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Celebrity Apprentice – The Smackdown continues

Here we are again friends. Back on the way to The Don’s board room. First though, we must complete some sort of task. The show starts with that pig Aubrey slapping herself on the back for her mediocre win and … Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Poker Face

Albie Manzo has the thankless job – well, at least it’s a job – of delivering Ashley to the airport for her flight to Las Vegas.  Jacqueline is talking to her toddler, something which suits her very well, in an … Continue reading

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Protecting the Secret Service

The Secret Service has gotten some bad press this week because of some shenanigans in South America.  I’ve been watching the news and reading articles, and now I realize that it’s all just a misunderstanding.   I make no secret of … Continue reading

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American Idol 6 to 5

Welcome back friends. American Idol results and recap for the week of April 26 2012.. Last week, Colton Dixon went home and I for one was happy about that. This weeks’ performance show featured songs by Queen and even the … Continue reading

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Orange County Spinners

I got a little caught up yesterday with $400 haircuts and staring at Bunny Mellon’s not so grey gardens, so I’m trying to catch up with the the ladies and gentlemen who live behind the gates at Coto.  It looks … Continue reading

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FauxAlilty Wednesday

Hello Friends. Thought I’d drop a mid week post on you that may become a regular depending on how it’s received by all of you. The current shows, I’m recapping are going to end in a month so I’m looking … Continue reading

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The Trials of John Edwards

John Edwards is in a courtroom in North Carolina right now, as the defendant, facing four charges surrounding the misuse and mishandling of campaign funds, as well as one count of conspiracy and another for making false statements.  Each charge … Continue reading

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