Orange County Spinners

I got a little caught up yesterday with $400 haircuts and staring at Bunny Mellon’s not so grey gardens, so I’m trying to catch up with the the ladies and gentlemen who live behind the gates at Coto.  It looks like Vicki Gunvalson is working very hard at trying to convince us just how fabulous her life is now that she is getting a divorce from Donn.  Maybe it’s me, but it seems that Vicki is trying just a little too hard.  I’m really not seeing what she is in this new love of her life, Brooks Ayers.

Vicki made a few very sarcastic remarks about Gretchen’s many careers, and said that she was a jack of all trades, master of none.  Maybe our very busy insurance broker should choose her words a little more carefully, and, just perhaps, she should take a closer look at her own life.  Don’t take this as my declaration of any sort of sympathy towards Gretchen.  She’s living with Slade and that pretty much sums up how much common sense she possesses.  What I’m referring to is that Brooks Ayers could very well fit the description Vicki used for Gretchen.

Mr. Ayers has had about as many careers as any of the so-called entrepreneurs of this and almost all of the cast mates on the Houswewives franchises.  With a few Google searches, one can find Brooks Ayers has been employed as a banker, a marketing strategist, a medical supplier, a hospital consultant, and, now, apparently, he is following his beloved into the insurance field.*  Oh, and I think he’s a spokesperson for Hallmark cards.   None of this would really matter if Vicki hadn’t been so quick to call out Gretchen on her myriad business ventures, making them sound as if they were  character flaws.

To this extent, Vicki is acting and sounding a lot like Caroline Manzo.  Both women are very good at pointing out every else’s problems as if neither had a care in the world.  I wrote my take about Caroline just a couple of days ago, so I won’t rehash it here.  Vicki, on the other hand,  is so busy criticizing everyone else that she didn’t even notice when her own family simply drifted away from her – throwing up their hands and moving on with their own separate lives.  I hope, for the sake of her family and her own future, that Brooks does not turn out to be what many of us suspect he is – another version of Slade.

I also have to say that I am completely confused by Jim Bellino.  I watched his conversation with Alexis, in his office, regarding what career path, if any, she should choose.  That’s what spouses are suppose to do – they should always be the ones we turn to for advice, counsel, support and honesty.  They have our backs and should do more than just tell us what we want to hear.  That isn’t what is causing me to wonder about Jim Bellino – it’s what he is trying to tell us.

Mr. Bellino has taken to writing a blog which began with this new Season.  It is along the lines of a member of the Republican party explaining to us what President Obama said in a State of the Union Address.  He wants us to know that we’re not seeing the whole story, that the big picture is being lost on the cutting room floor.  We’ve seen other Housewives, and House Husbands, for that matter, do the same thing on Twitter, Facebook, Bravo blogs or their own websites.  Jim Bellino uses his blog to call out the other women when he perceives that his wife has been tormented by them.  To that extent, I’ll give him credit for being a good husband.

I have just one issue with that little talk with his wife in his office.   He told her that she should consider what was important to her, and which, if any of her careers, would be good for her and still allow her to fulfill her familial duties.  He mentioned that she should think about whether she could manage being a wife, mother, part-time Fox5 personality and dress designer – all things that she said she loved doing.   What he didn’t mention was the one thing that he constantly complains about and writes blogs about.  He didn’t say anything about BravoTV and his wife’s role on the Real Housewives.  If he is really that upset with how they are portrayed and how cruel the other women are to his wife, shouldn’t this television show have been first on his list of things to consider quitting?  Maybe that part ended up on the cutting room floor, too.



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  1. Viewer 5 says:

    Funny, I read it first as what career path, if any, (he) should choose. I don’t know what Jim does for a living. I wonder if, similarly to Tamra’s Bravo-rented BMW, if Bravo is paying the rent on their current house. I can’t blame anyone for taking all that $ and being on reality tv. I think it’s a lot of money. So I’m not surprised there was no mention of her quitting the show. They get paid to be made fools of, essentially.

    That written, I haven’t been really interested past Tamra’s first season (and I barely hung on for that) on this show. I liked Laurie and Jeana, actually.

    • V5,
      Word is that Melissa Gorga is negotiating an increase in salary from Bravo, and wants to be compensated for her family’s pain and suffering. Jim Bellino gripes about poor editing and, despite all of his protestations and indignation, stays on the show for a paycheck. So you’re absolutely correct, the bottom line is that all of them will tolerate anything if the price is right.

      • T-Wrecks says:

        Are you SERIOUS about the Gorgas wanting “compensation” for “pain and suffering”??? That’s a joke, right? A couple of weeks ago I was driving on the NJ Turnpike and had my attention drawn to a cinema-screen-sized MeGo on a billboard advertising a “low calorie vodka” (no such thing, BTW) It was so jarring to me I swerved at pretty high speed. Lucky I still have reasonable reflexes…

        • This is the quote from a “source” close to Bravo:
          “Melissa wants more money because she feels like she doesn’t get paid enough to deal with all the damage that’s been done to her personal life.”
          The pain and suffering was my own “spin”.

          • melthehound says:

            Did she not Watch this show prior to signing Up for it? If you ask me, before Teresa, the one who was most brutalized on that franchise was Danielle. Just like MeGo, I think she brought a lot of it on herself and I don’t give Teresa any passes for her part in it either. However, Come On… This is a case of be careful what you ask for because you just may Get it.

