The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Preview

Adrienne Maloof, Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Taylor Armstrong, Yolanda H. Foster

Season three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will introduce two new women to the group, Yolanda Foster and Marisa Zanuck.   It also means that none of the existing cast members have left the show, although Camille Grammer is taking a slightly less prominent role amid the drama.  Lisa, Brandi, Kim, Kyle, Adrienne and, sadly, Taylor are back in all of their glory – or infamy, as the case may be.  It’s probably safe to assume that too much alcohol will be consumed by the very people who shouldn’t indulge in spirits or other substances, and that they will be showing us, again, how not to behave when the cameras are rolling.

Yolanda Hadid and David Foster Marry on November 11, 2011

One of the women we’ll meet, Yolanda, was married to Lisa Vanderpump’s friend, Mohamed Hadid and became the wife of music legend, David Foster on 11/11/11 – the same date Kim Z-B of Atlanta chose for her nuptials.   She has three children with Mohamed – Gigi, 17, Bella, 16 and Anwar, age 13.  Her marriage to Foster adds five step-children to the combined family.   The Holland native was a fashion model with the Eileen Ford Agency, having begun her career at the age of 16.  She also has a company called Hopelessly Romantic and the description of what it’s supposed to provide is a little unclear.  Her website doesn’t help either as, at the moment,  it’s just a photograph of Yolanda.

Bravo’s previews show that Yolanda and Brandi start right off with an introduction by Lisa that turns out to be an excuse for  Brandi to point out that Yolanda has slept with everybody because her ex, Mohamed has bedded most of the female population of Beverly Hills.  She also has a habit of tweeting in Dutch and, in one of her tweets, she posted an odd picture.

A6e1ovwciaaydak-554219368008411677I’m sure that there’s some reasonable explanation for this photo, but it does bring back some  images we’ve seen of Taylor – complete with suitcase sitting and a bandage on her head.

Marisa Zanuck is being called a friend of the Housewives and isn’t in the official cast photographs.  She’s a realtor with Hilton & Hyland, Mauricio Umansky’s former agency, and is a longtime friend of the Hilton/Richards/Umansky families.  She’s married to movie producer, Dean Zanuck who is the son and grandson of Hollywood legends – respectively, Oscar winners Richard Zanuck and Darryl Zanuck, one of the founders of 20th Century Fox Studios.   The couple have two children, Jack, 10 and daughter, Darryl, 7.

Marisa Zanuck

Mrs. Zanuck has already managed to start her own little drama by voicing her opinion regarding The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  She has no love at all for Teresa, and thought the treatment Danielle Staub received from the Fabulicious cookbook queen was horrible.  Marisa has also hinted that Kim and Taylor will be phased out of the franchise as the season progresses.  Kyle laughed the report off as a joke.   It sounds like this is another Housewife without a filter or a fear of appearing judgmental, although I’m hoping she’s right about the cast shakeup.  On the other hand, I’ll take this opportunity to remind her that she’s now working for the same network that brought us all of the women of New Jersey,  Jill Zarin, Kim Z-B, Aviva Drescher and, oh, yea, Taylor Armstrong.  Marisa, put those stones down or board up all of the glass in your own house.

The enabler sisters, Kim and Kyle, have been seen in previews,  still crying and hollering over whatever they’ve been crying and hollering about for two years.    I guess they’re stuck in the same drugs, alcohol, bad boyfriends, guilt, anger, rehab, you name it cycle – rinse and repeat.  Camille and Brandi aren’t as friendly as they were at the end of last season.  There were some words exchanged in  the past few months and some feelings were hurt, so the two of them are being civil, at best.

Lisa, Ken and Giggy seem to be doing just fine, and we’re going to see the couple renew their wedding vows, with their little ball of fluff as a witness.   The Vanderpump/Todds have moved into a new, smaller and cozier house, if you consider a home in the 10,000+ square foot range small and cozy – her drop dead gorgeous closet is about the size of my first apartment.   The move was made even better because it meant that they were no longer neighbors to Adrienne and Paul.  The two couples are barely speaking, and who can blame them after Adrienne’s s**t stirring comments from last season.   Sadly, Lisa’s old house was destroyed in a fire soon after they moved out.

