The Real Housewives of New York City – What Happens in St. Barths Doesn’t Stay in St. Barths

St. Barths is now back to being a peaceful and beautiful island again.   The ladies are back in New York City doing whatever it is that they do.  Ramona hosted a small dinner party at her home, where Jacques and Mario, with the help of Ramona’s friend Pamela Morgan.  LuAnn was all over Jacques because as she’s told us, she is terrified of losing him.   Sonja also showed up, and was dressed in her costume for the off-off-Broadway version of “Hair”.   It sure looked like she was ready for the dawning of Aquarius, anyway.   While the men prepared dinner, the three ladies had a little talk about Aviva and the vacation.  LuAnn was taking notes so that she could repeat the conversation, word for word, when she met up with Aviva again.

Heather and Carole also found a way to recuperate from their island adventure, by getting completely wasted.  They looked like they were having fun, and even managed to get in a little “I love you, dude” moment.  Now that’s when you know that those shots are working.  During the times when they were sober for this episode, the two of them were doing their best to sprinkle fairy dust on the rest of the ladies in some sort of Goodwill mission.  Their efforts were met with mixed results.   Just as an aside, I’m actually starting to like Heather and her way of cutting through a lot of nonsense by facing people and issues head on.   That’s not easy to do with any Housewives and she deserves a little recognition for her efforts.

Heather and LuAnn met for lunch, in part to discuss St. Barths and to give LuAnn a chance to promote her “I want a baby with Jacques” routine.  She told Heather that she and Jacques have agreed to try IVF which Jacques thought meant the Israeli Defense Fund.   It sounds as if he’s not only on board but completely informed about the process.  LuAnn did manage to choke on her eggs during lunch, just to show how committed she is to having this baby.

Still under the impression that her words mean something, Heather tried to talk to Aviva about the way she spoke and behaved towards Sonja and Ramona during the vacation.   Aviva simply let it all fly right over her head and went into another diatribe about the pair.  She told Heather that Ramona and Sonja are inseparable and enable one another.   This, of course, does not even remotely relate to the way she is with her husband Reid.  That’s entirely different.  Really, it is.   In case her point wasn’t clear, she went on to describe the two as ungracious and unrefined for not giving her the hero’s welcome she had been expecting.  Ramona was obviously the real problem in Aviva’s eyes, because she was called sleazy, cheesy and low-class.   Carole was also in on this conversation and told Aviva that she should learn to say what she really means.  On the other hand, Carole did say that Sonja is a narcissistic, self-absorbed drunk lady, so it does sound like some of the cool girls are losing their cool.

The final showdown came when Sonja and Aviva met for dinner.  Aviva thought that it was a good time to explain the remarks and name calling that she had aimed at Ramona and Sonja.   She must have found that redneck dictionary because she said that white trash means moral failure.  I didn’t think that was much of an improvement over what she originally intended, but it seemed to satisfy her for the purposes of this particular lecture.  Sonja, to her credit, told Aviva that it really didn’t matter what she had to say.  The damage was done and she didn’t want anyone in her life who was more than ready and willing to kick her when she’s down.

Ramona and Sonja went to St. Barths to have a party.  They drank too much, dressed like naughty pirates and danced on tables.  Following the lead of Heather, they jumped, or were pushed, into a pool to splash around and laugh hysterically at each other and themselves.  They did what you do when get to leave your real life and responsibilities somewhere else and just get to act like a complete fool.    Sonja had a scene during which she shared with Ramona that she was having a meeting with her ex-husband who she hadn’t seen in 5 years.  John Morgan is still dangling the carrot of a divorce settlement just out of reach of his former wife.  Ramona said that she thinks Sonja still loves him.  That’s too bad because her love is wasted on him.  He is a man of enormous wealth who obviously hates his ex-wife more than he loves his daughter.  While he’s punishing Sonja, he’s doing even worse to their child.   I don’t think I’ll ever meet him, but I don’t think I’d like him very much.

So, Aviva was a runaway bride with a planned destination wedding in Jamaica and 250 guests.  How did she intend to get there?

Here are all of the ladies’ blogs, with the exception of Carole’s.  It’s late – again.  Aviva doesn’t like us – people who send tweets, people who comment on Facebook, people who write blogs, people who comment on blogs, people who comment on the Huffington Post about the economic crisis and everyone who owns or doesn’t own Barbie dolls and pins.

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19 Responses to The Real Housewives of New York City – What Happens in St. Barths Doesn’t Stay in St. Barths

  1. Vegas Chick says:

    I just knew that you would be on this one, Empress. Thanks for not letting me down. Good for Sonya for letting buzzkill DivaAviva have it. I wouldn’t have been so gracious. STFU would have been sufficient for me after I toppled my drink on her head that really needs a new hairdo. Dear God, Bravo… get rid of her or shoot her or something. Did I mention buzzkill?

    Just love that Lulu is still playing the prego card after mom busted her for for having a tubligation. I read somewhere that boyfriend, Jacques, is actually her cousin. Is this true and is she really that desperate for him and being revelant?

    Heather is smart and, for that, I like her too. She’s got the Bravo Mojo down and she figured it out pretty quickly… holla! Notice how she is in every scene talking about or to buzzkill Diva Aviva? There must be a bonus attached to how many scenes and/or minutes of airtime each receives and Heather is going to the bank… chaching! Again, she gets points for being a smartee! Just don’t mess with or cross Ramona, lol!

