The Real Houswives of Atlanta – Last Days in South Africa

Like just about everything else they do, the ladies have overstayed their trip to South Africa.  This episode was about as necessary as the third part of the Beverly Hills Reunion.  In fact, it really could have gone into Bravo’s lost footage locker.

Anyway,  at first the ladies are still talking about the trip to the orphanage and how it really made them realize how blessed they are.  Don’t worry, this warm glow faded very quickly.  After a trip to the Xhosa tribal museum, where they learn that brides are chosen by the men and have no say in who they will marry, they are given psychic readings by Sangoma, the herbalist.  He says that he his going to tell them their fortunes by using bones which turn out to be shells and dice, much to the relief of Phaedra.

He sees that A.J. is still with Kandi and is around her all the time.  He tells Marlo that she needs to find a man who will love her.  Nene, according to Sangoma, is not happy but that her husband is a good man.  Still a little off his game, he tells Cynthia that she is going to get married.  Finally, he informs Sheree that she will not be getting married again because she is simply too old.

The ladies gather in Marlo’s room for a sort of pajama party.  Marlo’s 29 pairs of shoes and nearly as many purses are displayed about her room as if they were in a showroom at Neiman Marcus.  Marlo explains that she loves her shoes and labels, as if we needed her to confirm that for us.  The conversation somehow turns to the ladies’ favorite sexual positions.  Neither Marlo or Kandi have any problem with it and begin to offer demonstrations for the other ladies to use in the future.   Both of them perform rather well, and it was made very clear as to how Marlo has earned each and every one of those pairs of shoes.

The next morning, the ladies have planned to go on a farewell safari, but Marlo is sick and can’t go.  Phaedra is under the opinion that the medicine man put some “hoo-joo” on Marlo, which seemed a reasonable possibility.  Nene decides that she should stay behind to nurse her ailing friend, after donning latex gloves and declaring herself a germophobe.

The Smalls, plus Cynthia, head out in the Range Rover to see more of Africa’s wildlife.  Much to the consternation of their guide, animals are not on their minds.  Instead, much of the trip is spent discussing those who are not there, including Kim.  Cynthia says that she just couldn’t imagine Kim going to an African orphanage or picking up a black baby.   Kandi says that she couldn’t see Kim on this trip, but not for those reasons.

Lunch is served during the safari and Nene shows up in a separate vehicle.  The topic of conversation turns to Marlo and Nene is quick to defend her friend’s character.  According to Nene, Marlo’s character is defined by the fact that she loves fashion.  I would use other terms to describe Marlo’s character.   The others have a difference of opinion about that, and Cynthia is suddenly struck mute.  Nene also announces that she is the Captain of the Tall ship.  I don’t even know what that means, but Nene liked the sound of it.  She also thinks this is a good time to tell them that Kim is the Captain of the Smalls.

Back at the resort, the Smalls call Kim to give her an update (gossip about the Talls) on their vacation.  When Kim learns that Marlo is there, she calls Nene a hypocrite for having criticized her for bringing Sweetie to Florida.  Sheree also tells Kim that Kandi said that Kim would not have gone to the orphanage or picked up any African children.  Needless to say, Kim is angry about that assumption, and Kandi is ready to strangle Sheree for throwing her under the bus.

Their last night is spent at a dinner where they are offered African clothing and hats to wear.  Their faces are also painted in ways African women would do their own faces.  The call to Kim is brought up which Nene finds hilarious, and tells the Smalls that they had to call their boss.  Kandi attempts to clear the air with Sheree’s accusation about the whole Kim-orphanage nonsense.  Cynthia, finally, says that she, not Kandi was the one who made the comment. All of them are wondering if there is anywhere in the whole world where they will not end up in some stupid fight.  They’re not the only ones.

The Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice

I have not recapped either of these programs (Sunday nights are killers for keeping up with all of the shows).  Given that, however, I am more than happy to hear your comments and perspectives on either or both.


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  1. windycitywondering1 says:

    Thanks for the recap of RHoA – I didn’t watch because I have lost interest (as usual) with this franchise – these women just don’t seem to hold my interest for an entire season. Marlo was brought on the trip to give NeNe a break from her relentlessly loud and bullying role!
    I must confess that I watched The Walking Dead….

