reven8e – Resurrection

A very young Amanda is seen in a car being driven by her mother.  He mom is telling her that she was sick but now she’s better.  Amanda then wakes up when the driver of that car is now Victoria.  Amanda had fallen asleep watching the “clam cam”, something Nolan tells her is the same as watching a horror movie and that’s why she had a nightmare.  He also tells her that falling asleep in front of the window is baiting the white-haired Hannibal Lecter.

Daniel is seen going over the books for Grayson Global where he finds that their returns and profits have been inflated in advance of an investors’ meeting.  At that moment, Amanda calls Daniel to tell hm that Charlotte’s therapist, Dr. Thomas has a history of keeping patients beyond the usual duration for rehab and that he also seems to have a habit of coming up with questionable drug test results for his patients.  All the while, Aiden, the alumnus from Revenge School is watching over Amanda.

Nolan and Amanda are watching the “clam cam” and see an exchange between the white-haired man and Victoria.   He has brought passports for Victoria and Charlotte under the names of Veronica and Samantha Clarke.  When he asks to be paid, Victoria tells him that she can’t until she gets her bony little fingers on Charlotte’s inheritance.  The white-haired man takes back the passports until he can collect what is owed him.  Nolan says to Amanda, “What now revenger?”  She responds that the punishment should fit the crime.  As Victoria took Amanda’s mother, so will Amanda take Victoria’s daughter.

Declan is seen leaving the sailboat “Amanda” where he has been living ever since Emily and Jack have moved into the apartment over the bar.   He is greeted by an ever so shifty looking, yuppie type who introduces himself as Trey Chandler.  You just know he’s up to no good.  He invites Declan to go sailing with him and a group of friends for the day.  Declan tells him that he has to work on the bar renovations – no work, no money – no money, no college.   Trey tells him that they’ll see each other again.

At Amanda’s house, Nolan is holding a teleconference with his employees at NolCorp.  Well, they might have called the conference because the company is being audited and Nolan has been a little out of the loop lately.  His accounting analyst, Padma, suggests that Nolan should hire a CFO to oversee the finances of the company.  He ends the conference on that note, as Amanda comes down the stairs.  When he tells her that he doesn’t think his employees respect him, she makes the observation that part of the problem could be that he isn’t wearing pants.  Oh, and he once did a video interview with Katie Couric while he butt naked in his hot tub.  Clothes are irrelevant when you’re a tech wizard billionaire. Amanda tells him to watch the “clam cam”.  Nolan tells her that it’s going to be a monster movie marathon.

Emily tells Amanda that Jack wants her to take a paternity test.  She does admit that she had a one night stand while she was on the run.  Amanda tells her that she’ll ensure the results if Emily agrees to do something for her.

Our overly zealous Ashley, the one who is chomping at the bit to have all of her towels monogrammed with a big “G” on them, stops by Conrad’s office to warm him about Daniel’s concerns over the investment figures.  Conrad tells her that she should keep Daniel away from the meeting.   As they’re having that conversation, Daniel is at the rehab center to tell the good Dr. Thomas that Charlotte is going to go home.  He tells his sister that her inheritance money has gone to Conrad and that there is nothing left for her.  With that news,  Charlotte chooses to leave with Amanda, who also just happens to be there – a luck accident, indeed – and the two leave to go see Victoria.   On their way to the cabin, Amanda tells Charlotte that her faux sister, faux-Amanda/Emily, wants to meet her.  They arrive at a beach where Charlotte sees her pregnant “sister”.

When they reach the cabin, Charlotte tells her mother about her soon to be status as aunt, something which doesn’t make Victoria very happy.   The “more bad news” part comes when Charlotte also tells her mother that dear old dad has pilfered the inheritance money, but she gleefully dumps a bag of silver and jewelry for Victoria to sell for cash.  Victoria then informs her that she was never going to leave with Charlotte, and that only reason she needed her was to put her hands on her daughter’s accounts.  Lady Grayson then sends her daughter packing, telling her to go to her sister and not come back.  When Charlotte tell Amanda what was said, Amanda offers her a place to stay at her house.

Nolan, in the mean time is having a long lunch with Padma and they are discussing his need for a CFO.  He tells her that she should have the job and he won’t take no for an answer.  He did wear pants to lunch.

