The Real Housewives of Atlanta Visit Africa – Part 2

Well Nene, ever the peacemaker, has finally managed to break up the brouhaha between Marlo and Sheree, which seemed to be less about an invitation to a party and more about Rolexes, tags on designer clothing and the benefits of helping some men enjoy their retirement years.

Sheree, along with her original party picks, Kandi and Phaedra, goes off to her friend Kevin’s house for dinner.  The other dinner guests are friends of Kevin’s who work and live in the Cape Town area.  One particular gentleman focused in on Kandi like a laser when he learned that she had been in the music business for 20 years, even telling her what a fan he was of her former group, Xscape.  He says he is currently a model and Kandi says that he is currently a player.

The Talls go out to a Japanese restaurant, Nobu, something that disappoints Cynthia in her quest to totally immerse herself into the African experience.  Marlo is still yakking away about her scuffle with Sheree, somehow believing that she won that round.  She uses her rap sheet as a thinly veiled threat for Sheree by stating “You better Google me and check my charges”.

The Talls and the Smalls meet up after their respective dinners for some drinking and dancing at Jade.  Marlo greets Sheree with a single figure salute and then starts dancing and throwing money around the club.  OK, I have to say that Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss are the highlights of this franchise for me.  They start picking up Marlo’s money and stuffing it into their bras.  These are my kind of gals.  I think Brandi would love them, too.

After leaving the club at 3:30AM, the women have to be ready to leave for the Shamwari Game Preserve by 7AM.  Within 20 minutes of the designated time, they are ready to leave.  (Did you see that Kim Richards?)   It is a beautiful place with a resort-like atmosphere.  Marlo asks the manager if they have people to do hair and makeup.  After he assures her that it can be arranged, the ladies are shown their choices of accommodations.  Marlo and Nene are having no part of what they call the “Antique Southern Belle” rooms, which they have named in honor of Phaedra.  Numbers must be drawn to pick room assignments with Marlo and Nene coming up very disappointed.

Safari day has arrived and these women never let us down.   All of them, well, maybe with the exception of Cynthia, are covered from head to toe in labels.  Phaedra is really loving Marlo’s “boogaloo bedazzled pants”.  We have Jimmy Choo and Mahnolo Blahnik shoes, Versace pants and Louis Vuitton capes.   Marlo, for whatever reason, decides that she needs to explain that LV is a designer.  We and Cynthia are very grateful for her clarification.  This is something that all of us should take note of if we are considering going on safari.   Designer labels, lots of bling and wobbly red-soled shoes are important because the animals will notice and talk about you behind your back.  Oh, and Marlo wants to know if someone will carry her to the tour jeep – it’s the shoes, again.

The scenes of the African plains and the animals are just breathtaking.  This was one of the few times that I actually envied any of the Housewives for anything.  I hope that, despite their nonsense, they actually realized how privileged they were for this opportunity.

The next morning they have planned a trip to a local orphanage.  Their outfits are at least somewhat more appropriate for this visit.  I can’t find any fault with any of them here.  This was one of the most innocent and touching episodes of any of the franchises we have ever had the privilege to enjoy.  Each and every one of these women really outdid themselves.  They stopped by a school when they saw some students singing and playing during their lunch break.  The women dance right along with them and the energy among all of them was palpable.

The women went to a store across the street from the school and bought the students some food that they had expressed as favorites.  While in the store, the women also bought supplies for the orphans.  They did a good job and bought wome real necessities.  With my quick math, and from what we were allowed to see from the cash register, and it looked like these ladies spent in excess of $1,000*.  Not a lot of money for any of them, considering what they had on their own backs that day, but a fortune in things much needed by the children they were about to meet.  Even the storekeeper expressed his gratitude for what they were doing.

The orphaned children, it was explained, were effected by HIV/AIDS, either directly or indirectly.  The women were clearly moved by the impoverished conditions of the orphanage and its young residents.  The more deeply touching aspect of this visit for the ladies and us was the incredible spirit of these children.  I was moved to tears right along with the Housewives.  I’ll bet many of you were.  The children were so happy to see these women, and showed their appreciation and excitement by dancing and singing for them.  There were plenty of hugs to go around.  It was not a Bravo moment at all, and I give all of the credit for that to 60 beautiful children.

* Initially, I misstated the amount spent by the women. Diva was kind enough to correct my error and supplied me with the correct currency exchange figures.  Mea culpa.  I still stand by my prior sentiments regarding the ladies’ generosity and thoughtful purchases.  This is what I get for writing a post after 11PM.


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6 Responses to The Real Housewives of Atlanta Visit Africa – Part 2

  1. klmh says:

    I don’t watch the Atlanta ladies, but Im sorry I missed this episode. Thanks for the wonderful description.

  2. windycitywondering1 says:

    Beautiful recap Empress, but I had to go with the Grammys and a dose of Walking Dead last night!

  3. Good morning – I enjoyed the episode. It was very touching – and even the complete ridiculous of Marlo was fairly harmless. What a cartoon character of the oblivious rich American tourist. Her insecurities are very evident.

    Cynthia doesn’t need labels because she has style and good taste. I’ve never head Kandi talk labels – she seems careful with her money – (although generous when it comes to giving).

  4. klmh says:

    Could you take a look at this. I think I can read it, but would love to hear your take on it. Tx so much for sharing your brain power!

    Click to access taylor-undisputedfacts-wmk.pdf

    • klmh,
      This is the type of motion that I was talking about in my MMR v Armstrong post. A filing for Summary Judgement is standard operating procedure by defendants in a civil action. It means that they do not believe that plaintiffs have provided sufficient evidence to meet the burden of proof necessary to prevail. In laymen’s terms Taylor’s side is saying that MMR’s suit is a nuisance piece of BS.
      MMR will be given the opportunity to respond to what was provided here, the judge will read it and rule, and the game will go on. There will be many boilerplate motions, drawn up and filed by many paralegals, in the months to come.

      • klmh says:

        Thanks so much.

        One lady that gave Russell 10 thousand for the investment did so when the stock was about 4 dollars/share. Now its 4 to 7 cents a share. She requested her money returned a while ago, but of course the stock had already dropped at that time. It seems if you take the risk, you pay the price. It will be interesting to see how the rule on this.
        I see it as a scammer scamming another scammer… sad but funny at the same time.

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