The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Down and Left Out in Beverly Hills

Before I write anything about the Housewives, I’d just like to say that I want Portia Umansky to record my voice mail greeting.  It doesn’t have to be very long, just “Hello, darling, leave a message.  Goodbye, darling”.   That’s one cute kid and if I were invited to her birthday party, I’d be there in a New York minute.  Then again, I’m not her Aunt Kim, who would rather punish her sister and make excuses for blowing off another family event.  In the meantime, I think I’ll follow her on Twitter and hope that she’ll invite me to her 5th birthday party in March.

Party invitations, or the lack thereof, seemed to be the theme of this episode.  In fact, it seems to be a theme of lots of Housewives’ episodes, and not being invited to something usually means that viewers are going to watch the fallout for a long time.   The big dis-invite in this case was in relation to the 3rd year anniversary of Lisa’s restaurant.  Adrienne was not included in the list of guests because she really isn’t friends with Lisa and Ken.  She’s pretty angry about it but I think that’s because she forgot that she brought this on herself.    We didn’t forget what happened during last season’s reunion and the awful things she said to and about Lisa.  Adrienne made her presence at the party known anyway, by having a half a dozen people haul in one of the leftover floats from the Rose Bowl parade in honor of the event.

While we’re on the subject of Adrienne, it’s interesting to see that she and Taylor have struck up such a friendship.  I’m just wondering exactly what it is that they have in common.  I could probably assume a thing or two, in light of recent events in the Maloof/Nassif household, but it seems rather strange and sudden to me.   Adrienne, as I recall, was more than willing to help dispatch the Armstrongs from Kyle’s white party along with the rest of the group.  Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what these new BFFs are cooking up in the Maloof kitchen.   I don’t have too much more to say about Taylor.  I think I became distracted watching her lips move and trying to figure out where the 10 pounds she claimed to have gained were.

Lisa and Brandi have developed a wonderfully funny friendship, even to the point where the wild child brings out the best in both Lisa and Ken.  Her housewarming gifts were of the type you could only give when you feel comfortable enough knowing that the recipients will get the joke.  Lisa’s and Ken’s new home is beautiful and I’m still trying to find a way to live in that closet of hers.

We haven’t met Marisa yet, but we did see Yolanda, who seemed to hold her own among the veterans so far.  She did say that she thought the other women had a lot of drama going on.  I know we don’t have much to go on at this point, but she and we haven’t seen the half of it.

Kathy Hilton, Kim Richards

It was funny to see that Kathy Hilton has decided to make an appearance on the show.   I thought that she felt that the Housewives weren’t up to her standards, you know, being a Hilton and all.   Perhaps she’s realized that in order to get some attention you have to be more Kardashian-like than lady like.  It also seems as if she’s the one who’s been keeping a tight leash on Kim during her attempts at sobriety, especially considering that Kyle and Kim can barely stand to be in the same room together.   Besides, if you needed a dress for your prom, it’s nice to have an aunt like Kathy whose wardrobe choices and closet size rival Lisa’s.

A couple of other thoughts.

Today is election day.  Vote. Please.  Vote for what you think is good for you and for me and for the other 314,000,000 Americans who will live with the decision.  It’s how we get to say our piece and we shouldn’t trivialize or squander that right.

For the people who live in the tri-state area, I know how much you’ve been through.  Some of you have lost just about everything and some of you have endured more than the rest of us can even comprehend.  Mother Nature has been unusually hard on millions of people and now there’s a possibility of a Northeaster on Wednesday.  I don’t even have the words to describe how disheartening this news is.   I hope it comforts you, in some small way, to know that there are millions more of us praying that you’ll get through this and be able to rebuild your lives and homes and families.  The rest of us are here to help.


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  1. melthehound says:

    Bringing my thoughts here as well..

    The show…
    “Lisa admits she didn’t give Brandi a fair shot at first because of her association with Cedric.” – Lisa went up a few notches for me with that comment. Not only because she’s accepted Brandi for who She is but because she’s willing to look past rumors and assumptions to give somebody a chance. Not something we see very often on these shows.

