reven8e – Illusion

Everyone is preparing for the celebration of Victoria’s and Conrad’s marriage to each other, again.   Victoria and Charlotte are readying their oufits and picking out jewelry, while Conrad and Daniel are having their tuxedos fitted at the office.  Aiden comes in to tell Conrad that he is going to recommend Grayson Global to his (nonexistent)  investor boss.   Out of earshot of Conrad, Daniel tells Aiden that the world will soon see that Conrad is unfit to lead the company.

Amanda is preparing Emily for her meeting with Mason Treadwell.   They’re hoping that the answers he gets will lead him right back to the Graysons.  Back at the Graysons’ house, Kara walks in on Victoria and tells her that she’s won’t be attending the wedding.  She also begins to ask about what happened while Victoria was held by Gordon Murphy.   While Victoria gives some evasive answer, Kara drifts back to a memory of a time when she and Gordon were together and in love.   Victoria tells Kara that she wants her to stay safe, at their house, until Gordon is caught.   While this is going on, Amanda calls Aiden and tells him to meet her and to bring gloves.  She’s unzipping a bag containing the frozen body of Gordon Murphy.

Jack is readying for the grand re-opening of the bar when he hears an argument between his new partner, Kenny Ryan, and the liquor salesman.  Kenny is telling them that the distributor is charging too much for their alcohol and that he can get it for much less.  The salesman tells Jack that his father would be ashamed if he knew who Jack was in business with.

Kara is painting on the beach when Amanda approaches.  The two of them talk about Amanda’s broken engagement to Daniel.   Amanda tells her that she isn’t sorry they broke up because you don’t just marry the man, you marry the whole family.  Kara tells her not to worry because the Graysons will get what they deserve.

Mason in interviewing Emily – or who he thinks is Amanda Clarke – and wants to know why she chose to come back to the Hamptons, so close to the Graysons.  She tells him that she wanted to face them and hopes that they’ll be exposed.  She also mentions a cell phone number which lights up Mason’s radar.  When she says that whoever finds the white haired man will know everything, the writer offers to take up the torch for her.  She does give him the phone number.   Mason then calls Nolan to have him trace it, but Amanda happens to be with Nolan, discussing Padma’s search for information on David Clarke.  Amanda tells Nolan not to trace it right away and Nolan asks Mason to text it to him.

All of the guests, with the exception of young Charlotte, who wants no part of the sham marriage, have gathered at the Graysons.  Kara is looking through some items on Victoria’s vanity table and finds a torn picture of David Clarke, in jail, taken just before he was murdered.   In the middle of nowhere, Mason is entering a trailer where he finds not only Gordon Murphy;’s body, but a cufflink belonging to Conrad.  Conrad is giving his soon to be wife a gist of a pearl-handled 9MM gun.   Victoria receives a phone call from Mason who tells her everything he’s found.

Armed with this knowledge, Victoria walks down the aisle and the couple exchange vows which probably included the right to remain silent and have an attorney present.  As the couple become husband and wife, the police are executing a search warrant and find the matching cufflink, blood-stained clothing in Conrad’s closet and another 9MM in the trunk of a car.   The police secure an arrest warrant, and even before the newlyweds can shove wedding cake into each others’ faces, Conrad is taken away in handcuffs.   Victoria is smiling.  Aiden is smiling.  Amanda is smiling.  Nolan is smiling.  Viewers are smiling.  It was such a beautiful ceremony.

Nolan tells Padma that he knows about her snooping but that he isn’t mad.  Instead, he asks her how far she is willing to go to prove her loyalty and protect NolCorp.   Kara, at the bar re-opening, sees that Gordon Murphy has been killed.   Mason wants to know if Victoria knew that Gordon was dead the whole time.  He also tells her that he will reveal everything about the fake kidnapping.  Mason’s playing with fire with that one.  Daniel tells Victoria that he thinks she knew the arrest was coming and sarcastically thanks her for the little pep talk during their dance together.

Conrad is getting some visitors at the police station.  First Victoria arrives, but Conrad tells her that he doesn’t believe she has the resources to have pulled the whole thing off.  Then the woman from the Initiative walks in.  She wants assurances from Conrad that they can count on him because his services will be needed again.  He did such a good job financing that terrorist group that caused the deaths of everyone on that plane.

Victoria is standing on her bedroom balcony when Kara, who’s a little tipsy, comes out to join her.    Kara reminds Victoria how she told her that she’d never have to face Gordon Murphy again, and then says that Victoria must have known that Gordon was already dead.  Victoria tells Kara that she doesn’t see relief in Kara’s eyes.  Kara excuses herself, telling Victoria that she understands how hard it is to lose the man you love so abruptly.

In the spirit of love and joy that has consumed the Hamptons, Jack proposes marriage to Emily and she accepts his proposal.

Victoria is seen tossing and turning in bed when she hears creaking floor sounds and footsteps.  She grabs her wedding gift and then sees that it’s Conrad.   He’s looking a little under the weather, and when Victoria asks him what he told authorities that got him released from jail, he says that he doesn’t think he’ll know until it’s too late.

Mason Treadwell is in his room where there’s a large bulletin board filled with pictures, clippings and lines of string connecting them.   He then notices that there is a straight line that directly connects Amanda Clarke, the juvenile detention center and Emily Thorne.   Uh oh.


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  2. melthehound says:

    Ruh Roh,,, Somebody was bound to find out sooner or later about the Amanda / Emily switch. There are too many details out there to keep Everything a secret from everybody. The Graysons are slippery enough to slither away from all of this somehow, I think. Me thinks that Jack is going to regret going into the bar business with that guy.

    • Creepy Mason, imho, might as well be wearing a target on his back. By calling the cops about Gordon Murphy’s murder, implicating Conrad, and then snooping around the Amda/Emily connection, he’s put himself right right between a rock and a hard place.
      As for Jack, I wish he’d just sail off on the Amanda with his new son and bride to be, and leave the whole damn lot of them behind, including his brother.

  3. baronessbeachcomber says:

    I just now watched last night’s Revenge. Your recaps help tie it up in a nice concise package. Thanks.

  4. not THAT Jill says:

    Empress-I watched Revenge-but I missed the last 20 minutes or so. Thanks for the re-cap-I think I got the gist of the episode!! I still do not like Padma-she is a bit fishy if you ask me!! Creepy Mason is gonna get his…sooner or later!! Cant wait to watch tonight-in my home home…with my own remote!!
    Hope you are well. One more thing-how is Diva?

    • Hi Jill, I’m glad to hear that you enjoy the Revenge posts. Tonight looks very interesting – commercials/vignettes and all.
      Diva posted a comment on mth’s post for Veteran’s Day today. 🙂

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