The Real Housewives of New York City – Dirty Ol’ Dad

Sometime between last week’s episode and tonight’s, Big Daddy George went from an amusing and overly flirtatious septuagenarian to being just another inappropriate jerk with a lot of money.  Any woman who has been on the planet for more than 20 years has encountered a George.  They’re the guys who think that it’s cute, especially when they’ve had too much to drink, to say things to you that make you cringe, then start to touch you in ways that make you wish you could produce a restraining order – maybe even a baseball bat.   They laugh while you try to squirm away from them, and don’t stop until you either find a place to hide or a bigger, stronger male friend who finally explains, in no uncertain terms, that enough is enough.  Even after their threats are neutralized, you’re still left feeling like you need a long shower, hoping to wash everything about him off of you, including the ugliness of it that’s stuck in your head.  I can’t understand how or why Aviva finds her father’s behavior so amusing.  Maybe things look a lot funnier when there’s a trust fund riding on the jokes.

Putting him on television should be accompanied by some sort of public service address, warning unsuspecting women about the lech of South Beach.  I imagine that there are more than a few of his ilk in the area.   I didn’t think that Sonja had many boundaries when it came to being inappropriate, even lewd at times, but this man not only crossed those lines, he trampled them into the ground.  George wasn’t satisfied with embarrassing himself, his daughter and Sonja.  He offered to give Carole her first “squirting orgasm”, something that raises his freak number to about a 15 on the 1 to 10 scale.  He liked Ramona’s firm tush, as well, and told her so – over and over.  He did acknowledge that she might be off-limits because she’s married.  So, he respects marriage – women, in general, not so much.   Somehow I think that if Mario hadn’t been present, George might not have been as deferential.   George even thinks his daughter has a hot body.  Really.  Bravo and Aviva, that man is just gross.

Getting back to Ramona for a moment, I don’t know what the hell is going on with her this season.  She’s always been a little over the top, well, a lot over the top.  Now she’s acting like she really is the Energizer Bunny, but not half as cute.  She’s becoming the guardian of Aviva and her prosthetic leg, particularly when there is water around.  I could give her a pass on her initial curiosity about the leg(s) when the two were shopping for shoes.  I don’t know how to take her obsession with keeping the damn thing dry.  I have a feeling that Aviva has already worked out all of the details when it comes to aquatic activities.   Then again, if Aviva can’t call out her own Dad for being a horn-dog, I guess Ramona is free to say and do just about anything when it comes to the proper care of prosthetics.

Ramona and Sonja did manage to embarrass themselves, with Carole as collateral damage, when the group visited Carole’s friend, Ranjana’s spectacular penthouse.   As Ranjana demonstrated how to do some facial exercises, the blonde BFFs made some silly and sexual innuendos about other types of workouts one could do with the tongue.  They shared some of that with George during dinner that night – a really bad idea.  I don’t think that Carole was too upset by the fact that she could only spend one night in Miami with this bunch.

Carole did meet up with LuAnn under the premise that they were shopping.   What ended up happening was that Carole told LuAnn how she didn’t care for the Countess using her friends, the Khans, to borrow clothes and jewelry for some tabloid magazine photo shoot.    LuAnn thought it would be good for Naeem’s clothing line to be featured in a tabloid.  Hopefully it was from his HSN line – LuAnn wouldn’t know the difference.  Anyway, I have to talk to Lulu right for just a minute. My dear, addle-brained Countess, the First Lady of the United States has worn the designer’s gowns to State Dinners at the White House.  He doesn’t need any help promoting his line.  In fact, I’m going to assume that seeing you in one of his designs on the pages of a grocery checkout line rag-mag was probably the worst moment of his career.   Alright, I’m done directly addressing LuAnn now.  Sorry about that.  Carole tried to impress that fact on LuAnn using the same logic, but it fell on very deaf ears and a head too swollen by ego to even understand the not so subtle hint.  Whether it was intended to be a slap back at Carole or not, LuAnn did manage to work in a little comment about loving her very own Jackie O-like sunglasses.  It just makes you want to swat her, doesn’t it?

Heather and her hubby had some caviar and discussed foreplay and sex.  That’s it, and that was enough.   Oh, yeah, Sonja and Ramona broke the handle of the Dreschers’ shower while they were taking one together.  They needed someplace private to discuss their sleeping arrangements, you know, whether to sleep as a trio with Mario, or to send him to a different room for the night.  Mario must have been waiting nearby with towels for them.  Yep, I’m lost, too.  The Housewives have gone from junior high school type fights to prepubescent jokes and conversations about sex.   If Bravo keeps these storylines going they way they are, they’re going to have to start airing their programs a little later at night, and maybe not on basic cable.

