Isn’t That Special? – What are people raising these days?

Good Friday everyone. Popping in with a post to give an opinion on something I saw on YouTube. I’m not going to link the video, if you haven’t seen it but are interested in looking you can do a search for it. The video is a disgusting 10+ minute posting of someone’s bratty ass kids bullying a 68 year old woman, Karen Klein, a school bus monitor in Greece NY. For the entire length of time, the worthless bitch recording the video is calling this woman fat ass and a host of other things. The mob mentality of these worthless brats choose to join in asking her where she lives so they can leave her gifts. Gifts such as defecating on her or her yard, pissing on her door, you know, things of that nature that makes today’s youth so special and worthwhile.

When I was in school, there were no bus ‘monitors’. There was only the bus driver. I’m speaking of Jr High years here. Behavior even remotely resembling what is shown in that video would result in expulsion from the bus, regardless of where on the route the bus was. Can’t behave? Walk your ass to school or home. A report would then be written to the school administration that resulted in a suspension or permanent expulsion from using the bus to get to school, depending on the actual offense. In some cases, expulsion from school was also the result. I got kicked off the bus a couple times, I was no angelic kid. Sometimes I forgot myself and what I was taught and would mouth off. Then, I would have to tell my parents why I couldn’t ride the bus and needed a ride to school. God help me if I decided to lie about what had happened because in spite of my thinking I got one over on the folks, they already knew what had happened. Their answer to needing a ride to school? Walk. After I walked home, there was always something dad had waiting for me to do. You see, since I had so much time available to disrespect people, he figured he would put it to good use. The only time there was ever any corporal punishment in my house was when we lied to or disrespected the folks. Lying is disrespect so I guess you could lump the two together. My point is, there were a lot of things I didn’t do as a teen or even younger, not only because I knew they were wrong, but out of fear of what was going to happen if I did. I freely admit that and I thank my father for it. It taught me that there were usually multiple consequences to my actions. The punishment never got physical though unless I tried to lie to him about whatever I had done.

I guess I got a little off track there, back to these asshole kids. I don’t have kids, likely never will. I’m 48, single, and live with my dog. I’m good with that. When he’s gone, I’ll get another one and dub him Hound II and I’ll still be single. The two questions in my title.. First, Isn’t That Special? Someone please tell me again what makes today’s youth so special? Because if this video is an example of it, I’m not getting the message. For years now, it seems, there are no consequences for actions unless the actions are against whatever the PC group of the day is. That is, the target of such bullying having ‘awareness’ raised that it’s not okay to pick on the people. Doubt me? Replace the word Fat, with Gay or Black in that video and tell me whether these geniuses would  have had the balls to do what they did.

The second questions, What are people raising these days? That would probably be better phrased as whatever happened to Natural Selection? Today’s mentality seems to be one of as long as junior feels good about himself, whatever he does is okay. One plus one equals two unless getting it wrong upsets junior so in fact, one plus one equals three. Junior was on the team that sucked but he got the trophy anyway just so his feelings wouldn’t be hurt. When I was on the team that sucked, I had to stand there and watch as the winners got their trophies and I went home empty handed. Was I pissed about it? You bet but, that doesn’t change the fact that I was on the worse team or even perhaps, was the worse player on the team. Neither would have getting a prize for it. It seems to me that the goal of today’s society, at least in these United States, is to stroke the egos of these brats and just tell them it’s okay. Further, that doing anything less than stroking their egos is considered abuse by some, even the brats. To address my question of What are people raising these days (?), not only did these people, and I’m using that term loosely in this case, do this bullying, but they were stupid enough to record it and post it online somewhere. The complete and utter arrogance of these people to think that anyone would find that funny or cool completely blows my mind. Especially in today’s world where I’m told, I have to accept everyone for what they are rather than despise them for it. Someone forgot to tell these kids. That, or they forgot to put the knowledge, and sometimes fear, of consequences in to their mush filled heads.

