FauxAlity Wednesday – SAMCRO – Froggy’s Wild Ride

Welcome back biker fans. Last week, Sheriff Roosevelt’s wife, Rita, died after being shot during one of these home invasions. Jax finally got revenge for Opie’s death (I’ll never look at another snow globe the same way again). Jax and Tara decided to get away to the cabin for a couple days. Gemma was last seen in bar being picked up by some strange random guy (be careful of those random hookups Gemma). We also learned that Clay is the likely culprit behind the home invasions when he leveled Greg The Peg for the screw up of shooting Rita. We also learned that Carla was either Nero’s half sister, full sister, or perhaps an ex-lover. Can’t say for sure which, it probably doesn’t matter because she shot herself. Also, Tara has visited Otto in prison asking him to change his testimony.

This week, we open with Jax and Bobby riding somewhere (they are going to visit Unser). We cut over to Clay’s house after he has leveled Greg and the whole plan is laid out. As we’ve all suspected, Clay is trying to regain the gavel of the club and is using the Nomads to do it. His deal with them was a taste of the money that comes into the club. Rita’s death however, puts a monkey wrench into those works. Now, with the DNA evidence and the Nomad she scratched being in the system, the killing will blow back on the club and worse, Clay. He suggests that they disappear for a few weeks. Meanwhile, Gemma wakes up in some sleazy motel next to the guy she picked up in the bar (We use to call them phuck huts). She goes into the bathroom, I guess to reflect on what she is becoming. When she comes out, she sees the contents of her purse strewn about the bed, minus her wallet. Outside of the hotel, her hookup is leaving tire marks as he speeds from the parking lot in her Cadillac Escalade. Was this just a random type robbery? We find out later, it is not.

Jax and Bobby arrive where Unser is staying. He’s sold his property to help pay for his cancer treatment so he’s playing night watchman in his airstream trailer. Jax wants to know what Unser knows about these home invasions. The three of them go into the trailer and there, Unser, has a crime scene board set up as if he’s working the case (he is). Jax notices that among the possible suspects, SAMCRO is one of them. He inquires why? Unser lays it all out for him. Stating that until Rita was shot, these invasions weren’t robberies but to send a message and a beat down. Member’s homes have been hit to try and cover the trail. He suggests that the motive may be to show the new President (Jax) as being weak and not being able to keep the club inline. Who stands the most to gain from that? Clay. Who could be doing the invasions? The newest members, the Nomads…. Frankie Diamonds, Greg The Peg, and Gogo (the one with the scratches on his neck). It is decided that Unser should pay them an introductory visit.

The following day, at the garage, Frankie Diamonds is loading his chopper onto a trailer to take it to an Easyrider’s shows (I think that’s what he said). Jax arrives and the two of them chat basically with Jax telling him that they are getting real close to whoever is responsible for the home invasions. He suggests that Frankie stay close but of course, he will not. Unser visits Greg and Gogo, asks a lot of questions about where they are going and the scratches on Gogo’s neck. They ask them to leave because, they have stuff to do (like leave). We are next at Nero’s new place with Jax, Tig, Bobby, Chibs. Lila (Opie’s ex-wife/ widow), and they’re getting it set up pretty nicely. Jax asks Nero how Carla is doing and he kind of shrugs it off. He got a call from ‘that other crazy chick in their lives’ and all of them head over to the hotel. Gemma called Nero because she didn’t want her son to see her that way. She tries to make up some story about how she got jacked but Jax is on to her ways as of late. He believes his mother to be a trouble making whore, let’s face it. She has to. Nero tells Jax, that’s still his mother, he should cut her some slack, she’s between a husband she hates and a son who hates her. Can’t be a comfortable place for someone to be. Nero gets another call and some of his people know where the Escalade is, and the guy, is still there. They leave the hotel to go chase this guy down. He’s at Nero’s gang’s chop shop. The guy sees them and the chase is on, down the highway until the guy stops and starts taking shots at the bikers. Then there’s the footchase, Jax catches the guy and proceeds to beat the living shit out of him. Apparently this is the guy’s M.O. Hook up with women and steal their stuff. Nero stops them so they don’t end up on the 5 o’clock news. They empty the guy’s pockets and send him on his way. Somehow I don’t think this is the last time he’ll see Jax and the boys. I still wonder if he acted alone.

In the clubhouse apartment, Tara is looking at some old pictures of the club when Clay walks in. Notice, Clay is still wearing the Oxygen tank. There is some conversation that Jax should have killed Clay, that he is a weak old man, Tara says no, to her, he’s already dead. Juice hears this and Tara runs into him in the hallway, says nothing, and continues walking. Juice is concerned about what is going on, asks Clay what now, Clay responds, same as always. Juice tells Clay that Greg the Peg called looking for him. Later while the others are chasing down Gemma’s SUV, Greg, who is supposed to be long gone, arrives while Clay is there. Greg tells Clay that Unser is nosing around and says that Frankie and Gogo want to take him out. Clay agrees it has to be done and they hatch a plan to do it that afternoon, at the lot that use to be Unser Trucking, where Unser is staying.