Paul and Adrienne are in the middle of a very contentious divorce.   The two of them have been using the media to air out some dirty laundry – how true or dirty is yet to be determined.   Adrienne, or rather, Bernie the chef, has released some photos of what may or may not be bruises on her.   We know that Bernie is a man of stellar character and wouldn’t do anything to deliberately spread false information, especially when a marriage and children are involved.

Then there’s Taylor.  In a recent interview with an Australian radio show, she decided that she was from the land down under, too.  In a drunken attempt at an Australian accent, she told the show’s hosts that she was in Mexico and it looks just like Australia.  She’s still touting herself as a philanthropist and spokesperson for battered women, but nothing she’s done since last season has improved her image in any way.  In fact, it looks like she’s been dating her married lawyer – bless both their hearts.  Her new tagline is “I fought too hard for this zip code to go home now.”  Now that sounds just like the Taylor we know and…


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8 Responses to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Preview

  1. Vegas Chick says:

    I’m still trying to decide if I am going to sit through listening to ShanaBanana and probably will with the aid of the mute button. Have you heard from Diva? Saw a note that she was home from the hospital and hope that she’s feeling better. BH won’t be the same without her. Let us know.

    Watched ATL and found it boring. Kenya must have taken the crash course in how to get the most camera time. She’s ridiculous and an embarrassment to the Miss USA pageant and herself, lol. Sure isn’t hard to imagine why she hasn’t found a husband yet.

    • I think any scenes with Taylor in them are going to require the mute button, some fast forwarding and maybe a Nerf ball to toss at the TV.
      BTW, I’m hoping that we’ll all hear from the Diva as soon as things settle down for her. 😉

  2. baronessbeachcomber says:

    Oddly enough, even though they got off to an awkward start, Yolanda says she is now closest to Brandi out of all the housewives. And Taylor’s new love is the married attorney John Buhler, who previously claimed they weren’t dating. They have been spotted canoodling together several times lately. I’m looking forward to tonight’s premiere.

    I normally don’t watch Atlanta, but did so last night and enjoyed it.

    • Oh my, no good can come from canoodling. Maybe Nene could offer Taylor the same words of wisdom she imparted to Kim Z-B about what one shouldn’t do with those married men.
      I watched Atlanta today, and aside from Kenya, who really meant it when she said that she was not Miss Congeniality, it was fun. Phaedra just cracks me up and her son is adorable.

  3. I forgot to add – I’m thinking of starting a moving business just for Kim and Kroy. I’d even be willing to undercut that $101,000 estimate by at least 25%. 😉

  4. Edna says:

    Stopped watching RW’s 2 seasons ago, but I may tune in to see Marisa! If she can keep Andy’s infamous editing at bay, she will be a breath of fresh air!

  5. Buttercream says:

    How is Diva doing? Miss her insight and wit, like yours Empress …
    I think I will have to DVR the BH season and fast forward thru Trailer Trash .. caught a glimpse of her at the 3 year Anniversary Bash .. she failed to say hello to Brandi, yet couldn’t keep her mouth shut repeating what Yolanddddaaa said about Brandi’s greeting … uck, uck and double yuck with TA on the show .. gives me the creeps …. just read somewhere that maybe Andrianne had something to hide and Paul left her because of that ..what ever “that” is should be interesting …
    Is anyone surprised the Bickerman’s divorced? Sad for the kids ….

    • Hi Buttercream, It’s so good to hear from you – you’ve been missed as well. 🙂 Diva did stop by the blog this past Sunday and commented on mth’s post honoring Armistice Day. She, like a lot of folks, is dealing with those curve balls that life can throw.
      I’m really behind on the HWs, although I have them on the DVR. Taylor’s return on BH is one of the reasons I’m avoiding watching. I guess I’m not completely surprised by the Maloof/Nassif divorce – a little dismayed by the public accusations from Adrienne’s camp, perhaps, which makes if even sadder for their kids.

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