Is this anything new? No it isn’t. The difference now is that instead of a small group of people witnessing it, it is put on this wonderful tool we have called the internet and it’s on blast around the world in 80 seconds. You all know me pretty well by now, I’m a cynic and a pessimist. That attitude allows me to to be surprised in a good way rather than disappointed. Hey, it works for me, your mileage may vary. I for one believe that this, attack, was planned by whoever shot the video. The camera was set up and the barrage began. The video is too steady and too low angle for it to be anything else. It was done with the sole purpose of embarrassing and harassing that woman just like the school yard bully does his/her deed while looking around to see if anyone thinks it’s cool. Another question that comes to mind is what the F was the bus driver doing letting this go on? Would he (or she) have let it continue if HE were the target? I damn sure wouldn’t.

The video ends with the bitch recording the video stating that the woman got her purse at Family Dollar but she doesn’t have a family because they all killed themselves not wanting to be around her. Just so happens, her son did kill himself 10 years ago. Really? Isn’t that special? We see throughout the video the bastard sitting behind her touching her ear. Why? I don’t know but again, replace the word fat, with gay, and tell me that wouldn’t be considered assault. Tell me that entire barrage wouldn’t be considered a ‘hate crime’.  Yet again, Someone tell me why I’m supposed to give a shit about today’s youth.

Are they all like that? Of course not. The little bit of optimist in me would rather believe these are more of an exception than a rule.

Thank you for reading through my rant. I’ll be better by tomorrow for the Saturday Special. I promise.


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  1. Donna says:

    This reminds me of an incident I was told about. Daughter comes home from school tells mother if she ever spanks her she can send her mother to jail… Mother to daughter, don’t tell me what the law is, I work in the law.

  2. Belle says:

    MTH, no apologies necessary. I LOVED the rant. I saw this story and a portion of the video on the Today Show earlier this week. It made me want to cry.

  3. Jake From State Farm says:

    I hate to say this … but most issues regarding kids acting badly are due to broken families or single parenthood. It takes a lot of work (meaning time & attention) to raise kids, that’s why you need two parents.
    The financial future of a child mirrors that of their father. So, what happens to a kid who doesn’t know his father…..?

    The lack of a father in the lives of kids leads to “no good”.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hi Jake, I wish you were around 22 years ago to tell me how being a single parent is not in my kid’s best interest. She was 2 yrs old when my husband & her father died of cancer. I should have given her up for adoption to a family with two parents, immediately. Oh well, instead I was selfish & raised her by myself. Here is the kicker….she is not pregnant, has no drug/alcohol issues, no criminal record & on her way to Law School. Whew, that was a close one. Her financial future is in peril since she never knew her fathers net worth when he died, funny it’s the one thing I never thought was her business. I can usually ignore such blatant ignorance, but your POV just chaps my ass. Thanks for showing me where I went wrong, Lisa

      • Jake From State Farm says:

        Hi Lisa, First, let me tell you how sorry I am for your family’s loss. I’m sure you are an excellent mother. I did not mean to insult you or any other fathers or mothers who raise children on their own.
        I was speaking to rather the larger culture of *accidently” creating fatherless families in the Teen Mom mold. I should have clarified that in my earlier remarks.
        My apologies.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Hi Jake, thank you for your reply. I too, am sorry. It is your POV & I should respect it. I should not have taken it so personally. My skin is usually much thicker, your post hit a nerve & I need to figure out why. I never blinked so my child & her path, good or bad, would not be blamed on coming from a single parent home. I know the stats & they are not pretty. I moved out of NYC to Pensacola Beach & I think that helped raise my childs odds for success when I became an unexpected single parent. Again, I apologize for responding so harshly. Have a great day, Lisa

      • Lisa, I don’t believe that it takes two parents to raise a child. One person is more than enough to teach a child how to be respectful, civil, kind and productive. It’s done by example, and it’s done every day. I, too, would like to think that what happened here was an aberration committed by a very small group of uncivilized misfits raised by people who have no clue as to their duties and responsibilities as parents.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Good Morning Empress, I expected my reply to be deleted & I sorta wish it was. Is there such a thing as “posters remorse”? Lol As you know, its just not my style. Thanks for the kind words, Lisa