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15 Responses to The Real Housewives of New York City – Dirty Ol’ Dad

  1. klmh says:

    With all of the inappropriate, argumentative, hateful actions and remarks from the housewives in general on these shows, for me, last nights episode was the dirtiest I’ve seen, although I don’t watch all of Bravo’s “works of art”.
    I literally did go and take another shower after watching Aviva’s father and S/R antics, but I still feel nasty.
    Enjoyed your take on it. Tx

    • First we had the camping trip with the gang from New Jersey which gave us Rich Wakile’s morning tent pole, Joey Gorga’s little friend, Tarzan and a breast groping session between Teresa and Melissa. Then we were supposed to be entertained by the disgusting nonsense with this episode of New York. Andy Cohen has been tweeting about Olympic athletes in Speedos like a giddy 12 year old. Doesn’t take much to figure out the direction of these programs and who’s driving the storyline.

  2. Donna says:

    NY has jumped the shark for me. I sometimes watch re-runs then change the channel. This is another re-run that I’ll pass on.

    NJ humm I’m starting to wonder if the “real” reasons Teresa didn’t want Melissia and Kathy on were JoeyGo and Richie with their being inappropriate. The googling of how cows mate was juvenile and disturbing. My great-grandchildren have better manners then these pigs.

    • Honestly Donna, you won’t be missing anything. Who would have guessed that Juicy would be the most respectful of all of the men on that trip! Now we have even more reasons to be grateful for hours of televised Olympic events.

  3. LOL…well after that episode last night…Denture King himself will NEVER get another date in S beach…young or old….he really cooked it …makes me wonder about aviva and why she finds her dear old dad so endearing. He’s a PIG
    thank God for Spike Tv and Id…not missing bravo much at all anymore.give me turtle man and rat bastards anytime.
    and dandy andy is just getting more ridiculous at every turn….i see him and all his SHOWS hitting the skids soon……
    back to the job hunt..what a pain in the ass
    PITA got a job….Sign spinning 6 hrs a day in 100 degree three..he still looks forward to getting up every a.m. and doing it..I give him kudos for that…. I drive him in the a.m. and he rides his bike home ( 6 plus miles ) after work…..first thing he wants to buy after he helps with rent.. a bigger more padded bicycle seat…hahahahahahaa…i’ll leave with a visual..winks
    think peanut butter…poor kid….LOL
    hugs and peace

    • Dear old George may find himself some sweet young thing who can overlook his crude behaviors by staring at his checkbook.
      Good news about PITA although I don’t envy him the working conditions. 😉

  4. Donna says:

    These aren’t tv sob-operas. These are real people. I do not know people that act like they do. I had a discussion with someone about housewife shows. Both of agreed that we would never be in a housewife show for various reasons. I don’t have anything to hide, but there are a couple of family members that I would hide. No one seems to work or hold a viable job during filming. I know the money seems to be big, but is it long lasting?

  5. The old dude’s chompers were terrifying. I guess there is a dental version of plastic boobs.

  6. T-Wrecks says:

    Daddy-O really took me for a loop. Start with his plastic appearance: bleached Chicklets for teeth, Botox and whatever else people do to their faces when they’re to be on T.V. nowadays, and a bizarre (?unhealthy?) suntan. Move on to behavior: I don’t have words. He came on to his daughter. He performed a sexual battery upon Sonja with his pharma-woodie. And all Aviva could do was…encourage? Tee-hee??? Did they think this was to be cute in pre-filming discussion? I for one, like Sonja, am no prude. But I was appalled, repulsed, pick the appropriate adverb. YUCK.

    • Hi T, Yep, what George did to Sonja sure sounds like unwanted sexual contact to me – a misdemeanor in most jurisdictions. As for Aviva’s reaction to it all, I think we’re shaking our heads in unison.

  7. nohausfrau says:

    I’m a little late to the party but wanted to chime in that you hit the nail on the head. I think George may be suffering from early onset dementia. His behavior was pretty extreme even for a hound dawg. I don’t know what Aviva was thinking having him film. This week Bravo seemed to go for humor only a 12 year old boy would find funny.

    I used to like Ramona & Sonja together but their behavior this weekend was pretty adolescent and who breaks a shower and doesn’t tell the host? Also Ramona seemed to be trying very hard to win the worst weekend houseguest award. I usually try to give her the benefit of the doubt but her behavior about Aviva’s prosthetic was controlling and rude. I wish Aviva would have grown a backbone and told her so.

    • nohausfrau, I think this episode will stand out as one of Bravo’s worst examples for their ever expanding Hall of Shame. I thought about George’s state of mind, too. As for Aviva, it seems the only person who she exerts any control over is her husband.

      • klmh says:

        I think you two are very kind to try to find an excuse for George’s behavior. He is and has been a dirty old man for quite a while, that we know of from his daughter, and he must be successful. Some women enjoy or obviously get a bang out that that type of behavior. I didn’t see no s/s of dementia…

        • klmh says:

          Rewrite on the last sentence, could you tell? I didn’t see any signs or symptoms of…

        • klmh, I guess it’s hard not to try to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’ve also considered the idea that he’s conducted himself this way for a very long time, too. There’s no denying that he’s an absolute lout. I’ve given George, his daughter and this entire bit of nastiness some thought this week, and I’ll share them soon in a post I’m writing now.

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