Our Design Diva

I know many of you have been wondering where the Design Diva has been.  I shared your concerns, especially when she didn’t comment on melthehound’s Sons of Anarchy post, which we know is her favorite show.   I had received a couple of emails from her, right around her birthday, and she said that she hadn’t been feeling very well for a couple of weeks.

This evening, I received a call from her son, affectionately known to all of us as the PITA.  He explained to me that she had been admitted to the hospital, having been taken to the ER by Mr. Ford.  She is very ill, and is facing the very real possibility of surgery.

Her son has promised to keep me abreast of her condition, and what treatments and procedures she may have to undergo.   With her permission,  I will keep you informed as to her condition and progress.

I don’t have to tell you what she means to me, to all of us.  She’s given all of us much more than she’s ever asked for in return.  Please keep her, and her entire family, in your thoughts and prayers.

I’ll update this page whenever I know something new.   Thanks for reading and thanks for caring about the Diva.

Some Diva news:

I spoke with both PITA and the Design Diva this evening.  PITA and Mr. Ford are understandably worried.  Diva, true to form, is driving every hospital employee – doctors, nurses and aides – to drink.  She, from what preliminary tests they have done, appears to have suffered a severe flare-up of diverticulitis – at least that’s how they’re treating it for now.   They have done one CT scan, another is planned, as well as X-rays of her chest and abdomen.  She is also on an IV administering four antibiotics and morphine among other various and sundry meds.  A surgeon, from another hospital, is coming in to see her, hopefully tomorrow.    I did let her know how many of you sent your good wishes and prayers, which, somehow surprised her and she did have a little teary moment.   She’s caught up on her TV shows and was readying herself for a little SAMCRO.  Mr. Ford does have someone to help him out until she’s ready and able to come back home and resume normal activities.  I will talk to her again tomorrow and, if things go as planned, I’ll be able to give you a better and clearer picture as to what’s going on and what she has in store.

Now, because I’ve learned to never cross a woman who has a working knowledge of witches’ spells and full beaver moons,  I’m sending out big hugs to all of you from the Diva.

Update for Oct. 24th:

DD has had  a second CT scan, with contrast, which make sense to me.  They’re now trying to coordinate a surgeon together with a GI specialist to look at the scan and see if they can come up a real plan of action.  The fact that she’s had several attacks doesn’t work in her favor for treating this with just meds and diet, but I’m hoping it won’t go the surgical route.  She’s being given Protoxin to deal with inflammation of her esophagus.  I did give her all of the Laurita/Manzo lawsuit details and told her that she better be ready to get her red files in order for New Jersey.  She’s in really good spirits – I ignored her while she complained about the food and the limited number of TV channels – and we spent well over an hour talking about everything from HW’s and SAMCRO to OJ and Michael Skakel.  I’ll call again tomorrow to find out what, if any, decisions have been made.  In the meantime, she’s aware of and very grateful for all of your prayers and good wishes, so I’m extending a big thank you on her behalf.

Update for Oct. 25th:

If the good doctors are as happy tomorrow with DD’s improved condition and continued progress  as they were today, she may be able to go home as early as Friday afternoon.  It’s news that made be feel a whole lot better, and I’m really hoping that she’ll be back on the blogs this weekend, delivering  her unique comments and opinions.   They’re going to be monitoring her condition as time passes and she’ll have to have some more tests, but, for now, it looks like she’s going to make it out of there without surgery.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.   I can’t wait for her to see what’s become a blog version of a get well card.  You’re good people.  Thank you.

Update for Oct. 26th:

I was hoping to be able to tell you that the Diva was home and in her own bed, but she was having some problems with her blood pressure and keeping food where it belonged.  They’ve adjusted her meds and things did settle down some.   She keeps assuring me that she’s going home on Saturday if she has to escape through a window in her hospital gown.    She also knows that there’s a movement afoot to help her escape should it become necessary.  By the way, the official diagnosis for her condition is Divaticulitis – it should be in all of the medical journals any day now.  Good one, DD.   😉


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81 Responses to Our Design Diva

  1. dickens says:

    Thank you, Empress. Please let her know my thoughts and prayers are with her.

