Celebrity Apprentice Final – Part one.

Here we are again friends, back in the board room. Jabba the Hut has just been fired and the remaining three are Arsinio, Clay, and the she devil. Trump congratulates all of them on making it that far against some very strong players. My youtube recapper kind of glossed over this but I want to savor it with all of you for a moment. Trump polls each of the remaining contestants about why they should be part of the final 2 show. He starts with Clay who explains that he’s been on the winning team for 70 percent of the winning tasks. In all cases, he’s been noted as a very strong player. Trump asks the same question of Arsinio and brings up the the clash with the she devil. Telling him it was inappropriate for the language he used. Arsinio agrees. This feedback is from Marlee Matlin and John Rich btw. Arsinio says he’s sorry for the inappropriate language but not for his feelings of the events that led To it. While both Clay and Arsinio are giving their shpeels, the camera shows the she devil making faces. I don’t think this was lost on Trump. Anyway, Arsinio says that he’s a hard worker and if chosen the CA he will spend the rest of his life making Trump proud of him. He then gets to Aubrey. Asks her why she should be CA over Arsinio and Clay. She goes into her well rehearsed speech, that she’s probably had since day one. She’s the best of any player there, was there, will Be there. NO one has Ever played the game better is how she comes across. No surprise there, right? Trump tells her she has a hell of a mouthpiece on her and she gives a sly grin. Gawd, I really want to smack her. Trump tells her that BOTH Marlee and John said she was green And Transparent. OUCH! He tells her that in their eyes, she isn’t ready. She tells him to use his own eyes to which he replies, that he Is. Trump tells the she devil that she’s going to have a great career but, She’s Fired. She exits saying that whoever said she’s transparent can F off. She’s a lot of things but transparent isn’t one of them.

Yes, I know that was mean but you have to admit, it’s funny πŸ™‚

Side note here. Since this is a day late (apologies for that), she was on Wendy Williams today (5/14). The subject of she and Arsinio came up and why they can’t get along. She says she’s disappointed in Arsinio because at first, she saw the two of them, She and Arsinio, as the only ‘Urban’ players in the game. Got that? She’s ‘Urban’ now. This is the Urban Dictionary definition of the word. I’m focusing on #3 as to what I Think, she means by that statement, culturally.


When she had her own show, it was filmed as if she lived in in Palm Springs, CA. Hardly Urban. End Side Note.

So final two are Arsinio and Clay. Clay notes that he’s been in this situation before, playing against a black man, and has no intention of being the runner up again. They are told that their final task will be revealed at Lincoln Center where they started. The two of them celebrate back in the TV room but they each note that tomorrow, It’s on.

Lincoln Center. The task is to sell their charities. Once again, Arsinio is playing for the Magic Johnston Foundation which is looking to help people and fund research for people with HIV/AIDS. Clay’s charity is The Inclusion Project which is focused on making sure that kids with disabilities are included in playground activity (in a nutshell). Both of these are charities that their champions either helped start or Did start. The task includes a 30 second PSA, a big party, and fundraising. The entertainment at the party will be Them. That is, Arsinio and Clay. So we have a comedian against a singer. The prize to the winner is $250,000. Each player will be able to keep what he raises if I heard D Trump correctly. As usual some of the recent fired celebs come in to help. Each, Clay and Arsinio, pick teams school yard style. Instead of telling you who was brought back, I’ll name the teams in order of choice. Since between the two, Arsinio was the PM with a 100% track record of winning, he chose first. The choices are alternately made. The teams shake out like this. Adam Corrola, Paul Sr, Lisa L, and Teresa Gudice are Team Arsinio. Clay’s team is Penn Teller, Dee Snyder, Debbie Gibson, and the she devil. Note that Aubrey (I can use her name once in awhile) was chosen dead last. That fact was not lost on her. She says, in her TH that she should have been chosen first, above all, and first and foremost. To choose her last was a slap in the face. How Dare they? Well, you get the point. Being fired didn’t put any humility in this bitch’s heart. I don’t think Teresa cared when she was chosen, she was just happy to be there.

