The Real Housewives of New York City – Don’t Make Room For Daddy

Aviva’s father was in New York to visit the family and make some new special friends.  He told his daughter all about his girlfriend from Atlanta who is a black version of Aviva.   Then he began to purchase some supplements to increase his libido.  One of the herbs he requested was Horny Goat Weed, which I had to look up because it was too good to resist.  It seems that Chinese goat herders began to realize its’ benefits when their goats were grazing on it and started having goat orgies.   George should back away from the herbs.  He also told his daughter that he really, really liked Carole and wanted to see her more, even considering sending her a love e-mail.  Aviva didn’t think it was such a good idea because she likes her and thinks of her as family.  George told her that incest is best.   I’m afraid of George.  He’s only minutes away from talking about Tarzan and poison.

Sonja had a settlement meeting with her husband which didn’t involve actually meeting with her ex-husband.  He stayed in another room while attorneys ran between the two.   This led her to finally realize that she had been harboring a fantasy where she and her husband could live happily ever after in separate locales.   She talked it over with Ramona who told her to sue him for everything she wanted.  She also had LuAnn over to the house to help her through the process of removing the two portraits of Sonja and her ex.  She thought that LuAnn could be more sympathetic to her plight, having been married to “royalty”.  LuAnn did seem to show some compassion and I’ve got to give her some points for that.   Sonja was considering selling a house in France as well as her New York home.  I’d think that those sales could provide her with a relatively comfortable lifestyle.   I didn’t even know she had a house in France and I’m feeling a little better about her financial situation.  Life isn’t quite as tough as she’s painting it.

Heather is going to hold a charity event to raise money for children who need liver transplants.   She did manage to drop the name “Puff”, and even I know that Sean Combs hasn’t been “Puff Daddy” for a very long time.   I’m still liking her at the moment, so I’ll let that one go.  She’s going to have a fashion show and asked Aviva to walk the runway.

For reasons unknown to anyone with a lick of sense, Aviva and Ramona met to have brunch.  It didn’t get much farther than having tea poured before the two of them turned into something that looked more like the finale of New Jersey.   Ramona had called Aviva’s ex-husband Harry, to discuss Aviva’s issues.  As much as I like Ramona, I don’t know who does that kind of thing.  I probably should have known that Ramona might have been up to no good when she kept her sunglasses on.  Anyway, the two of them thought this was a good time to rehash the debacle that was St. Barths.  Ramona told Aviva that she was uptight and a buzzkill whose only problem is that she is addicted to Reid.  Aviva countered with a story about Sonja and Ramona being naked in bed together at the villa on the island.  She also told Ramona that she was disgusting and that she was no friend to Sonja by letting her “drive drunk”.   When Ramona said that no one was driving, Aviva told her that it was a metaphor – that’s M E T A P H O R, in case you were unsure of the spelling.   Aviva also told Ramona that she uses Sonja’s own inebriated state to make herself look sober.   Ramona left, claiming she had another appointment and Aviva was sitting by herself again.

The big scene was supposed to be between Ramona and George at a fundraiser for domestic violence.  George came alone, without his daughter, bearing checks for the charity and looking for an apology from Ramona.   Given the magic of Bravo’s editing, it appeared as if George was stalking Ramona around the room, trying to get her to see his perspective regarding Aviva.  Ramona, in true Ramona style, was having none of it.   When George put his hand around Ramona’s arm, she reacted as if he’d  poured battery acid on her.  She told him to let her go and to leave.  She also asked security to remove him.  To save what was left of the very little dignity he has, some of the other women, including Carole, offered to walk out with him.   George took this opportunity to ask Carole for a date and to call Ramona a “trailer turd”.   You have to hand it to the guy, he never misses a chance to try his charms on any pretty young thing that passes his way while still finding the worst way to address a hostess.  Carole did tell him that this wasn’t the time or place or event to be making any move on women.  I don’t know if he got the message, but he did finally leave and was last seen on the sidewalk all alone.

Next week is the season finale.  Aviva has made some very crucial rookie mistakes during these episodes.  She said that she hadn’t really watched any of the Housewives’ franchises before signing on to become one of them.  If that’s true, then she did herself a huge disservice.  Studying Bravo and the women who appear on these shows would have helped her navigate through some very rough waters.   If she’s been taking advice from LuAnn or, even worse, from a red-headed girdle merchant who used to be a member of this cast, then she’s gotten some terrible advice.  She may actually be a pawn in a game of revenge.   LuAnn is no one’s friend and is still smarting from a few of Ramona’s remarks about her parenting skills.  The wife of the fabric store owner is still operating under the belief that Bravo will crumble and fall without her.

Aviva should have been paying real attention to Ramona.  She is a Bravo star, without a doubt.  She will bring the drama without breaking a sweat and knows exactly how editing can make you look – good and bad.   Ramona has fans who will forgive her just about anything, even giving her the nickname Ramonacoaster in honor of her wild, wide-eyed and, all too often, inappropriate behavior.   She’s been accused of being an alcoholic before, and her marriage has come under fire.  The one who was responsible for some of those accusations has been unceremoniously left outside of Andy’s clubhouse with no chance of ever being on WWHL again.   There are more than a few of us who laugh at her and with her.  She’s shown us that she can be a loyal friend to Sonja, among others, a tireless and successful businesswoman, a good mom and a loving wife.   If you were to set a Bravo standard for how to be a Real Housewife, Ramona would be at the top of the list.   Don’t ask me how she does it, but she manages to land on her feet every time.

So, from this viewer and blogger, I think Aviva should consider this season as a learning experience.  Or quit.

Here are Aviva’s and Heather’s blogs – those are the only two that managed to turn them in before midnight.   Aviva has her own special take on things.  I’ll leave it at that because your perspectives are just as interesting, if not more so, than mine.

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11 Responses to The Real Housewives of New York City – Don’t Make Room For Daddy

  1. Vegas Chick says:

    Aviva’s stick it in your face, relentless attempt of raising awareness has actually turned me off to any thought of support for her charity and her cause…Ugh! Stupid Aviva accepted a copy of JillZ’s crib notes without taking the time to do her homework. If she has an ounce of brains, she’ll quit before she’s fired like her mentor.

    “Trailor turds?” Oy veh! Was George smoking the Horny Goat Weed from a bong or did he roll it? From what I read out there, Carole is getting slammed for being too passive. Carole is getting bored and wondering how she is going to get out of the commitment she made to Dandy Andy… run, Carole, run!

  2. windycitywondering1 says:

    Aviva diagnosis everyone else’s problems, motivations and agendas. IMO, because she acknowledges her own mirade of phobias, anxieties and challenges, she feels they are valid justifications for her borish and vicious behavior. As for her father, holy inappropriate Batman!!!

  3. Only thing wurse dan being Trailer Turd is being Bar Barf. Just sayin’.

    Ramoner is my favurite. She can drink my momma under da table.

  4. Whorga On Display! On Display! says:

    That Avivia is something else. I know they are told to bring it and we know producers have their hands in it, what is driving me crazy is, every scene, THEY ARE AT A RESTAURANT when they need to confront one an other. Just like that show on vh-1, Basket Ball something. All they do is eat.

  5. Whorga On Display! On Display! says:

    Where did my comment go?

  6. Whorga On Display! On Display! says:

    Sorry, there it is. I hate Internet Explorer.

  7. klmh says:

    It was kind of fun looking at the other diners in the restaurant when R and ADiva went after it. How could you sit and have a conversation with your dinner companion when that rage was going on?
    Enjoyed your take on the “session” last night E. Tx

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