American Idol 6 to 5

Welcome back friends. American Idol results and recap for the week of April 26 2012..

Last week, Colton Dixon went home and I for one was happy about that. This weeks’ performance show featured songs by Queen and even the remaining members of the band Queen themselves. Brian May and Roger Taylor. The performance show opened with a group kidbop montage of Queen songs. I hate these things regardless of the songs they are singing. I wish that American Idol would just can the entire idea. It was fun to watch though as I enjoyed seeing the members of Queen there. I’m not a Huge fan of Queen but no one can deny, they probably have some of the best Anthems even still today. Who hasn’t been to a sport stadium and had the crowd stomping Boom Boom Clap- We Will We Will Rock You! Or (this may sound a bit morbid but I can’t be the only one who has thought of it) watched a funeral procession go by and thought, ‘Another one bites the dust’. Too far? Okay but I think you know what I mean by Anthems.

I’m just going to touch on the performances here. If you want to see them, you can check them out for yourselves. Each contestant sang two songs. One Queen song and one song of their own choosing.

Everyone has their favorites, I have mine, and some, I know, just don’t care.  Best of the night for me were Elise Testone and Holly Cavanaugh. It’s no secret to some of you that I love a female rocker. Elise fits right in there for me because she can go toe to toe with the best of even the men, IMO. She did Queens’ I want it All and I thought she did a great job with it. Her second song was Jimi Hendrix’s Bold As Love and again, I thought she did a great job with it. The judges praised her first song and blasted her on the second. Not so much, except for Randy, that she did a bad job but that it’s to obscure of a song for the show at this point. Randy, who I want to punch in the mouth weekly, blasted her for changing it up the way she did. Make up your effing minds judges. Are these people supposed to Parrot songs? or are the supposed to make them Their Own? I don’t care which, just pick one. Hollie, did Queen’s Save Me and The Climb by Miley Cyrus. I’m not too familiar with either song but she did great, I thought, with the first song, she did a good job. Of course the judges had to blast something about it… well, you were great in this part and that part but in the Other part, I didn’t feel quite as much emotion from you. Okay Jenni, this girl can out sing you any day of any week of any month. The only reason you’re where you are is your ass. Go shake it in another video to torture the viewing world with on the next season of American Idol because that’s the only place, anyone is going to see it. Mm-Kay? Yes, I know that’s a bold statement. Hollie’s second song however, found it’s mark and it probably saved her as she also had the Pimp spot on the show, last of the night.

Touching on the rest- Jessica Sanchez should never sing another Queen song as long as she lives. It just isn’t Her. Especially a 2 minute version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Her second song, have to give it to her, Dance With My Father, was phenomenal. Joshua Ladet took on Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It was okay, but I didn’t really care for it. He’s another who should not do Queen songs. His second song, Ready For Love and I guess it was okay but again, I didn’t really care for it. Skylar Laine did The Show Must Go On and Tatoos On This Town. Both, kind of mediocre for me. Not terrible but not the typical Skylar bust it out performances either. Phillip Phillips. Fat Bottom Girls and The Stone. Fat Bottom Girls is another of those Anthems to me. He did fine with the chorus of that song but I didn’t care for the rest of it. I’ve never heard ‘The Stone’ and don’t care to hear it again. I guess he did good with it but on this one, I’ll have to agree with Stephen and Jenni. Not a good move to do such an artsy song at this point in the game. Now, For all her goosed faults on the judging panel, Jenni Loved, Elise’s Hendrix song. Stephen did too but just suggested it wasn’t a good idea to do obscure material considering the tween voting public. Randy (have I mentioned I want to sock this guy in the mouth?) Blasted Elise, but swooned all over ‘Phil Phillips’ for being himself and doing such an artsy song. After all, Randy is a Musician. Really? As I said asshole, PICK ONE. This MFing so and so did the same shit to my favorite last year, Haley Reinhart. I would really like to know, Somebody please tell me, what Ass these judges pull this stuff out of. Sorry to repeat the rant.

I think this show needs some freshening up. Let the producers  judges pick the contestants during the auditions. Then, during the live shows, park them in the audience or better yet back stage.  THEN, I’ll believe that the producers voters actually have any say in this process. The only one I’ve heard be Consistent, is Jimmy Iovine. Alright, Enough ranting.

Results night. A Tribute band that Queen has put together is about to begin a tour, I guess with Brian and Roger. The name of the band is Queen Extravaganza and apparently, the members were collected from the internet. I assume, YouTube. They’re pretty good but are no Queen IMO. Respectable of course and good enough to catch the attention of the original band members. Then the Ford commercial. I don’t care for them but I’m sure the contestants have their fun with them. Results- Elise and Jessica. Elise, bottom 3. Now they march out Stephano from last season. Jenni gushed all over this kid last year but I thought he never should have been on the live shows. What do I know though… Fast forward got it’s first real exercise of the night. Next more results. Hollie vs Joshua. The producers   voters hate the blondes this year. Hollie is in the bottom 3. Now those of us without the benefit of fast forward get to sit through a Katy Perry segment in which I guess she’s pushing her latest project. Not a fan, I was more pissed off that it took me 7 pushes of the FF/Jog button to get past it as if to say is it Ever going to End? Followed by another 7 to bounce through the next commercial break (you’re all real interested in hearing my count of the FF/Jog button, Aren’t you?). To be fair, the woman can sing. I just don’t need all this flash glitz  and glam with half naked dancers running around, smoke and mirrors, and all the other happy horseshit to enjoy a performance of a song from these Pop icons. I don’t need it with the Idol contestants either. If that’s your thing, God Bless and Enjoy it. I don’t. Now the final 2, Skylar and Phillip. I thought for certain Phil would be bottom 3 but nope, Skylar. That doesn’t last long though as Ryan sends her right back to the couch. Commercial break, we’re back, My girl Elise is eliminated. I’m really not shocked but I am disappointed. She made the show worth tuning in for me.

Those of you who watch the show will know what I’m talking about. I think this is new this year and if not, it’s the first time I’ve noticed it. What is with this line of groupies they have standing at the stage every night? What looks to be 25 young girls (maybe late teens, I don’t know for certain). It’s Very distracting when trying to watch the show. I for one think this is the group of Voters who, at warp factor 10, text the 58 Million votes Ryan says were cast.

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  1. Adgirl says:

    I can’t think of a more difficult band to cover than Queen. Isn’t Adam Lambert working with the old group occasionally?

    • melthehound says:

      Adam may be. I don’t know. I would certainly think it difficult to do a credible job of covering them. I think that’s why this crew was hand picked.

  2. “I for one think this is the group of Voters who, at warp factor 10, text the 58 Million votes Ryan says were cast” – along with my husband. I told you he was going to be trouble – he figured that you would be none too happy today. 🙂

    • melthehound says:


      I would like to have seen her go further and perhaps win but so many weeks in the bottom 3, the tweenies just didn’t get her.

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