reven8e – Intuition

This episode begins with a maid cleaning blood from the tiled foyer of the Grayson house while Victoria is seen burning a Visitor Sign-In Form and a check for $100,000, made out to Amanda Clarke.   It then takes us back 24 hours earlier and we see that Amanda is on the beach, angry at Aiden for continuing to interfere with her plans.  He tells her that he’s found Amanda’s mother, Kara Wallace, who as we might have already figured out, was the motel clerk he spoke to last week.   They argue over the extent and real involvement Kara had with Gordon Murphy.  Amanda wants to believe that Kara had been brainwashed by Gordon over the past 20 years, but Aiden is trying to reconcile her to the fact that  Gordon was the one who killed her Dad, and that just maybe, Kara is not as innocent as Amanda wants to think she is.

Victoria and Conrad are having breakfast while a new security system, complete with cameras, is being installed.  Conrad tells her that he has to go to Palm Beach to woo investors and, on his way out, tells Ashley that she is to keep an eye on Daniel, because he’s being suspiciously supportive.   Charlotte comes in and tells Victoria about David Clarke’s journal and that Emily has it.   We also see that Emily has packed her bags, leaving Jack and moving in with Amanda.   When Emily arrive at Amanda’s, she tells her that her obsession over her father is ruining a lot of lives – now that’s the truth.  Amanda lets her know that Kara is alive and wants Emily’s help in setting up Victoria.  Having already put the journal on Victora’s radar, the two of them are just waiting for her to take the bait, and, right on cue, Victoria calls Emily, inviting her to the house – and oh, please bring the journal.

Nolan and his new CFO, Padma, are still sorting through NolCorp’s ledgers, preparing for the audit.  Amanda stops by, and when Padma leaves the office, Nolan tells Amanda that he has tapped into the Grayson’s new security system.  Well, of course he has, and all of the cameras are feeding right onto his laptop.   Amanda leaves and Padma comes back in, handing Nolan a letter from his father’s estate attorney.  The letter says that his father’s belongings are in storage and will be auctioned off unless someone claims them.   When Padma asks the obviously distraught Nolan why he never told her about his father’s passing, he responds that this is the first he’s heard of it.

Declan is meeting with Trey, trying to retrieve the items that were stolen during their little burglary spree.  When Jack appears, Trey leaves and Declan is left with breaking the news to his brother that Trey no longer has the pilfered goods and that they have a real problem.

Victoria and Emily are having their meeting, and Amanda has wired Emily so that she can both hear the conversation and whisper instructions into her ear.  The journal is the focus of interest and Amanda is guiding Emily with questions for Victoria about Kara.   Victoria asks Emily how much money she wants for the journal but all Emily can say, given Amanda’s  instruction, is that the only thing she wants is information about what has happened to Kara.   When Charlotte interrupts their conversation, Victoria tells her that the two of them are going over plans for a baby shower, which, because Victoria is that quick on her feet, is scheduled for the next day.

Aiden has gone back to the Pine Crest Motel and runs into Kara, who tells him that she knows he isn’t a detective.  He tells her that he’s actually an FBI agent, or at least that’s his story, and, for the moment, he’s sticking to it.  He begins to question her about Gordon and calls her Mrs. Clarke.   As they’re discussing Gordon and David Clarke, and well, just about everything from the last 20 years, Kara says that Gordon had gotten to her before the Initiative did and saved her life.  She also says that Gordon had left a hard drive and some other items in the motel safe.  While Aiden is going through the safe, he comes across the hard drive, but it doesn’t matter, because Kara knocks him out with a Taser.

Conrad is not meeting with investors, but, in fact, has been summoned to a meeting with the same woman who had called him during Victoria’s previous press conference.  She is none too happy with the turn of events and wants Gordon found, in order to get his side of the story.  She emphasizes to Conrad just how important Gordon is to the agency and that the faked kidnapping and disappearance of Victoria doesn’t add up.  Conrad is feverishly trying to get reach Ashley, to check up on what she’s learned about Daniel.  She doesn’t answer his calls, because Daniel has sent her on a wild goose chase involving her car being in an unauthorized parking space.  While she’s moving her car, Daniel has listened to her voice mail and heard the messages from Conrad.

Victoria’s hastily put together baby shower is now in full swing, with all the guests in place, including the uninvited Amanda.   When Victoria asks her why she’s there, Amanda tells her that she’s going to be the baby’s godmother.  Emily finally arrives, late, and has brought a few friends from the club where she was once a dancer.  She tells Amanda that they’ll serve as a perfect distraction for what the two have planned in relation to Victoria.

Aiden wakes up and is now tied to a chair in the motel office.  Kara tells him that Gordon would never give her up, so Aiden must be working for either the Graysons or the Initiative.   As she’s leaving, she tells him that whoever his bosses are, they better send help, because when she comes back, he’ll be dealing with Gordon or not at all.

Emily is opening gifts at the baby shower and receives one from Victoria – a baby journal and that $100,000 check.  Emily says that it’s the perfect gift and then asks if she can lie down.  Victoria follows her so that the two of them can deal with the trade of David Clarke’s journal.  Amanda is still in Emily’s ear and is pressing for information about Kara.  Emily also tells Victoria that, with the check, she can now match that signature to the one on the visitor’s log from the hospital where Kara had been held.   The conversation becomes even more heated, and Victoria informs Emily that Kara tried to kill her – that is, tried to kill her daughter, the real Amanda.  As Emily tries to leave, and with Amanda hollering in her ear and Victoria stalking her down the hallway, Emily suddenly falls from the second floor landing onto that tile foyer.  Charlotte, as her “sister” goes to the hospital, in the ambulance, with her.

