FauxAlilty Wednesday

Hello Friends. Thought I’d drop a mid week post on you that may become a regular depending on how it’s received by all of you. The current shows, I’m recapping are going to end in a month so I’m looking for something else to speak on here that hopefully, we can all relate to and enjoy, without having to think too much about it. It won’t always be the same shows I’m talking about, just whatever faux-ality I’ve happened to watch recently.

I encourage you to continue commenting on Empress’s John Edwards blog, it’s an interesting subject. The link should be at the top left of this page that will take you back to it.

Last week I introduced you to the cast on TruTv’s Hardcore Pawn. This week was more of the same craziness. I have to admit that if it were not for the crazy, I wouldn’t watch the show. I mean, I like seeing these ‘clients’ get bum rushed out of the store, talking smack all the way out, and continuing in the parking lot. Last nights’ crazy revolved around other ‘dealers’ trying to poach AJ&P’s customers. There are signs on lamp posts all over the city of Detroit and surrounding areas from people stating they will give cash, for your pawn tickets. While there is nothing illegal about this, other than posting the signs where they do, it’s improper to try and do it in another dealer’s parking lot or on the public street in front of his store. The way this works is people sell their pawn tickets for pennies on the dollar, the buyer will redeem the item from the pawn shop and then resell the item at a profit. People pawn things for all sorts of reasons from cash to pay bills to cash to feed their habits (gambling, drugs, etc). On a side note here, at least on screen, if the crew at AJ&P believes an item is being sold or pawned to pay for drugs, the ‘client’ is escorted  out of the store (because they usually refuse to leave without the money). I might be talking smack about all the people who watch these shows but I’m one of them. I watch TV to be entertained. The idea that these shows actually entertain me, sometimes disappoints me, but I watch none the less and will continue to watch. Same reasons I guess, that I still watch some of the HW shows. I enjoy the trash, even if I cringe at it.

Those of you who have TruTv on your cable probably know this is the network with the a lot of Faux-Ality programming mixed in with some real stuff (thank you once again, Lisa Renee). During the early day hours, it is more court TV rather than shows. When allowed, cameras in the court room showing the trial of a hot topic defendant or subject (Casey Anthony for example). Only instead of the C-Span type just place the camera and let it roll, TruTV offers talking head commentary from various people like the cable news shows do.

Back to faux-ality.. One of the seemingly most popular type shows on this network are the repossession type shows. Such as Operation Repo. Yep, I watch that one too. This, if you’re interested in checking it out, is definitely a show for the DVR. It seems that every 3 minutes, there’s a 4 minute commercial break. The show revolves around another family run business. This time in the LA California area. The characters are, Lou (the owner), his sister Sonja, his daughter Lyndah, Sonja’s ex hubby, Froy, and the outsider, Matt. Lou is apparently an ex Marine and if that’s what he says he is, so be it. I don’t see the Marine in him though. It looks like since he got out of the service, he’s been enjoying too many tacos and bean dip. Sonja, to look at her, is a bit frightening to me but she cracks me up. Lyndah, is a beautiful young woman, but seems a bit entitled as the boss’s daughter. I guess rightfully so. Froy, is the level headed one on the crew. He just wants to do his job and we never see him raising his voice to anyone. That leaves, Matt. The hot headed enforcer / protector. Don’t piss this guy off. You’ll end up on the ground in a stranglehold. I’ve only seen one get the best of him 1 on 1 the entire time I’ve watched this show. I’ve seen him tazed, hit with a baseball bat, and he and Froy get the living shit kicked out of them by a motorcycle club when they tried to repo a motorcycle.

Now remember what I said Last week about these fauxality shows. These people, in order to be shown, have to sign releases. We ride along with the repo crew as they go out on calls, sometimes to the nuttiest of places. We’ve seen people get caught cheating in hotel rooms, gangsters, girlfriends telling where to find the vehicles up for reposession after being jilted by their BFs or even husbands and visa versa. Then there are the Real crazy’s. The nuts however are rarely the actual registered owner of the car. They are always some bystander or ‘friend(s)’ of the registered owner. They always act like complete boobs and yet, Sign that release to be shown on TV, looking like real fools.

So friends, with that synopsis, I invite you to DVR it on Monday Nights (new night for the show) if you like your trash TV completely mindless but still filled with drama.

On a not so Fauxality note, I had thought perhaps about recapping shows like 16 and pregnant and it’s spinoff, Teen Mom. I just can’t do it however. I mentioned it because I see my DVR is still recording it (have to remedy that). It just kind of saddens me that this show is in it’s 6th (I think) season and all I can picture is these girls lined up around  the block at MTV to get on a television show. I can’t put it out of my mind that Some of them, purposely got themselves preggers just in hopes of getting on a ‘reality’ show. Not all of them, mistakes happen but, Some of them. If I talk about Any MTV show when it comes back, it’ll be their Challenges. A show where there is plenty of debauchery and fighting for anyone who wants to see it. In addition though are the challenges these people face and go through to stay in the game and win cash. Absolutely insane.

I doubt I’ll have much to say about it but for you fans of Survivor past seasons, Russel Hantz is doing a house flip show on A&E. Consult your listings if you want to check it out.

