American Idol – 5 become 4

Welcome back Friends.. Yet another week of performing and eliminations for the AI hopefuls. This week, 5 became 4.

The theme this week was 1960s and British Invasion which, in my mind, is also 1960s but I guess it could be Any song, in AI’s catalog, from the UK. I’m not going to recap the songs everyone did or really even who did what with respect the remaining 5. Mainly because I don’t remember most of them and the performance show already got bounced from the DVR. I remember hearing all of them though so I’ll try and wing something. Kind of short and sweet, here it is.

My favorite of the night, Hands down, was Hollie. I can’t even tell you for certain what songs she sang but I thought she knocked both of them out of the park. I’ve always thought she was good but, she can never seem to catch a break from the judges. Except, Wednesday night. They finally gave her the props she deserves, for the most part. The Worse of the night, for me, was Phillip Phillips. A lot of people like this guy but number one, he doesn’t have the singing voice to pull off some of the songs he tries to sing and number two, I’ve never particularly cared for the way he changes up the songs. To me, he’s more of a bar band type than an AI type performer. I don’t mean that as a dig against the guy, it’s just where I think he fits in in the world of music performing artists. I know I’m probably in the minority with that, it’s just a matter of taste. Whatever his second song was, he completely butchered it. Tried to hit notes that he has no business trying to hit. To be fair, Phillip would probably tell us that much of what he does on the show isn’t his type of music to perform. Then we have dear sweet Jessica Sanchez. She did Proud Mary. Bless her heart. Just like her performance of the Queen song last week, this girl should not be doing songs like Proud Mary. Not Tina Turner style anyway. I doubt she could pull off the CCR version either. It just isn’t her genre. Whatever her second song was, again, vocal-wise, she proved why she was there. So she’s a 50/50 with me in recent weeks. Actually she always has been but not really because of the voice. Joshua Ladet did his thing with his songs but even he, left me a little flat. Last but not least, Skylar Laine. Truthfully, I don’t even remember hearing her. I’m sure she was good and whatever she did but I can’t remember what it was.

So, based on performances alone, I thought the bottom two should be Phillip and Jessica with, Phillip going home. I think many others thought that as well. Is that what happened? Let’s see.

No, That isn’t what happened. Hollie and Skylar were bottom two and it is Skylar that went home. Now, Skylar isn’t a perfect vocalist, Hollie is Much better than she is in that respect, In My Opinion. She however has a fantastic explosive stage presence. Again, In my opinion. Yet again, I don’t believe either of them belonged in the bottom two. I guess hearing Skylar’s songs was just as forgettable to everyone else as it was to me. In that case, I guess it would have been better for her to have been mediocre or just plain sucked. At least it would have been memorable. Witness, the bottom two and the absence of Phillip from that pair.

It happens every week, Someone goes home and at this point, it’s going to be somebody who deserves to be there and could very well win. I get that. Many have lost this competition and went on to bigger and better things, far overshadowing whoever it is they lost To. Clay Aiken. I don’t like the guy but what has Reuben done? Jennifer Hudson, 7th place finish. A Grammy for best R&B album And an Academy Award for best supporting actress. Chris Daughtry. 4 American Music awards and 6 Billboard awards. Who beat Adam Lambert? You get the point. I don’t have any doubt that any of the remaining contestants from 6th or so to the finish can do Something with a singing career. Just that the first place doesn’t have to work as hard to get started. They already have the recording contract (is what I mean they don’t have to work as hard).

Vote count- Ryan said last night, 60,000,000 votes cast (nearly). Am I the only one that finds it strange that, the fewer contestants there are, the more votes are cast? I get that there are some late comers who wait to see how everything shakes out before beginning to vote. Each year though it seems the same. A 2mil increase as each week passes and there is one less contestant to vote for. MANY, will stop voting when their favorite contestant is eliminated so in my mind, that negates the possibility of an actual increase in the numbers. At least an increase that large or as AI would have us believe. Larger since throughout the season, many Stop voting. I call bullshit on these vote counts. I’ve said from the start that I don’t believe for one second that the execs at AI and the record label are going to leave that decision solely in the hands of a group of people who have the attention span of a gnat. The American Tweenie (primarily). A recording contract with all the promotion and bells and whistles that goes with it is a Huge investment. Especially in this day and age where, here today, gone tomorrow is very much at play when it comes to public adoration of these ‘artists’.

Anyway, I’ll miss Skylar on the show. She was the only remaining contestant I would actually pay money to See in concert. Just like Elise last week, one of the few, for me, with any real stage presence capable of opening my wallet and extracting cash.

See you next week kids. Til then, Peace.