          • Lisa, Everyone one of us has certain buttons and when pushed we sometimes push back. It looks like you and Jake have taken care of it without my intereference – just don’t let him sell you insurance, I don’t care how cute he looks in his khakis. 🙂

    • codystl says:

      I volunteer periodically at a children’s home. Troubled kids come from all types of families and backgrounds and we are not privy to those statistics in the video. Brats are raised in single parent homes and traditional homes (remember Eddie Haskell). The bottom line, whether the parent(s) give a damn about raising their kids right whether it is an inconvenience to them or not.

    • melthehound says:

      In part, I agree. I do believe that in general, kids are better off with a full set of parents. However, as pointed out, that isn’t always possible. In the case of one losing their spouse, it’s entirely possible that if she (or he) had sought out a filler for the role, that person could have turned out to be complete jerk or worse. It’s been pointed out to me, several times, on this very subject, that we can’t paint everybody with the same broad stroke brush.

  4. Kaereste says:

    MTH, I’m so glad you wrote this. Very disturbing behavior by these “little scholars” on the school bus.

  5. Lisa Renee says:

    Hi MTH, As always, you give good rant. Never apologize & please never change. I was so upset by this & your post calmed me down. You are a great writer & I love how you make your case. If my daughter & her friends are any indication, stay optimistic, we will be in good hands one day. Love & hugs to you & the Hound, Lisa

    • melthehound says:

      Basically, I’m the same person today as I was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Good and bad 😉 Glad you enjoy the posts Lisa and sorry to read that you were a single parent due to cancer taking your husband.

  6. mth, I was avoiding watching this video because I had heard how awful it was. I viewed it today in order to put it and your post into some perspective. Your vivid description of the participants and Mrs. Klein – I won’t call her a victim because I don’t think she sees herself that way – was more than accurate. There are no words suitable for print that come close to how sickened and repulsed I was.
    BTW, I know that Mrs. Klein has been more than generous in her request that these kids not be prosecuted, but they could be charged with any number of crimes – I only wish that some could be applied to their parents.

    • melthehound says:

      Didn’t mean to make you go watch it. Somehow I thought most had seen it. Words not suitable for print probably describes what I’m thinking should be done to these people and what I think of them.

  7. T-Wrecks says:

    I refused to watch that video, too. Heard enough about it beforehand not want to store it in my memory banks: had enough real-life experience with brat spawn of brat parents while N-Wrecks was going through middle school to last a lifetime. “Excuse me, but which BARN were you raised in?” was a recurring, chronic theme. And these weren’t ‘hood kids, either…I’m talking about children of real privilege…

    • melthehound says:

      I can only imagine. Since I am childless I am also for the most part free of ‘brat parents and their brat spawn’. That is, except when I go to the grocery store but that’s subject for an entirely new post.

  8. Debra says:

    I wish I knew of a way that victims could empower themselves against this type of harassment. Where are the psychologist’s who could assess the situation and tell this poor harassed woman and others in a similar situation, what she could have done to put a stop to this? I’ve been harassed by 2 gay men, my next door neighbors, for 20 yrs. I am disabled and cannot afford to move. I’ve tried being nice. They walk all over me. I try being psycho b!tch and they antagonize me all the more. Someone doesn’t not necessarily have to be heterosexual in order to be a bully. Nor a teenager. That’s the worst part. I don’t have any children either and also live alone with my 3 little dogs and cat. After seeing what I have of where society has already gone, I’m satisfied with my choice of not procreating.

    • melthehound says:

      I’m afraid that any suggestions I have would likely get you locked up.

    • Donna says:

      My neighbor and their kids thought it was funny to harass my sons and I. I took her & her husband to the local family court that settles disputes. They stepped into a big pile, conclusion: If it didn’t stop I could press charges.