  2. NJBev says:

    Thank-you for the info regarding Diva. I had been wondering where
    she was recently. I am so sorry to hear about her illness, and hope and
    pray she is feeling better soon. I feel so bad for the whole family, and hope
    they have their wife and Mother back home ASAP. God Bless you Diva.
    You are such a jewel.

  3. trudie says:

    Thank you for thinking to keep us informed. Diva, you are one of a kind! My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Lighting a candle for you now.

  4. Thanks for the update, Empress. I had sent her a personal e-mail wishing her a happy birthday and knew found out then that she was ill. I was hoping she wouldn’t have to be hospitalized. Please tell her my thoughts and prayers are with her for a complete recovery.

  5. ramonacoaster says:

    I hope she recovers quickly. Thanks for letting everyone know. I’ll say a prayer for her tonight.

  6. Thank you Empress. I’ve been wondering where she has been. If you talk to her son, please tell him my thoughts and prayers are with her for a complete and quick recovery.

    • I’d like to thank you in return for posting a link to The Farm about the Diva. She has friends all over the blogosphere and your kindness has helped to spread the word.

  7. disgrazia4 says:

    Thank you so much Empress, for relaying this information to us. My thoughts and prayers go to Diva. May she regain her health and strength and get home as quickly as possible. ❤
    ❤ Diva ❤

  8. Boobah says:

    Thank you Empress. Please tell Diva that she is my thoughts and prayers. And that I wish for her a very speedy recovery. (((Diva))) Get well soon.

  9. melthehound says:

    Get well soon my friend.

  10. Thank you Empress for letting us know about Diva’s health. I’m praying for her, Mr. Ford, and Pita to all get through this difficult time fast, and in better health. (((Diva))) please get better soon! We love you & your family.

    • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

      I’ve been missing Diva’s visits to the boards and was hoping all was well. I’m sorry to hear she is ill and I hope recovery is quick. She is in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for telling us Empress.

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  12. LuvMyGals says:

    My thoughts are with Diva and hopes for a speedy recovery. Thank you for letting us know Empress.

  13. Vegas Chick says:

    Oh my! Thank you for letting us know, Empress. Please let her know that we all miss her, and I’m praying for healing and a quick recovery. (((Diva)))

  14. Shiny says:

    (((Diva))) Get well soon and smoothly. Mr Ford needs you, and all of us do, too.

  15. Donna says:

    Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  16. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Diva-hoping you get better soon. Prayers to you and some hugs too!!!!!

  17. Thanks Empress,
    I am so sorry! I thought you were feeling better. Please know you, PITA, & Mr. Ford are surrounded by pure white light.
    Much love,

  18. mariareads says:

    I left a comment here for Diva. Still checking to see if it is posted. I think I failed to use my WordPress account. So…I’m so upset to read that Diva is ill and now has been hospitalized. We had many fun times together over the last 2 years posting and carrying on. Always an upbeat aura around Design Diva. I will keep her in my prayers and hope that you will give us updates if you can.

  19. FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

    I am so sorry to read that Diva is ill. She has been very kind and supportive to me as I have dealt with my own health issues. She is, as we all know an extraordinary wit and among the kindest, most decent people I have had the pleasure to encounter. May she regain her health and strength quickly and may her path become easy and pleasurable to navigate. May Diva, Mr. Ford and PITA all find their needs met and exceeded, with blessings and joy in endless abundance. They have more than earned it.

    • FLG, She is all of that and more. On a personal note, I’d just like to say that I think of you more often than you probably realize. I miss all of your wit and wisdom, and, besides, I’m really lousy when it comes to critiquing the Countess’ joolry choices. My best to you and yours.

      • FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

        🙂 I think of you more often than you probably realize, too. LooAnn’s hubcap joolry……Who would have ever thought she would come out with a line of it? I must admit I did take a quick look and I somehow think someone besides LooAnn came up with the production designs….It’s so NOT LooAnn (Countess Squash Blossom High Horse) The pieces are too small and I didn’t see a single piece that utilized duct tape. 😳

    • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

      FLG I was asking after both you and Diva recently. So happy to see you visiting. I hope your health has improved and we will see more of you. My best to you.

      • FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

        Just Wondering, my health is much better. I somehow managed to beat the odds. I am well enough that Hubs and I have been able to do some travelling. I am very thankful and feel blessed.

        • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

          I’m so happy to hear your good news FLG. And I’m happy to hear you have been travelling again. How’s Mr. Tigre?

  20. Deco says:

    ((( Diva)))
    Only good thoughts are being sent your way. Im rarely on the boards lately and to check in today and see Empress’ post was Upsetting. I’ve missed you and think about you often. I hope you heal soon and get back home where I’m certain you’re missed. I know Pita and Mr. Ford must be missing you around the house. Get well so you can put the music on blast and get back to dancing. I can only imagine how quiet the house is without you.
    You know I’m not far from you. You also know how to reach me. Should you need some help once you’re home don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or email me. I have more free time lately.
    I’m going to find a white candle now.

  21. Jake at State Farm says:

    Miss you DD. Hurry back to us.

  22. Best wishes and prayers for you Design Diva and Mr. Ford and PITA. Hope you’ll be back to regular self in no time.

  23. AZGirl says:

    Thank you Empress for the update. Let Diva know we are all thinking of her. My mother suffered from diverticulitus and the surgery option is very successful.

    • AZGirl, That’s good to know. I won’t even pretend to understand half of what’s going on or the different options. From what I’m able to grasp, there’s bowel resections, with or without colostomies, as well as colonic stents. As for right now, and until the surgeon gets a look at the CT scan, the antibiotics are given due to the risk or peritonitis and/or for any abscesses. Other than that, I’m way out of my league.

      • NJBev says:

        I had Diverticulitis about 3 years ago. ooooweee it was painful. Mine cleared
        up with the antibiotics and I’ve been careful to avoid certain foods. I don’t
        know if it’s true, but I really believe it can be triggered by stress. that’s

  24. AZGirl says:

    I remember the first time Diva used PITA to describe her son. Most of us were lost and she let us know that even though she loved him above all else he was PITA. Too funny because there is always someone in your life that you love dearly and they are PITA.
    God bless Diva and her wisdom.

  25. NJBev says:

    Thank you (once again) Empress for the update on our Diva.
    It’s good to know she’s driving them all crazy, as that is usually
    a good sign! she is such “good people” . She’s been so busy
    taking care of everyone else that she forgets about herself. We
    all know that (and most of us do it, too- let this be our lesson!)
    Be Patient Diva and please let your body heal properly!!!!

  26. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    More hugs and prayers to Diva…and of course Mr. Ford and PITA!!!!

  27. RabbleRouser says:

    Thanks for the update Empress. Diva and her family have been in my thoughts and prayers. (Thanks to Jeff, who also posted the update on the friends of Lynn FB page)

  28. trudie says:

    Empress, thanks so much for keeping us updated on Diva. It is funny how someone you never met can mean so much to you.

    Diva, do what you are told, take care of yourself and come back to us soon!

  29. Just Wondering in Jersey says:

    So happy to have an update on Diva, thanks. Give em hell Diva. Get well soon. I miss your blog visits and humor.

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  31. Shiny says:

    Thank you for news, Empress.

    Diva is one of my favorite blog-friends. My husband still asks if there are any new jokes from the blog – hers always had the family (grown-ups only) in stitches.

