The Real Housewives of Orange County – Scream Therapy

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so full of crap as Brooks Ayers is.  Well, maybe a used car salesman, who is trying to sell a car, claiming it’s in perfect condition but it was actually recovered from a flooded street in New Orleans, two months after Hurricane Katrina.  You know, “Sure darlin’, just a little water damage.  It’ll be okay, as long as you don’t use the brake, or go over 14 miles per hour, or mind that the trunk is full of mud.”  I’ll bet he’s even got a greeting card for that.   That’s what he sounded like to me as he assured his sweet Miss Vicki that everything was going to be just fine between her and her daughter.

That must have been just what our little insurance mogul wanted to hear.  It seemed to inspire her in some way, and Vicki’s imagination and excuses were off and running.  Nope, it couldn’t possibly be all about her relationship with Brooks.  Brianna must be mad at her biological Dad – oh, and Donn.   Vicki was very happy with the way she took that responsibility right off of her own shoulders and placed it where it belonged – on those bad men.  It doesn’t matter that Brianna loves Donn, Vicki knows the truth and now she’s told us – so there.

Heather and her friend Dina met up to discuss their fabulous careers in Hollywood, and whether Heather should legally change her name to Dubrow, which, she feels would be the end of her acting career.  She and Dina discuss the good old days, when they were in full bloom, starring in things like “Men Behaving Badly” with Rob Schneider, which ran for one year.  They mentioned IMDb, so I swung on over there to see what happened to this major hit and what roles the two women had.   I checked the list of cast members, each and every name.  I found Dina (Spybey) Waters – no sign of Heather, not as a regular, anyway.  She did have a role as a guest actress in one episode, but that’s it.  Not that she hasn’t had returning roles on other series, because she has, but those have lasted only slightly longer than the Schneider gig.   Maybe those 17 hour days she was talking about happened while she was at Disneyland, singing and dancing at the Country Bear Jamboree, or wherever she was wearing that costume and wig.

Heather finally decided that she will change her name to Dubrow as a gift to her husband, and he will be happy because she is a great catch, just ask her.  The two women also agree that not only are they to old to play Harrison Ford’s wife, they aren’t young enough to be Harrison Ford’s wife, even in real life – someone should tell him and the very ancient Calista Flockhart, because they must be doing something wrong.  By the way, Dr. Terry was very happy and very moved by his wife’s gesture, which turned out to be the only nice moment of the entire episode.

Gretchen and Slade are still at odds in their relationship over his failure to meet his financial commitments to his son.   He’s been promising for three years to do something about it.  The doing something part seems to have come out of Gretchen’s checkbook, and she’s finally figuring out that maybe Slade is having the time of his life without even lifting a finger.  They went to talk to a therapist, but I’m not holding out much hope that Coto de Caza’s resident bum is going to change very much.  So far, it’s worked pretty well for him – new housewife every couple of years, same excuses.

Tamra was just annoying.  Okay, she’s always annoying.  She wants to open a fitness studio and gets some advice from some epeople who have already done it.  Then she auditioned some fitness trainers who must know Tamra, because at least one of them gave her a lap dance.  She and Bravo saved her finest moments for those she spent with Alexis, however.   To be honest, I don’t really care for Alexis.  She just seems a little off to me, like she’s been staring at the sun too long or something.   I have some thoughts about her marriage, which also seems a little off, but I guess it’s true – there is someone for everyone – so there is an Alexis for Jim and all is right in their world and Costa Rica is in Mexico.

Tamra wants to use Alexis to take out her own frustrations and insecurities, I think.  Let’s face it, Alexis may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but that doesn’t matter much with this group of women.  No, what bothers Tamra is that Alexis is younger and prettier – that’s all.  Tamra stated her fears to Eddie about getting older, and losing him to younger, hotter women, and in her eyes, everyone under 40 is a threat.   Using Dr. Terry’s unflattering and insulting comments about Alexis to defend her own jealousy was pretty stupid and immature, too.  It wasn’t enough to tell Alexis that she was  a snob and a phony.  Tamra had to reach down, pull out her worst junior high school self, and tell her that yep, everybody hates you and nobody wants to be around you.  I guess there were no puppies around for her to kick.


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  1. Dannielle says:

    Heather was talking about her series called Thats Life she and Jenny McCarthy were on the series together now not saying she’s a star by any means and that was her only series that she was the star in lol but that’s what she ment when she said 17 hr days on set all the time. I think it was only 1 maybe 2 seasons long

    • That could very well be. I did look at Heather’s acting roles and history and nothing seemed to last more than a year or two. Dina seems to have had steadier work. Thanks for the info. 🙂

    • nohausfrau says:

      There were 22 episodes. I remember her in a couple of her roles and she wasn’t a bad actress.

    • LuvMyGals says:

      Let’s face it. It’s very hard for any woman to say goodbye to her career for family. I think Heather may see her career as more than it is, because it was her life dream. And she is facing “getting older” – I guess in OC it hits you sooner.

  2. melthehound says:

    New New Jersey or New Jersey West. Take your pick. Based alone on what I’ve read, I cannot watch RHOC. I tried at the beginning of the season and just couldn’t invest myself into another franchise of garbage TV. I’ll leave it to those who enjoy watching to really discuss it though.

