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Welcome back fans.. I learned something new this week. I don’t know why I never looked it up before but SAMCRO = Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals. You super fans probably already knew that of course but I never put it together until someone asked me about it this week. Last night was Episode 2 of season 5. For those of you with netflix seasons 1-3 are there and in tact. There are places you can catch S4 but they are hit and miss.

When last week’s episode left off, Tig’s daughter, Dawn, had been burnt to a crisp by the head (Mr Pope) of a rival gang, the One Niners aka BLACK. Mr Pope has promised to also go after his other daughter, Fawn. All in retaliation for the death of his own daughter during a botched hit and run by Tig. Arrest warrants had been issued for Jax, Tig, and Chibs (the Scottish dude) for the deaths of both Pope’s daughter and the Niners who were chasing them down the freeway afterwards. Gemma had had a tryst with a guy who turned out to be a  pimp, ‘companionator’ Nero Padilla played by Jimmy Smits and she’s decided to stash her son at his place of business. There has been a rash of home invasions in Charming, mainly targeting SOA homes. As the episode closed, ex-chief Wayne Unser had been at Gemma’s house feeding her bird while she was stashing the guys at the bordello (this isn’t really as juicy as it sounds). Unser is ready to leave and he’s met with the door being kicked in and finds himself on the floor with a bleeding scalp as the invaders ransack the house and steel the safe (we find that out this week). Oh yes, one other little tidbit… Jax and Tara have decided to put their sons in day care during the day, something that doesn’t sit well with Gemma (I don’t think she can get over the idea that these aren’t Her kids… That’s what I think).

This week we open at Opie’s house and he is awakened by the sheriff who is looking for Jax. Clay, who really looks like a beaten man, is with Unser surveying the damage. The Sheriff is there as well and no one knows anything other than the safe is gone and Unser got cracked in the skull. Over at the bordello, Jax is quizzing his mother on how she knows this guy. The guys decide to go find Tig to bring him to the safe house. Nero lends them his truck so they won’t be so conspicuous on their bikes. He says maybe one day he’ll need Them when Jax asks why he’s helping. When they find him, he’s still at the pit where they lit his daughter on fire. No one else knows yet but Tig has also now killed the deputy sheriff who was helping Pope. They fish his daughter out of the hole and exit the scene.

We next find them back at the parlor discussing their options with their lawyer. They can’t tell the lawyer everything but they do tell her that their problems are bigger than these current charges. Otto, a member in prison on death row, has flipped because Bobby Elvis was sleeping with his wife (before she was killed). So, now they have RICO hanging over their heads and if they get convicted of the current charges, the Feds are going to bury the key under the prison. They agree that they are going to turn themselves in, at the clubhouse, that night. Jax sends Bobby to Gemma’s house to survey and get a report on the damage, while he, Tig, and Chibs go to find Tig’s other daughter, Fawn as they have a location for her. Before they leave, Jax and Tara have a discussion and he suggests, that they get married, that day. She agrees. I must have my gangster shows mixed up because I thought they already were married. Anyway.

They arrive at the house where Fawn is reported to be and they jump the guys who are sitting on the porch. The voice of reason Jax tells them to calm down because the cowboy gangster stuff is what got them into this mess to begin with (Tig > Veronica Pope). While they are asking, loudly, if Fawn is there, there is screaming coming from inside the house. They storm the house to find Tig’s daughter, Fawn, on her knees getting it from behind (no I don’t know which flavor). Tig slugs the guy and she screams that it’s her boyfriend. Out in the living room, Tig lets her know that her sister is dead. Jax hands the boyfriend some cash, tells him to get her as far away from Oakland as possible, and exits the scene, leaving Chibs and Juice behind to make sure he does it. Also so they aren’t all running around in an easily spotted group.

Bobby and Clay are driving somewhere, I assume to the clubhouse and Clay wants to make a stop at Opie’s house. Remember that the knowledge of how Donna died as well as Piney is still pretty fresh in Opie’s mind. Basically, Clay lets him know that Jax and Opie are the future of the club and Opie has to make a choice whether he’s in or out (is what it came down to).

Nero, the pimp, picks up Jax at the house.. I don’t remember anyone making any phone calls, he just showed up there. As a side note here, I don’t trust this Nero guy. I don’t know what his angle is or his motives for helping the club unless after their one night stand, he’s fallen madly in love with Gemma (I’ve never trusted her either). Anyway, they are going to head back to the parlor so Jax and Tara can get married. On the way they discuss the companionship business and Nero has to make a 15 minute stop on the way. Turns out he has a son with Spinal Bifida in a home. While Nero is with his son, Jax is getting a paper and we see a silver SUV pull up across the street.  Nero comes back and and they leave. After a few miles, he notes that they’ve picked up company (the silver SUV). The effort to lose the SUV turns into a game of chicken and they are successful at it.

Meanwhile back at the clubhouse, Unser is interviewing one of the other guys who was broken into and of course, Gemma has to poke her nose in. While she’s asking him what he’s doing, the lawyer shows up with the marriage license and asks her to take it to Jax. She knew nothing of the wedding plan. She takes the license to him and she’s a little pissed that she wasn’t invited to her son’s civil ceremony. She confronts Tara about it but gives her the rings that belonged to her and JT, Jax’s father. I guess she’s accepted that they are getting married with or without her approval. They say their I dos, Tara whips out the rings, tells Jax where they came from. They do the thing with the rings, Chibs gives a small speach, Man and Wife, Done, Finally, Married.

Now, all day long they’ve been trying to secure protection while locked up before they turn themselves in. I guess the Sons aren’t too popular with some considering the reach that Mr Pope likely has into the prison system. Jax, Chibs, and Bobby go to meet with the CIA guys to try and secure that protection while on the way to the clubhouse to turn themselves in or be picked up by the sheriff. After they leave, the CIA guys discuss what’s going to happen if anything happens to Jax… Plan B, to be determined later.

Back at the clubhouse now, everyone is basically saying their goodbyes before the sheriffs arrive. They do, the guys are cuffed to be stuffed but not before Opie shows up and knocks the sheriff on his ass. I guess Opie has made a decision to go to jail too in order to protect Jax and the rest of them. That’s about where we leave the episode. Previews for next week don’t look too good for the guys, It doesn’t appear that they have the protection they needed but, we’ll see.

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  1. thedesigndiva2 says:

    Hey MTH…Just a quick tidbit.. Otto is played by Kurt Sutter writer and creator of Sons…. and is married in real life to Katie Segal ( Gemma ). She also performs some of the music that is played on the episodes….

    • I didn’t know that about Katey and Kurt Sutter. She is the complete package, though – one of the original “cool girls”. There are a few videos on youtube where she’s singing – some of which is from SAMCRO. Her versions of “Ruby Tuesday”, “Son of a Preacher Man” and Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” are nothing short of amazing. I’d put her neck and neck with Bonnie Raitt. Now I’m hooked on SAMCRO – between watching some of past seasons and mth’s recaps, it’s making more sense to me now. Oh, yea, and it’s not Bravo. 😀

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        Empress..i have been a DIE HARD SAMCRO FAN since season one !!!!!!

        • I know you have and you’ve made a believer out of me. Thanks for posting the song. I’ve got a collection of Billie Holidays’ songs and I think Katey has done her proud.

      • melthehound says:

        All I can say is Wow.. I knew Otto was Kurt and that he’s married to Katey Sagal. The show, I’m told, was made For her. Whenever she talks all I hear is Peg Bundy screeching AAL! I’ll give her his though, she has some serious singing chops. I would never in a million years guessed that to be KS.

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