Jill Zarin

I never thought that I’d write a post about Jill Zarin.  I figured that, since she was no longer a Bravo Housewife,  she would return to her real life and enjoy the things she had without the spotlight.  It looks like I was hoping for too much.

Before and since the premiere of this season of The Real Housewives of New York City, Jill has been on some sort of campaign to convince Bravo and her fans that she is the necessary element, now missing from this franchise.  At first it seemed to be some silliness on her part – Jill being Jill, if you will.  She is famous for being infamous.  Hours were spent on Twitter, as she told anyone who was reading, about how fabulous her life was, even if that meant sharing the fact that she had spent the day in bed, watching marathon sessions of “Law & Order” reruns. For a very long time, I haven’t been able to follow her tweets since I, like many others, was blocked from entering her account.  I don’t even remember what it was that offended her, but her assistant, Maggie, saw to it that I was never to darken her Twitter door again.

Now I’m left with reading about her on other blogs, including her own.  Hers is particularly fascinating, in some dark and sad way.  She has taken to following the Bravo blog rules – that no comments will be allowed unless they include the words – like, love, adore, and we miss you and want you back.   It’s become apparent that she has shielded herself from any negative voices, preferring to live in her own delusions of what was once her percieved visions of grandeur.  I’m not totally convinced that she isn’t writing those things to herself.    She’s been caught at it before, with Amazongate and on Twitter.   When others attempted to address it, asking her to explain, her response was to block them, deny it and strike out with vicious counter attacks.

At one point, Jill’s shenanigans provided a little giggle now and then, but it doesn’t seem so funny anymore.  Tuesday, a deleted blog by Jill, from her own website, began to circulate throughout the internet.*   It rambled on and on about everything from the new cast of her former show to explaining how Patrick Duffy negotiated a raise to return to the series “Dallas”.   It wasn’t quite on the same level as The Unabomber’s Manifesto, but it was certainly enough to give one pause.   You can’t help but wonder if she is writing these things, still in bed in her pajamas, with only Ginger by her side – maybe to hit that delete key.

I know very little about psychological disorders, and, unlike Dr. Drew, I wouldn’t even venture a guess about what she is suffering from without having even met her.   What I can see is someone who, through her writings and recently erratic and embarrassing behaviors, is simply falling apart at the seams.   I’m not defending her.  I, quite frankly, don’t like her and I thought that the way she spoke and acted on the Housewives was, all too often, reprehensible.   I just think that she can’t take all of the blame or responsibility for what is happening right now.

She has told us that she and her husband, Bobby, are a loving, devoted and supportive couple.  She professes her love for her daughter, her sister and her mother, and that they return that very same love.  So, where are they right now?  Instead of explaining or excusing her behaviors, or buying her gifts and vacations to simply keep the peace, don’t they all have some duty, some sense of loyalty and kindness to help and support her right now, before she becomes completely unglued?

Bobby is her husband, her partner and supposedly, her best friend.  When you take a vow to join another in marriage, it also comes with the responsibility and duty to help your spouse through the darkest of times.  Jewelry and ocean cruises don’t do much for a person when they have fallen a little too far into the abyss.  There’s a whole group of people who have fallen down on their jobs by allowing Jill to carry on the way she has.   Family should look out for one another, and be willing to call someone out when they have gone too far.  I know that none of us really know what is going on at their apartment or within the entire family dynamic,  but it sure doesn’t look like anyone has stepped up and done the right thing – for her or for themselves.

* http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?sugexp=chrome,mod=15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=cache%3Ajillzarin.com%2F2012%2F06%2F12%2Fseason-5-week-2-reflections-and-thoughts-out-loud%2F


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  1. I’ve added the link to JZ’s deleted blog post for those of you who haven’t read it.

  2. Donna says:

    It’s sad that she can’t let go and be gracious about it. I rarely comment on her because everytime her name is typed on the internet she receives Klout, which makes her “think” people still want to see her.

