The Real Housewives of New York City – Blinded by the Wine

During a luncheon, Aviva invited Ramona and Sonja to visit the Dreschers at their Bal Harbour condominium.  Carole is also at the restaurant, and as she will be in the South Beach area, she is asked to join the group in Florida.  It’s more than obvious that Heather and LuAnn are not on the guest list.   Why they weren’t asked isn’t really clear but I think we were supposed to be left with the impression that it was a deliberate “diss-invite” in the same way Heather’s slight of Ramona was.   Aviva explained that she wanted to introduce Sonja to a very eligible and hyper-sexual gentleman – Aviva’s father, George.   I don’t know why any of the women are shocked by the idea, particularly Sonja –  George can’t be any older than her ex-husband.

Before leaving for Florida, Sonja and Ramona have a couple of other things they have to attend to and to attend.  Sonja met with Heather to discuss how to go about branding Sonja’s home/catering business.  A friend of Heather’s attends the meeting, as a favor to the Yummy Tummy owner, and attempted to offer some ideas about brand design, packaging and general development.  Sonja found him a little off-putting as he seemed to have no idea who she was, what her business was about or even what her website looked like.   His suggestions didn’t impress her, actually they looked a little pedestrian, but then again, Sonja wasn’t paying him, either.   The result is on her website, as is a photograph of her toaster oven.

Ramona and Mario attended a wine tasting party, along with Aviva and Reid, and hosted by Jacques and LuAnn.  There was a blind taste test – well, blind for everyone but Ramona – she doesn’t even like it when Mario tries to blindfold her.  All of the giggling between LuAnn and Jacques made it quite apparent to us that the plan was to try to embarrass Ramona by having her taste her own Pinot, hoping that she would it pronounce it terrible.  Their joke fell a little flat because Ramona did, in fact, like the sample and also, as it seems, has a discernible nose and palate.   For good measure in the LuAnn takes it on the chin department, Carole also found out that the Countess, as much as she has a problem with her royal rival, doesn’t mind taking advantage of her connections.  Jewelry designer Ranjana Khan told her that LuAnn, by dropping Carole’s name, managed to walk out of the showroom of Naeem Khan, Ranjana’s husband and couturier, with a free dress.   That’s our Countess, classy to the bitter end.  As much as I’d like to see her upgrade her jewelry, I hope that LuAnn doesn’t try to pull the same thing on Ranjana.   Given the conversation between Carole and her friend, I really don’t think that’s even a remote possibility now.   This article is a wonderful story about the designing couple, which also shows some of their clothing and jewelry.

The Dreschers were waiting for their guests and had dinner with Aviva’s Dad and Reid’s Mom, Marilyn.   Neither one of these people could be considered boring dinner guests.  George has strong, and hilarious opinions, about everything.  He mocks the fact that Marilyn lives in Boca Raton, calling it God’s waiting room, among other things.   George is also happy to hear that he is going to meet Sonja Morgan, because she is a real New York City woman, not like the beautiful and sultry, but apparently vacuous, choices of companions in South Beach.

When Ramona and Mario finally made it to their destination, much ado was made of the numerous Drescher family portraits found in the guest quarters.  In typical Ramona style, she let Aviva and Reid know that the pictures could have a deleterious effect on her romantic inclinations with her husband, and that they might even disturb her sleep.  After Aviva explains that wearing clothing is one of the house rules, Ramona also rebels, saying that there are no rules when she is on vacation.   Given the previews, I think the rules aren’t just broken, they’re smashed to pieces.

The foursome went out for dinner, and Aviva fed into Ramona’s own paranoia regarding the wine tasting trick perpetrated by LuAnn and Jacques.  It doesn’t take much to awaken the sleeping lunatic in Ramona and she starts gasping, rolling her eyes and grabbing at her head as the lightbulb moment becomes a blinding spotlight.   Mario, who has been taking lessons from other househusband wannabes, begins to mock Jacques’ “Pepe le Pew” accent and does his own reenactment of the whole sordid Pinot betrayal.   It only ends when Ramona goes into orgasmic ecstasy over an arugula salad – cilantro makes her swoon.  Aviva ordered a Kobe beef hotdog, the dimensions of which would have been just what Romana needed at that moment.

I would normally have the link to Carole’s blog, but as of this writing, Bravo was not cooperating.  As soon as it’s available, I’ll post it here.

