The Real Housewives of New York City – Say What You Mean, Just Don’t Say It Mean

Poor Sonja got hit by Hurricane Irene and then a poor contractor got hit by Hurricane Sonja.  Her townhouse is leaking like a sieve, there is water damage everywhere, and Sonja is seductively adjusting her skinny jeans and demonstrating how the weight of her assistant’s breasts cause her to roll off of a daybed and onto the floor.  Maybe she was hoping that the guy was going to give her a reduced price for the repairs, you, know, as a quid pro quo for her lusty performance.  Whatever it was that she was selling, he wasn’t buying.

LuAnn and Ramona held some type of meeting on a park bench, trying to iron out the details of their a very tenuous peace accord.   LuAnn was still trying to get Ramona to say that she was sorry for calling her a weekend mother.  She had to go it alone against Ramona, having failed to rally supporters to defend her.  Maybe the others were not quite as convinced as the Countess that there was really an extortion or blackmail attempt made.  It makes you wonder if LuAnn really believes or even hears what’s coming out of her own mouth, bypassing her brain and whatever common sense she has.   The success of their meeting is yet to be determined.  Ramona has also shared a handshake and an agreement with Aviva, with the two of them promising not to be mean and to tell each other if there is a problem before running to the others.  The success of their meeting is also undetermined.

Through the magic of Bravo’s editing, LuAnn was actually filmed discussing some issues regarding her son, Noel’s, schoolwork.  The young man is having difficulties passing French class.  C’est impossible!  Everyone in his family speaks French – Mom, Dad, his grandparents, even Jacques.   Then I realized that they aren’t around that much to speak to him.  Dad is on a world-wide tour, looking for the newer, prettier Countess, and LuAnn is with Jacques being that thing Ramona said but that we can’t talk about – she’d be calling us, looking for another apology.

Heather had some very personal and very sweet moments during this episode.  She and her sister spent time looking through old photographs of and reading some poetry by their father, who had recently passed away.   The two women then held a gathering for their friends and family, honoring their Dad.  He had told them that he didn’t want a funereal type of service when he died, and they held this celebration in a way that he probably would have been more happy about.   It was an unusually tender scene, very un-Bravo like, and I liked that they shared it with us.

I’ve saved Carole for last.  She is certainly redefining her place in the world from that of widow to a funny and fun-loving single woman.  She’s dating a musician by the name of Russ Irwin, who has written and produced songs for Foreigner, Meat Loaf and Clay Aiken, and has also toured with Bryan Adams, Sting and, most recently, Aerosmith.   Her style of dating, one which does not really meet with Aviva’s approval, is loose, relaxed and slightly bohemian.  She likes the feeling of missing someone and being missed, something which fits perfectly with Irwin’s time away on tour.   They can date others if they want and neither one is bothered by jealousy.   The scenes of the two of them, cruising the streets of New York City, in a convertible while singing along with the music from the CD player, showed how comfortable they are together – good friends having a good time.

One more thing, she told Aviva that she would like to hear Ramona’s side of the story regarding LuAnn, before coming to any conclusions.    I don’t think we’ve heard that before from any Housewives.   Not blindly relying on rumors and jumping pell-mell onto a team – sounds good to me.


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9 Responses to The Real Housewives of New York City – Say What You Mean, Just Don’t Say It Mean

  1. Diva says:

    Well bored as usual during the early a.m. hours and unable to fall asleep..i flipped the channels and watched NY HWS….
    They are ALL full of shit !!! For the life of me I just dont understand how these people would actually sell their souls to have this stuff shown for all the world to see….WTF !! Thank God none of these series are MUST SEE TV FOR ME…. With all the things going on in the world around them this the best they can talk about ..EACH OTHER.. !!!!
    Clowntess Lugman had to be the biggest ass last night… Some of her comments regarding her son were outrageous.. I’ll bet you dollar to donuts when ZACKS sees this he will be “rethinking” his relationship with her for sure..I know if I was a dude..I would be…and to think she wants to have another jackpot..err I mean kid…j u s t n o t s e e i n g i t ….
    SUNYA… she’s just ….welll….. a NY SLUT… face it… such a wonderful role model for her daughter….I think I am beginning to see the bigger picture of why she is DIVORCED !!!! I wonder if she has H/O insurance on that place ??? why would she want Bravo to film the damage to her townhouse from Irene ?? And was that “day bed ” in her bedroom ?? and if so..why would she have an intern sleeping in her room ???
    I really think SUNYA is STUPID !!! or lacking a whole lot a brain cells… must be a HWS disease…job hazards ????

