Bethenny Ever After – Fair Thee Well Heeled

Tonight is the season finale of Bethenny Ever After, and, from all reports, the final season.  I think that this is the absolutely perfect decision for this woman and her family.  Between her time on The Real Houseives of New York and her own reality show, Bethenny has  accomplished what she set out to do.   Her life is where she and her husband want it to be, and her family, from what I’ve seen and read, is soon to welcome a fourth member.

I don’t know how much more I could have written about Bethenny and her journey through life.  I offered some of my viewpoints and opinions when I wrote my post at the beginning of this Season.  Once in a while I would write about what I was watching and my perspective on events.  I’ve talked about her marriage, her upbringing and her business ventures.   I really don’t have much more to say.

Whatever we’ve read or seen or talked about is based on what someone has reported – whether it actually based on fact or not is a whole other matter –  what Bethenny’s own PR machine wants us to know, or our own speculation.  In the last week or so, the rumor mills have had Bethenny and her husband in the offices of divorce attorneys, only to turn around and post pictures of her which, from all appearances, sure look like she has a baby bump to me.   With that kind of wild and disparate information, it makes me wonder how any of us can formulate any opinions at all about the Hoppys.

It’s an odd and diffcult thing to do – to try to understand someone else’s family, and especially someone else’s marriage.   We really don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, among members of a family.  We’ve all seen news reporters interview neighbors of people who have been charged with horrible crimes where the neighbors, all too often, state that they never saw a problem with anyone at the other’s house.  I’d go so far as to say that most of us never really knew our own parents’ marriages, even when we lived under the same roof.  They had their own secrets and lives, separate from ours, that belonged to only the two of them.

I’m writing this before the finale airs.  It’s set to record and I’ll watch it at some later date.   I don’t mind if you want to comment on it, if and when you watch it.  I promise you, you’re not spoiling anything for me.  I’ll just leave it at this.  I hope that Jason and Bethenny live long and happily married lives.  I hope that they get to see Bryn, and her new baby brother or sister get married, have children of their own with a couple of loving grandparents.   I think they can do it because I think they love each other enough to make it through all of the things it takes to stay together.    There’s nothing I can offer in the way of proof, it’s just something I would like to see happen.  There has to be something  very right in that marriage, though.  It’s written all over Bryn’s face.  Even Bravo isn’t that good at editing.


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  1. Kæreste says:

    I may be the only poster on earth that doesn’t hate Bethenny and doesn’t believe her marriage will break up soon. If the roles were reversed no one would say Jason should slow down just when his career was exploding.
    They are a complicated couple with complex problems. She could have elected to avoid broadcasting their personal conflicts – but she chose to display them. Somewhere there is message from her to us. Beware what you wish for.

    I am a very private person. I would never film my life for tv, neither would I be a liquor or talk show celebrity.

    Good luck to the entire Hoppy/Frankel dynasty.

    • Hi, K,
      Re: the role reversal. Bethenny is ambitious, driven, focused and decisive – just like a man would be in business. Maybe that’s a little disconcerting to some people, and that’s why the criticism. I happen to admire her for those very things. When she is with her family, especially with her daughter, she is every bit a woman and mom.
      She may have a prickly exterior, but I think she’s got something very soft and tender inside.

  2. Diva says:

    I watched the finale LATE last night… Hatfield & McCoys came first..
    I dont HATE B… I dont mind that she is a driven WOMAN trying to cram it all in… I just dont care how she gets from point A to B during the process.. She needs to remember that there are TWO OTHER people in her life right now….and she needs to get over her “childhood” issues… until then she will never really enjoy the fruits of her labor…Those “memories” will alwyas remain in her brain and cause her conflict…For B, when things start to go haywire..she refers BACK and makes the cause of the situation about her “childhood”… GET OVER IT B…. LIVE LIFE FULL BORE AHEAD…..
    I dont do daytime talk not really vested in how she does on that circuit..personally I think she needs to slow down and quit looking for validation at every turn… The day will come when her daughter will utter those words to her… MOM …what about me ???


    • I haven’t watched BEA yet, but, yep, being stuck in her past will make a difference in how her future unfolds. I don’t know if she’ll ever stop looking for validation, though. I don’t know who she’s tryng to prove herself to – those who rejected her or herself.

      • Diva says:

        I think the validation is a combo of all things… B’s life today is a version of her mothers life back when… cept that B has replaced MEN with WORKING.. I think she is realizing she really is her mothers daughter….. and she KNOWS IT..
        I thought it was weird that they FILMED most of this episode earlier this year…. and why did they feel it necessary for Julie in her TH to mention about the nice BONUS B gave her ?? GEE… did they read blog comments and they reshoot her TH for the finale ??? hmmm

    • I just watched it. I like the closet. Hubby would like the TV. It’s a little on the sterile side for me, but to each his own. I did get a kick out of Bryn “christening” the place. A toddler and a new baby – there’s going to be a lot more of that I think.

  3. Off topic, but RealityTea has a story about Jenni Pulos’ wedding on Saturday:
    Good for Jenni! 😀

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