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10 Responses to The Real Housewives of New York City – Blinded by the Wine

  1. melthehound says:

    Nice write up once again Empress. I just have one question though… Does this jewelery designer, Ranjana, work with hub caps? Maybe we’ll get to see Lulu try and convince her that there’s a market for it. 🙂

  2. Good morning all. Finally watched the episode from start to finish w/o falling asleep…I actually enjoyed it. George..what a hoot… and someone with a “frisky” 82 yr old Mom who lives in Florida…George is not GETTING IT as much as he tells folks…. or leads them to believe he is …loved his comments about Bokka Rat Town..SO TRUE…God’s waiting room indeed…
    Loved the view from the condo….. the place where they went to eat prime rest is the same place where tit and Russell tried one of their cons back in 2004 with that lady named Allison and her hubby …LOL LOL
    Looking forward to seeing Clowntess Lugman in the upcoming episodes. hahahahahaha…ummm did she really think that the cameras would not film her “escapades” hahahahaha
    cant wait for OTHERS to come forward with their versions of prior offenses … now we know why she is no longer a MARRIED COUNTESS..I still remember back in one of the episodes where the Count was a no show or late for one of Victoria’s horse show things and the Clowntess Lugman was mumbling about his affairs..paybacks a mofo…

    Just a quickie about Hws NJ…. I was put off by Tre NOT giving her own Aunt a hug or even acknowledging her presence at Kathy’s dessert tasting event . . If I had ever pulled that stunt my Mother would have beat the Italian out of me for sure….That was so RUDE OF TRE….. and how ignorant of kathy to not even mention to tre anything about it…after all..isnt her mantra about being old school and RESPECT ??!!!!!

    Have a good one all…Back to my job search… filled out two apps yesterday..fingers crossed… Say a prayer..We need for me to get a JOB…. PITA still in the running for the Home Depot job…takes them forever to make up their minds….GEEZ

    • Hi, dd, I love your take on the New York ladies in Florida. New Jersey is just a huge family disaster. Glad to hear that things are looking up for you and I wish you all the luck in the world with the job search. They’d be crazy not to hire you. 🙂

      • I applied at Applebees and ABC Liquor…hahahahahaha
        First thing I noticed when I walked into ABC was how dirty the place was…OH NO !!!! OCD clean freak here……
        I’d be HAPPY with 25 hrs a week…Time to get away from the house for awhile.. Both places are within walking distance but may just ride my bike….If these jobs dont pan out , we may have to consider moving from here back to the coast… UGH….soooo fingers crossed… really wish I could get a job working from home….that I could handle and enjoy.. still looking into that…. if anyone knows of any legit bizs for work from home..let me know….
        hugs and peace

        • I had a few things in mind for work at home until you said that they had to be “legit”. I do have a great visual of you on your bike, with your flip flops on, tearing up the town, though.
          Hugs right back atcha…

    • melthehound says:

      Nice to see you Diva. Good luck on the hunt. 🙂

  3. Jake From State Farm says:

    DD Good to see you. Working from home? Meh. Getting out of the house and beings with other people is fun. Good luck!

  4. jakefromstatefarm says:

    Louie and Jacques have been cooking up this opportunity to embarrass Ramona since last year. Remember when Lulu was haranging Ramona at some party about where her wine was sourced?

    Louie is gonna use her postcoital chitchat to smack her arch enemy. Dating that dull Jacques has to be good for something.

  5. Howdy Hi All… well yesterday I took an online ‘assessment ‘ for my possible job at applebees..too funny..most questions are geared for teenagers…LOL
    also lots of trick questions and they dont allow you to GO BACK to check…you have to be on top of your memory game for sure…I know I passed for sure…. So go in today for interview… Most of the kids who already work there saw me yesterday and said they would LOVE to have me come there and work with them..So keep me in your good thoughts….

    On a side note..Danielle Staubs ex father in law the inventor of the threadmill passed away..No mention of her daughters ( his granddaughters ) in the obit…Sad for the girls….. Why must the kids be used as ammo for the war amongst divorces ??

    Another side note…. HWS OC….. Alexis is the one who invited SARAH to the end of the year party ( bowgate ) on the previous epsiode where the two of them had lunch together and Alexis talked about the MEXICO…hahahaha intervention in Costa Rico….so she needs to drop the it was the production people who made me do it routine…..
    That cast needs to be replaced or shut down…..

    Hugs and peace

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