What Tara is looking for is some sort of peace offering for Otto next time she sees him. She’s talking to Bobby and he suggests that reminding him of the club isn’t the best way to go about it. He suggests taking something that reminds him of his (deceased) wife, Luanne, and tells Tara to talk to Gemma because they were friends. Gemma is in the office and Tara approaches her. Gemma tells Tara that her SUV was stolen. Tara says Jax is putting together a care package for Otto and asks Gemma for suggestions. Otto loved to watch her movies but that’s probably not a likely option. Gemma says that Otto loved her perfume (whatever it was) and it was the only kind he would let her wear. The fellas come back to the garage, With Gemma’s SUV as Tara is leaving the office. Back in the office, Jax is having a heart to heart with his mother.. He tells her that she has to work out her differences with Tara. He asks what’s going on with her. She tells of how when Jax’s brother died, she put it on Jax to make up for the love that his brother couldn’t give her anymore. Jax confesses that he was happy to have her all to himself.  It ends with Jax telling his mom that he loves her and they’ll get through it all.

Meanwhile, Juice has driven Clay to Unser’s place. Unser, very cautious lets Clay come in and is holding a sawed off double barrel shotgun. He knows Clay doesn’t mean any good will toward him. Clay takes his gun out of his belt and lays it on the table then sits down. There is some small talk about town politics, Unser is unimpressed. Clay then confesses that the invasions are from inside the club. Nomads. His phone rings and it’s Juice letting him know that they are there (Greg and Gogo) and he tells Juice to go back to the garage. Clay asks if the shotgun is loaded, Unser confirms that it is. About then Greg and Gogo come crashing into the place and Unser lets one go at the first one’s chest. Clay follows up with a 9mm shot to Greg’s head. He asks Clay how he knew those guys would show up to which Clay answers, they figured out that the investigation was getting close to them and disappeared. Clay says he figured they would make a stop on the way out of town. Gee, I wonder how he knew that bit of info? There’s still a third one to worry about, Frankie. Unser notes that these aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box and wants to know who is pulling the strings. He tells Clay that him being there will only complicate things and tells him to split. Clay says watch your back, Unser says he is. Umm, Juice, Clay’s ride left as instructed. How did Clay get out of there?

Jax and Bobby are in the meeting room talking about these invasions and they note that Unser spotted the scratches on Gogo’s neck. About then, Gemma, and some of the guys come in and tell them that Unser just called and told her what happened. Greg and Gogo are dead. Some discussion about what is going on, Tig thinks that Pope is pulling the strings on these hits, Jax disagrees. He sends Tig to find Frankie. Gemma leaves to go visit Unser. She gets there, they light one up and discuss the state of things. For a second, we cut to Frankie driving away from the scene (Clay is not with him, that we can see).

Back at the garage, Tara pulls up as the guys are coming out of the clubhouse. Suddenly Jax remembers that the two of them were going to disappear for a couple days. Bobby tells him to go anyway, get away from the sheriff’s heat and run things from the cabin. Tara says the nanny bailed on them so they don’t have someone to watch the boys. Jax suggests letting his mother watch the kids. Tara agrees, Jax has some things to handle, Tara decides to go ahead, Jax sends Tig with her. Jax and Chibs leave to ‘check on a sick friend (Clay)’. Tara calls Gemma and asks her to watch the kids and tells her she can pick them up at the clubhouse. One of these situations is going to end bad.

Remember the guy who robbed Gemma? Apparently he’s found another victim and has arrived at the hotel. Nero is waiting for him. Tells his ‘date’ to go home to her family (she doesn’t know what she was just spared). Nero then begins to kick the shit out of the guy who earlier asked if his empty pockets made them even (Nero said No). After the beat down, Nero says Now we call it even. Over at Clay’s house there is a knock at the door. It is Juice and he wants to talk about what happened that day. Clay tells him the Nomads were traitors and Juice wants to tell the club what’s going on. I don’t think Juice trusts Clay at this point, he asked if Clay killed them. Jax and Chibs arrive, Chibs and Juice go outside while Jax and Clay talk. Jax flat out accuses Clay of being behind all of the invasions and pulling the Nomad’s strings. Clay denies it, says it’s Pope (as he’s said all along). Jax says find Frankie, get the truth, put it on the table, and let SAMCRO decide who lives and dies.

Cut to Jax and Chibs riding somewhere, perhaps back to the garage or up to the cabin, I don’t know (I’d still like to know who took Clay away from Unser’s place). A van that looks very familiar pulls up along side of them and tries a driveby type hit. The two of them go off the road and the guys in the van try to finish the job. Automatic weapons. Jax, I think, manages to kill one of them and the other takes off. They unmask him, he’s Black. Me thinks, Clay set this up to try and convince Jax that Pope is behind the invasions. I think Clay knows exactly where Frankie Diamonds is and is using him to try and cover his own ass. At the garage, (stoned or dead tired or both) Gemma is picking up the kids. Tara and Tig are safely at the cabin. Gemma leaves the garage and on the way, falls asleep or passes out and goes off the road narrowly avoiding a collision with one of those rolling barricades, an oncoming semi. The crash is pretty bad, tree limbs piercing the SUV, The baby crying, Able saying nothing and we leave the scene showing dripping blood  on to the floor of the SUV. Could be either Able or Gemma, not sure which but I don’t have a good feeling for that kid.

That’s all folks. See you next week.

Any of you wanting to watch the show, they are All here, including last night’s episode.


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Special Shoutout to our DesignDiva who I know enjoys the hell out of this show. If you’re looking my friend, get well soon.


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