    • From the previews, it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better. A planned “girls’ trip” to Costa Rica, with Alexis as the group’s target of ridicule, may end up about as pretty as Scary Island.

      • nohausfrau says:

        This one bothers me a lot more than scary island. I think the bullying on scary isle was mostly in Kelly’s troubled mind. From the previews, it looks like a true junior high put down session in Costa Rico. Alexis acts sometimes like a pretentious twit but she doesn’t deserve to be ganged up.

        • ITA about the treatment of Alexis. Bravo has gotten into a very bad pattern with this mob mentality on all of the franchises and there is no way it could be called entertainment.

        • dsc60 says:

          Kelly was the bully on Scary Island… not the bullee.

  3. jakefromstatefarm says:

    Too bad we don’t carry insurance for the victims of opportunists or bullies.

  4. LuvMyGals says:

    Right on target about Tamra – old in OC shock. Tamra is the ignorant one if she thinks her behavior is in any way appropriate. I find it so hard to believe someone can be so shallow, vile, and despicable – this has to be a script. If it’s not, like Vicki, she will pay. Alexis truly truly loves her family and is a good mother. She’s not trash talking her husband all through the show and having sex with guys in the bathtub for her kids to see on TV. She is working hard to create something of worth. She is a good deserving person. And lucky her she was born beautiful.

  5. thedesigndiva2 says:

    So I am confused about Heather… When she signed the DL that was the FIRST time she ever signed a document using the last name of DUBROW… So..what name is on the mortgage papers..Income tax returns …kids birth certificates…marriage license when it was filed at the Court House after the ceremony ???? and I noticed the DMV office never asked to see her marriage license ??? WTF…. Something off there for sure….

    sketchy gretch…. So what does she have up her sleeve ??? Slade will always have Child Support Issues till Grayson turns 18..or beyond depending on the wording of the support order..His debt DOES NOT become gretch debt EVEN if they get married…Her income DOES NOT effect the debt either…. I know.. I have been thru this very same thing with Mr Ford and his ex…. It was not a condtion for him to get this taken care of for us to have gotten married… I knew about it before hand and it’s just something you deal with as a couple…NO BIGGIE…
    We sent a check in every month….. and when the child turned 18 the debt ceased..HOWEVER..if you are in arrears you will continue to pay till the balance is ZERO…. and not being able to visit with the child is NOT an excuse to not pay support…
    I think gretch is just going to string Slade along because if he realizes that he is being used gretch loses her boy toy/ sidekick….. She is just a nasty ass person… Slade needs to go be on his own and learn how to function w.o. having a woman on his arm…. I think gretchs dad was trying to save slade from a fate worse than death by telling him NOT TO MARRY HIS DAUGHTER… he knows his own daughter is full of it… and he likes Slade….

    Vicki Vicki Vicki… ding ding ding… I think she turned that light bulb on in Brooks head last night w.o. realizing what she said… TOO FUNNY and I loved the looked on his face when he realized he;s been BUSTED….
    When Vicki was complaining how mean Brianna had been to her the night before..blah blah blah.. and then DUMBASS DAVID BROOKS says.. I think you are just upset because your daughter SPEAKS THE TRUTH..What parent would not want their child to speak the TRUTH..he said this NOT knowing exactly what Brianna had said to Vicki…DA DA DUM… then vickis says.. Brianna called you an opportunist. !!!!! hahahahahahahaha.. that dead panned look on his faced was AWESOME…I busted a gut laughing and yelled BUSTED ASSHOLE>. your own words just buried you… ‘YOUR DAUGHTER SPEAKS THE TRUTH “..hahahahha… why YES Brooks.. Brianna did speak the TRUTH…. and your days are numbered….
    UPDATE.. DAVID BROOKS AYERS is now stating that he made a mistake moving to California and that Vicki is making his life miserable.. Look for him to be relocating to MONTANA soon…LOL LOL

    The rest of the episode was BORING… Alexis… um…she tries to hard to be what she is NOT…. Her dresses on RED CARPETS EVERYWHERE..Sure… at all new WALMART and TARGET grand openings…..

    Can’t wait to see next week and the cackling hens go at it….

    • I think the Heather name change thing at DMV was a little staged. You just don’t walk in to get a new license and say “hey, I’ve got a new name now”. You know that a Court can grant it and she probably had already done all of that – at least I hope she did.
      All of the other stuff – mortgages, tax returns, etc. – doesn’t require that she have the same name as hubby.
      Poor Alexis – red carpet events like Vicki’s and Tamra’s wine club venture.

      • Kæreste says:

        I had to have my socialsecurity card changed before my driver’s lic and then the credit cards.

      • dsc60 says:

        You don’t need a court to grant a name change for marriage. Just need your marriage certificate. And her name of Heather Kent may very well be on all documents, i.e. mortgage, etc.

        It drives me nuts when these housewives relate incorrect facts. NO Gretchen! Slade’s child support issues will not EVER become yours, married or not… not directly anyhow. It will not become her responsibility ever… even if Slade kicked the bucket. Her income will have no bearing on the amount of his support payments, past, present, future. But whatever, I do not see anyone living happily ever after with deadbeat Slade… that’s an oxymoron.

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