The Biggest Lie

This wasn’t the post I had intended for today, but I watched something that made me think I had seen what it must be like to live in one’s own Hell.  We had all witnessed what could be described as Hell on September 11, 2001, but the actions of one woman, “Tania Head”, in the aftermath of the most deadly and devastating attack that this country has ever experienced, could only be described as insane and evil.  The report about her, “The Woman Who Wasn’t There” on Identification Discovery, brought all sorts of horrible memories back, and she, herself, turned those already awful thoughts into a new and even worse sort of tragedy.

Many of you have probably already seen the program – it has aired more than a few times, and has been spoken of and written about nearly everywhere.  It deserves to be seen and repeated because of how it portrays this woman as the worst example of those who lie, defraud, manipulate and act out of sheer narcissism, simply for the sake of attention.  Tania Head wanted to be a part of something, and she chose to become a part of an event that brought our country to its’ knees – something from which we may never really recover.

Her name isn’t really Tania Head.  She never even knew the man – a man who died on 9/11 – who she said she was engaged to and then married to and then engaged to, again.  She didn’t work for Merrill Lynch.  She lost her arm in a car accident in Spain, not in the World Trade Center. In fact, she wasn’t even in New York that day, and only arrived months later after she had finished her studies in Barcelona and received her MBA.  She even lied about owning a dog.  None of that, however, stopped her from insinuating herself into the world of the victims and survivors of 9/11.   She joined, and then ran, the Survivors’ Network by making her status as a survivor bigger and more important than the others.

Some who actually did live through the horror began to question everything that she had told them.  You see, even the best of liars forget that the hardest thing to do is keep up with a lie.  Memories that never actually happened are difficult to keep straight, because imaginations are flighty and confusing.   When it all began to unravel, and reporters began to investigate, she, at first, tried to dodge them and deflect their questions.  When that no longer worked, she simply fled.  When the lies no longer worked, this fraudulent heroine turned back into what she really was – a coward.

She can’t be charged with a crime.  “Tania” didn’t commit any act that the law can charge her with and punish her for.  She never made any money from her fraud.  She did steal things though.  She stole other peoples’ stories and their bravery and their grief and their loss.  She took their trust, mocked it and broke their hearts, all over again.  She stole a part of an event that changed Americans and maybe, for that, there shouldn’t be a man made law or human form of justice.  Maybe, for someone like “Tania” there will be something or someone much greater awaiting her and then, just maybe, she’ll realize the enormity and importance of her crimes.


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12 Responses to The Biggest Lie

  1. Adgirl says:

    What a strange, strange tale. The incident that bothered me the most was when “Tania” manipulated board members of the Suvivors group to force out its founder – an actual WTC suvivor – so she could place herself as the president. What balls!
    We’ve seen every level of disgusting, entitled behavior on reality tv, but this woman is in a league of her own.

  2. melthehound says:

    I don’t have ID Discovery on my level of cable so all I Can do, is read about it. Completely disgusting that one is. I learned (finally) as a mid teen, the Truth will Never bite you in the ass. May be in trouble because of what the truth IS but it won’t come back out of left field at you. What really surprises me to an extent is no one ever checked or questioned her story at first. Not even her ’employer’, Merryl Lynch, a company of which she was supposedly, a VP. How many VPs does ML have that no one ever noticed this fraud because she was lost in the crowd of them?

  3. thedesigndiva2 says:

    I was utterly SHELL SHOCKED watching this last night… I know people LIE.. it’s part of nature.. BUT this went beyond lying… It consumed her life and she took others along for the ride.. The emotional HARM she has inflicted is enormous… MAY SHE ROT IN HELL….
    People who know me..know that I DESPISE LIARS…. with a VENGEANCE…

    • princesspindy says:

      I have always found it easier to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. I had a close friend in High School who built up a whole fantasy lie that she was dating Randolph Mantooth from the show EMERGENCY. Watching her lie and the fall out; the shame, embarrassment, etc., was a really good lesson for me. Nobody believed her but she just kept on lying. It was was so strange. I had known her since Kindergarten and I kept telling her that she was making a fool out of her self. I think that she may have actually believed her lie on some level…… I don’t like liars, I don’t understand it. I am a bottom line, give me the bad news first, kind of girl. I think when a person creates a whole personality and life for themselves and lies about who they are, it is a mental illness or defect. The internet is a great place for that!! I am at an age that I have a hard time remembering what really happened, trying to remember lies is a waste of energy. And, bottom line, I like who I am and my life so I have no need to lie. 🙂

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        PrincessPindy… I hear ya… Randolph Mantooth.. He was the tall dark haired cutie… I watched that show RELIGIOUSLY…. LOL and CHiPS… not for ponch but for John..the blond… LOL

        I am blessed that I have an inner BULLSHIT meter that goes off pretty quick before I get suckered in by people… the event that the meter has a mal function then all bets are off.. I will dig till I can prove you wrong…. For’s about the violation of TRUST…

        Hoping little PP is feeling better today.. I sent positive energy email last night to you and yours… Candle is still burning.. I am still burning one for Mr Ford… His recovery is SSSOOO SSSLLOWWW…. I was not cut out to be a bed side nurse..but I am learning FAST…Now if I could only find my candy stripper uniform….. I could dance and make him laugh…..


        • princesspindy says:

          I was a John Baker fan myself. He was so cute. I love those shows. She had a good day yesterday and seems good today. I just got a call from the ER Dr. checking up on her. I guess I made an impression on him because I have NEVER had a DR. call me to check up on one of us, except a Pediatrician years ago.

      • Adgirl says:

        “And, bottom line, I like who I am and my life so I have no need to lie.”

        Amen sister!

        • princesspindy says:

          Amen and amen!!

          • (((((Princess pindy and the little princess)))))

            • princesspindy says:

              Thanks Empress!! I have a big day ahead of me sewing spandex. We are marching ahead to Comic-Con and next week we are going to get that Prom dress for her! The sun just peeked out from the overcast and barely a cough has been heard today. So it looks like it’s a good day!
              Thanks for all the love everyone!

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