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The closest this is going to come to being a recap is to say that this episode revolved almost entirely about the rumors, accusations and innuendos that were spread by tabloids, bloggers and just about every magazine regarding Bethenny’s business dealings and a boat trip.  I imagine, by the time everyone has seen what was aired, all of those very same issues will be raised again, to be rehashed and reexamined.

The bottom line, at least for me, is what possible difference any of it makes.  If she lied about any or all of the things she has been accused of, then she is in very good company.  The list of those who denied the lies against them has some pretty prominent names on it.  Martha Stewart lied to the federal government – that wasn’t too bright and she went to prison for it.  President Clinton tried to parse out the word “sex”, offering us a whole new definition for what had happened between him and Monica Lewinsky.  Mark Zuckerberg settled a lawsuit with the Winklevoss twins over who had actually come up with the idea for Facebook.  President Bush version 2.0 was hardly honest about our reasons for sending out troops to war.  I’m sure you could come with a few of your own, but you get the idea.

So, I’m trying to figure out why Bethenny Frankel matters so much.  Whatever she did or said has very little effect on any of us.   The actual amount of money that was involved in her sale of Skinnygirl to Jim Beam isn’t going to change our lives.  Forbes magazine is probably better equipped to check the facts of that transaction then I am.  Bethenny didn’t write the article for them, nor did she force them to put her picture on the cover.  To believe that this was a conspiracy to fool anyone would mean that Jim Beam and Forbes and Bethenny were all co-conspirators, and I really can’t see that happening.

The sailboat story has taken on more importance than the sinking of the Titanic.  People have questioned the veracity of Dr. Amador, Bethenny and a tow boat captain.   Even if you take Bethenny’s version of what happened out of the equation, Dr. Amador would have to have been a damn fool to allow it to go any further.  He is a man with real credentials – not a Dr. Sophy or a Dr. Drew – but a doctor who has been involved in cases such as the Unabomber, Elizabeth Smart, Lynndie England and Zacarias Moussaoui.  I guess, if you want to believe that if Dr. Amador is only a prop in Bethenny’s media tour, well, then  you’d also have to believe that he’s fooled some federal prosecutors and judges, as well as officials in the military and at the Department of Homeland Security.  Now, there’s a good trick.

Bethenny began the season with the phrase “mo money, mo problems”.  That’s part of it.  She was right when she said that people love to tear you down when you’re successful.  I also think that there’s another part to all of this, and it’s the fact that we watched her and thought we knew her before all of the fame and fortune.  Many of us had already picked what team we were on based on episodes of the Real Housewives of New York.   Bethenny and her NY castmates showed us some pretty sides to themselves and some very ugly sides, as well.   If she’s made anything up or embellished stories for the sake of television, then the only lasting harm she’s done is to herself and her reputation.  She’s not running for congress – she’s promoting a television show and a line of products.  The only world she’s changing is her own.


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  1. melthehound says:

    Morning Empress and everyone else. It’s turned from day back into night here and I can’t do any of the work I had scheduled so guess what .?. You’re stuck with me for at least a few hours.

    Nothing, Any of these bravo-lebrities or the rest of their kind, has any impact on my life whatsoever. They are real people first, of course, but at the end of the day, they are nothing more than TV personalities (and for most, I use the term personality loosely). There Are people who have been directly affected by at least a few of them with their antics. We have our buddy Jill who has made the lives of those she comes in contact with a taste of what hell would be like. Then we have Lips McGee (I refuse to say her real name, whatever it is this week) who has made a mockery of DV in that, she is the face of doubt. You know, those who doubt someone when they say it has happened to them. Still though, neither one affects me directly. Maybe because I have a mind of my own.

    I’ve said it elsewhere I’ll say it here. I don’t care for Bethanny or what she does anymore. I’m just no longer a fan, she has just overstayed her welcome on reality TV. For me, she isn’t even fun to watch to the point, I’ve canceled the DVR series record for her show. If people are That upset that she lied, If she did, turn off the television and leave her products on the shelf at the stores. After all, Money still talks and bullshit still walks.