    • Hi Vegas Chick, I think that “Cousin” Jacques thing was a misprint. Somebody was just too lazy to fix it.
      No, you don’t want to cross Ramona and you don’t want to insult her friend Sonja. She may be a touch eccentric but she’s a loyal friend. Now that’s something you don’t see very often on Bravo.
      I’d love to say more about Aviva, but I have to tidy up my trailer. 😉

  2. I’m exhausted….these women are not entertaining and yet I watch them. Aviva is an obvious mess but I’m really disappointed with Carol. She won’t support anyone but talks about everyone. Her talking heads have moved beyond snark to meanness. JMHO, of course. Have a beautiful day. Rainy here – gotta get to the pool.

    • Hi Dame, Carole lost some points with me too. She’s gone from witty observer to just another mean girl. I was hoping for better, again. Oh well, silly me.
      We’re finally getting some rain, so I’m doing a happy dance.

    Carol needs to give up the ‘pink’ cigs and smoke a left handed one and get the munchies….

    Aviva !!!! Now that’s one effed up chick for sure…. no wonder she needed help walking from Carol and heather..her ego is so big is makes it difficult for her to walk…. Now that’s one chick i would DEF…BEEITCH SLAP and enjoy it… and never apologize for it….!!!!

    Luann… choked on her EGGS…now thats poetic justice !! pretty bad when COOKED eggs dont even want anything to do with her. !! As us “southern” redneck okee white trash folks say..hey LULU…here’s your sign IVF!!!!…. I spit hawaiian punch out when she said that..busted a gut laughing so hard Mr ford needed to bring me paper towels cause HP was in the nose….. the kitchen scene and the aprons..Oh..Real Men Cook…Lulu..well I cant wear one I am not a man.. Are ya sure Lulu ???
    Heather was pretty cool tonite I must say…hmmmm wonder whats down the pike ???
    Sonja…. She held her own with A and really put her in her place w/o anger…!! SCORE !!!
    Now if she would only apply that same logic to Mr Morgan..she’d start to have good things come her way..Holding onto the past bars the future from coming thru. She needs to just wash her hands of him, be grateful for the time they had and MOVE ON….She allows herself to be defined by the name MORGAN and not the person Sonja..Same with Aviva..she allows an acccident to define her….. What a waste !!!!!
    I’d hate to think what kind of person I would be IF I had allowed all the shitty things that have happened to me to define me in the way they have…instead, like I told PITA after BJ can either allow it to make you bitter or better…. I chose better….
    Cant wait for next week and mr chicklet to get his !!!!! WHOOP WHOOP…. Whos sends their DADDY to BULLY women !! Oh yea..The IHOP waitress…….

    hugs and peace

    • Morning dd, Hawaiian Punch!!! Poor LuAnn and her scrambled eggs – just priceless. Sonja is caught in her “Mrs. Morgan” days and doesn’t realize that she doesn’t need anything from that family other than the financial support she and her daughter deserve.
      Aviva must have been treated as if she was the center of the universe when she was growing up. It’s not just about her leg, she’s just a complete elitist. I had to laugh at her blog because now even the viewers are a bunch of losers. I guess we can’t help it – we were born with plastic spoons in our mouths.
      Papa George is about to meet Hurricane Ramona – a little payback for her friend Sonja, maybe?

  4. windycitywondering1 says:

    Your observations are always spot on! This was an interesting episode and the kind I want to see more of with one on ones and real dialog and fun. Seems that NYC has to have a crazy, mean wackadoo and Aviva fits the bill. Bravo was correct in their reboot attempt – now lets see how everyone positions themselves for the reunion.

    • Thank you wcw. That’s a very nice thing to say.
      It was fun to be able to hear their conversations without all of that screaming and stomping around.
      Aviva should be careful about the playbook she’s using. It’s very reminiscent of the one two former cast members used and that didn’t work out too well for them. I’m glad that Sonja beat her to the punch with the “We can never be friends. We’re done” speech. Aviva was left looking like Bethenny – minus the red coat, the tears or our sympathy.

  5. thedesigndiva2 says:

    A comical article about aviva…. you know..the one who DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS

  6. Becky Grey says:

    I think the sofa will be to the left/right of Andy:Romona /Sonja/Carol the other side LuAnn/Aviva/Heather

  7. Called A Princess... says:

    Does Mr. Morgan hate Sonja or doe he love his money more? Also just because the finances are not settled does not mean that Sonja is not receiving child support or I think we would see her daughter on the show regardless of the concerns of the father. I think that Sonja is a women of many mysteries and should not always be taken at her word. Didn’t she say , at one point, that her husband left her for her close friend. IMO, he seems to be a man that is not very responsive to other peoples needs, once they no longer suit his needs. Common theme among the 1%. Maybe not hate, just greed. JMHO.

    • CAP – It’s probably a little of both. Sonja was his 4th wife, and from what I’ve read, their marriage lasted the longest. He’s also moved on to more women, beyond just Sonja’s friend. If he’s paying child support, then he’s taking some responsibility. Also JMHO, but leaving the mother of your child in a state of financial limbo doesn’t seem fair or right to me. His net worth is reportedly in the 9 figure range. I don’t know if Mr. Morgan sees his daughter on a regular basis, but their daughter sees her mother struggling – as defined by being a Morgan – not something that we would find a struggle. So, yes, for his part, there’s greed, arrogance and, to put it in slightly gentler terms, an unhealthy dose of disrespect for his ex-wife.
      I have the same questions you do, and people during and after divorces usually paint a picture that makes their exes look their worst. He said, she said, and then you have the war of the roses….

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