts.
      Hugs to you, too, my dear.

      • Thanks Empress…..I just came away from this episode with a bigger question mark about the origin of the check from David Clark and started to wonder exactly where he came from. We have assumed he is the good guy….and I believe he is….but he may not have started out that way. I may have to go back and watch those episodes from Season 1 where he and his brother talked about money. There may be clues there.

        Agree about Nolan. it just may be his fierce protective side that threw that look at Aiden.

        See you soon!

  11. Boobah says:

    Mardrag — Nice Work. I bow to the Master!

    Re #1 – So Gordon and DC could kinda be on the same side? Well that supports our theory that DC is alive despite the falshblack scene of Gordon stabbing DC in the prison yard. (As we know with this show, unless the person is blue or gray there’s a chance they are not dead). You are right about the possibility of DC and Gordon conspiring. We never saw DC actually die, we saw him get stabbed! So Gordon and DC faked the stabbing! Then DC goes off the grid, Gordon stays put because he has to, and he tells Nolan, his son, to watch over Emily. Just Like you said!!

    My question is what exactly is the Initiative? A government agency? Corrupt or legit?

    Re #2 – I missed the look Nolan gave Aidan, I think. Is this when Nolan gave broke the frame and handed him the check from DC? I remember Nolan wasn’t happy about any of that.

    Re # 3 – I feel like Kara might have known who her real daughter was for a while, maybe even the entire time. Particularly in the beach and when she was talking to Amanda in the bedroom when Emily was standing just outside the door.

    I agree – it’s going to be TORTURE to wait 2 weeks for the show!!! Well, I guess it leaves me time to re-watch a few episodes.

    This has been really great….Many thanks to you Empress!!

    • Boobah, It’s you and MarDrag and Trudie and Debra and Jill and MTH who are bringing the fun and making this great. I’m just the messenger.
      Two weeks gives us time to consider our twisties and regroup. 😉

    • “(As we know with this show, unless the person is blue or gray there’s a chance they are not dead).” Or frozen! LOL! My instinct just tells me all is not what it seems there.

      As far as the Initiative, I don’t recall if “who they are” has ever been really clarified. Did I miss that? Or are we all still wondering?

      #2 – The look from Nolan was when Aiden went to his office to get the original check as proof and Nolan walked past Aiden, towards the cameras and around the desk, and the look in his eyes…whew!

      #3 – I think we all agree now that Kara knew who Emily really was. NOW…they will throw mud on that! LOL!

      so the next 2 weeks I am going to try to watch a few past epi’s I want to see again. I will make notes and let you know what I find. Love, love, love this!

      • Boobah says:

        Mardrag – LOL@ frozen!!!

        I think you are right about the Initiatve…we may not have any further info about who or what they are. I have been thinking about this and if anything was mentioned it had to have been when we, the viewers, first learned about their involvment. I am going to try to find the epi where we first learned about the Int. What I vaguely remember right now was Conrad talking to Vic in his study about how much further this DC thing was and that it went deeper than the plane explosion/DC framing. I think he loosely explained the Int. at that point. But I have no idea what epi or even what season for that matter! I feel like it could maybe be the last epi of season 1.

        Good idea – I am going to re-watch a few epi’s and see what info I missed, like you.

        LOL@ Kara knowing Emily…I would not be surprised at all if they threw mud on this theory!
        Before chatting here and putting my twisty theories in print – I had many-a-theory that ultimately got squashed. I originally thought that Nolan and Emily were biological siblings! Who knows…maybe they are and Nolan was given up for adoption only to find his Dad (DC) later on in life, where when they reunited DC felt so guilty about giving him up that he gave Nolan start up money out of guilt and in an effort to make up all the lost years.

        I can’t wait for the next show!! Maybe we can live chat here?

        • Oooooh Boobah, I like that theory about Nolan/Emily long lost siblings thingy! Food for thought. He just seems so very protective of her, it seems there is more to it than what we know. Also….Jill mentioned Aunt Carole and that she MUST know more than what they provided in that one little scene…out of all the scenes of the show….and I agree with her we need to see Aunty again…and I believe we will. As I recall, Nolan did not come down the stairs right away when Em showed up, as if he didn’t want to reveal the connection…so I wanna know more about that!