    The new gals… cant take a cotton to any of them…something just not right…I’ll figure out in a few episodes…then I’ll let you know….

    Hugs and Peace

  2. Kæreste says:

    I’m getting a headache trying to merge Sonja, Ramona and LuAnn with the new ladies. Do they actually live in the same city? I don’t think they should be on tv together, it’s like universes colliding.
    While I believe in recycling, I don’t necessarily enjoy it on my tv programs.
    Sonja, is still rubbing against walls with her “Come Up and See Me Sometime” schtick. Ramona is still rude at a party and then perfectly reasonable at lunch. LuAnn still briskly strides around setting off IED’s for Ramona and they still detonate as suicide bombs.
    Didn’t LuAnn learn anything from “Countless”? She’s starting to remind me of Wiley E Coyote to Ramona’s Road Runner.

    The new ladies I really enjoy.
    The protestant born Heather, I have concluded is more jewish in her voice & social behavior than her son-of-a-rabbi husband. She is the perfect replacement for JZ. She slightly irritates people, she is more successful than JZ and she has a motor mouth to match Ramona’s.
    Aviva has ascended to the alpha dog position. She is a commanding presence if I have ever seen one. I love it that judgmental LuAnn has shagged Aviva’s slut of an ex-husband, while Lu claimed to Aviva she only had a cup of coffee with him.

    Of course Carole has already stolen our hearts with her great humor, tragic back story and serene temperament.

    Mixing them together … I wonder if I will like them. These two groups don’t feel like they belong together. Sort of like your high school friends and your work friends should never mix.

  3. Kæreste says:

    I just noticed that the only RHNY that Carole follows on twitter is …. Ramona!

    • Isn’t that interesting? Now all we have to do is figure out if that’s interesting in a good way or a bad way.
      Somehow, I don’t think that Carole does things without some good reason.

  4. FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

    Due to the combination of old and new cast members, there may be quite a “contest” to see who if anyone will be the new “star” of the show. I am interested in seeing the different approach each woman takes and how this will show who is and isn’t competitive in this regard? I think that may be why LuAnn Countess Squash Blossom High Horse was so quick to come out of the gate swinging this season. She’s pawing at straws for a story line and I don’t think the “menopause baby” routine is going to work for her. It’s not hardly an original idea, Ramona did that last season. Original ideas aren’t LCSBHH”s strong point and the Judith Leiber inspired baseball-sized evil eye pendant she wore to the showdown in Central Park is the most tasteful piece of jewelry I’ve seen her wear to date. I preferred Aviva’s David Webb-esque bracelet that Aviva wore to dinner with the Schindlers. It demonstrated that it is possible for large chunky pieces of jewelry to be tasteful.
    Jacques is a better cast member than LCSBHH. He has a much better sense of humor and can be funny! LCSBHH has now pulled out all of her weapons in this new season’s rise to the top. I think she has shown all of her cards too soon. I don’t think she had a chance of rising to the top anyway. She’s skim milk compared to the others being whole milk and heavy whipping cream.
    I think being the breakout star was the real rift between Bethenny and Zarina Jill. Jill felt ENTITLED to be the “IT GIRL” (taking Mother’s NOT Happy and Sis along for the ride) then it all blew up in Zarina’s face. Bethenny wanted to make the most of the opportunity (and did), but Zarina was willing to slit throats (taking the LAZY approach) for it and declared war on Bethenny when it became obvious that Bethenny was the clear fan favorite.
    IMHO, Carole’s new Bravo blog this week is as wonderful as the first one. I am intrigued by that gal. I am curious to see how all of this takes shape and form.
    Zarina continues rallying her troops from the sidelines attempting to re-enter the RHONY stage door. If she can’t re-enter, she wants to make sure she can say “I told you so”. She’s keeping tabs on the ratings and doing her own drive by shootings.

    • Again, my thanks for your always entertaining POVs regarding the bejewled ones. Jacques did have some very funny one liners in that little “let’s watch LuAnn pretend to be concerned about her son’s grades” moment. It’s just a shame his good nature and youth are being wasted on Lulu.

      • FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

        He does appear to be a genuinely nice guy. I guess opposites do still attract……LOL.

        • FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

          I would love to know if “the concerned mother lecture” was delivered to Noel on Saturday or Sunday morning???? I noticed a box of Special K cereal on the kitchen cabinet in the background and there was no apparent rush to get him off to start a school day. It must have been on a “mother’s helper’s” day off.

  5. FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

    Correction: It’s not an original idea…..

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