Jacqueline Laurita’s Truth

I don’t know what’s going on inside Jacqueline Laurita’s mind or what her problems really are, but, more, and more, it does appear that she has a very different reality than the rest of us do.   Normally, I avoid going to Bravo to read her blog, because, from what I’ve gathered by reading other blogs, hers is usually no more than a weekly rant against Teresa – so for that, I have to thank NoMoreDrama and the folks at LynnFam for saving me the trip and the trouble, and for just making it more fun to read.   It looks like she throws in a few beauty tips, because having the right eye shadow should be a priority, and then mentions some of the challenges she’s facing with her son, Nicholas.

Her most recent post, which was the first one in about a month, and took over two weeks since the Reunion to finally appear, makes her sound as if she’s just checked out of this world and made up one of her own.   What made this one different from the others is not what she wrote, but what she didn’t write.  The topic and the tone of her latest novella is still stripper-gate, the bald guy, Teresa and Kim D.   I guess she felt it was necessary to repeat all of the things we’ve read over and over, because we may not have gotten it the first 4 or 5 times.    She’s also still carrying on about her secret, unnamed source – the one who could clear the whole stupid thing up – if only Jacq could tell us.  She can’t, of course, because that would be betraying a trust, and we all know that Jacq is nothing if not loyal.

So, the timing of this blog of hers became all the more interesting in light of what appeared on another blog – http://fauxrealityentertainment.com/?p=925.  The site did add a little more to the mix with talk of secret tape recordings –  http://fauxrealityentertainment.com/?p=1039 .  I know that most of you have probably read this already, and were more than a little surprised by what information it contained.  Finding out that the Lauritas were being sued wasn’t news, but the series of lies, denials, accusations and the criminal behavior was.  I don’t really care about the dollar amount in this little scheme.  What bothers me, as much as the Giudice bankruptcy situation, are the numerous and blatant lies by Chris Laurita to the Court.    What makes the Lauritas’ problems even worse, at least from my perspective, is how they, and the Manzos, could say and do the things they did to the Giudices while pretending that they were above such things.    Just what is the rule with these Housewives and their families?   It’s only wrong if you’re caught?

Chris Laurita

Chris Laurita is no better than Joe Giudice and yet his wife hasn’t quite caught up with that idea.   For a woman who wanted to rake Teresa over the coals for not revealing every bit of information about the Giudices’ legal woes, Jacq is stunningly silent about the ones her own family is facing.    She accuses Teresa of pretending that everything is fine, even mocking the way she smiles right through all of the Giudices’ legal troubles, but isn’t she doing the very same thing?  While she may have apologized for making that remark – the one about hoping that Juicy goes to jail – she did so knowing full well that her own husband had committed similar sins.  The Lauritas and the Manzos all pointed fingers and knew that they had no right to do so.   That isn’t hypocrisy or irony or denial – that’s just completely irrational and, pardon me for saying so, more than a little f***ed up.   Thicker than thieves, indeed.

So, here’s her blog.  After reading it, I’m sure that you’ll have your own questions and draw your own conclusions.  I’ve highlighted a few portions that left me shaking my head.  She’s talking in circles and nothing seems to make any sense to anyone but herself.    Please note that she’s done, done, done with this topic.  She has decreed that it’s not open for  discussion – got it?  It’s over.  This is the last time she’s answering questions, so stop bothering her, OK?  If you read anything from her on Twitter about it, well, what can I say – somebody must have hacked into her account.

Teresa is Out of My Life

Jacqueline is relieved to finally put Season 4 and her feud with Teresa to rest.

Jacqueline Laurita

I am answering some of your questions one last time and then Season 4 topics will no longer be open for discussion.  I need peace in my life and this nonsense just drains me.  I’m doing this blog for you because some of you still have questions for me, and I think that it is fair for me to answer them, even though I have already moved on from this.

Go back and read my last Bravo Blog The Grudge and pay close attention to No. 4 and No. 7.   *(see below)

1. I knew that at one time, Kim was upset with Melissa but Kim had told me that she called Melissa and smoothed things out with her and all was resolved.

