FauxAlity Wednesday – What would you like?

It’s Wednesday friends. Hump day, Half Way There Day.. Whatever you prefer to call it.

Television viewing has been a little scarce for me in the last week other than the ‘normal’ stuff and one of those shows, The Amazing Race, just went away. Celebrity Apprentice will be ending soon too. No worries though. We’ll always have the TruTV type stuff to talk about and anything else in general as well.

Lightly touching on a couple I’ve been doing the last few weeks…

American Chopper- Mikey told his brother he’s thinking of leaving the show and that’s really the only part of him we saw during the episode. Paul Jr asks why and Mikey explains that if he and Sr are ever to reconcile in any way shape or form, it has to be without the cameras. Quitting the show is the only way he can insure it’ll happen that way. Meaning, if Sr and he finally get together, since Mikey is no longer on the show, he feels it will be more genuine because it’s not being done FOR the show. Sr, several weeks back went to see each of his sons but neither was available for various reasons. I’m reading between lines here because they don’t tell us everything, but Mikey had sent his father a text calling him a liar. I get the impression that the reason For that text is that if Sr really wanted to make a step toward reconciliation, he would have done so without the cameras present. Hence, his decision to leave the show. I can think of some other reality show families that would benefit from making such a decision. Are you listening over there in New Jersey? I guess we’ll find something out in the next couple weeks because that’s all that is left of the season.

On a lighter American Chopper note, Sr’s shop built a motorcycle for the Malaysian Tourist board and on the last show, delivered it To Malaysia. They spent the first couple days they were there and we got to see some of the countryside of the area. It looked like they had a blast and I enjoyed seeing it. One thing about that show, is when they travel abroad and allow themselves the time to enjoy the sights, we get to see them too. Unlike a certain Georgia franchise going to one of the coolest places in the world and all we see is a lot of bickering between supposedly grown people. Are you listening down there in HotMessLanta? More specifically, are you listening Bravo?

Then of course, we have Hardcore Pawn. Last week, Ashley and baby Seth had a disagreement over a $30 purchase and about Baby Seth busting Ashley’s chops about it both in front of the customer and everyone else in the store. She walked out. Well, she’s back. For how long? Who knows. Who cares? I’m sure Les does. Ashley would probably like to see baby Seth gone from the store and I get the feeling he just wants her gone, period. There were the usual trash talking ‘clients’ who finished their trash talk in the parking lot (FauxAlity) of course. The types that come in with the BS stories about why they’re selling or pawning their wares. I’m still a little surprised that, If real, these people allow themselves to be shown in that light. The desire to look like a total asshole on TV for all their peeps to see must be high.

With the coming end of May and most regular TV seasons, I’m looking for things to talk about here (other than the HW shows and Politics) on FauxAlity Wednesday. I’m sure I’ll come up with something but if you have any ideas, toss them out in the comments section. I know there’s always going to be new stuff on the boob box but some of it is just too stupid to waste blog space on. Empress was kind enough to allow me the space here and tell me to have at it on just about any subject but I would like to maintain the quality of her blog site and have it at least be an interesting read. So what say you about it?

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4 Responses to FauxAlity Wednesday – What would you like?

  1. Donna says:

    The Glades is returning in June,,, I haven’t heard anything about Memphis Blues/Beat? returning, the guy that sins on that show sounds somewhat like Elvis the Pelvis

  2. Donna says:

    Off subject, this just popped up on my news feed,, heads up ladies


  3. diva says:

    It’s not SOA but it is SUTTER!
    May 14th on Discovery
    OUTLAW EMPIRES | SutterInk http://bit.ly/I9arL9
    Because IT IS SUTTER…. Says it all… I will be watching for SURE…….

  4. Donna says:

    Food Network is going to have another Next Food Network Star…..

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