Jack is trying to negotiate with Mr. Ryan regarding the items Declan stole from his house, and Ryan tells him that his offer of money doesn’t even come close to covering what he lost.  Jack gets a call telling him about Emily’s accident and rushes off.  Ryan then calls Trey who asks him if he made an offer on the Porters’ bar.  Well, isn’t that an unexpected alliance?

Everyone is getting word of Emily’s injuries and making their way to the hospital.  Kara hears the news on the car radio and, she, believing it’s her daughter, begins driving to be at her side.   At the hospital, the decision has been made that if someone is to survive this life-threatening situation, it should be the baby boy.  The baby is saved, but in the NICU and Emily is now in a medically induced coma.  Aiden has managed to free himself and is frantically calling Amanda, to warn her about her mother.   Amanda, however, is already on her way to Emily’s hospital room, looking like she’s about to do something to finally rid herself of her now unconscious friend.  There isn’t really a need for her anymore and she poses more of a threat to Amanda than she would serve as an ally.  As she starts to enter the room, she sees Kara is already there, comforting the young woman who she thinks is her daughter.  At that moment, Amanda has a flashback where Kara is trying to drown her very young daughter.

Padma and Nolan have made their way to the storage unit, and after going through some of his father’s belongings, the two of them kiss.  Ashley and Daniel are in bed, entertaining one another, because revenge and conspiracies do make strange bedfellows.  Conrad has returned home to this mess and expresses his concern about someone being hurt on their property – I guess he knows that lawsuits aren’t fun.   As the maid is mopping up all that blood and Victoria is burning the  sign-in sheet and the check, she tells Conrad just how close Emily, or who they still think is Amanda, came to finding out about Kara.  Aiden meets up with Amanda at her house and realizes that he’s too late to prevent that inevitable encounter with Kara, and the two are left holding each other.


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16 Responses to reven8e – Intuition

  1. not THAT Jill says:

    This episode was crazy!!! I kept thinking it was ending-but noooo, they kept showing more!!
    Victoria is the ultimate villain-she is a quick thinker!!
    I knew some shady happening were coming from Mr. Ryan-cant wait to see where it all leads!!

    • Jill, I had about 7 pages of notes from last night’s episode – they really did pack a lot of OMG moments into this one. You’re right – Victoria should never be underestimated when it comes to her laser-like focus.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Empress-I dont know how you keep all the facts straight!! I watch once then chat with my sis then read your blog…and then watch again. I always miss something. With 2 kids chatting in the background its hard to hear everything!! Im so glad you write this blog!!!

        • You’d actually laugh if you saw what I do to get it all straight. It takes a lot of pausing, rewinding, outlining and freeze frames. An hour of Revenge turns into a well over two hour homework assignment. I’m glad I write it, too. It’s a welcome relief from Bravo.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            It is a nice change to read about something that isn’t BRAVO driven! I love those crazy HW’s but enough is enough right?
            Do you watch Scandal? It is so fast paced-I love it but I always have to watch it twice-at least!!!

            • I LOVE Scandal. You’re right though. The dialogue and the action are a bit frenetic. I’m very happy to take a HWs break. Why don’t we all go to St Barths to celebrate? I won’t say a word if you want to dance on tables, drink yourself into a coma or bring home pirates. Oh, and clothes are optional, especially in the pool.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Oh Empress-I am so there!!! Is it a girls trip? I dont want you talking behind my back if I bring my husband…as if! I might not even tell him where Im going!!
                Can we get a new pirate? Luann’s pirate is a bit “used”!!!

  2. Boobah says:

    Another great episode! Great recap. Thanks Empress.

    In the scene where Padma and Nolan were going through his late father’s possessions, they came across a framed check receipt. Does anyone know anything about that check. The screen shot was too quick and I don’t have a DVR or some other type of fancy-smancy tech device where I could pause it.
    I wondered about Nolan’s family. For a little while, I thought Nolan and Emily could be related. I guess that theory is shot. Or maybe not…you never know with this show.
    I am sooooooooooooo glad NJ is over!!!! It felt like it was on for 25 years.

    Any word on Diva?

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Im pretty sure the check was from David Clarke and was the start-up money for Nolan’s company.

      • Oh Jill, I can’t thank you enough for responding. I was just about to search through the episode to see if I could read what was on that check. You just saved me from FF’ing through 40 minutes of video. 🙂

        • Boobah says:

          Thank you so much Jill.
          OMG – Empress that would have been so kind of you to do that! I feel guilty that you even considered that! LOL. After reading how much time you put into this blog, please know that I appreciate it.

          Padma seemed shocked when she saw the framed check. THat was weird to me. Is she trust worthy? So far I think she is.

          • Boobah, I would have done it to satisfy my own curiosity as much as yours, so guilt shouldn’t even be a consideration.
            I’m hoping that the look on Padma’s face was just from seeing David Clarke’s name. She, like the rest of world, still sees him as the guy who killed a planeload of people, while helping a terrorist group. I’d like for Nolan to have somebody he can trust – he’s certainly earned the right to have someone who really cares for him.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I hope Padma is trust worthy but with this show you know she is going to turn out to be something we never saw coming. With this crazy show-you never know!!!!
              Glad I was able to help out with the check thing-I had to rewind a bunch of times to see it!!!

            • Boobah says:

              Jill & Empress – I am thinking that I should just spend the $ already and get the DVR because I miss so much!

              It would be great if Padma became an ally. I like her. I am not sure about Emily’s british ‘friend’. Something is wrong there. I don’t trust him.

  3. viki55 says:

    Thanks for the wonderful recap. I was totally lost and you put all the piece together:)
    Sorry if this double post, my 1st post went poof!

    • viki55, I looked for your comment and couldn’t find it, so I think my dogs may have eaten it. I’m glad you enjoyed the recap. “Revenge” really is a show where the devil’s in the details. 😉

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