    “Yolanda “I like to have fun, but I don’t play games” Foster” – So far, I like Yolanda. I like the fact that after Brandi’s comment, she didn’t take it to afterburner mode and completely destroy Lisa’s party as I’ve seen some of these other people do (cough cough, Adrienne, Lips, Kim, Kyle). Though she may have tucked it away for later, she realizes where she is and that wasn’t the time to confront Brandi about it though, she did tell the others. Dead issue? We’ll see.

    “Kim “Life is a journey and I’m still finding myself” Richards” – still looks stoned to me. I remember last season at the extra in the background’s party, Kyle was sniffing ‘sober’ Kim’s drink. One of our frequent posters (Nancy) has a saying… Once a pickle, never again a cucumber. I agree. I think she was checked out of rehab way too soon and is never going to find herself. She won’t find herself because she is never by herself. I get that some people don’t want to or can’t be by themselves but let me tell you, when you aren’t constantly worried about appearances (which I think she is), it’s liberating. She ought to tell her sister once and for all, that she wants nothing to do with her because, that’s exactly what it seems like, to me. I’m beginning to suspect that she’s missed so many Portia events, the kid barely knows who she is.

    “Adrienne “Know your friends, show your enemies the door” Maloof” – While she is showing her enemies the door, a day late and a million dollars short, they have already shown her the door and she can’t deal with it. Like a pit bull on a bloody rope, she isn’t going to let go of this Villa Blanca party slight. She’s already shown that with that hid-a-ous flower ‘arrangement’ she had delivered to the party. Flowers are fine IMO but that thing took up half the restaurant. I’ve never really liked Adrienne and I suspect that this season, she’s going to give me plenty of reasons.

    “Kyle “I’m born and raised in Beverly Hills; this is MY town” Richards” – Nice that she thinks she’s queen of the city but what she’s the queen of is playing the middle against all sides. She’s so good at it that we don’t even see it sometimes until the damage is done. Usually I like Kyle and last night’s show didn’t give me any solid reasons not to. Kim letting a 20yo take her 15yo daughter to the prom, can only end one way, IMO, and Kyle was right to warn Kim about leaving them alone together. BTW, Didn’t Mauricio handle the sale of Lisa’s house? Am I the only one thinking that Kyle is driving around in his commission for that sale? I just hope that we don’t see Kyle do the splits again.

    “Lips “I fought too hard for this zip code to go home now” McGee” – Why is this murdering, child abusing, gold digging, scammer still on the show? I know we’ve heard rumors about her being phased out of the show but she’s already been given too much air time for my comfort. I’m going to have to get a new remote and go back to DVR mode with this franchise so I don’t have to watch or listen to anything she has to say. I only hope she’s gone before we are subjected to another segment with that useless TV Shrink, Doc No Socks.

    “Brandi “Money doesn’t give you class, it just gives you money” Glanville” – It’s no secret how I feel about this one. In spite of how I may come across, I’m not in love with her but I love her on the show. She doesn’t pull any punches and from what I’ve seen, she doesn’t talk behind people’s backs. She tells people what she thinks of them to their faces. She spoke up when Kyle was on the phone with Lisa to let her know who was hearing the conversation (Kyle, I’m sure, knows there are no private phone calls on the show). I do think Brandi should have spoke up sooner though. Lisa could have told Kyle that Brandi was there as well. Aside from that, Brandi doesn’t seem to be putting on airs to impress anyone. She doesn’t have the huge mansion, probably isn’t particularly rich but is probably comfortable, and that’s good enough for her. Yes, some of her behavior is over the top but it never seems mean unless she’s trying to defend herself.

