Con Migliori Auguri, New Jersey

Mother’s Day here at the Farm was not quite as relaxing as I had hoped for.  It started out with my husband informing me that we had no water.  Not quite what I wanted to hear, particularly on a Sunday, but it needed to be addressed, immediately.  We called an owner of a well company who was kind enough to come out and inspect it.  He informed us that the pump was broken, some piece of metal inside the motor had sheared off and all of the inner workings needed to be replaced.  We managed to make it until Monday by running lengths of hose from our neighbor’s house to ours, saving us more than a few dollars on weekend rates for the work involved.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with New Jersey, well, I guess the problem with the well, not to mention the cost of it, put me in a less than pleasant frame of mind to watch the Real Housewives of Franklin Lakes.  The four episodes that have aired this Season have been simply awful, and they left me feeling somewhat queasy.  I felt that I had become less a viewer and more of a voyeur, like someone who was peeking through the windows of those oversized homes and spying on the families who lived in them.   It wasn’t anything that could even remotely be considered entertainment.   It is rife with anxiety and family disputes that make me feel intrusive and uncomfortable.

Trying to write a post about all of these people is more than just difficult.  I’ve found myself expressing sadness for everyone involved, and all too often,  writing the same things about them in only slightly different ways.  I guess one could say that they’ve put themselves on television, aired all of their dirty laundry and secrets knowing full well that millions of us are watching, and therefor they are fair game.   Fair enough, but I know that I can’t do it anymore.  I can’t judge them – I really don’t know them.  All I know is that all of them are in crisis, and what I write isn’t going to change a damn thing.   So I’m not going to write about them anymore.

There are enough other franchises in other cities where the relationships have much less at stake.  It’s much easier to watch and write about Ramona, Vicki or Nene, because their nonsense is nowhere near as real or hurtful as what is going on in New Jersey.  I’m fairly certain that most of you can see the difference and probably understand why the folks in New Jersey don’t need my comments or opinions.  They have plenty of their own – good and bad – and there are any number of other sites you can visit to keep up with them as this Season progresses.

Since I added the Suggestion Box to the blog, I’ve received an overwhelming number of e-mails from you.  Some are from folks who have commented here and some are from names I don’t recognize.  Almost all of them are about things that have nothing to do with Bravo, or television in general.  Frankly, I’m more than a little humbled, not only by the numbers of responses, but by the vast and varied interests so many of you have.  You’ve provided some real food for thought – some of them are funny and some are thought-provoking.  I’ve saved them all and they are constantly sorted, organized and read with interest – all of them have been eye-opening.   As the networks wind down their regular programming and move into Summer,  I’ll be relying on some of these topics for future posts.  That doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning Bravo and other television programs, it just means that I’m going to leave the families of Franklin Lakes alone to work out their own problems.

Oh, and our well pump was replaced today.  That’s done wonders for my peace of mind.


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15 Responses to Con Migliori Auguri, New Jersey

  1. diva says:

    YEA EMPRESS.. Now I dont have to watch it in order to post here… I HATE NJ HWS and their FAMILIES…
    Too many other things to watch out there on Sunday nites and if not then I play some games on the laptop and let my wander into the abyss…
    I hear ya about the water thing.. Back when Cliff and I owned CLR SERVICES I would get calls at all hrs of the night with people in a panic.. NO WATER.. Some I talk thru getting them water by telling them how to slightly tapping the square D box where the points were located and that usually worked.. Then Cliff would go out and fix it the next day.. BTW… we never charged weekend rates… Pumps never break during the week just like water heaters… SO in order to be GOOD service people we kept the rate the same…HOWEVER…during the summer months on Sunday we were out fishing…so you had to wait till we got back to shore… Most did..LOL
    I miss those does Cliff…ONWARD HO !!!!

    Tonite on Discovery is the creator of Sons of Anarchy new show.. Outlaw Series… Should be good.
    SO off to watch… check ya all tomorrow
    CLiff has Dr appt so we will see ya all late in the afternoon….
    Hugs and Peace

    • The well guy was terrific and he did a great job. I think our replacement pump puts out enough water to put out forest fires. The funniest part was to see the neighbors come by watch the process – exciting times at the Farm! 😀

  2. melthehound says:

    Nothing ever happens when it’s easy to fix. Furnace problems, coldest day of the year after 6pm on Friday night. That sort of thing. You know how it is.

    I don’t blame you about not wanting to write about NJ anymore. I’m sure though you’ll come up with plenty of other stuff to focus on. Always a pleasure to read and participate here.


  3. diva says:

    Empress… as we used to say in the business… PLUMBING and all things related to plumbing..IE your body functions..once they cease to work ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE…One of the industries that will never be taken over by robots… PLUMBING !!!!

  4. Kæreste says:

    Thank goodness you are quitting NJ.
    Being a viewer of that downer show needs to be a key point of a psych depression assessment.

    • After a while it becomes:
      Juicy is a jerk. Teresa loves Juicy. Melissa is a snake. Baby Joey is mean to his sister. Jacqueline has the emotional development of a 13 year old. Caroline is a know it all.
      Rinse and repeat. 🙂

      • melthehound says:

        Well thanks a lot for spoiling the future episodes. I like to see them as they happen but now, Hmmph! 😀

        Of course, I agree with you but I’ll likely continue to watch.

      • Kæreste says:

        Gracious. Empress!
        Next you will tell us that Ramona over-drinks, LuAnn has the sense of humor of a reptile and Sonja frequently “forgets” her undergarments!
        Spoiler Alert!

        • Just between you and me, but I heard that the HWs of the OC have had plastic surgery, and that Jill Zarin, Cindy Barshop and Kelly Bensimon were fired from NY. There are 3 new HWoNY but I don’t want to give anything else away.

          • diva says:

            HAHAHAHAHA…. I laso heard that JZ and B are really friends but keep the game going for the publicity aspect… B sneaks off to BOKKA RAT TOWN when she is in MIAMI to see MOTHER GLORIA and SOL and they spend time with the baby….WINKS
            B has better security than the PREZ..and lips are SEALED with super glue… and they are CHICKS not DUDES…

  5. melthehound says:

    She has become quite the expert at a number of things and may in fact, have something interesting to say. Like how to punk companies into giving her freebies. How to buy Twitter followers so she looks important. How to launch her drawers over the walls at Celebs homes with sniper-like aim insuring they end up on the bathroom counter. Things like that., Why Wouldn’t one want to know all those little bits of wisdom?


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