The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season Finale

This has been a really long and really terrible Season for this franchise.  Vicki and Tamra are proving that they are just two peas in a pod.   They wanted to be free from their marriages and to find replacements before their signatures ever touched their divorce papers.  Their new-found freedom has brought those around them nothing but resentment and pain, and neither of them even care.  It has even become the cause of their friendship breaking up.  It shouldn’t have, because they have so much in common – selfishness comes to mind.

Tamra wants to punish Vicki for whatever foolish reason she has stuck in her empty head, and Vicki is willing to throw her own children to the wolves in order to find some Southern comfort.  Brianna can’t talk to her own Mother and turns, sadly, to Tamra for support.  Brooks wants everyone to get along because he’s afraid that Vicki will cut off his allowance.  Vicki even tried to enlist the aid of her new son-in-law in her efforts to convince her daughter that Brooks is the man of her dreams.  Ryan should be given a ton of credit for telling his mother in law that if her daughter pulls away, it is on Vicki, not Brianna.

The Dubrows are also a match made in Heaven.  This couple shares so many attributes, I think that they may have been separated at birth, only to find each other later on and get married.  They are arrogant, judgemental and petty, and their level of class is rivaled only by the Countess LuAnn.  We had to watch two episodes where an all-out war was declared over one square inch of fondant.  Fondant doesn’t even taste that good.  I would rather have seen a brouhaha over the fact that Vicki was wearing a coat made out of some animals sacrificed to feed her ego.  The fondant ribbon became such an issue that an army was formed, security was called, and Slade, dressed as the Dos Equis guy, became some sort of Secret Service Agent, protecting the Dubrow castle, to escort an anorexic alcoholic from the party.

When that intruder was finally removed, this more than a little tipsy crowd found other things and people to torture.  Vicki and Tamra thought it was the appropriate place and time to have a screaming match about their now broken friendship.  For Bravo, it was the perfect time.  End of Season parties always wind up in some sort of fight where words and drinks are thrown about like confetti.    Bravo and their over eager cast members had one more trick up their sleeves – they wanted a showdown between Jim Bellino and Dr. Terry Dubrow about comments directed at and about Alexis.   I’ll address it this way.

Dear Jim Bellino,

I owe you an apology.  I have been more than a little critical and skeptical regarding your marriage, your demeanor and your lifestyle.  What you did during tonight’s episode not only convinced me that you are a good husband, but that you are not about to fall into the same trap that so many other Bravolebrities have.  You stood up to a bunch of shrewish women and spineless men, and best of all, to Bravo.   Viewers are very aware that this network is known for putting people into situations where someone will be hurt – in fact, Bravo counts on that and rewards it.

You’ve probably seen what happens when Bravo creates scenarios like the one they attempted in this episode between yourself and Terry Dubrow.  They did it to Russell Armstrong.  The difference is that Russell didn’t have a wife he loved or who loved him.  Russell was married to a Bravo conspirator.  She helped her employers set up her husband, knowing and not caring about the reception they would be facing on Kyle Richards’ front lawn.  In that case, a crowd swarmed the Armstrongs, chased them to their limousine and continued to harangue Russell until he ripped his microphone off and asked if he could just simply leave.  This is what was supposed to be in store for you.

You came to that party believing that you could have an honest and respectful conversation, just between two husbands.  Then the crowd started to gather.  First Heather took her place, and then, on cue, Tamra moved in and sat down, ready to add her gasoline to the fire.   That you refused to cooperate with this obvious ambush deserves more than a simple acknowledgement – it deserves respect.  You took yourself out of the firestorm before it even had a chance to begin.  You didn’t grab your wife and demand that she leave with you.  She took it upon herself to go with you because she is your wife, a good one, and she loves you.

They laughed when you left, that little trio.  They said that you weren’t able to listen to the truth.  They don’t know what they’re talking about because truth is not their strong point.  They served their master, Bravo, and for that alone, they’re pleased with and proud of themselves.  Bravo, Heather, Terry, Tamra, and any of the others who mocked your departure didn’t win anything.  You called their bluff, out loud, and left with pride and dignity.  This is why I’m apologizing for my snarky comments.  You acted just the way any good spouse would.  You came to defend your wife, and put a much-needed and long overdue end to a lot of nonsense.  Those that remained and made jokes about your actions are the ones who can’t hear the truth.  You could have had more camera time if you’d stayed, but you didn’t.  Good for you.