    All of that said, as you say, there Are individuals who affected us directly. You brought up BJ Clinton. Who gave us a new meaning to the word IT. I still don’t know what that meaning is, but he sure tried to redefine it. He is the second of the only two presidents in US history to be Impeached and he is still one of the most highly regarded presidents in recent history (by some, not me). Some may still think that Nixon was impeached. Not so. He resigned before congress could get it done. What he left us with was Gerald Ford who, while probably a decent person, was ineffective as a lame duck president. No one, even him, could believe in their right mind, he would be re-elected. This paved the way for the man I think is the worse president in My aware history (born in 1963), Jimmy The Peanut. I can’t quote chapter and verse of executive order and the law but he, and BJ Clinton paved the way for one of the worse housing market crashes in history. You know that little scheme that everyone blames wall street for where people were given mortgages who never should have had them on over inflated value housing. Show me one person who was Not affected by That. Before that, My stock portfolio and 401k puked on the Dot Com bust. I can’t directly blame him but I’ll still thank Billy boy for that.

    Now, I Will say that these reality ‘stars’ DO affect different people’s lives though, indirectly. We have these playgrounds called twitter, facebook, and the like and even the blogs where they are discussed. Everyone has their favorite TV personalities and will defend them seemingly to the death. They will use these playgrounds to abuse others, out them, post personal information, and every other vile tactic under the sun. Even though, Their lives aren’t directly affected by these ‘stars’. There is still, an indirect affect for some. That, IMO, is really the sad part of it all. Rather than just enjoying these shows for what they are, I think this is the point you were driving at, they get so emotionally involved that they are ready to kill or be killed to defend.

    Once again, I’m long winded. I hope I didn’t bore you folks too much. Have a great day.


  2. klmh says:

    I agree that Bethenny’s life has no impact on my own. I guess what bugs me about the lost at sea experience is how the life of the captain of the boat that helped Amadour back to shore was impacted. He sure has had to deal with some stuff and he was simply telling it as he saw it, until the gag order was served.
    To me, it simply speaks to the credibility of the people involved. I think it happened, I just think the incident was blown way out of proportion for entertainment purposes and for personal gain.
    Its hard to argue with the other couple being oblivious to the huge wave, lack of food, etc. responses.They apparently had a good nights sleep and we saw they had a lot of food on board. And I thought Amadour’s boat was in 10 feet of water and couldn’t navigate out of the shallow areas. A big wave? Meh, the story doesn’t make any sense to me and I believe the captains version, but Bethenny got a lot of publicity from it. She just got caught exaggerating, imo.

    • All of the stories, including the lost at sea one, remind me of the exercise we did when we were kids. The teacher would whisper a sentence in the first student’s ear and then it was whispered around the circle, until it came to the last person, and it sounded nothing like the original sentence. I don’t know who is credible and who isn’t in any of this, and you’re right, I think Bethenny made much more out of it, whatever her motives were.

  3. Donna says:

    I enjoyed watching the show. The show gave me many smiles. Bethenny’s “bleeps” are not in my volcabulary, but it was humorous. She’ll learn to contain the “bleeps” the first time they come out of Bryn’s mouth. Watching other people have fun is why I was drawn to unReality TV. I’ve been seeing Carla Hall from Top Chef here and there.

  4. thedesigndiva2 says:

    I cant handle waching B any longer…Seems like her life is a DEJA VU…. She is after all..her Mothers Daughter..The more B keeps referring BACK to her Mother..the more she is destined to become HER…..
    And IF I was a HUSBAND and my WIFE spoke to me like she did in PUBLIC in a setting when they were out to dinner and called me VAGINA FACE…. well let’s say she’d have a different address to which she would be receiving her mail…. She’s DISGUSTING…NO RESPECT…

    BUT..on the brighter side of life.. I want to be this GIRL….

    Hilarious Girl Discovers She’s a Wizard After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Pulled

    I cant stop LAUGHING…this is so FUNNY…….LOL LOL

    A really good FRIEND sent this to me this A.M. REDDI WHIP FOR EVERYONE…winks

    • melthehound says:

      She is G.O.N.E. and feeling No pain. I’d hate to be her when that wore off.

    • LMAO! “I’m a Wizard!”
      I had no idea that Hogwart was within driving distance of North Carolina. Guess I’m going to have to do a Mapquest. 🙂

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Good morning Diva, Hope Mr. Ford is still on the mend & you got some rest. That video was so funny. Wish I had thought to video my kid when she had her boob reduction. She was just as wasted as that poor girl. She kept insisting she was robbed of her boobs & we had to go to the police immediately. We laughed our asses off because we are twisted like that. To think I use to pay good $$ to get that way on purpose, SMDH. You give great link 🙂 Lisa

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        Lisa… so did you guys call the Boobie Cops or the bobbers..?? Now thats a video I would enjoyed seeing.. MMMOOOMM someone stole my BOOBS..!!!!!