2. Kim D. text me at the fashion show to tell me not to go anywhere because something was going down, but I wasn’t the target. (I still didn’t know what was going on.) I didn’t even know Kim was in on it. I just thought she knew something about something.

3. Kim D. texted me again to tell me that Kim G. might be showing up to the fashion show, so I started to assume that Caroline may be the target and I texted her to warn her.

4. I got another text from a friend, NOT a producer, who still hangs out with Teresa and shall remain nameless (so they don’t get mad at me), that the bald guy was overheard laughing about Melissa getting set up, that Teresa was in on it, and that she filmed with him earlier that day at a salon. These are the only details I was told at this point. When I found this out, the bald guy had already approached the table. I still didn’t know what was going on, but this is when I realized Melissa was the target, so I tried to warn everyone, but the guy had already approached the table and Teresa and Melissa had already gone to the bathroom by the time I found this out.

5. I didn’t know what happened at the fashion show until Melissa told me outside. That is when it all came together, and I remembered that this is what Teresa wanted me to out Melissa with when she first came on the show.

6. After the fashion show, my mutual friend of Teresa’s told me that Teresa told her two weeks before the fashion show that Melissa was getting set up.

7. Teresa never warned Melissa of anything, even after she filmed at the salon earlier that day. Instead, she waited and asked Melissa about it on camera later that night at the fashion show.

8. I was upset and disgusted that Teresa tried to put it on me, when I had absolutely no motive for wanting to hurt Melissa and she knew that.  I like Melissa very much, and I would never be involved in a plan to hurt her. I was trying to get through the rest of filming without any more drama. That’s why I chose not to fight any more in California and shut down even after I heard Teresa talking behind my back. Teresa knew I had nothing at all to do with Melissa’s set up but that she and Kim D. both did. That is why Teresa was never upset with Kim about it and still continues a friendship with her.

9. I have proof that Teresa knew about the set up, but I cannot legally share it, so I can no longer reference it. Teresa is aware of this.

10. The bald guy was caught on camera saying that Kim and Teresa BOTH knew. As SOON as I knew, I went to warn everyone. (Even though it had already happened by the time I found out.) Teresa never even tried to warn anybody at any time.

11. Why am I not mad at Kim? I was disappointed, she knows how I feel, but Kim and Melissa’s issues have nothing to do with me. Melissa isn’t my family member and Kim didn’t try to publicly put it on me when she knew I had nothing to do with it (unlike Teresa). I appreciated Kim’s text to let me know that I wasn’t the target and that she was honest with me when I asked her questions about the set up after the fashion show. I also respect the fact that although Kim did something crappy, she took responsibility for it. (All of it.)

12. I shouldn’t have got so involved with Teresa’s family drama at the reunion, but it was frustrating knowing the truth, and I thought it was about time that Teresa was called out and that she owned up to at least one thing she has done and/or said. She didn’t! This kind of B.S. had been going on for over 10 HOURS as well as all season long, and I was tired and aggravated at this point. I’m not proud of losing my cool but it was way over due and I needed to release. It was a long, grueling day. Everybody has their breaking point, and you witnessed mine.

13. I think my husband and I have shown who we are as people and what kind of relationship we have, so I don’t need to sell myself or our relationship. Bottom line is that we are truly happy and proud of one another.

I have not written a blog in the last few weeks, because I feel that I pretty much said everything that I wanted to say, to Teresa, at the reunion, and in my blogs ALL season long. Those feelings of animosity toward Teresa are really not healthy for me. The season is over and so is my friendship with Teresa, and I’m at peace and thankful that I don’t have to relive either one of those again. I’ve let it go now.

It is unfortunate that the situation between Teresa and I has become so ugly. It didn’t need to go this far. It makes me a little sad knowing that this is the same girl that I used to know and love. I’m not sure if she changed or if this is who she always was and I had just been ignoring the signs.

