FauxAlity Wednesday – Feuding Feudersons

Good Evening folks. I thought I’d drop another Wednesday blog on you, probably one of the final ones. I’d rather do these types of things on Saturday when I’m a little more relaxed anyway. Several shows end their season this week. Hardcore Pawn, American Chopper, I think South Beach Tow ends its’ season this week and many others (including Revenge, tonight). The winner of American Idol will be chosen tonight and I’ll write about that tomorrow or Friday. We’ll see how the days go.

A lot of the reality shows, or at least the ones I watch, are centered around bickering or all out hate for one another within the casts. Often, these days, this bickering and feuding is within the family featured on the show. On Hardcore Pawn, we’ve had the Seth vs Ashley feud since day one of the show it seems. It’s normal for siblings to rival, my sister and I did. I never called my sister a bitch however as I’ve seen some of these other brothers do. Seth and Ashley each think they know it all and the other disagrees. Fine. They each lie in wait as if waiting to pounce on the other as soon as something happens that proves the other wrong. As long as these two work together, especially on camera, it’s always going to be that way too. However, I’ve NEVER seen one let an outsider jump on the other. That is, with them it appears, I can jump on her all day long but don’t you ever do it. I choose not to work with my sister because we would probably be at each other’s throats just like they are. However, it would be the same in that, don’t ever come after my sister.

Those watching American Chopper have for the last 10 years seen father and son butt heads. Usually all over trivial BS. Bottom line with them is this. One doesn’t like to be told what to do and the other can’t stand that his son won’t do what he’s told. So it’s better that they don’t work together. About three and a half years ago, that’s exactly what happened. The reality fight to end all reality fights. Or did it Start them? We saw a father and son part ways over what probably began as some trivial thing but was the straw breaking the camel’s back from years of bickering back and fourth. Sr sued Jr for his 20% share of the OCC business and Jr sued Sr for trying to tell him that the business was worth zero dollars. We watched as Jr tried to start his own shop and as his father tried to put up roadblocks. We saw Sr launch a ridiculous looking likeness of his son off of a ramp. We’ve seen several other childish pranks from Sr that in themselves are probably harmless. In the context of all that was going on however, they weren’t. Not to Jr and not to Mikey. What we didn’t see though, was retaliation. Jr just went on about his business, got married, opened his own place and by all appearances, has turned it into a success. Did he take from his father’s resource pool to do so? Likely. How many companies are there out there that can provide a CNC waterjet machine after all?

Mikey has left the building. He’s quit the show. He feels that the only way to ever have fences mended between he and his father is if one or both of them is no longer doing the show. So he’s chosen to be the one that leaves. I really do believe that his reason for leaving the show is that simple. I wish him the best of luck with the other irons he has in the fires and with his father.

My point of discussing these two shows on this particular blog is this. We’ve not seen any of the bystanders get involved in the family fights. While they may listen and may even comment, I’ve not seen a single person inject themselves into it. In both of these cases, the bystanders, typically employees, cannot easily leave, they need their day jobs. I know in the case of Hardcore Pawn, the people we see on screen do in fact work at American Jewelery and Loan, I saw some of them there on a day when the cameras were not. I suspect the same is true with American Chopper. Aside from an occasional pot shot in response to something that has happened, the bystanders remain fairly neutral and do their best to stay out of these family squabbles.

I think you can grasp where I’m going with this family fight type thing. Seth and Ashley have probably been fighting since the day the youngest one learned how to crawl and dared to touch one of the other’s toys. Paul Sr, by his own admission, was basically an absentee, alcoholic, dad. Now in the last several years, he’s trying to have a normal relationship with his kids. Not going to happen I’m afraid so he’s going to have to figure out how to be a dad after not having been one. They are just going to have to agree to move along to get along.

Over in NJ on that other network however, we see a brother and sister feud that boggles my mind at times. Not that they argue but what the bystanders are doing here. Whatever is going on between Teresa and her brother started long before RHONJ. I actually think it started between the two Joes but that’s fodder for another discussion. I think Teresa made her first mistake, on this show, regarding her brother, in confiding in her ‘friends’, the bystanders. In part, I blame her for bringing in these bystanders. It’s an animal that she quickly lost control of however in that, none of these people seem to have ever left the playground at elementary school. I firmly believe that many of these fights are fueled by the ‘bystanders’. I’ve seen time and time again where I believe that what did happen would not have happened if it weren’t for these bystanders. What really boggles my mind about it though is that JoGo allows others to bash his sister. Remember what I said above. I’ll jump on her all day long but don’t you ever do it. That, for me, puts a whole other dynamic on it and is why, I blame him more than Teresa for continuing whatever this fight is about (which I don’t think either one of them could actually tell us it was about BTW). I think he and his wife came on to this show, in part, to participate in and publicize this family fight. I can’t draw any other conclusion because of the fact that, he allows these people to trash his sister and he does so because they’ve seemingly chosen his side. By his side, I mean he and his wife and all that comes with them. He’s done so in the name of fame. One of the first phrases we heard out of his mouth was “you’re garbage”. I don’t know about Your brothers but if I heard people talking about my sister the way these people do Teresa, they would be crawling on the ground looking for their broken teeth with a mouth full of bloody stumps. Just as many say that Teresa could put a stop to all this nonsense, So could he. Both of them need to slap muzzles and shock collars on these bystanders. That would be a tremendous start in putting an end to all the bickering between them. Of course as long as the common thread between them is a ‘reality’ show, that won’t ever happen. Mikey, has left the building. Of course for our perception of what’s going on, I blame the biggest bystander of all. Bravo and Andy “the hyena bitch” Cohen.

