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It looks like Bravo put the bait out with the Bethenny boat trip and I’ve taken it.  I’m going to have to recap this at least until the secret of that mysterious GPS problem is resolved.  I have to satisfy my own curiosity about if the Coast Guard was actually contacted and all of the other rumors swirling about this drama – planned or otherwise.  It doesn’t look like our sailors are leaving the dock quite yet, however.

This episode was just as much about the business side of Bethenny as it was about her marriage, and yet both storylines were intertwined.  There were parts in which Bethenny is seen doing photo shoots for People magazine and meeting with web designers for her Skinnygirl brand.  She was as concerned about getting the new apartment renovations back on schedule as she was about Julie’s future as her assistant.  Bethenny and Julie have shared a lot over time, but Julie is worried about living her own life instead of just a vicarious one through Bethenny.

The pot that simmered throughout this episode was an argument that had occurred over Jason’s fortieth birthday weekend, and it still hadn’t been resolved.  We find out, piece by piece, that at the end of a weekend that even Jason admitted was a happy one, there was an angry exchange between the couple where words were spoken and, perhaps, shouldn’t have been.   Bethenny tries to explain it to a girlfriend during the magazine shoot, but this girlfriend is no help at all.  She tells Bethenny that it is Jason who is completely at fault, something no one should say about someone else’s marriage, and even worse, a friend.

Bethenny talks it over with Dr. Amador, who, very wisely, says that Jason is not without his own issues.  In his conversations with his patient, the doctor has learned about Jason’s past and believes that he has not dealt with some problems from the past.   I can only assume, but Jason did lose a brother and his parents lost a son, and that doesn’t get erased by ignoring it.  Some things are not simply overcome with an attitude of “get over it and move on”.  Families’ dynamics change after tragic events, whether they realize it or not.   During this session, Bethenny says that Jason has gone to visit his parents with Bryn.  It may be because he is still angry over the fact that they were not included in the birthday weekend.  It may also be because he doesn’t know how to transition from son to husband.

Jason has agreed to go on the sailing trip with Bethenny and Dr. Amador, but I’m not sure he’s comfortable with the idea.  He and Bethenny arrive at the site from where the helicopter will depart and take them to Block Island.  They are obviously upset and there is tension between them from an early morning argument – about the stupid birthday celebration.  Bethenny wants an apology from her husband for the things he said – things like how she will end up alone and that she is damaged.  Jason is angry, not only about the birthday, but about the sailing experience.  He doesn’t want to spend the weekend, with a therapist, airing their dirty laundry.   He walks away, telling his wife that he’s not going because it’s not worth it.

We know that the boat trip happens.  We’ve heard all about it from every tabloid, talk show and blogger.  This trip is a good thing, and, if they’re open and honest, will teach them a lot about each other and about themselves.   While Bethenny admits her own damage and baggage, Jason is still in denial that he even has any.  That’s not only immature, it’s also irresponsible.  Bethenny is right about one thing – he’s a partner in this thing, and has to own his part and his past.   Jason is wrong that the boat ride is not worth it.  Of course it’s worth it when your marriage, your wife and your daughter matter to you.   This trip may have its’ share of problems, but the result could be some smoother sailing.


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24 Responses to Bethenny Ever After – Shrink Resistant

  1. PussyGalore says:

    Do you mean to tell me that there was an entire weekend of festivities planned to celebrate Jason’s 40th birthday and none of those plans included his parents? If that’s the case, I certainly don’t blame him for being upset.

    As far as Bethenny is concerned I am so appalled by the way she’s treated Jason’s parents; the Thanksgiving debacle; her surprise b-day party debacle and her constant and gratuitous sexual references and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to overcome the negative feelings I now have for her. I know I should empathize with Bethenny because Jason isn’t embracing the idea of sailing as a team-building exercise. I know that I too should be saying that Jason is both immature and irresponsible for throwing his hands up in despair and walking away. But I just can’t.

    Maybe when the season finally begins here I’ll come around. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. melthehound says:

    I THOUGHT, I heard Bethenny say that he had seen his parents a couple days before the birthday weekend. Did I hear that wrong? I half Liked B again in this episode. We saw a little bit of the decisive Bethenny in her business and apartment dealings. This is what needs to be done and this is how it’s going to Get done. No ifs ands or BS’ing about it. I don’t think she was too impressed with those web designers though. They obviously from what we saw on screen, hadn’t done their homework about her brand.

  3. Donna says:

    Jason saw his parents 2 days before his birthday. Bethenny sent him on a golf retreat with his buddy. They had a romantic dinner, Bamm 10 pm he asks why she didn’t include his parents.

    In the car I thought I heard her say that he told her she was damaged, then the subject of him being perfect by him.

    Little background here by me, correct me if I am wrong. Jason has an older deceased brother Brian (whom Bryn is named after) that is worshiped every day at the family altar. Jason is competing with his deceased perfect brother. Thus marrying damaged goods makes him perfect. I see a bit of a house devil street angel with him (nit pick) being the perfect being he feels superior to Bethenny.

    My son was the first grandchild on both sides. Whoa the competition to love them and only them between the grandmothers was fierce. The paternal grandmother demanded that I give him to her for adoption, well because I could after all have more children. I can understand from my POV why she wants to keep Jason’s parents at an arms length. We don’t see behind the scenes that Jason’s parents might be pressuring him to see Bryn more often so he is taking his resentment out on Bethenny..

