The Real Housewives of New York City – Diss-Invite

LuAnn must really miss the old gang of hers, Jill, Cindy and Kelly, because she’s working her butt off trying to initiate new members.  It’s become her modus operandi, actually, because her life is really quite boring unless she has someone to beat up on with a carefully chosen circle to assist her efforts.   She tried to undermine Bethenny and Alex, and now she’s going for the gold by trying to recruit Sonja in her war against Ramona.   During LuAnn’s preliminary strike, Sonja seemed to  hold her own, defending her relationship with the Pinot queen, but LuAnn did manage to plant a little bit of doubt, so her efforts may not have been entirely in vain.

Heather must be a dream come true for LuAnn – actually she voiced as much when they decided to bond over their mutual dislike for Ramona.  I think it’s always a good idea to form friendships over a common enemy, especially when you’re new to the group and really haven’t fully examined your own impressions.  Gossip is a much better way to go if  all you really want is a place on the team.  Teams are what drive the Housewives’ franchises, after all, and no one wants to be the last one picked.

Aviva thinks she can play on all the teams.  That’s a really tough thing to do unless you’re really nimble and lack common decency and loyalty.  She’s playing by her own rules, however, and that’s going to make her game even harder.  She’s both agreeing and disagreeing with whomever she’s with and about whatever the topic is at the moment.  Aviva thinks that it’s bad when Heather talks too much, or at least that’s what she told Ramona.   She told Heather that talking a lot is good.  That makes more sense, given that Aviva herself can’t or won’t stop talking.

Heather wants to up the ante, too, by creating her own fun and games.  She has decided that it’s perfectly alright to leave just one person out of an invitation for a weekend intended for a group.   It’s going to be tough to worm her way out of this one.  She won’t be able to tell Ramona that her assistant forgot to return an email or that her new Blackberry loses all of your information the second you open it.  She’s going to have to explain it to Ramona in person.  It’s already caused a problem between Sonja and Ramona, but I don’t think Heather cares, or maybe that was how it was supposed to be played.

Sonja isn’t handling this lack of invitation for her friend issue well, either.  Sure, Sonja is a grown woman and can travel the Seven Seas whenever she so desires, but, in this instance, she has been used as a pawn in Heather’s juvenile and somewhat devious plan.   Heather is playing one friend against another – nothing about that is good or right, and Sonja should understand that.  She’s been ostracized and  she knows it’s not a nice feeling.  Heather should learn that if LuAnn is smiling and nodding, whatever you’re doing is really wrong.

Carole pointed out that Ramona would be the very first person she would invite.  She wants to just follow Ramona around, because even Carole realizes how interesting a character the woman is.   She said almost the very same thing on Watch What Happens Live when she appeared with Andy and some other woman.   All of the characters are being sorted out by Carole – maybe she took Ramona’s advice and bought some spiral bound notebooks.  They aren’t labeled by date, however.  They have names on them and they’re being filled with very interesting tidbits and observations.    I think one of the entries in the notebook with LuAnn’s name on it says “has Royalty Tourette’s”.    Carole is nothing if not a quick study.

Carole’s blog:


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17 Responses to The Real Housewives of New York City – Diss-Invite

  1. Donna says:

    Nice recap!!!

  2. melthehound says:

    “has Royalty Tourette’s”
    Hehe 😆
    I think she has a few other things as well.
    RE Ramona and the lack of the London invite, I doubt any of my friends would pass up the chance either. Then again, I would never ask them to.

    • “has Royalty Tourette’s” – Carole gets the credit for that one, although the humorless LuAnn has decided to use it as a weapon against her – from LuAnn’s blog:
      “Carole was poking fun at me about name-dropping and I didn’t take offense — and I hope that people with Tourette’s didn’t either. Having lived in Europe for over a decade, the Borgheses are close friends of mine and I was just seeing if Carole knew them too.” Yes, dahling, Lulu’s a real piece of work. 😀

  3. Haven’t seen the episode but after reading recaps & Bravo blogs, I don’t like Heather. She seems not only mean but intentionally mean. Her intent is to embarrass & hurt Ramona on the show, WWHL, & in her blog. Love Carole. She seems to find a smile in every situation. Dems de people I want to hang with.
    Thanks Empress!