Okay. War rooms. Clay and Arsinio are two completely different types of PMs. Arsinio is a assign a task, keep an eye on it but otherwise, hands off. Let the sub-manager do their job. Clay on the other hand is a micro manager. We’ll start in Clay’s war room. I don’t remember if the show did or not. Clay begins by explaining exactly what his charity is and why he’s involved with it. The She Devil doesn’t hate him so much now that she understands him a bit more. I’m sure that’ll change before it’s all said and done. He assigns Penn and Dee to concept and create the 30 second PSA, Debbie is the head of music production for the show, and Aubrey is in charge of decoration and arrangement for the charity event show. Clay shoots out a concept for the PSA of a kid sitting in a wheelchair appearing lonely while other kids are playing on the playground. Then widen the angle of the camera shot to show that he is Not alone. Penn hates the idea. Clay notes that Penn is always a Negative Nellie and never has a better idea to present instead. Penn says Clay’s idea focuses too much on the handicap and not enough on the inclusion and he feels it starts with the wrong message for what Clay is trying to accomplish. Penn later spits out the idea of having a group of kids playing together with an Empty wheelchair nearby and noting that we don’t Know which kid is disabled because the kid doesn’t know it either. Pretty genius idea and Clay loves it. For the charity Event, for which each team has 76 tickets to sell to raise money, Debbie comes up with the idea of a Circus or carnival atmosphere. With arcade games and the like that everyone can participate in. Before Clay agrees to it, Aurbey jumps in and starts with her ideas. Clay notes that Aubrey is still someone who, if you let her have an inch, she’ll take 100 miles and that he’ll have to reel her in at some point. For now, they go with the idea.

In Arsinio’s war room, He notes that his main focus is going to be fundraising. The theme of their PSA is going to be 1980s, when the AIDs epidemic first broke. People have moved on from that decade and progressed but the disease is still here. I assume that their fundraiser will focus on the same vibe. Lisa, thinking she was going to be final 2 had already begun fundraising and had accumulated $50k which is now in her hotel room. She pledges it to Arsinio. Not a bad gesture for a troll to make, in fact, quite nice. Who knew? She could have just donated the money to her charity and said nothing. As you will see though, I still think there is something foul going on with her in this task. Anyway, Teresa right away has a $5k donor. Arsinio is happy with the start they are off to. He’s happy at this point that he has Teresa because regardless of the task, she’s a tireless worker at it. She may not always be the sharpest knife in the drawer but she never quits until she’s finished the work she was given or sets out to do.

It’s time to start putting things together. I’m rather certain at this point that Arsinio is putting together some sort of variety show for his event. Both are but his will be comedic, and Clay’s will be musical. During initial how to pull it off discussions, Team Arsinio gets the idea to include Irving Johnston in their PSA. Adam notes that he has a production crew out in Cali to shoot footage of Magic and they can then merge it with the video of each of the players. A good idea in theory. Let’s see if it works. Paul Sr’s main task is to raise money. I’m sure Arsinio is remembering the $300k+ donor Paul came up with in week one but we never hear how much Paul has managed to pool. Just noting that for now without any idea if it means anything.

Over in Clay’s event space, Aubrey is in her dreamland. She wants Stilt walkers, booths for games, has it all laid out in her wicked head how it will all look. For some odd reason, She wants the walls of this football field sized place painted Blue. Clay says there isn’t enough time. Aubrey says if each person calls 5 people they can get it done in 30 minutes. Clay says no, not going to happen. With that many people working on something, it’s bound to fail somehow. I think he’s right. Debbie chimes in with a Cousin who does murals. This intrigues Clay but he wants to see a sketch first. Debbie’s cousin has canceled all plans for this weekend and lined up 15 people to help, says Debbie. Clay still wants to see a sketch before a drop of paint is put on the wall(s). Somewhere in all of this, the She Devil is at it again in her TH. Stating that Clay gave her a job to do and he should just let her do it. She’s willing to help Clay win though because ‘Arsinio is Dirt’ (note that part for later reference). Remember though, Clay wants to see a sketch before any painting gets done. This is about where we leave off with day one.

Clay’s video will be shot in a park. Which park, no one knows. They have to go find one to use. Maybe it’s just me but I think they could have used Central Park. I don’t know NYC very well (not at all) so maybe I’m way off base here. Penn notes in a TH that he wanted to do this shoot in a studio. The idea of the video is to put into motion, Penn’s idea. Have the kids playing, Empty Wheelchair nearby, and Clay doing the PSA describing what his charity is. They arrive at a place Clay had picked out but it smells like every dog in NY has done his business there. Not to mention, that the overhead train constantly running will kill any chance they have to get Audio. They waste a lot of time walking around looking for another locale and they run into their Director of Photography. They come across a baseball diamond that is currently being used for a game. One of the coaches is thrilled to meet them but the game must go on. Apparently in that concrete jungle, all the grass has been destroyed and paved over and displaced for buildings. They find a place in front of a public housing unit that the DP thinks he can make work. They get the kids over there and begin the shoot. It’s noted that Clay is great with the kids, IS a special needs teacher (take note Alicia from Survivor, this is how it’s done) and they get what they need for their PSA.

