reven8e – Forgiveness

A young Amanda is being held underwater by her mother when her father saves her, carries her to the shore and begins CPR, telling his wife not to touch their daughter.

The scene changes to the grown up Amanda who is waking up after having fallen asleep on her couch next to Aiden.  He tells her that he shares a need to protect her, just as her dad did and that her Mom, Kara, was married to Gordon Murphy.   Aiden still wants to help Amanda, who lets him know that she did need help and he happened to be the one who walked through the door.  Just to make it clear to him what his role is, she adds that he shouldn’t let any of what happened between them go to his head.

Victoria is cutting and arranging roses because she just likes to have thorny things to play with, when the maid comes to tell her that she has a guest.  Well, she turns around to see Kara Wallace Clarke Murphy standing there.   The two women hug, sort of, and Kara tells Victoria how happy she is to see that she’s safe.  Lady Grayson never loosens the death grip she has on her pruning shears.    They have a little talk about the same things all women do – like, gee Victoria, sorry to hear that an FBI agent kidnapped you.  Victoria tells her that all men will betray you, it’s just a matter of when.   Kara presses her a little more, asking if Victoria knows where Gordon might be.   Victoria tells her that he probably in the wind, far, far away.  Kara also expresses her gratitude that Emily (faux Amanda) has been made to feel so comfortable with the Graysons.   If we didn’t know better, we’d almost believed that they really cared.

Aiden is having a meeting with Conrad, posing as a proxy for a potential investor in Grayson Global.   While they’re talking, Victoria calls Conrad to tell him about the unexpected appearance of Kara, who they thought was dead, at the hand of Gordon.  Victoria says that she now suspects that Kara has been behind all of the chaos in the Hamptons and that she had the journal all this time.

Declan is at the bar talking to Charlotte when Mr. Ryan walks in.  Charlotte leaves as she’s going to see her “sister” and new “nephew”.   Ryan gives Declan a business card for a contractor who can do the work needed on the bar for a good price.  He also tells Declan that he’s doing so in order to get his money a little more quickly.

Jack is at the hospital, trying to swaddle his son when Nolan walks in.   When Jack tells him that Kara is back, Nolan looks as if he wants to hit somebody or punch a wall.  Anyway, he’s upset and we’re probably upset right along with him.   He really should have heard the news from Amanda, not the way he did.

Daniel and Aiden are going over the details of everything that is good about Grayson Global, as Aiden is still posing as that phantom investor’s representative.  Naturally, the good list is a short one and gets even shorter when Ashley walks in to announce that there’s been an outside request for David Clarke’s employment files.   Aiden feigns surprise to hear David Clarke’s name and remarks that having a bona fide terrorist as a Grayson employee can’t be a good thing.    He tells Daniel that he’s less interested in the company’s future than he is in its past.

Amanda is at home when Gordon’s cell phone rings.  It’s a call from Kara.  At the same time, she gets a call from Aiden who informs her about the request for her father’s records.  He thinks it was made by Kara, but we’ll find out soon enough who it really came from.  Nolan just happens to drop by to read out Amanda for not telling him about Kara’s being in the Hamptons.  (Go Nolan.)

He also says that if Amanda would bother to listen to her voicemail, she just might have found out that Nolan had been calling her to tell her about his own Dad’s death.  (Not good, Amanda.)   After she apologizes, the two of them turn to watch the Grayson’s security cameras, live streaming onto the laptop and see that Kara is having lunch with Conrad and Victoria.

Amanda’s phone rings again, and it’s Jack, telling her that Emily has awakened from her coma.    Amanda knows that this doesn’t mean she’s out of the woods, not as long as Karais lurking around the Hamptons.

Amanda goes to the hospital and sees Jack and Emily.  She also has a flashback to being in the hospital after her own childhood near-death experience.  Her father was standing by her bed, telling her that her mom is gone.    Amanda tells Jack that Emily and the baby can stay with her and when he leaves the room, she tells Emily about Kara.

Victoria and Kara are still hanging out together – good idea when you don’t know what anybody might do at any given moment.  Victoria tells Kara that David led her to believe that Kara was dead.  Charlotte breaks up the trip down bad memory lane to tell them that Emily is awake.   After Kara leaves for the hospital, Victoria tells Charlotte that she feels bad for Kara and told her she could stay with them for a while.

Daniel then meets the woman who had asked for David Clarke’s records and it just happens to be Padma, CFO of NolCorp.   Aiden pokes his head into the office, sees Padma there and asks Daniel if they’re still on for drinks later.

When Kara arrives at the hospital, she sees her real daughter, THE Amanda, holding the baby. Amanda tells her that she’s Carl’s godmother and Kara talks about what a good baby her daughter was, just like her “grandson”.