    • Dame, If and when you do watch the episode, I doubt that your opinion of Heather will change. I’m sure that Bravo has staged some of this, but the Yummy Tummy gal is more than ready and willing to get her share of camera time.
      I don’t blame you re: Carole. I’d love to share a couple of beers with her myself. 🙂

  4. Jake From State Farm says:

    It is PAINFUL watching the old guard.
    LuAnn is stale and frigid. I wish someone would make fun of her necklaces like she made fun of Alex’s outfits.
    Sonja is kind of dopey. Maybe she OD’d on her dog’s medication.
    Ramona is as stealthy as a hippopotamus trying to climb into your hot tub.

    Heather acts like Ramona handed her a gift wrapped Mein Kampf for Passover.
    Aviva is one footed and two faced.
    Carole is the Greek Chorus ala Bethenny, without the chip on her shoulder.

    • f says:

      Hi Jake, I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I will and I hope that my description of LuAnn Countess Squash Blossom High Horse’s jewelry won’t disappoint. I hope she’s wearing one of her usual tasteless Aston Martin Hubcap necklaces. I do enjoy it when she makes it easy.

  5. Donna says:

    I just had to share this! I was in FB group chat with my son & grandson that is stationed in Afghanistan. It was exciting!

    • melthehound says:

      Too Cool! 😀

    • FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

      Donna, I’m so happy you were able to connect with your son and grandson that is stationed in Afghanistan. I’m sure that day will forever remain a memorable one. Congratulations! 🙂

    • Donna, That’s just terrific! I think your whole family should know that a bunch of real people with silly screen names are praying for their health and safety. 🙂

    • jakefromstatefarm says:

      Great news Donna!! That truly is a “world away” from us. I appreciate their service.

  6. FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

    I’ve finished watching the most recent episode. I guess it’s alright to call CSBHH Lu or LuAnn as long as you’re not a pizza delivery person or other assorted serf. Well, now that it’s all right to call her Lu, Lu Darling, I did notice that you refrained from wearing your usual hubcap sized necklaces again this episode. Instead you wore them as earrings. (She had on the same costume necklace in her TH interviews this week, as last week) The round multiple circle earrings were huge and I think a hotel is missing some of the prisms from their chandeliers, judging from the earrings she wore to Sonja’s Society Life Magazine cover party. I would also recommend that she only wear one pendant per chain, whether nesting necklaces or not. Her jewelry does seem to be getting slightly more tasteful this year…..I liked the pink dress she wore (it had TWO sleeves and no leather fringe!) and I think she must be getting a free stylist along with her raise in pay. She needs to listen to the stylist more. I’m sure some of the jewelry combinations this episode were not completely stylist approved. Now where can we find her a personality stylist? As you have noted above “Royalty Tourette’s” had me rolling on the floor laughing so hard that Mr. Tigre must have thought his butler was going to need a call to 911. All of you would have laughed at the look he gave me when I heard that phrase. PS: Still no sign the mysterious “Jacques Ring”. Looks like we’re going to be in for an introduction to yet another Housewife’s medical professional next week. Leave it to Lu (CSBHH) to introduce the fertility specialist to the “stars”. I wonder if it’s the one that got stiffed on RHoNJ? If I understood the promo for next week correctly. I may not have, my phone rang about that time…..

    I loved Carole’s jewelry. Even the large gold pearl dangle earrings. There was a lot of interesting hand work involved in their making and I thought the wide paneled gold bracelet looked really nice with her black dress. Both pieces looked like they were made in the gold district in Brunei. Even though Carole didn’t think her hair looked good on camera, I thought she looked regal and lovely. I think she looks great dressed casually in jeans, too. I liked the simple diamond circle lariat necklace she wore with her jeans when she went to the Occupy event. She’s not living in a delusional world of her own. She’s aware of the plight of others.

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