Meanwhile, back at Arsinio’s team, they are at their studio. Now all this time, Arsinio is working his phone and it appears, that Clay has yet to begin. apparently. The people Clay Has called have said sorry, times are too rough. That’s what they’ve shown anyway. We all know how these edits are though. None of that means anything. Arsinio lets Adam direct the video shoot. Before this, Adam and Teresa had gone to a costume type place to get 1980s clothes. They pick out several looks and return in time for the video shoot. Each player dresses up in the garb and does a head shot type thing, “This is Me in the 1980s”. Adam gets a few takes of each. They all look pretty silly but the most ridiculous one of all is Paul Sr in a short looking Dee Snyder Twisted Sister wig. He’s fine with it though, whatever he can do to help. Adam calls his production people and asks if they are at Magic’s house yet. They get there during the conversation and the question of camera angles comes up. Adam seems confused by left and right and if they don’t get it right, there’s no recovery from it. At this point, in TH he lets us inΒ  on the fact that his main production guy isn’t there and this is just the technical people doing the shoot. RuhRoh. Meanwhile, Arsinio has put Lisa and Teresa in charge of getting everything ready for the event and the coordinator and caterer show up. Lisa, being a details oriented person, not quite sure what Arsinio wants decides to pick a couple options for him to choose from. Teresa, having a cookbook and all and loving to throw parties, is in charge of the food. She chooses several dishes from the menu, including Pork. She tells Arsinio what she has chosen and he tells her that there is a heavy Muslim contingent coming to the event. After she internally panics for a second (or didn’t understand what the problem may be, not sure which), he tells her he’s joking with her. He initially chose her because she’s a nice lady. Whatever she does, he’s sure it’ll be fine. Complete faith he has in the two that are arranging the event.

One of the songs Debbie has chosen for the show is Baby Love. Dee says if someone in the 80s had told or suggested to him that he sing Baby Love, he’d have punched them in the mouth. Somehow I can’t see the front man of Twisted Sister doing that song, neither can he but, he plays along. Debbie has brought in her music production person and is of course putting one of her own songs in the show. That’s what she does. The She Devil is cracking up a bit because no one is as good as She is.

Now we’re putting together the PSAs for the charities in the editing rooms. Arsinio is trusting Adam with the whole shebang because he doesn’t have a home in LA, he just lives in an editing bay. Mmm’kay. Methinks, all of this trust is going to bite Arsinio in the butt. Anyway, they get through the production of the footage they shot and I guess it’s okay. I get the theme but it doesn’t look like much. There is some small delay in transferring the Magic Johnston footage as it takes a lot of time to move 20 seconds of video (I can upload 6 minutes to YT in about 10 minutes so I don’t understand the delay but whatever). Meanwhile, Arsinio is still working his phone. Noting, Which numbers and contacts to Delete because they wouldn’t step up to help. He’s learning through this process who his friends are. The video from LA finally completes transferring and guess what folks… It’s Effed Up. The original idea was to have Arsinio toss a basketball to Magic, having him catch it, and then give his schpeel about the Magic Johnston Foundation. What the video Shows, is Magic Tossing the ball, and then turning to camera left and talking as if he’s talking to another camera. Guess what kids, There IS no other camera. So what they have is Magic shown in a sideways shot doing his talk but A, it can barely be heard and B, cannot be used because of the angles and there’s no time to redo it. This is where we leave Arsinio for the show.

Clay’s video has come together and he likes the music that has been put into it. He’s fine tuning the timing of everything for effect and Debbie and Aubrey walk in. Debbie doesn’t like the music in the video. She thinks it’s too much and steps on the message. Once Clay has made his mind up about something, That’s It. No changing it, Period. The video stays as is. Debbie feels disrespected. Later, Debbie tells Clay that her cousin’s crew is ready to go with the mural. Clay however has not seen a sketch from her yet. Not one drop of paint is going on the walls until he sees one. She was told this the previous night. He and Debbie go back and fourth about it and his final word is NO, Not going to happen without a Sketch showing him what it’s going to look like. Debbie is pizzissed about him doing her cousin that way but his final word is still, No. I think Clay was pretty clear about what was and what wasn’t going to happen. This is a team of 3 chiefs (Clay, Aubrey, and Debbie), and two partial indians (Penn and Dee).