Regardless, I am not going to encourage this feud to go any further, because that would be completely pointless and useless in my life. I have much greater things to focus on. The bottom line is that Teresa and I are no longer friends and she is completely out of my life. Whoever Teresa has become, where she’s been, where she is going, or who she is going there with is not a concern of mine.

I know I said during the reunion that I wished Joe Giudice would go to jail, but regardless of if I think he deserves it or not, I will not wish anything bad for Teresa or Joe. They have 4 beautiful girls, and if anything unfortunate happens to either one of them, it effects those girls, and as a mother I do not want that.

Andy Cohen, Chris Laurita, Jacqueline Laurita, Joe Gorga, Melissa Gorga

Jacqueline to Joe Giudice: “You’re a piece of low-life sh–, and I hope you go to jail!”

Whatever Teresa has to say about me, and what others choose to believe or not believe, will NOT change my reality AT ALL, or hers, or anyone else’s.  I know who I am and what I have. This is where I am extremely confident.  I have an extremely strong support system in my life. We are in a very good place. We are in a very happy place with our marriage, our kids, our new businesses, our relationships with other friends and with the majority of our family members. That is not to say that we don’t have challenges and setbacks like everyone else once in a while, but the overall quality of life we have is very, very good and very REAL.

Today and going forward, Chris and I want to keep focusing on our family and our many new exciting business ventures.  (Sorry.  That sound you hear is just me giggling.)  We also want to help as many families as we can by spreading autism awareness and sharing what we’ve learned with others. We need to use this platform to make a difference and do good things. We appreciate all that has been given to us and we don’t take that for granted. My team and I are working on some exciting new things for me and JL Beauty Enterprises!

I will be a contributing editor, starting in February, for Parenting Magazine discussing our journey with Autism. I hope you will follow our story. Look for updates on my website www.JacquelineLaurita.com.

I hope next season is a little more upbeat and not as dark. I’m ready for a change. I hope you are too. I feel better already. Thank you all so much for those that have supported me and my family. I appreciate you reaching out to us to uplift our spirits, giving us advice, tips, resources, relating to us, and giving us hope for the recovery of our son. You are good people. We appreciate you very much! We hope we can do the same for you. Many blessings to all of you! XOXO,


Jacq’s  idea of the important parts of “The Grudge”.  I don’t get it.  She thought that it deserved repeating.

4. Kim D. will protect her friends publicly, but will usually own up to her own mischievous ways and take accountability for her actions, right or wrong. I respect her for that. Even though she doesn’t always play nice when angered.

7. Why would Teresa suddenly go to new salon to get her make-up and hair done when she has someone who came to her house to do it on a regular basis? Why didn’t Kim just go to Teresa’s house to get ready? Teresa would have NEVER agreed to go to someone else for make-up and hair like that unless she had an ulterior motive. (Which she did.) TERESA KNEW KIM D. WAS MAKING MELISSA THE TARGET THAT DAY! Even if she never knew all of the details of how it would go down, Teresa knew Melissa was the target and she was going to allow Kim to do whatever she wanted to hurt Melissa, while Teresa played innocent and clueless (which isn’t hard for her). I know she knew. I was told the truth by someone involved, who shall remain nameless, that won’t publicly “out” her friend. I’m not friends with Teresa anymore, so I don’t care. I’ll say it.

I copied my favorite part of  her “The Grudge” blog.   Again, you’re free to read whatever you want into it.

5. Teresa doesn’t own up to anything EVER and will try to get others to speak up on her behalf and let them take the downfall alone while she plays innocent. Teresa loves to blame shift! She’s a pro! This is why I did not choose to get involved in her schemes against her family. Why should I look like the bad guy and start fighting with her family while she pretended to like them and wanted peace? I had my own hardships that I was dealing with, but Teresa didn’t care about that. She only put MORE pressure on me to do her dirty work, then she would talk badly about me and I’d have to hear about what kind of a friend I was for not doing it. She just didn’t get it when I would try to explain to her my reasons why I didn’t want to get involved. I honestly just wanted her to fake it until she made it with her family. I thought the more good times she had with them, she would forget about the grudges she had against them, but she could NEVER let them go.

