Bethenny Ever After – Maternal Instincts

There were some lighthearted moments in this episode.  Julie and Bethenny stalked Cookie and the dog walker, Paolo, to see how Cookie behaved when she was with someone other than family.  Wearing blond wigs and dark glasses, the two women spied on Cookie at the dog park until Cookie gave them away and the two ran off.   Dwayne, the driver, is enjoying his camera time, and is a perfect foil for Bethenny.  He attended both a self-defense class and a class on CPR with Bethenny and her female friends.  While learning to do CPR Dwayne said that it was important for him to acquire the skill because he has four, or maybe five, children – he wasn’t quite sure.  Even the conversation between Jason and Bethenny regarding an upcoming trip to Cabo was a silly one, as Bethenny explained that their having sex should be considered a gift from Bethenny to Jason.

The couple had meetings with the team of design professionals regarding their new apartment.  The crux of those decisions was over the use of a room, and it came down to whether it should be a man cave or a dressing room.  The team and the couple, finally agreed that the space would be better used as a large closet/dressing room, particularly for resale value.  A compromise was reached by a decision to place a large screen television in the  living room, which could be hidden when guests were visiting.

The not so fun parts of this episode were due to the news, received by text from Bethenny’s publicist, that her estranged mother, Bernadette Birk, has sold a story to Star magazine.  Her mother has had a lot to say about Bethenny since the Skinnygirl brand has become successful.  She has told the tabloids that her daughter is going to be divorced, because she puts money and power ahead of all else, including family.  She is also claiming that she came up with the idea for the now famous cocktail mixes.  I think she has even said that aliens will eventually abduct Bethenny, freeing the world from the evil works she has done.  The bottom line is that she has  spoken about things she has no real knowledge of as she and her daughter have had very little contact in the past decade.

This is a very odd phenomenon with parents who either abandon the children or lose interest in being parents, only to resurface when fame or fortune come to those children, or just because the hard work was done by someone else, and now that parent wants to rekindle the relationship.  Country singer Kellie Pickler experienced something similar with her own mother.  On the heels of Pickler’s new success, following her appearances on American Idol, her mother also began her own tabloid tour.  Pickler reacted with anger and heartbreak – both of which seemed appropriate given the circumstances.

Bethenny talked to Dr. Amador about her life as a young child.  She described what it was like to watch her parents hit each other and argue incessantly.  Bethenny told her therapist that both of her parents tried to draw her into their battles, perhaps as a witness, perhaps each hoping for an ally.   She said that she would spend full days at a local roller skating rink, after her mother would drop her off.   Bethenny told Dr. Amador that she remembered her childhood as lonely and that she felt alone.  With each of these episodes and each of these glimpses into her therapy sessions, another layer of the onion is peeled away.  When enough layers are taken away, Bethenny, her husband, her friends and the viewers might just find out who the real woman is.


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5 Responses to Bethenny Ever After – Maternal Instincts

  1. Donna says:

    I wonder about Bethenny’s grandparents. Were they all deceased? Does she have aunts, uncles, or cousins. My materal grandmother had 25 grandchildren.

    • I don’t recall Bethenny ever discussing her grandparents, or any of her extended family, for that matter. Web searches don’t reveal anything either.
      BTW – tomorrow is Bethenny’s and Jason’s 2nd wedding anniversary.

  2. Adgirl says:

    I haven’t been surprised that B’s mom has been attacking her in the press. Obviously being identified as a failed parent, particularly a mother, means the monster will fight back.
    I don’t think anyone believes a word Bethenny’s mom says. I just don’t think it’s a huge surprise that she would attack Bethenny’s credibility and relationships.

    Paging Micahel Lohan.

    PS – Jennifer Aniston’s mom wrote some sort of book and JA didn’t speak to her for years. I think it is fairly common that disconnected parents will gladly take money for publicly dumping on their successful kids

  3. Viewer 5 says:

    I dunno. Now Bethanny has parents who hit one another. I thought she was estranged from her father? Now it’s her mother, too? Are we going to hear next that she ran away from home at 10 and joined a fucking tennis camp? What is going on here?!

    I’m not surprised for any close family member whose progeny become famous… that they start selling stories to the press. The ultimate irony is that people who seek fame do not usually come from stable backgrounds to begin with. So… your family was mean to you; it created a pathology that ultimately resulted in fame and fortune. Now you’re still blaming them? Which is it?

    I have a particularly hard time with this. I know their are people who had devastatingly awful childhoods. But there are more people who drone on and on – and on… about their perceived awful childhoods and are egged on by therapists who have a vested financial interest in the continued regurgitation of childhood drama… which mysteriously GROWS (taylor armstrong… a lady we all know who lies on a blog and attacks people behind their backs – great. now she can forward all my emails and personal info to every other nameless person she’s in contact with) with time to elicit sympathy and attention.

    Fuck all this. Life is short. You only get one family. And to me, if Bethenny isn’t going to help her mom financially, the mom is going to go out and “say” something (for money) to the press. Bethheny isn’t in Jennifer Aniston’s league. Never was, never will be. But frankly, if you don’t want your family talking about you, then pay them the fuck off, instead of letting Star Magazine do it for you. Unless, of course, you want to use the whole “fiasco” for your cheezy reality TV show to create drama. The lady doth protest too much, in my (never humble) opinion.

    She’s going to wind up with a bad case of over exposure re: therapy and family drama. What’s going to happen for Season Four or Five or whatever? Her daughter is going to want to run away and live with grandma? Geez!

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