        I remember when I had my wisdom teeth extracted…. WOW..think the pill was talwin ?? I went on one hell of a trip..I can still remember seeing these little men hitting golf balls really really fast…and I was AWAKE…. Dr thought I was nuts..NO DOC..I’m STONED…1973..they had to call someone to come get me…LOL LOL

    • princesspindy says:

      That made me laugh so hard. My daughter is like that and for the girl to think she was at Hogwarts was too funny. My daughter is still waiting for her letter of acceptance to that place!! I remember after my wisdom teeth were pulled my face swelled up like a chipmunk and I was all bruised but we had tickets to Dodger Stadium for my birthday and I went. People made a lot of comments but I didn’t care. I nibbled on a Dodger Dog and had a blast. It was also the first real “bill” I paid for on my own. $500!!

  5. Adgirl says:

    As Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”.
    So it goes for the Reality stars. Bethenny is wealthier. Jill issued social death sentences over her co-workers and Taylor is famous (notorious). Are any of them happier?? I doubt it. But that is the fascination of watching previously unknown people cavort on our tv’s. Be care of what you wish for.
    The window dressing does not improve the view.

  6. thedesigndiva2 says:

  7. PussyGalore says:

    The first episode of BEA’s new season aired here in the boonies last night. I had to change channels after just a few minutes because her voice was grating on my nerves. It has a very harsh quality to it and her speech sounds forced. The episode will reair this wknd. and I may try to watch it again but between the sound of her voice and what comes out of her mouth I just don’t know if I have the intestinal fortitude to get through an entire hour of her.

    • princesspindy says:

      I watch during the commercials of SMASH, that way I only get small doses. I don’t get the whole show but it’s enough.

    • Donna says:

      I most tv programs on mute with closed captions.

  8. Viewer 5 says:

    I can’t help but think of that statement ‘people love to tear you down when you’re successful’ or whatever.

    I don’t agree. People can’t stand bullshit, and no one expected Bethenny to lie. I’m not that savvy about these things but how many 20.00 bottles do you have to sell to make up 124 million? It just doesn’t add up. I think the number was more like 24 million – which, oddly, WSL confirmed at lynn’s as how much *she* thought it went for, and she did some fancy math to go with it. A huge number just makes Jim Beam(?) look stupid. Seriously. They didn’t confirm or deny the price; I guess any publicity is good publicity?

    I don’t believe the boat story. I just don’t. They weren’t on a Sunfish with no below deck. There would have had to have been a compass; I’m just not buying it. Empress, I know, as ever, you’re being fair and presenting facts but I just can’t get behind this.

    And so, when Bethenny lies or whatever, people get pissed off. For her to call everyone ‘haters’ or whatever and blame it on her “success” is just more of the same of why people are turned off from her. I predict no Season 5 for her; I’m sure she’ll be around for Season 4, when Jason wants a divorce and she makes it all about her…

    • V5 –
      “I know, as ever, you’re being fair” – I’m not quite as convinced about my being fair here. I just can’t wrap my brain around all of the hoopla and hand-wringing. My perspective, in this post, was meant only to point out that any celebrity, politician, CEO, etc. has the right to destroy or uphold their reputation and integrity. How we react to them, in either scenario, is what matters. Bullshit and lies fill hours of television everyday, and each and every participant should bear the burden, but they don’t and we don’t hold them to task nearly as much as we should.
      If Bethenny tarnishes her reputation and good name, consumers will react and she will have to deal with the fallout. All she really owes me is 41 minutes a week of mindless entertainment and this particular bit of entertainment just happens to be provided by that stellar bunch at Bravo. 🙂

      • Viewer 5 says:

        Well, I guess she’s not really reacting to the “fallout” in an honorable way. From a PR perspective, the worst thing you can do is not admit fault. The second worst thing you can do (barring the first) is stamp your feet, whine, and try to prove your point from a narrow, self-centered perspective like: ‘haters who hate successful people.’ She can think that all she wants… but putting it on the teevee like that probably lost her more points than gained her sympathy.

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