    Diva, you behave for those medical people! Well, just no biting or scratching. And no running around naked through the halls – the male patients would all want to chase after you, and it might not be good for them. Seriously, be well soon and come back to all of us.

  32. Pghemtchick says:

    Thank you so much for the updates, Empress. Sending prayers to Diva and fam for a speedy recovery. Thought of Diva tonight while glitter spraying my nephews wasp wings…I know Diva’d be all glittered up 🙂 get well soon! ❤

  33. VV says:

    (((Diva))) Prayers you way ❤

  34. Donna says:

    Just checking in for info on DD’S progress, LOL I check in a lot, in my real life I am not much of a talker, I can go days without uttering one word.

  35. trudie says:

    Hoping that Diva continues to improve and can come home today in all her glittery glory. Diva, we miss you. Please do what the doctors tell you and take care of yourself. We miss you!

  36. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Empress-I wonder if Diva has a red file on Michael Skakel…I would love to hear her opinion on that whole thing!!
    Diva-thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery!!!

  37. T-Wrecks says:

    Well, well…was caught up in my own family drama, came on to catch up and…to…THIS unexpected news!!!:( Poor baby…sorry to hear of this so damn late, and since it’s now Friday morning hopefully you’ll be out and FREE by this afternoon!!!:)
    Sending my well-wishes for an uneventful convalescence…
    With Love,

  38. Kansas Girl says:

    This is good news indeed! Tell her to avoid the green jello. It’s terrible. Red or orange is OK. And pass along a big hug from me!

  39. AZGirl says:

    FREE DIVA!!!! Thanks Empress for the update. Much appreciated!

  40. Boobah says:

    Thank you very much for the updates Empress.

    Diva — You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you feel better soon so you can get home to Mr. Ford (and us). Take it nice and easy. Let yourself heal. oxox

    FREE DIVA!!!!!

  41. LaineyLainey says:

    Thank you for this latest update! DesignDiva has been missed!!!

  42. Noelle says:

    Godspeed Diva.

  43. Just Wondering in Jersey says:

    Thanks for the updates Empress. I’m looking forward to hearing from Diva herself real soon!!!

  44. I’ve been tying together bed sheets for the great escape! Free Diva!

  45. Evening kiddos…THANKS FOR ALL THE WELL WISHES !!!!!

    Got furloughed yesterday…am home.. feel like SHIT !!! Meds making me sick to my stomach…I would give anything for a full nites sleep…My arms are all bruised up from all the IV’S….had to be changed out 7 times while I was there..OMG…. Only ONE IV was painfree…
    Have to wait for inflammation and swelling to go down before they ( dr ) decide next course of action..
    Mr ford did pretty good for being on his own…PITA lives in NC now, so Mr Ford was here with the dogs holding down the fort….
    He goes in for left eye cataract surgery thursday afternoon..he went to eye dr to see about new frames and comes out scheduled for surgery..WTH !!!! lol
    he’s blind and I am hunched over in pain..What a pair we make !!!
    His last echo showed an improvement to 50% effaction rate…so for now..he stays on meds…is being monitored and in 2 months goes back for another echo test….
    Back to being prone !!
    Hugs and Peace and again THANKS for everything… EMPRESS….you’re the BESTEST

    ‘special’ THANKS for my late night phone calls…WINKS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Just Wondering in Jersey says:

    So happy to have you back Diva. I hope the pain lessens quickly and you start feeling human again. Get lots of rest.

  47. T-Wrecks says:

    Checked in to see if there was a Diva update…and lo and behold, I see she’s HOME!!! YIPPEE!!!:):):) Convalesce quickly, dear!:) And for reverse karma, we’re dealing with a hurricane today, not Florida, so enjoy your weather!:)

    • Hi T, It is nice to have glitter sprinkled around again.
      As for the hurricane, I have family members in Virginia, Brooklyn and Connecticut, so I’ll be glued to everything weather related and wringing my hands right along with you. I hope you and everybody within Sandy’s reach stays safe.

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