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  1. thedesigndiva2 says:

    MTH.. was enjoying reading this post up until the end… and the NJ crap… I am SO over reading about them all over the blogashpere…. Time for Bravo to shut it down.. No spin offs either…. Just cut them all LOOSE and call it a day…. I dont care to see ANY OF THEM gracing the tv airwaves… I am sick of HWS….. and all the crap associated with them….

  2. mth,
    This is an unexpected and nice surprise. I’ve only seen American Chopper on a hit and miss basis, so I can’t really comment on the years of feuding. Ten years is a hell of a long time to be on television and I’m sure that the back story explains a lot as to how things got so bad. I’m curious, however, as to why you think Paul Sr. and his family can’t repair their relationship. If it is as bad as what has been going on between Teresa and her brother, then it’s a real possibility that their fates are sealed.
    It’s interesting that at least one of the Teutels – Mikey – chose his family over television.
    If only the Gorgas & the Giuduces could follow his example.
    ITA – letting outsiders into family squabbles doesn’t help at all. It shouldn’t even be a consideration. My siblings and I may have our own little spats, but heaven help anyone else who dares to interject themselves into them. 😉

    • melthehound says:

      It’s actually pretty simple I think. The two, Sr and Jr, are exactly alike. On the show, Sr would never accept nonsense of any sort in the shop. He expected his son, Paul Jr, to play by his rules just as the other employees did. At first, they just argued about designs on the bikes but it later grew into Sr’s disgust with his son’s apparent attitude. He would come in late, take two hour lunch breaks, and they were always against a crunch deadline for these theme bikes. Sr wasn’t very hands on with the project bikes in the beginning so he basically played the role of manager. He would come out at random times and nitpick about something, including Paulie not respecting the time clock, and the fight would be on. Throughout the years, Sr began to see Jr more and more as a primadonna in the way he was acting and the more of it he saw, the shorter his patience grew. So the slightest little thing would set him off. I always thought Sr would die, right there on set, as he blew a gasket. Sr would confront Jr with something, Jr, instead of saying yeah you’re right (because in many cases, he was), would argue the point. Even if Jr did say, yes, you’re right, it often still wasn’t enough to shut his father up about it. It was never in itself anything major beyond a level of respect (as I saw it). Sr always wanted to drive home the point and so did Jr. Neither would shut up until one just walked away. Imagine working in an environment like that. It’s one of the reasons, Vinnie left OCC and the show.

      There are a couple of the seasons I didn’t see, including the one with the infamous fight. I had to go back and find that one to catch up myself so I don’t know what actually started the infamous fight. At the time though, Jr was trying to help his girlfriend or fiance, start her own boutique business and he was spending a lot of time at that. I’m sure Jr came in late one day and as usual, it set Sr off. The rest is Sr/Jr feud history.

      Mikey, was originally brought on to the show to provide levity. Sr often said the only reason Mikey was there was to make him laugh. Over the years, Sr tried to give him different jobs but Mikey always seemed more interested in sleeping on the couch. So when Jr left, Sr showed Mikey the door too.

      I think Sr’s relationship with his sons, has always been primarily a working one. The reason I say they will never change this relationship, is this past Monday’s episode. When they had their meeting, as well intentioned as it was, I saw the old Sr vs Jr bickering on the verge of beginning. It was the same old well, this is what I heard, and what I think you should have said, and a whole lot of that going on. Each one trying to prove the other wrong. The two will never see eye to eye on anything even though, as many times before, they are both saying the same things. That is, other than the notion that they should probably keep their conversations limited to the weather, I think the best thing for this family, just like some of these other families, would be to stop doing television all together.

      • That makes it a little clearer. Like a lot of families, it’s the SSDD arguments, misunderstandings or hurt feelings, etc. that go on and on without anyone conceding anything or giving up the winners and losers mentality.
        “I think the best thing for this family, just like some of these other families, would be to stop doing television all together.” Yep.

        • melthehound says:

          I think that is what is going on. Unlike the bravo shows, not everything is out there in the open for the viewer. All I’ve ever gotten from observing is an outline of what was going on. So a lot of what I say about it is opinion based on the show. He has another son as well as a daughter, I think.

      • Kæreste says:

        MTH I appreciate your POV on the Chopper and NJ gangs. I personally can’t watch families behave as they do. I wished I had a large family but I do not. These warring people on our tv’s are wasting a gift.

        • melthehound says:

          As far as my branch of my family tree is concerned, it’s just me, my sister, her kids, and their kids. Not a large family here either, I agree, they are wasting a gift, and I probably could have summed 90% of my blog with that one statement. 😀

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