I’ve included a link to Jim Bellino’s blog because it offers an explanation as to how this evening and his invitation occurred.


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11 Responses to The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season Finale

  1. Good morning! When I moved from Chicago to NC, I found my own “Southern comfort”. Love that line. Last nite was the first time I tuned into RHOC thus season (mostly because I wanted to see the spectacular cake). My first reaction was,”My gawd! What’s with the make-up on those blondes!” I couldn’t finish it; should have known better! These women are nuts! The Dubow woman calls for a command performance to remove a drunk while two huge bouncers stand in her hall, Alex acts like her husband just returned from war, Vicki looks like a flapper in a raccoon coat, and I’ve never understood the minds of the two blondes. Needless to say, I won’t be watching the reunion. The bird will be the only sane guest.

    • If the stories I’ve read about the bird are true, then I think it may have been trained by Teresa. Good bird. Bad Andy.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hi Dame, I liked the southern comfort line also, for the same reason. I left NYC & 10 years later found love with my own redneck riviera romeo. Have a great day, Lisa

  2. klmh says:

    I agree with you Empress, but feel Jim came to support his wife, not confront Terry at that party.

    I hope you posted this on his blog and thanks again for another winning post.

    • “but feel Jim came to support his wife, not confront Terry at that party.” You’re probably right. Sometimes when I’m watching the HWs – any of them, not just OC – I have a tendency to drift off into my own thoughts about what I’m seeing. I think during this episode I was trying to remember the last time I had a fight about frosting and cakes. It was well over 50 years ago, so I may have lost some of what was happening while I dusted the cobwebs off of my memory. I should consider hitting rewind once in a while. 😀

  3. Lisa Renee says:

    Good Morning Empress, ITA & tickeled pink when Jim got out of dodge & refused to engage with Tamra. I have to take back his Mangina of the year award(sorta kinda) to nominate Dr. Dubrewski. At least Heather Kent something, I forget her new name, carries her husbands balls in Chanel. “Is this the type of world we live in?”……that is so going on my front door mat. As always, enjoying all your blogs. Have a great day, Lisa 🙂

    • Oh, Lisa – Dr. Terry is the clear winner of the Mangina title. Heather was there to hand him the crown and Tamra was at the ready with his sash. 🙂

  4. Kaereste says:

    Thank you for reminded me why I stopped watching OC. I find the entire cast boring shallow drunks. None of them even look good or have a sense of humor.

  5. LuvMyGals says:

    Empress, I love the way you write and get at the real heart of the contrived and pitiful Bravo issues. These shows are getting too ugly to watch, so I have to give Jim Bellino credit for his wise take and for getting out of Dodge. (Too me he looked like Maverick with futuristic glasses.) It seems to me that Brianna is ready to sell her soul to the Bravo devil. I’m so saddened and disappointed by that. Her beautiful spirit seems to be under the influence. I thought she was going to be a true “voice of reason” and such a good foil to these laughable characters. But her little alignment with wicked Tamra has me concerned. Vicky and Southern Comfort appear to me to be completely fictional characters – playing a ridiculous role. Vicky is so good at farce! The only characters I’m finding genuine – Tamra’s ugliness seems to come from a deep true core. ,So how can the Eddie role be believable? Could he be so desperate for sex? I guess I have so much faith in human intellect that I cannot believe for one second that Eddie is not playing a role. I cannot believe that any intelligent man would want to hook himself up with such an ugly creature. And Gretchen seems to be a genuine American twit. All of this confirms my previous conclusion that Andy Bravo is a very warped, shallow, and destructive person, not someone I’d want to ever meet or know – certainly wouldn’t waste time or money on a book about him. OK – so it’s all pretend and destructive. I guess I have to go to Bellino’s blog now to have my faith in people restored. Ironic. Thanks again Empress for bringing a more reasoned analysis to the table. I find your farm Zen so calming. Also loved sharing the your remembrance of Nora Ephron. Have a wonderful day.

    • LuvMyGals, I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Andy and Team Bravo. Your comments are more than kind, and are always welcome. Thank you, 🙂

  6. Diva says:

    Well..i must confess.. i had OC on the tit tube but was not watching… I caught bits of the talk..but not much… will have to try and watch it later…
    been watching other programming and it’s quite by accident that i even put the bravo channel on..
    so i guess if after i watch it…I”LL BE BACK TO COMMENT…
    but I still dont care for Alexis or her hubby…. shivers….!!!

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