          Maybe its a good thing we have 2 weeks…well 1 1/2 now!….until the next epi. I need the time to rewatch a few scenes and take some notes.

          Live chat? I am not sure about timing. I am on the west coast and you guys are on the east coast….so how would that work? Empress? 😛

          • The idea of a live chat is one which originated with and has been exclusive to LynnNChicago and now, LynnFam, so I’m not really comfortable with running with it here. There’s also the logistical problem with the time zones and spoilers. I hope all of you will understand why I’ll stick to the recaps and we can chat on Mondays. 😉

            • Absolutely……I have to agree Empress…..I do not always get to watch the show in real time and have to DVR to watch a day or 2 later. I am good with Mon. chats (even if I haven’t watched yet). But thanks Boobah for the suggestion!

              Empress, you are amazing for letting us descend on your space to take up this chat! We have really started something haven’t we? I hope you don’t mind! We have kind of brought pillows and wine and moved in! 😛

              • “letting us descend on your space to take up this chat!” You’re kidding, right? I’m having as much fun with the “Occupy The Farm” movement as the rest of you are.
                As Boobah said over at melthhound’s post on Sons of Anarchy – the purpose of a blog is to (hopefully) engage people in conversation. I couldn’t be happier that all of you have done just that.

            • Boobah says:

              Of course we understand. I actually feel badly that I didn’t think of Lynn and NoMoreDrama before I mentioned it.
              Monday recaps are best anyway because it will give me time to get all my twisty ideas ready! LOL!

              LOL@ Mardrag – Yes we did move right in. Pillow’s and all. I put my ice cream in the fridge (enough for us all) and took over a draw in the spare bedroom for my flannel pj’s(love the decor and view, Empress).

              • Perfect…..pillows, ice cream (yum!), wine and the Perfect Hostess! I am looking forward to the next Mon. chat. Will bring my fav blanket and get comfy. Hugs!

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  How could we ever live chat and watch at the same time?? I would be so mixed up!! I need to have zero distractions while watching Revenge -other shows I watch with the chaos going on around me, but Revenge needs undivided attention!!!
                  ps Boobah…we are out of ice cream…sorry!!!

                  • Lol Jill…we will get more ice cream! What’s your flavor?

                    And I know what you mean about watching Revenge. Especially now when we are looking for details. I, seriously, got a notebook just for the show now and am taking notes. I watched an epi from season one tonight for clues about the check.

                    Remember “Uncle Bill” who Em took down in the second epi/season one? There are some clues there. We’ll talk! Hugs!

  12. not THAT Jill says:

    I think that Aunt of Nolan’s is involved with things-she knows all about DC and the Graysons-we need to see her again-hopefully without a gun in her hand pointed at Emily.
    If it turns out that Gordon is Nolan’s Dad I will just die!!!
    I was reading some of the twisty theories to my sister and we kept saying “OMG imagine??”
    Does anyone know who the woman from the “Initiative” is? She looks so familiar but I cant place her.

    • Jill, the actress is Wendy Crewson. She played Tim Allen’s ex-wife in all 3 of “The Santa Clause” movies and was the First Lady to Harrison Ford’s President in “Air Force One”.

    • Boobah says:

      Jill – LOL! I read the theories to my hubby who, believe it or not, watches the show with me. He definitely thinks I’m twisty! Lol.

      I agree that Aunt Carol needs a visit. Soon. I bet you are right that she knows a lot more than she let on. Since she was DC’s secretary, she must be privy to inside info. She needs to tell Emily everything. I wonder what held her back?

  13. Thanks to all of you for letting me off the hook with the live chat. Boobah, don’t listen to them. I’ll be shopping on Sunday morning and there’ll be plenty of ice cream. I even have another freezer so that we can hoard it for ourselves.

  14. not THAT Jill says:

    Well we made it through the waiting…tomorrow night Revenge is back…cant wait to chat with you all on Monday!!!

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