    • Viewer 5 says:

      Donna – are you kidding me, re: the paternal grandmother? I can’t… that’s straight out of a 19th century novel! What great fodder for story-telling, though. Funny how the most trying aspects of life’s interactions w/ loved ones become classic humor over time. I am going to be thinking of this (off and on) all day.

      I really liked the way you wrote “because I could after all have more children.” So clever of you. I’m still shaking my head. I’ve heard a lot over time, but never something like this. You MUST describe your MIL in more detail, PLEASE!!!

  4. windycitywondering1 says:

    Jason’s relationship with his parents and the frequency of the visits, especially in the first year of marriage (that had a baby being born and a business taking off as well) always seemed somewhat excessive to me – its not like they live down the block or 20 minutes away. IMO, Bethenny puts it all out there because that is her style and she knows she has issues to work on for everyone’s sake. Jason has flaws/issues but hiding them is his style and now it appears that “it is never about what it is about” considering the low blows he apparently delivers with an immediate absolving himself apology. You don’t push your partners buttons because you love them! Marriage is a partnership and both of them have to work on making it what works for both of them!

    • It looks like, given the previews, that Jason gets a little bit of his a** handed to him by Dr. Amador about the button pushing comment. The fact that J & B are still having the in- law argument two years into their marriage makes me think that he has a lot of self-reflection to do. The golden boy married a woman who ain’t buyin’ it.
      And, yes, wcw, I couldn’t agree more about what it takes to make a marriage work – that spouse thing can be both the best job and the worst job in the world.

  5. Designdiva says:

    After reading some of the blogs and comments and NO I have not watched BEA yet..
    I would like to interject one thing if I may….
    I dont think that the Hoppy’s are worshipping a dead perfect son… Or are they expecting Jason to fill the void of the loss of Brian.. Remember..Jason lost a brother also… That has a deep emotional impact on him , and maybe that issue is one that needs to be addressed…
    I make this statement as a Mother of the same situation… The loss of one son on the other sons birthday…. Not to bring the subject matter up again..But as Mothers we have this built in coping mechanism for all the shit that life throws at us.. Some of us can handle and cope with it..others..well not so much… But then on the flip side are the MEN issues..and how do they cope with such an intimate loss of a son .. a brother…. Sometimes on the outside it looks good..while on the inside they are conflicted with feelings they keep bottled up…
    So as one who has been there.. done that.. and am still dealing with it..I will allow some slack with Jason…. and his parents…..
    As far as the marriage of Bea and Jason… well marriage is tough… It’s a process..there are not easy answers…. If it was easy everyone would WANT to be married….. And for Bea it was a late in life marriage… It’s a whole lot different than dating…. Throw a camera in there..and it’s disaster in the making……
    If they truly care and love and trust each will work out.. if not.. well THAT’S LIFE…
    Not always a bowl of ice cream with cherries and whipped cream…..

    On another note… Some here know that I have been dealing with issues here at my ponderosa . Last night I took Mr Ford to the ER ….FINALLY… He is in congestive heart failure with lots of fluid in his lungs…We are waiting for the barrage of tests to come back with some sort of news as to how they will be treating him…. He is serious , but stable and in capable hands…YEA…
    This has been an ongoing issue with him for the past few months and HE had to be the one to make that DECISION to go to the ER… It’s about CHOICES… I , as the wife can pray he makes the right choice but he has to be the one to WANT IT…. My wishing is just that..a wish… So wisely Mr Ford chose what direction he wants the rest of his life to go… So I loaded his ass up and took him in… YEA… I have the two girls here to keep my company and I will visit mr ford later..he needs his rest and I need mine….
    To the FOUR AMIGOESSESSSSS… thanks bunches…..
    Hugs and Peace

    • Donna says:

      (((Diva))), Prayers and Light for Mr. Ford.

    • Good thoughts and prayers for Mr. Ford and you.

    • PussyGalore says:

      We’re here for you mi amiga!

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Prayers, hugs and wishing peace to you Diva and your husband, to your entire family too. I am truly sorry to hear of your difficult times. (((hugs)))

    • melthehound says:

      It’s just one thing after another isn’t it? My thoughts are with you. Hope this isn’t too rough of a ride for ‘Mr Ford’.

      • Designdiva says:

        THANKS JEFF….. I will know more tomorrow…. after I hear from cardiologist…. still waiting for test results,,,, something about a myocardio event,,, ????

        It’s been rough for sure,,, But I got FRIENDS.. MUSIC,,, and my SENSE of HUMOR to help me thru…. I’ll get PISSED later…… now where’s my bat ???
        POOL PARTY MY PLACE.. bring your own logs…

        • Viewer 5 says:

          Diva… Jeff is needed for after-pool-party analysis – particularly of blood splatter patterns, and something having to do with LSD. I suggest notifying him after one of the “girls” ignores the fact that someone is trying to scalp Mr. Ford, and allows herself to be thrown into the pool. If you need a maxi-dress, I can supply one, or PG can dig around in her closet for one.
          See you there!

          • melthehound says:

            I’m going to have to be sure of Diva’s mood before I go anywhere near any blood splatters at a pool party aftermath. Not getting anywhere near a pissed off woman who is carrying a baseball bat 😉

    • Viewer 5 says:

      Hi cutie!
      Did you catch Donna’s post, above? Her MIL wanted to adopt her firstborn b/c Donna could, of course, have more kids. I know that will give you fodder for minutes, if not hours. How funny is that?!!
      Much love,

    • klmh says:

      Hope all goes well Diva. Glad he decided to go to the ER. Couldn’t agree with you more…

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