Meanwhile, while all this was going on, LisaL aka Jabba The Hut calls Clay and tells him she’d like a ticket for his event and will be bringing a check. Huh? I hope Her donation doesn’t put Clay over the top on his fundraiser. Jabba and the She Devil have always been besties working together on this show so, wtf is up with all that? Is she just being nice or is there other motive for it? Like, ‘Arsinio is dirt’. I’m a cynic so, I don’t trust her motives. I think Arsinio should be paying a little more attention to what’s going on around him. I think the only upside of what I see coming is that each finalist gets to keep the money collected for their charity.

See you next week with the finale of this pig.



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8 Responses to Celebrity Apprentice Final – Part one.

  1. Mornin’ mth,
    I just knew this episode was going to be great once The Donald fired Aubrey – I think he called Diddy for advice :). Aubrey, IMHO, is going to have huge problems wherever she goes. With her know it all attitude and habit of burning bridges, I just can’t see how any industry person would want to work with her – she makes Dionne Warwick, who I thought was the worst diva ever – look like a saint. She also lost sight of what CA is about, which is making money for a charity. Marlee Matlin and John Rich were focused like lasers on theirs and were the most succesful players ever.
    I don’t know what is up Debbie’s butt, she’s runner-up to Aubrey in the “it’s all about me” category. Clay has his hands full with her.
    Poor Arsenio and his Magic Johnson video. Somehow I think he’ll figure it out, though.
    Adam Carolla had a good point about Magic Johnson – Arsenio is trying to make money for his charity, and Magic really could have put a little more effort into his part in this.
    I really got a kick out of your recap. I’m still rooting for Arsenio.

    • melthehound says:

      I think she burned a few more bridges by doing this show. Whatever she set out to prove, I believe all she did is show Why she was fired from Danity Kane. I think it would have been hugely hilarious if Trump had brought that up. He’s sometimes too nice on the show πŸ˜‰ Never been a huge Debbie Gibson fan outside of the Go Gos and I agree, all about me with that one. I think she’s trying to get her cousin some exposure. Nothing wrong with that but if a customer, Clay, wants to see a plan (sketch), he should be presented with one.

      I just hope Arsinio was watching his own back during this task. I have to wonder why, Magic, if there was only one camera, didn’t question why he was talking off into space rather than to the camera.

      Happy you enjoyed the recap πŸ™‚

  2. diva says:

    MTH.. I dont watch CA because of my deep seeded hatred for the TRUMP…BARF…but your recap showed up in my INBOX this a.m.
    The only thing I can say… ARSENIO HALL… not ARSINIO….LOL

    • melthehound says:

      I’ve seen it spelled both ways but thanks for the correction πŸ˜‰ I’ll get it right next time. πŸ™‚ Too many instances of the name to go back and correct it now.

  3. cusi77 says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Thank you MelThe for posting the link! Your recap is very interesting and spot on! I almost fall laughing with your side notes! The Alleluia in this context was hysterical!

    I do like Arsenio to win! His trajectory in CA has been consistent -eventhoug that I was shocked for the way he insulted She Devil- I understand at a certain level his being annoyed… Poor Auvrey she has an ego bigger than life! what a disadvantage in life!

    Clay is clearly here not in so much control on what is going on but I understand that as a PM you need to delegate… I was happy he listened to Penn’s advice! The first idea was like reinforcing the lack of inclusion for disabled kids to play together with the ones more fortunate on being freely around.

    Who is your favorite to win? Arsenio or Clay?

    • melthehound says:

      Definitely Arsenio ( πŸ˜‰ to Diva).. I’ve never liked Clay. His ‘celeb’ claim to fame is losing on a singing competition. I didn’t like him then, haven’t liked him since, and won’t like him tomorrow. Arsenio at least has paid some dues to be worthy of the celebrity status. Clay, IMO, is nothing more than a Paris Hilton type. Being famous for being famous. That isn’t to say he’s a bad person, I just don’t like him.

  4. melthehound says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever said that Aubrey was Bad at what she does. Fact is, I agree she’s usually very good at it. It isn’t her results the rub me the wrong way, it is Her. She can complain all she wants, toss all the ideas she wants, and lament about not being respected all she wants. None of that changes the fact she is not the PM here, Clay is (see above on how I feel about Him).

    • melthehound says:

      I know.

      Edit. Meant to add. Everyone is entitled to comment as they see fit. I don’t mean in disagreeing even partially, to chase anyone off. Sorry if it came across that way.

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