    • mth, I have to tell you, there’s not much you said that I can disagree with. I don’t like Kyle because I don’t understand why she works so hard at playing games with everybody else. Her problems with Kim stem from decades long feelings of guilt and envy, and result from Big Kathy’s p*ss-poor mothering. She has a life now that most of us would be proud of and grateful for – a husband who loves her to pieces, beautiful and healthy children and her dream house. Instead of enjoying all of that, she insinuates herself into things that are none of her business. I know I’m reciting the same words over and over, but Kyle should either get her own therapy for her sister issues or walk away. Kim is nowhere near recovering from her substance abuse problems as evidenced by her death grip on old grudges.
      I like Brandi. I don’t really care about her often inappropriate comments – most of her cast mates have said and done things far more damaging than anything she ever has. She’s also been through some real problems thanks to her ex. Eddie ripped out her heart and stomped all over it with every other woman he bedded, making Brandi feel like she wasn’t worthwhile. Eddie and his new wife couldn’t stop there, as he and Leann Rimes – the only woman in a long line of “other women” stupid enough to marry him – carry on a campaign of mean spirited and hurtful behaviors. Brandi, unlike Taylor, and now Adrienne, didn’t have a season-long pity party. She carried on with more dignity than both of them, and her outbursts happened when she’d reached her limit of BS. The Richards’ sister could learn something from her if they’d get off their entitled high horses and listen.
      Before this comment becomes longer than my post, I’ll just say that I have a hard time writing about Taylor while holding my nose.

      • melthehound says:

        Remember too that when filming began, Kim was likely only a month or so out of rehab. She came out of rehab and right away it seems, they just began parading her around as if to say, ‘Look, See? She’s clean now’. Kyle doesn’t seem to be happy unless there is chaos all around her and I think that’s why she injects herself so readily into everyone else’s business. Perhaps that’s what she took from Big Kathy (I read the story that is online somewhere about how the oldest sister was turned out).

  2. Anyone who wishes to follow the election results without having to listen to the pundits, The Huffington Post has provided a site with automatic information updates every 30 seconds.

  3. Jewel of Denial says:

    Hello Empress:

    To start with a cliche…longtime reader, first time poster.

    I’ve been reading for quite some time now and just wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoy your writing style. I also enjoy the variety of shows and topics you and your guest posters choose to write about. While I do enjoy the antics of the housewives, there is more to life than all housewives, all the time. Thank you for being different!

    Being on coastal Connecticut where we were just slammed by Sandy last week, I actually laughed out loud at your description of the storm we are expecting tomorrow. Genuine laughs are few and far between up here these days, so thank you. Please don’t take this as criticism as I would never want to intentionally insult you but this type of storm is called a Nor’easter. No “th”, just Nor’. I’m not quite sure where Aiken is but I would hazard a guess that it’s in the South where you probably don’t get to experience a Nor’easter. They’re always interesting. Again, I mean no insult just thanks for a much needed laugh.

    Thank you also for the well wishes for the tri-state area. I appreciate it.

    • Jewel, I understand the use of Nor’easter, as I lived in Connecticut for the first 50 years of my life. Yankee is my first language, Southern my second. Thank you for reading, and I’m not insulted.

  4. Rach says:

    I’ll stop by and check out your take on the show but I just can’t watch it anymore. HATE “lips” and kyle is a horror! (no…not the other one…lol)

  5. T-Wrecks says:

    Hey, all! Stopping by with a tidbit learned from the Vulture website…which is that if you chose to log on to Kathy Hilton’s website to view her incredibly ugly clothes, prepare for a possible computer crash. Of course I had to take a peek, then sat dumbly with a frozen IPad until I made the connection, had to reset everything. And Kathy’s dresses are…incredibly ugly!

  6. thedesigndiva2 says:

    Well I can say I have NOT watched this season yet….. Just not into it… for now..
    T Wrecks…LOL with you about the frozen Ipad…Seems alot of these HWS blogs have bad links on them lately..Reality Tea is the worse for potential viruses….UGH…
    Back to doing some catching up…quit taking ALL the meds they gave me…they waere making me SO SICK….now to flush them all out of my system…

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