Conrad is holding the investors’ meeting at Grayson Global when Daniel and Ashley storm in.  They excuse themselves and Daniel tells his father that he knows about Charlotte’s stolen accounts.  Conrad tells him that he had the opportunity to put his own trust and inheritance funds into the company but chose not to.  Oh, well, such are the spoils of war among the Graysons.   Conrad then gets a call from his not really dead wife and tells him that he better do what she says or she will haunt him forever.  Now, that’s something you can take to the bank.

Conrad rushes to the cabin where he tells his wife that even the devil himself didn’t want her.  She says that she knows he tried to murder her, but right now they have bigger fish to fry.  She opens a bag full of various weapons and chains and tells her dear husband to hit her.  Conrad knows that he can’t refuse that offer, he’s probably been waiting years for the occasion.  Nolan, due to the very long lunch date with Padma, misses this whole drama.

Jack and Emily open the results of the paternity test together and – yep, it’s positive, thanks to Amanda.  When Emily calls to thank her, Amanda tells her that Jack isn’t the father, but for now, everyone is happy – sort of.   Yuppie Trey has also come back to see Declan, offering him $500 to hold onto an expensive looking bracelet.  Trey says it belongs to his his step-mom and that she won’t miss it.   He also tells Declan that there’s more money available if he wants it.  I don’t think he’s very trustworthy – or honest.

Charlotte is at the Grayson’s house, packing a bag to move into Amanda’s place when Daniel come in.  He lets her know that he’s opened an account for her with all of his money and half of his inheritance.  In good Grayson style, under the seductive scent and witches’ spell of money,  sweet Charlotte begins to unpack.  Brother and sister have bonded, thanks to a brand new bank account.  Ya gotta love this family.

The white haired man is at the cabin, which is in darkness.  He calls our for Victoria and when he turns on a light, he finds her beaten, bloodied and handcuffed to a radiator.  When he asks Victoria who did this to her, she says” You did”, and then tells him to run as sirens are heard approaching.  The very concerned and doting husband, Conrad arrives with the police and poor Victoria is saved.   Everyone congregates at the Graysons’ while police search for the white-haired man.  Conrad gives an elaborate statement to the police about Victoria’s having been abducted and held for ransom.   He also tells Daniel that Victoria’s death had to be kept secret from him to protect his mom.  After all, the white-haired man had killed Lydia in that plane crash and everyone was in danger.  Blissful ignorance was the best tact in this case.   It’s a very warm and touching family scene, for sure.

Who Beat Up Victoria

Amanda has also stopped by to offer her friendship and support to the happily reunited family.  As she’s leaving, she receives a phone call from the white-haired man who asks if she has what he needs.  She tells him that indeed she does, every single frame of it.   When she returns home, she tells Nolan that he can’t stay, but that she won’t be alone.   The white-haired man shows up and gives him the “clam cam” footage of Conrad punching his wife.  She then asks about her mother and the white-haired man tells her that her mother could have exonerated her father.  When Amanda asks about her mother’s whereabouts, he tells her that she’ll never know.  He then pulls a knife on her.  As they struggle, there’s a flashback to her mother, in the hospital, in restraints.  In the room are Victoria and the white-haired guy.  He is telling Amanda’s mother that he is Gordon Murphy, a federal agent  – a real possibility when you think about the dearly departed, rogue FBI agent, Frank Stephens – and that they’re going to help her.  The plan, of course, was to kill her, but few things go as planned.  Then Aiden enter Amanda’s house through an open window and shoots the white-haired man.  Is he dead?  Is Amanda’s mother alive?    Does Trey even have a step-mother?


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  1. melthehound says:

    Thanks for the recap Empress. I don’t really have anything to add except that I don’t think white haired dude is dead. It’s too easy. For someone so hell bent on revenge, Amanda sure misses a lot of opportunities. I say all she has to do is release that footage to the press. We all know how they love a good come back from the dead beaten wife story 😛 …

  2. thedesigndiva2 says:

    Well this season will hold my interest ONLY if they dont get too crazy with the storyline…The white hair dude will never die..just like on the show 24 !! LOL LOL…dang I miss jack ( keifer sutherland ) love his voice.
    The need to slow down the story line and do a tad bit more explaining of how they went from point A to point C… gut tells me that this season will be a wash and viewers wont be as interested as last season…just a feeling…
    I did not watch 666 park ave… decided it was not something that would hold my interest…watched NJ and laughed my ass off…They are ALL whacked and if this is how these women live their daily lives…….they should be ashamed … and as Mom told me..they are BAD CATHOLICS….LOL
    Off to SLAY a dragon !!!!!
    Still no word about mr fords echo !!!!!!!!

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