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  1. Vegas Chick says:

    Glad to read that you are covering AI. It’s one of the best seasons ever, IMHO. Talent is incredible. I was not surprised to see Skylar get voted off. She’s very good but doesn’t have any range. She’s a CW artist and will do well in that venue. Agree with you whole heartedly re: Phillip. He has the teeny bopper vote because he’s cute. Agree, his style is different but not exactly AI quality. Jessica is amazing especially for her age. She’s been coached since she could talk. Couple in her natural talent, and it’s a recipe for success. I agreed with the comments about her outfit for Proud Mary, and the stylist that is assisting her better get it right from now on. Whoever almost cost her. Hollie is a powerhouse. She’s not going to win, but her future is going to be great. Last and, certainly, not least… Joshua. He is and has been my favorite, but I’m an R&B kinda of gal. I’m going to go out there and say that Joshua is the next AI. 🙂

    It’s all about the votes, and the system is (for lack of a better word) stoopid. Multiple voting isn’t fair but it brings the big numbers which makes the producers happy and, IMHO, allows them to massage the outcome. I have a friend at church whose son is unbelievably gifted. He tried out for AI and did well. He was totally disillusioned by the process though as he was told that ‘they’ were looking for CW talent at that time of his audition. He left because he knew that the whole thing was rigged. Knowing him and his dad, I’m fairly confident to say that it wasn’t a case of sour grapes.

    Was it me or did Carrie Underwood suk? The lighting and production was unbelievable though. A little bit of a white balance nightmare for the production crew, for sure, but still amazing. Lighting on that set cost millions and millions. I miss the old Idol – even Simon. Most of the time, Steven Tyler looks like he’s off in lala land – probably fantazing over one of the contestants. I do luv his clothes though – any girl would… 🙂

    • melthehound says:

      Typically, I only Listen to the show. Mostly while I’m reading these blogs or surfing ebay. If something grabs my attention, I’ll rewind and watch. The winner, I think, will be either Joshua or Jessica. Joshua needs to go back to church though to cinch the win and he needs to do it with his final two performance IMO. If he can squeeze out a tear or three during the final 3 show where they go home for a visit, Done. I think Jessica is a very talented and polished singer but she’s relying a Lot on ‘Cute’. To me, she is Not cute, anymore. However, that’s just one middle aged man’s opinion (who doesn’t vote) so I’m just along for the ride. No doubts that Skylar will be able to have a career if she chooses to continue going after it. I think next week is Hollie’s week but I hate to say that.

      • Vegas Chick says:

        It will be a shame to see Holly go before Phillip but, as you say, the tweenies will probably continue to run up mom & dad’s cell phone bill.

  2. Adgirl says:

    Maybe I will start watching this show again. It feels like a huge commitment of time on specific nights (to avoid spoilers) that I just haven’t bothered the past 2 seasons.

    I agree the phone polling is out of control. But just imagine how much $ the show and the phone provider make? It’s HUGE.

    Thanks for the recaps Mel. It is always appreciated. Is the last episode of TAR this weekend?

    • melthehound says:

      Sometimes while chatting about these shows I have to remember that not everyone is seeing them and would rather not have the spoilers.

      I would Hate to be the one paying the bills for all those ‘texts’ from the light speed tweenies. 2 hour per time zone voting window, 60 million votes cast, Please. I still call bullshit on those numbers.

      I believe the winner of The Amazing Race crosses the finish line this Sunday. It’s a two hour episode and I’m not looking forward to recapping it. I hate the two hour shows but maybe this one won’t drag on like the others do.

      • Adgirl says:

        The preview showed Phil telling the #1 team the had not completed a task properly! I hope it is team military. I don’t like their relationship dynamic.

        • melthehound says:

          I’m hoping it’s BP who has to go back and finish something. There’s probably one in every season who doesn’t read the instructions properly and I’m betting that’s what This comes down to.

  3. cusi77 says:


  4. cusi77 says:

    Yay! I could! Great Blog Mel. Sounds fascinating I will watch next episode, now I am curious who will be the winner!

  5. LavaLady says:


  6. LavaLady says:

    Yeah, now I can comment here. Great recap Mel. I always watch the whole show…with a book in my hands. Last night I muted quite a bit and listened only when the contestants were being eliminated. I agree, Phil should have gone home. I am not loving Jessica as much as I did in the past. She has terrible choices in songs. Proud Mary?? Really??? Does she even know who Tina Turner is. She is only 16 and her outfit was horrendous. So glad that was mentioned last night and again here. What happened to Tommy Hilfiger doing the styling? Whoever helped her choose that dress should be fired.

    Really looking forward to The Amazing Race on Sunday.

    • melthehound says:

      I’ve heard and read several comment on Jessica’s dress. Too old for her and too illfitting. Should have been different dress or at least looser so she didn’t look like a stick figure. I don’t know that Hilfiger did that great either. I saw some seem to remember some stuff that looked absolutely hideous. I think sometimes the Stylists are the downfall of the contestants.

  7. I, too, have to give Hollie her props for her performance last night. I love Carrie Underwod, and appreciate her loyalty to AI, but that song was not her best. Then again, I tend to favor songs where she’s wielding that Louisville Slugger.
    Jessica remains a problem at the Farm. The man who claims he is married to me is still rooting for her. I’ve given up any hope for him. 😀

    • melthehound says:

      I admittedly only heard parts of Carrie Underwood’s song and wasn’t even paying that close attention to it. I kind of wish this results show would go to half an hour with just results and 86 these ‘professional’ acts. Slap a muzzle on the judges and just get to the results. Go through the Jimmy reviews, he’s usually spot on, IMO, and reveal the results.

      As to your problem at the Farm…. That’s Yours to deal with. Can’t help you with that one 😉 My favorite went home last week.

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