I am going to take this opportunity to publicly, if I haven’t already, thank Empress for giving me the space to speak my reality show mind on her blog site.

Til next time friends,



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16 Responses to FauxAlilty Wednesday

  1. mth, I’m very glad to see that you’re dropping by with a welcome midweek post. The folks who follow this blog probably know by now that very few topics and thoughts are off limits – it is certainly an eclectic mix. It was a nice surprise and a pleasure to find your post in my e-mail.
    It also sounds as if we owe Lisa Renee (another) debt of gratitude for adding to our television vocabulary. 🙂

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Thanks Empress, i just saw this, very very sweet. Thanks for letting Jeff & the hound hang out here, lisa

    • melthehound says:

      Well, Not quite what I was hoping for with FauxAlity Wednesday but I guess I’ll take it 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    RIP Decmocracy died today in Michigan

  3. Lisa Renee says:

    MTH, you know I was going to love this blog. I hope you do it every week. Love me some Sonja, she makes Beth Chapman look like Tinkerbell. It may just be us but I will look forward to the FauxAlity you choose to write about. With one word you came up with amazing concept, now thats talent. I bailed on teen mom & 16 & knocked up by a bum this year. Too depressing. I would love to see where the children (esp jace) are in 10 years in a documentary. MTV challenges, love them. Are you familiar with the lawsuit brought by Tonya Cooley (sp) against MTV, Kenny,Evan & one more I can not remember. They are some of ugliest allegations I have ever heard. Despite the contract they sign, which includes letting you know you may be raped or catch an STD, she sued them under the EEOC. Her claim is that she was an employee of MTV because they do as they are told & can be “fired” if they do not comply,not just a contestant. I thought it was a brillant way to get around the contract she signed. IIRC a judge just decided her case & Tonya’s claim as an employee has merit & can proceed. I have no idea if the allegationsit are true or not. No one can claim Tonya is the picture of mental health, who is? It was obvious from this last challenge that Production has changed some policies. Mark made a comment when he was with abe(?) who was playing around with another girl & mark said “we can’t do that anymore” or something to that effect. Then they cut away very quickly, tricky editing. Thanks for the shout out, have a great day & take care of you & the Hound 🙂 Lisa

    • melthehound says:

      Hi, Lisa.. I thought you might get a kick out of it. Told you I was going to use the new word 😉

      I had to google Beth Chapman. I don’t watch the bounty hunter show but I think it fits right in with fauxality. As a show anyway.

      I Have read about Tonia and her lawsuit. Somehow I wouldn’t put it past Evan and Kenny to do what she says they did. Allegedly, they did it to a few of the other girls as well. Tonia is a hot mess when she drinks and passes out but that’s too far in anyone’s book. IF it’s true, then Kenny and Evan should have been bum rushed out of there, post haste, never to return to the show again. Supposedly, they even video taped it with the cameras they had been given if I remember what I read correctly. Someone posted about it when I was talking about the challenges over at Lynns’ after Vinnie tore off Mandy’s top at a club this past season. I didn’t catch the bit from Mark though about can’t do that anymore. ANYMORE…. WTF does that mean? I know there’s a lot of debauchery and cheating on one’s not present BF or GF on that show but geeze.

      Anyway.. I do hope you and everyone else enjoy this little corner of Empress’ site.

  4. Lisa Renee says:

    Jeff, now that you reminded me of vinny/mandy that is what Mark was referring to. Someone asked him why vinny was getting kicked off, sorta confused (because that act is pretty tame in context of the show) & marks response “we can’t do that anymore” came off to me as post lawsuit NEW rules & Mark being a long time participant schooling the person he was speaking to. It was a very quick exchange. I was shocked they showed Marks reply. My mind went to the lawsuit as soon as I heard it. Fuzzy memory but it stuck with me. It is still WTF because what they do continue to allow blows my mind. I do think they come up with most insane stuff for them to do & I love it. I also read it was filmed & she was told later. I do not recall why a criminal charge was not filed. Maybe a limitation thing?? I have no real opinion in this lawsuit except it will be Interesting if they accept her theory of employee vs a contestant. If it doesn’t fly she has no legal leg to stand on. What happened to her means nothing. I have read the Survivor waiver/contract. I imagine they are basically the same. In my limited capacity I would never sign one. Scary stuff. Producers & the like are not responsible. Nada, zero, zilch. The message I got…if you sign this we will film you as you die & we will not help you. Lisa

    • melthehound says:

      I’ll let the lawyers answer the question but IMO, If they are Paid to do the show, then they are employees. Since they receive food, drink, and lodging while they are there, they are paid as it is a benefit. That’s what I was told when I worked at Ford and drove a company car. It was a benefit and a taxable one at that so I had to show, that ever foot I drove with that car, was for company use only. In that case, it was pretty simple. Test car, turn on the computer, and drive the car. Every second of the drive is recorded and verifiable against the mileage. As far as criminal charges, It didn’t happen in the USA or on US Territory so I think, Again, I’ll let the lawyers speak on this for certain, that if she wanted to pursue criminal charges, she would have to go and take them, to where it happened.

      I agree. The games themselves are fun to watch. Absolutely insane some of the things they do. Especially in the eliminations.

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