Then our favorite sneaky, snoopy writer, Mason Treadwell appears, sporting his signature bow-tie and carrying a bouquet of flowers.  When he realizes he’s just come face to face with Kara Clarke, he smirks and says “God, I love the Hamptons”.   Emily is wheeled back into her room and she gets up from the wheelchair, Mason stares at her back with a perplexed look on his face.

Nolan and Padma are still sorting through his dad’s stuff at the office when Nolan notices the framed card and check from David Clarke.  He asks Padma about it and she says she didn’t do anything with it.   In the meantime, Aiden is telling Amanda about Padma’s request from Grayson Global.  They also catch Kara on the Grayson’s security cameras, making a phone call.  Of course, they hear Gordon’s phone ring inside of Amanda’s desk.

Nolan and Padma are having breakfast on the beach when he gets the call from Amanda – the one we hoped was going to happen, because we didn’t want Nolan to get his heart broken – and she tells him (sigh) that Padma is snooping around.   (I know that was a huge run-on sentence, but I wanted to get through it before I slashed Padma’s tires. I’m really hoping that there’s something else going on and that she’s not just another problem. )  Nolan, alas, is sad but doesn’t let on to her.   Aiden, of course, finds this turn of events to be an opportunity and tells Daniel that, thanks to Padma’s poking around, it means that Grayson Global has a financial interest in NolCorp.  You could almost hear the ca-ching coming from Daniel.

Victoria is seen searching the guest room that Kara used, looking for heaven knows what, probably that journal, when Mason Treadwell waltzes in on her.   He tells her that he wants to know the truth about Kara, but Victoria tells him that Kara is a threat to everyone, including him.   Their person of interest is at Amanda’s house, talking to her “daughter”.  She says that she was very sick when Amanda was young and that she wasn’t always in control of her actions.  Kara tells her that she and David made the choice to tell their daughter that her mother had died.   In another flashback, we see David talking to his wife, having that very conversation.

Jack and Ryan are talking about how to make things right between them.  Now that the bar is nearly ready to reopen, they agree to be partners.   That can’t be good.

Victoria has found Kara’s phone and shows it to Conrad.  The only number on it belongs to Gordon Murphy.   Conrad then gets down on one knee and proposes marriage – well marital privilege – but these are the Graysons we’re talking about.  Their kind of vows aren’t about loving and cherishing and honoring anything but Grayson Global and bank accounts.

Emily has spoken with her “mother”, and as her “daughter”, she’s forgiven her.  When Emily tells Amanda what she did, Amanda tells her, in her own moment of compassion,  that she lied to her and the baby really is Jack’s.  Amanda also tells her that she’s okay with her offer of forgiveness to Kara.   When Emily offers to tell Jack the truth about their relationship, Amanda tells her not to because the truth would only hurt him and he deserves to be happy.

Mason manages to slither his way over to the house and confronts Emily about a scar from a burn that she should have on her back but doesn’t.  When she tells him that she had it removed, he isn’t buying it.  He says that she may be a lot of things, but she’s not the daughter of Kara and David Clarke.   Then off he goes, whistling “Strangers in the Night”.

I added this little video for you.  It’s a reenactment of last week’s episode, by a group of kids.   Enjoy.


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8 Responses to reven8e – Forgiveness

  1. not THAT Jill says:

    I was so happy to take a break from Hurricane Sandy and watch Revenge last night!
    I have a bad feeling about that Padma-I hope Nolan figures out what she is up to!!!
    Back to storm watch!!

    • Hi Jill, I can’t quite figure out what Padma’s up to, but as Aiden couldn’t wait to tell Daniel about the Grayson/NolCorp connection, I’m thinking that it might have been more than just a coincidence.
      I checked the Sandy list over at LynnFam – good to know that you and a few others are alright. 🙂

  2. melthehound says:

    I think Amanda should have whacked Treadwell when she burned his house down. That guy who plays him does creepy very well. I remember him on Desperate Housewives as that pharmacist who was obsessed with Bree.

    • Mason is a very good creep and I just love the fact that he drives Victoria crazy. 😉
      I see there’s some blustery and cold weather in your neck of the woods – hope you and the hound are hunkered down.

    • princesspindy says:

      Thank you for reminding me where that creep was from, I couldn’t place him!!

  3. princesspindy says:

    I wanted Nolan to find love, even though he is in love with “Ems”, imho, and I wish they would get rid of the stupid, little brother of Jack. He was annoying the one season I watched Gossip Girl, yes I watched it, lol, and he is annoying on this show.

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