Yep, never letting go – sounds about right.  Titling a blog “The Grudge”  is a sure sign of letting go.

That’s enough about the Housewives for now – I’d like to get back to real life.  I know that a number of you may be visited by Hurricane Sandy.  I hope you’ll all heed the warnings for wherever you happen to be and take whatever measures are necessary to ensure your safety.  There’s some very good information, including the track of the storm, possible wind speeds and potential rainfall amounts, at http://www.wunderground.com/tropical/tracking/at201218_5day.html.   It’s updated by Dr. Jeff Masters on a regular basis throughout the day, and his information is as good, if not better, than a lot of weather sites.   For all of you,  from New England to the Carolinas, who may be in Sandy’s path,  please hunker down and stay safe.


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11 Responses to Jacqueline Laurita’s Truth

  1. Pulonium 210 says:

    RHNJ should be renamed Survivor- The Psychological Warfare Edition.

    Creepy, strange, cruel, sneaky …garbage.

  2. Donna says:

    Jac could have used her blog to make us more aware of autism, instead it was 4 pages of the same ole, same ole, Teresa, blah, blah, blah; Teresa, blah, blah, blah; Teresa blah, blah, blah; Teresa blah, blah, blah. 5th page pr. Geeze she needs to get a life.

  3. melthehound says:

    That woman really should be committed. She’s had a solid year to come up with her story and that’s the best she can do. A source that she can’t name because she’s friends with Teresa too, and some bullshit recording that she can’t use because either A, it doesn’t exist (most likely), or B, she made the recording without telling the other party, or C, she Did tell the other party, it does exist, and, is BS. Take your pick. All of them point to someone who has gone over the cliff over a woman she Said, On TV, We all Heard her say it, she wants to basically cut her (Teresa) out of her life. More than a year later, she’s still babbling about it. Do I believe this is the last we’ll hear from that BSC woman about Teresa? Hell No. Will I care? Hell No. Will Any of us care? I hope not so I can say, Hell No.

    As always, I appreciate your take on things, Empress. Nicely done.

    • mth, What leaves me shaking my head is that Jacq is obsessed with this ridiculous non-issue regarding stripper-gate, a fashion show and this big “set up”, while her husband and in-laws are scurrying around, scheming, destroying evidence and acting like they haven’t a care in the world. Teresa and Juicy have been repeatedly hit over the head about their legal problems, with the Lauritas and Manzos leading the charge.
      I don’t know if Jacq is inherently obtuse or if her family just keeps her out of the loop because she has a big mouth, but she really should take a good long look in the mirror before she and the whole Laurita/Manzo clan say another word about the Giudices.
      Their future is looking as bleak as Juicy’s, but Jacq won’t even have cookbook sales to keep a roof over her head.

      • melthehound says:

        I don’t know if Jacq is inherently obtuse or if her family just keeps her out of the loop because she has a big mouth

        Probably Both. In all the ‘debate’ about these Jersey Pigs, I’ve never seen anyone accuse Jac of being intelligent.

    • Donna says:

      I hear ya. When I cut someone out of my life, if I see them I remain polite. If their name is brought up in a conversation, I just shrug my shoulders.

  4. windycitywondering1 says:

    Sadly, Jac has an altered reality and a set of standards for others that she doesn’t feel apply to herself. Her “truths” are her weapons and her justification for attacking others all rolled into one. Her newest obsession is Melissa….now she is playing with someone who uses the same standards and tactics and this could get very scary.

    • windy, From where I’m sitting, this whole family seems to be carrying the “altered reality” gene. Jacq may be more juvenile than the rest, but they’re all playing by their own rules and setting standards for others that they refuse to apply to themselves.
      I don’t think I’d be looking for dust bunnies under the Giudices’ bed if I’d been sweeping dirt under the rug at my own house for over two years.
      BTW, when I read, “altered reality and a set of standards for others that she doesn’t feel apply to herself. Her “truths” are her weapons and her justification for attacking others all rolled into one”, I couldn’t help but think that could also apply to a certain red-haired girdle merchant. 😉

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