If you wanted a recap or some commentary about Bethenny Ever After, I apologize, but I just couldn’t imagine how I would be able to write anything truly interesting.   I’m fairly certain that some of you are probably applauding this decision, or at least breathing a sigh of relief.   I do wish her and her family continued success, but there seems to be less and less substance with each episode.  I will say this, though – Bethenny was shopping for furniture and fell in love with a mirror that cost more than our first house – and no, she didn’t buy it.

Now, I know I said that I wasn’t going to mention the Doomsday Preppers after my post about them but I couldn’t help myself when I read an article about this topic.  It seems that there is a developer in Kansas who is building, and selling, luxury doomsday bunkers.  The builder already has four buyers who have plunked down about $7 million for these state of the art, end of days homes.  The plans include space for an indoor farm, a pool, a movie theater and a library.  In case of the “big one”, and an extended underground stay, the facility is ready with a medical center and a school.  I guess that gated golf communities are not for everybody.

I wanted to say a little something about the ongoing reporting and investigation about the shooting in Sanford, Florida.  The rhetoric by protestors and the media has cooled somewhat.  In what could be called a minor victory, NBC news fired a producer for editing Zimmerman’s 911 call to make it sound much more sinister than it actually was.   The network, however, is not ready to claim full responsibility for its role in fueling the negative side of reports on the story, claiming, instead, that it was done in consideration of on-air time, and wasn’t meant to paint anyone in an unflattering way.

Zimmerman has placed his own website on the internet, soliciting money for his legal defense and living expenses.  It’s an odd looking site, with a backdrop of the American flag and a smattering of inspirational quotes about justice and fairness.  I’m sure that he is having a bad time of it right now, and that his resources are limited by circumstances.  I do question the wisdom of this site, though, and, in particular, the page that allows for comments.  I hope that whoever is administering the site and reading those comments has a very thick skin.

I have added a new page, “Free Rein”, for those of you who would like to discuss other topics that I haven’t covered, and are of interest to you and others who visit the Farm.


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  1. thedesigndiva2 says:

    Empress..and here I tortured myself and watched B after WWHL last night..At least I think I watched it..maybe it was more of a passing glance….or just sheer boredom took over my finger..or i couldnt find the remote…yea yea..thats it..I couldnt find the remote…..

    Seems like NO ONE is allowed to get a word in edgewise around her… GOD..Poor Bryn.. she’s going to have a hard time talking around her Mom for sure….I wonder what kind of relationship those two will have when Bryn is 14…..??????

    I see we are back to CRYING again next week…Will B ever let her past just float away so she can possibly find some joy in the present ???? DOnt see that happening..She is bound to repeat the same mistakes her Mother did…..alledegedly….I dont think B’s life was all that she makes it out to be….WWHN…

    • Viewer 5 says:

      I just can’t watch Bethenny. She’s transparent, and boring. And I think her answer to counteract “boring” is “conflict” – which interests me even less. Maybe if it were, say, 1988, when the type of therapy she indulges in was popular – it would be interesting, but it’s just not.

      I’ve said this a million times. You have to be really, really savvy to stay on the top of the heap in Bethenny’s world; reality TV people have a really short shelf life. Exaggerating (the cost of her buyout, her danger lost-at-sea w/ an experienced skipper and no on-board compass 11 miles off shore – really?) dramatizing (her conflict w/ her parents/jason/jason’s parents) and hiring inexperienced, young, office workers to work IN YOUR HOME when you are supposed to be running a “multi-million dollar corporation” is foolish and headstrong.

      Odd that Bravo is unwittingly setting up her demise by applying once-successful tv tactics to her show. It’ll be interesting to watch the interviews once she gets cancelled by Bravo.

  2. Adgirl says:

    In a perverse way I admire Bethenny for letting us see her ugly, whiney, bossy, bitchy side.

    I never was jealous of other people’s fame, fortune or achievements. It all comes at a personal cost. Bethenny shows us what that cost is.
    I think it takes some hutzpah to to show us

    Bethenny to audience: “F#@$ you, F#@$ you and F#@$you. I’m not that nice of a person.”

  3. melthehound says:

    I’m fine with just one of the blogs I read talking about B and her shows. It gives me the chance to get away from it when I have nothing better to do on a given day.

    It doesn’t shock me that NBC or any other network would edit information ‘to fit time constraints’. I touched on this earlier I think, what I think of the press and their ‘coverage’ of a story. Nothing they do is ever unintentional. Remember, Feed us bullshit and blow smoke up our butts to distract us from the real issues that have real impact on us. They’re Good at it.

    Doomsday preppers. Boobs and their money being parted. Riddle me this. What does it take to Make electricity? A conversion of energy. Assuming that when the sun goes Nova that it doesn’t eat the entire solar system, where is that Energy going to come from? I only know of One natural pure source of energy. Lightning. Even that requires a polarization of some sort. Something has to attract it. Now, Assuming the earth still exists after the sun explodes the temperature will drop to absolute zero. How many times, in the Worse winter you’ve ever seen, have you seen Lightning? Let’s assume further, again, that the earth does not disintegrate in the blink of an eye, and instead is hit by a meteor sending up a dust cloud large enough to black out the sun (the presumed cause of the ice age that killed all the dinosaurs). That’s another one of their theories, Right? There goes Solar energy. What’s Left. Wind, gas conversion, and chemical reaction. Those windmills better be able to withstand the absolute zero temperatures. I don’t know if there is a machine made, that Can. So much for Wind power. Gas conversion? I guess if they all fart in a jar then they can burn the methane to turn the turbines of a generator. Gas conversion? Sorry, Not a renewable source of energy. How about the ones who believe the magnetic poles of the planet will reverse. Well, They’re all phucked anyway. Of All of the sources of electricity, Magnetism is required to make it useable. Can’t have one without the other. That is a Very simplistic way of stating that these people are all full of shit.

    Empress, If that offer of a chair front and center on the farm is still open, I’d like to take you up on it. I’ll even bring the Coronas for you and the gang. It’ll be Tequila for me as I expect to be laughing my ass off a the whole situation waiting for the big flash. 😉

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