  2. Designdiva says:

    Good Monday a.m.
    Tall ships and Small ships…LOL…. It dont matter..get a hole in the hull and they all GO DOWN..
    The SA psychic dude… I think when he “read” Nene the first statement he was referring to that John guy that Nene is hanging outand he is a good guy …and yes she is not happy ..but that Greg is a good man and if she not happy then time to go…
    Um..Phaedra a mortician…since when..has she gone to school and recieved her degree yet….I am an Astronut…going to the moon tomorrow….LOL
    Cynthia…not being married !!! well with all the ruckus about marriage license and what not last season maybe she’s not….OFFICIALLY….LOL.. Maybe her and Peter are common law married …
    Marlo… NO WORDS….
    Sheree..SHIT STIRRER… and SHE will NEVER get married again…for sure..dude was right about that… and when he called her old her wasnt talking about her age..he was referring to her way of thinking. Sheree thinks that she NEEDS to be married and have a man take care of her and all her wants needs and demands…That my girls is OLD THINKING…..
    Kandi… another shit stirrer…. dont really care for her.. something off about her….
    Kim.. well then we have KIM…she will be alone with her kids and her dog and her clothes within the next few years….When Kroy reaches that age of THIRTY…the inner light bulb will SWITCH on……

    All in all..another boring Atlanta…time for Bravo to hang this one up…..YAWN>>>>>

    • When I am watching the HWs, to prepare stuff for my post, I normally take a couple of pages of notes. Last night, I had a few things scribbled down and tried like crazy to make something interesting out of something that really wasn’t.
      With Cynthia – I kept thinking that maybe the medicine man meant married like in a real partnership, not whatever it is that Peter and Cynthia have.

      • Designdiva says:

        Empress… yea I can ‘see’ what you are saying… they really dont ‘act’ like a married couple…well at least Peter doesn’t …..Don’t see them together for the long haul..Cynthia may do well in her business ventures..he won’t ..and that will be the “straw” that breaks them…..

  3. Donna says:

    I’m enjoy your views very much….

  4. Hey diva,
    I don’t know if you want to answer this here or on the Taylor page, but I was wondering how you felt about the idea that Taylor’s “orbital” issues might be the result of Botox or something other than trauma.

    • Designdiva says:

      HAHAHAHA…. I dont think it was from Botox…. I think it may have been an old injury ,not major , from back in the day of cheerleading…like a tiny little hairline injury…. then when she had her FIRST REAL lasik surgery the pressure aggravated that injury and she suffered a minimal orbital floor injury… the fact that in that report from her scan showed fatty tissue in the ‘cracks’ or ‘breaks’ indicates it was healing…I still say she had droopy eye lid surgery…for some reason..DUH..IT”S TITS… I dont beleive she has a titanium mesh implant…in those pics she supplied the WHITES of her eyes are, well, white.. no blood pooling…
      I also think she had her FIRST lasik eye thing done the later part of April… After Kyles Lollipop Charity event BUT before game night… Remember that TIT was suppose to host game night ORIGINALLY…. She thanked paminacan for assuming the role because of some things she had been thru… Cue to the scene of TIT and paminacan in TITS kitchen baking cookies…Notice how TIT kept her hair over her right eye ??? It wasnt that she had a black eye or anything ..She was not wearing the eye shield and maybe the lighting was agravating her eyes in those scenes….. Her brain needs to be donated to science for study after she passes away so they maybe better explain to people what makes people like TIT …TICK….LOL

  5. PussyGalore says:

    “he informs Sheree she won’t be getting married again because she is simply too old”…..that’s hilarious and well worth the price of admission.

  6. Adgirl says:

    I will be the only TAR commenter here. Gawd I love that show. The opening music…. I need that for an alarm clock every morning!

    First, I want to say thank goodness there are no obvious throw-away granny or fatty teams. All of the teams are in pretty good physical shape.
    Secondly, I hate clowns.
    I was not surprised when the stuck up golfer princesses lost. Golf is NOT a team sport. Those two snots showed their true selves when they were still at the balloons for one hour and 45 minutes. HAHAHA. How many balloons were there – 60? 100? They obviously did not look thoroughly and methodically into the baskets. They are just the kind of arrogant competitors that get cut for not reading their clues properly. What kind of idiots run though a doorway and do not look around??? Good riddance.
    Finally, I hate clowns.

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