  9. kerryokie says:

    What the heck, Mel? You get to have your say, but if anyone has a different take on things, you don’t print the comment? Not very sporting of you, but not surprising either.

    • melthehound says:

      I’m happy you’re not surprised Kerryokie. If you really want to discuss my views on the post I made over there, over a week ago, feel free to dig it up and I will discuss it there. Your post here seemed intended to flame and I’m not going to bring any of these feuds over here to the farm. If I have any say in the matter, my posts, I’m going to stop it when I see it. You told me over there what you thought of my attitude, I read it, noted it, moved on. As I say though, if you want to discuss something I’ve said at the Chicago site, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you there.

      • Kaereste says:

        Amen. Leave the negativity where it belongs. The Farm is sacred ground.

      • kerryokie says:

        Quite recently, in the news was the story of a journalist who rudely and disrespectfully heckled the President of the United States during a speech, so I used this example as a generalization to prove my point that we are producing a younger generation who disrespect authority because we are leading by example. Kids see such disrespect in many instances, and they imitate it. We reap what we sow. That was my point, about a topic raised here. Yes, I implied you might be being a bit hypocritical in your thinking, and if that inflamed you, my bad. I get it, you only want opinions that praise you.

        • melthehound says:

          If you want to further discuss this with me, my posting email address is 2coolmel at rolleiman dot com.

          • kerryokie says:

            Thanks, but no thanks. I understand that you prefer my comments be directed to you in a private e-mail, while those that ply you with praise are made public, but I do not agree to be shut down like that. I withdraw on my own terms; consider it done, as I do not have the tolerance for this kind of bs.

            • melthehound says:

              I considered it done over a week ago. Have it your way though if you really want an answer. Here it is.

              Poor Barack. He, a very public figure, was heckled by a journalist while making a speech. Someone let him know that he’s not enamored as lord and savior by all who cross his path. Get back to me when he’s been disrespected as much as his predecessor was at every turn, from day one. Disrespected by thousands at a time (“I thought the peace symbol had 2 fingers” – GWB), including, two former US Presidents. Get back to me when BO’s daughters are being chased around by the ‘press’ waiting for them to say or do something stupid so they can put it on blast in the 24 hour news cycle.

  10. melthehound says:

    To everyone I haven’t responded to individually, thank you for your comments.

  11. klmh says:

    I don’t know Mel about children, because I don’t have any, but when I read the story, I thought of some blogs that go after their prey with this mob like mentality.

    Its just not the kids. Those of us that have judged others when we know nothing about them just need to look in the mirror to identify the problem these kids exhibited.

    • melthehound says:

      I judge what I see. Not what I think I know. There’s a difference IMO.

      • klmh says:

        The support they received from the rest of their friends encouraged more vicious and hateful comments, not from what they knew, but from what they saw, a weak and defenseless woman.
        The point I suppose is, like you, we judge what we see. People will get hurt, especially the innocent. To judge is a part of human nature that’s difficult to rise above…

        • I read a study a while ago which spoke about the group/gang/mob mentality. The author pointed out that an individual is more likely to step forward to help someone when there is no one else available. A group is much less likely to help, believing, falsely, that someone in the crowd will.
          A group can also become a mob in an instant, given the right circumstances. A desire to belong and be accepted, together with a common enemy or target, can turn rational people into an entirely different and unrecognizable entity. Peer pressure among teens is of utmost importance, which probably explains, in part, how this incident got so out of control. The mob mentality doesn’t exist or occur only among teens, however. Maybe they just have a better excuse.
          “There is nothing more odious than the majority; it consists of a few powerful men to lead the way; of accommodating rascals and submissive weaklings; and of a mass of men who trot after them, without in the least knowing their mind.”

          JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE, The Maxims and Reflections of Goethe

          • klmh says:

            Couldn’t agree more. When you have agreement on something derisive or not, and you are a part of the majority, reason and thought cease to apply.

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