    • Donna, It’s a reasonably safe bet that I wouldn’t devote another entire post to JZ, so her Klout numbers aren’t going to get much help from my end. 🙂

  3. Kæreste says:

    The Zarins need RHNJ style physical therapy.

    I find her investment in RH terribly disturbing. I don’t think gifts or vacations solve anything. Finding meaning in your life involves giving of yourself in a productive manner. This obsessing over what she has lost is completely out of proportion to real life challenges, like having cancer. Bobby should airlift her to a remote village in Africa where she can care for orphaned children. Then she should walk home and think about how she wasted so much energy on being famous.

    • “Bobby should airlift her to a remote village in Africa where she can care for orphaned children. Then she should walk home and think about how she wasted so much energy on being famous.” That’s one option. Alls (I borrowed that from LuAnn, because she’s a Countess and speaks French and has class) I know is that she’s been standing on that same street corner, pushing the “Walk” button and it just isn’t going to change.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Empress, thank you thank you so much for helping me keep my sanity. My mom was a stickler for grammer & I thought I was losing my mind everytime LuMann started a sentence with “Alls I know…”! Her grammer is a dead giveaway that money can’t buy you class or help you speak english properly. I do not present myself as a know it all whose life mission is to educate the masses on how to behave\speak like LuMann does. If she didn’t I would never rag on someone who used poor grammer. Her haughty bougey boney ass earned it since she wrote a book on class. I am with Anderson Cooper, the only time you should use the word class is if you are a teacher. Have a great day, thanks for ALLS you do, Lisa

        • Lisa,
          I think Noel may be getting an email from Lulu’s English teacher any day now. “Alls” is just the tip of the iceberg regarding her version of the language.

  4. melthehound says:

    It isn’t even fun to snark on this character anymore. She’s just sad. SAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

    • Today’s deleted blog bore some creepy similarity to Charlie Sheen’s “Winning” tour – with better teeth and without the hookers, of course.

      • melthehound says:

        😀 . Yes it did. One would think she would learn but as I said somewhere a couple days ago, the definition of stupid is repeating exact behavior expecting different results.

    • klmh says:

      Could not agree more MTH. She is just a sad sack. Hope she find a meaning to her life.

      • melthehound says:

        I’m trying hard not to pick on her simple mind, I really am. Apparently, she’s put the blog back up. She just makes it so, simple.

        • The fact that she decided it was alright to put it back up speaks volumes. Add in her not so subtle hints that she KNOWS things about her former castmates, “Since I know the REAL truth” – as if she has her finger on the pin of a hand grenade – well, some of them might want to look into the possibility of restraining orders.

  5. Jill makes me think of this song (She’s come Undun). Enjoy. It’s groovy.

  6. FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

    Empress, great blog, Baroness you found the perfect song. Zarina v5.0 is the same as v1.0-4.0. there is only a slight change in templates. Purchasing an item of jewelry once belonging to Elizabeth Taylor doesn’t make you Elizabeth Taylor.

    • As Norma Desmond said “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.” Sad, really. Hope you and yours are doing well, FLG (Mr. Tigre’s Butler).

      • FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

        I’m getting better now Baroness. Hubs is fine and Mr. Tigre, although approaching 20 years old is doing well enough to complain that I am too slow about preparing and delivering his dinner. In my next life, I want to come back as a well cared for, de-clawed, neutered house cat. I will even hand the vet the #12 scalpel. LOL, I know I need to be careful what I wish for……..

  7. Bravo doesn’t get a free pass on this, either. They hire a bunch of “quirky” people, reward them for ramping up the drama, then fire them without a second thought. Back in February, I wrote a post about Dr. Richard Levak who is the leading expert on reality TV “personalities”. He was very clear about how participants should be chosen and how they should be handled once they had left their respective programs. He also spoke about those who had committed suicide after their time in the spotlight was over. Bravo might want to consider bringing Dr. Levak out of retirement. Andy Cohen can bitch all he wants about JZ in his book, but he and his bosses were aware of problems among more than one of the women from NY, covered them up and brought them back for another season.

    • FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

      Loud Applause! The exit strategy for cast members should be more important than their entry strategy. It should be contractually obliged. Could this be why Bravo is so blatant this season showing (using) Teresa and her family as being “old school” and not believing in the benefits of psychotherapy? Is that why Teresa has continually used the phrase physical therapy? Was she instructed to do this?

      • I couldn’t begin to understand or explain why Bravo chooses to do what they do with their casts or storylines, which is probably a good thing for my sake. I just hope that all of their hijinks come back and bite them in their very manipulative asses someday.

        • nomoredrama (formerly housewifeaddict) says:

          I feel like they made the cast changes for NY in the aftermath of Russell’s suicide. I hope that they provide support to their former cast members – as the ladies transition to “real” life. Jill clearly needs help. Taylor will as well when she is set adrift. These ladies probably feel that Bravo owes them after they bare their souls to the world.

  8. Kæreste says:

    There is an air of … deposed and exiled “Presidente for Life” in JZ’s pronouncements. I picture her rattling around her compound in Miami still wearing her white dress uniform festooned with medals and gimcrack …

  9. Michelle says:

    And does your family try to stop you from putting hateful words on the Internet?
    Perhaps you yourself suffer from a psychological condition — delusions of grandeur — that you feel you have the authority to comment on other people and even judge their families?!
    Freedom of speech, huh? And that’s exactly why Jill can post whatever the hell she wants online as well. Don’t like what she has to say? Then don’t stalk her blog/tweets — it’s as simple as that.

    • I see nothing hateful in what I wrote, but I am glad that you have found a way to vent your own rage.
      I would just like to add that I have never allowed or engaged in ad hominem attacks by or about anyone who offers an honest opinion on this blog. That includes attacks against me. The phrase “ad hominem” is defined as follows:
      1 : appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect
      2 : marked by or being an attack on an opponent’s character rather than by an answer to the contentions made

      I think that the comment made above falls under both parts of this definition. While I invite comments, keeping them above the belt is a simple request and requirement.

    • melthehound says:

      She sure can. Just like everyone else. Just like everyone else, also, she should be prepared for what gets said about what she (JZ) writes. Nice of you to point out though that while JZ can write what she wants, no one else can.

      It’s, as, simple, as, that. 😉

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    I made the dear friend part up. I just like to think he is.

  11. FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

    Empress, one thing that I happened to remember and the dates seem to support my memory, is that Patrick Duffy’s parents (both of them) were murdered in the Montana bar that they owned and operated. I believe that was the main reason for Mr. Duffy not appearing in Dallas that season. It wasn’t about his salary. They may well have paid him more money to entice him to return (I have no knowledge one way or the other about his finances) but the loss of his parents must have played an important role in his failure to appear during the “the dream” season.

  12. thedesigndiva2 says:

    I actually have a slight bit of compassion for JZ. For 4 years she intensely lived and breathed for that HWS show..what a shame…then at her own hand she lost it all. Maybe she believes at this point in her life, this is all a dream, and why she alludes to Bobby Ewing ?? WHo knows..Hopefully her family members will recognize that she is close to the edge and offer some real help to her. I still can hear Mom’s words….But for the Grace of God…

    Hugs and Peace

  13. Diva says:

    Empress..hope you dont mind..I didnt know where to post this…so I picked HERE !!!!

    EXCERPT FROM THE ARTICLE…. I wonder if KIM is getting a new show now ??
    At Bravo, for example, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” a show about the Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe, received its highest ratings last season for the episode in which Ms. Zoe gave birth, according to Shari Levine, senior vice president of production for Bravo. The station is working on a new show with Kim Zolciak, a “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member, who recently
    married and is pregnant for the second time with her new husband


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