Dance Moms Miami

Lifetime has taken this franchise to the Sunshine State, so I decided to watch a couple of episodes to see how it would compare with the infamous crew at Abby Lee’s dance school.  It was different, I have to say.  The studio in the Miami version is named Starz and is run by two men – Victor and Angel.  They are tough when they need to be, but they are also funny, particularly when it comes to how they deal with the Moms.  While they don’t treat the Moms quite as badly as Abbie Lee does, they are not above exacting their own form of revenge on this bunch of overly competitive shrews.   In fact, during one of the episode, the two instructors had the students do a little role playing, allowing them to impersonate their own mothers’ rantings and body language.   It was a good way to cut the tension and exhaustion of the classes, while offering a little humor for everyone, including the viewer.

The Moms are, well, just like the ones who hover at the Abby Lee studio.  They are just as driven and back-stabbing, only they’re wearing South Beach-like resort wear and some have different accents.  Victor and Angel teach in an entirely different way than Abby Lee – they can actually dance, even to the point of demonstrating moves to their students that I thought only Gumby was capable of.  These owners/instructors usually reserve their screaming for each other, something which is also entertaining to watch.  When they are in the midst of one of their arguments, they forget that there are children and Moms watching, taking these fights to a whole new level.

The competitions that I have seen so far are not the award winning ones that seem to be the norm for Abby Lee and her dance troupe, but the kids are still a marvel to watch.  If you haven’t seen it, I think it might be worth your while, if only for the sake of comparison to its’ Northern version.

Dick Clark

I just read that Dick Clark has passed away.  For those of us who have reached a certain milestone in ourlives, this is very sad news.  Our childhoods and teen years would have been entirely different, and less joyful, had not brought us American Bandstand.  I know that I spent countless hours watching the musical stars that he introduced to us, as well as dancing in front of my television, pretending that I was a part of The Supremes, or one of Gladys Knight’s backup singers.    We owe him a debt of gratitude for what he provided and for a little lesson on what really kept him eternally young.


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  1. Belle says:

    In (approx.) 1958, my parents took my 4 sisters and me to NYC for a 2-day trip. One night we went to Mamo Leone’s Restaurant for dinner. And two tables away Dick Clark was dining with a few friends. My sisters and I went nuts ( we were about 3, 8, 9, 12 and 13), My dad went over to Dick Clark’s table, introduced himself, and explained that he had 5 daughters who were big fans. Mr. Clark told my father to bring us over to his table, we met him, and he autographed menus for each of us. He was very gracious about having his dinner interrupted! I’ve always had a special memory of him every since and felt a little sad today when I heard of his death. The many hours spent dancing in front of the tv while watching American Bandstand!

    On a different note, Empress thank you so much for this blog. For a long time the Housewives shows were a guilty pleasure for me. But they have all turned somewhat dark–along with some of the blogs. But here people are respected. Its very refreshing. And I enjoy the fact that the subject matter is not Housewives 24/7. Thanks.

    • I loved that you mentioned Mama Leone’s – I enjoyed a few meals there during trips to NYC. A lovely place and the greatest food. I do envy your close encounter with Mr. Clark – it had to have been a real thrill.
      Thank you for your very kind words about the blog. I can take the HWs in very small doses, but a steady diet can result in serious side effects.
      It is an eclectic series of posts without a doubt and I agree that, for the most part, commenters understand that we can agree to disagree without pulling out weapons and leaving permanent scars. 🙂

  2. thedesigndiva2 says:

    Rest in Peace Dick Clark… and THANKS FOR ALL THE MUSIC…. It is what makes my world a HAPPY PLACE…

  3. A few weeks ago, I wrote about Coach Pat Summitt of the University of Tennessee. Today, the school and the Coach announced that she would be stepping down as head coach and would take on a new role as Coach Emeritus. As with everything else she has ever done in her life, this was carried out with grace and dignity. The following is a statement issued by the school’s atlectic director, which pretty much says it all:
    “She is an icon who does not view herself in that light, and her legacy is well-defined and everlasting,” Dave Hart said. “Just like there will never be another John Wooden, there will never be another Pat Summitt. I look forward to continuing to work with her in her new role. She is an inspiration to everyone.”

  4. melthehound says:

    I’m not a huge fan of dance shows but have watched dance moms (more than I care to admit). I’ll have to check out the Miami franchise.

    RIP DIck Clark. I’m not ready for AARP yet (Never will be) but I do remember having to fight with my younger sister over the TV channel knob on Saturdays when AB came on. Electronic remotes were still Star Trek tech in our house,

    • “I’m not ready for AARP yet ”
      LOL – don’t worry, they hunt us all down eventually.
      You might just like the Miami version – these instructors are sort of the anti-Abby Lee.

      • melthehound says:

        I think they started coming after my parents at age 50 or something like that. They never did submit ;).. Not even for the 10% senior discounts at the local restaurants.

  5. thedesigndiva2 says:

    REST IN PEACE… LEVON HELM.. THE BAND… I so LOVED their music and can remember rocking out and dancing the night away…

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