            • It looks like that when it comes to the Housewives, money may not buy you class, but it does bring a level of comfort during periods of domestic strife. 🙂

              • melthehound says:

                I don’t see why she would need the extra cash. Her song must be selling by the tens. Here’s hoping Bravo tells her to go pound sand. As long as she’s Teresa’s nemesis, I don’t think that’s going to happen though.

  2. nohausfrau says:

    I think you are right on the money here Empress. Vicki has had many business ventures that were failures. She was smart enough to keep her major source of income. I think Gretchen is just taking advantages of the many opportunities out there. She doesn’t seem to be hurting for money so I don’t see why it’s any of Vicki’s business.
    Jim Bellino is a creep to me plain and simple. I’ve read a few of his blogs and they haven’t changed my mind.

  3. Adgirl says:

    Vicki = Caroline Manzo is dead on. LOL.
    I find the entire OC bunch to be an odd little group of dull women with absolutely nothing in common with each other. The alleged romances of Gretchen & Slade. Tamra & Eddie and Vicki & Brooks are a bore. Do any of us care what happens with them?
    I still have no idea what any of their personalities are like. I can’t indentify with any of them. No one is funny or campy.

    I never cared for Jeanna and her household of awful men.

    Thanks for the blog Empress. I have barely watched an episode this season. I can make you do that and report to us.

  4. melthehound says:

    I haven’t watched the show very much but, What does Jim do for a living? V5 asked the same question and I’m curious about it myself. Is he a work from the house type person or does he have a job he actually goes to, aside from the Bravo paycheck? Since he chooses not to film anymore but instead blog from behind the scenes, does that mean he Gave Up the Bravo money? What I’m saying is, if he wants to be a stay at home dad and let his wife go earn the money, then short of her turning tricks, he shouldn’t be standing in her way. Which is exactly what it sounds like (from what I’ve read) he is doing.

    • The latest business venture (after the pawn shop, payday loans, autographed memorabilia and hotel) is a place called Skyzone in Anaheim which is some kind of trampoline park.

      • melthehound says:

        I see. I take it the businesses previous to the trampoline park Failed? I don’t know why but this all reminds me of the Native American selling fireworks in the middle of the dessert in the movie, Joe Dirt (probably one of the worse movies ever to air but still fun to watch).

        • I think the hotel still exists. The others fell by the wayside. The collectibles/memorabilia business was shut down after a fraud investigation, but Jim’s side of the story was something like the FBI only stopped by to buy a baseball autographed by Mother Teresa. 🙂
          I guess that “jack of all trades” thing could be applied to Mr. Bellino as well.

  5. Lisa Renee says:

    Good Morning Empress, I am still playing catch-up. IMO your observations are spot on! The most telling & IMO the saddest part is Brianna eloping. I can see Vicki being smitten with a man who has southern charm. It happened to me when i moved south. My now hubby wooed me with his southern ways. Unlike Vicki, despite him gifting me something every single day (not stupid cards) I took the 90 day rule & turned it into 180 days. It must have worked cuz after 4 years of dating our 10th wedding anniversary is next week. Unlike Vicki, my message to my then 10 year old daughter was you do not have to learn his name till I move him from temporary to permanent. Ashley loves to tell people now that she is older just how slowly I took things & realizes the lengths I went to not insert him into her life till it was appropriate. She calls him Padre & is the only man she has seen me with since she has no memory of her dad. He is her rock & their rapport is beautiful & evolved very slowly & organically. Their relationship is very reminisent to Donn & Brianna, genuine affection & grateful for the love & support through the years. In my observations when I am wearing my lab coat the reason she may have eloped was to avoid donn & brooks being in the same room, out of respect for Donn & her relationship with him. Can you imagine what Vicksters reaction would be if Brianna said I want Donn to walk me down the aisle & maybe one step further not even wanting Brooks there at all. As for Jim, his blogs are a hoot. To me, his need to clarify, defend, fill in the blanks makes him eligible for a mangina. Please post the link where I can file for pain & suffering for voluntarily watching people who make me crazy sometimes. MeGo gets a paycheck & we get squat. Only in America, sorry so long, Lisa

    • Lisa, Please warn me ahead of time to put down any beverages I may be enjoying before I read your comments. 😀
      “To me, his need to clarify, defend, fill in the blanks makes him eligible for a mangina. Please post the link where I can file for pain & suffering for voluntarily watching people who make me crazy sometimes. MeGo gets a paycheck & we get squat. Only in America”.
      Brianna and the Vickster are just too sad. I can’t imagine how strained their relationship is when a daughter doesn’t even want her mother present at what should be the most wonderful day in both of their lives. I think that their parent/child roles were reversed a long time ago.

  6. claudia says:

    Must admit I really can’t stand that siphoning trailer park hillbilly, Brooks, that guy is such an obvious leeching idiot, complete with the missing teeth. Vicki reminds me how money can’t buy class and I agree with previous comments regarding what I should I do to be compensated for my pain and suffering watching this mindless dribble.

    • Hi, claudia, Yep, Vicki’s picked herself a winner with that one. I’m sure she enjoyed his story on 20/20. We probably should be compensated for watching, and yet we still tune in for more – like moths to a flame. It should be an interesting reunion.

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