The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion – Part Two

Last week the KAT 3 left Lisa deeply wounded but with a much clearer understanding of how these women are wired.  I watched tonight with no higher expectations from them.  Of course, they lived up to exactly what we thought they would be, only now they have Brandi in their sights.

A clip was shown of Brandi being introduced to this crew at Kyle’s charity fundraiser.  Dr. Paul, in a talking head interview, summed it up perfectly – in Beverly Hills, there’s always some newer, prettier thing coming along – something that will bump up against hostility and jealousy.  By the way, if Adrienne is truly as annoyed and frustrated with her husband as she appears to be, she might want to remember those words.  Adrienne is a woman who doesn’t realize all that she has, and who spends her leisure time very unwisely.

The KAT 3 take their best shots at Brandi, but, frankly, their best will never be good enough.  Brandi should do infomercials because she sliced and diced right though the trio. Add in Lisa as her wingman and the others are toast.  They throw everything at her, with Andy chiming in like the giddy teen that he is.  I had to hand it to Lisa who, while explaining that she had apologized to Brandi for prejudging her, also managed to take a swipe at Kyle.  She said that she was merely having Kyle’s back and trusting her opinion of Brandi, because that’s what friends do – trust and have each other’s backs.

There is no bottom to the form of the insults and criticisms slung by the KAT 3, mostly directed at Brandi and Lisa.  Giggy shouldn’t drink out of crystal.  Giggy sends mean tweets and makes fun of Taylor’s lips – this is one busy dog.  This is also what grasping at straws looks like.  Taylor must have been watching reruns of the Real Housewives of New York Reunion and particularly Countess Luann.  When Brandi made the point that the Giggy tweets said some of the very same things that Taylor had said about herself, Taylor’s response was “I’m not talking to you”.   There you go, Oklahoma.

I don’t need to give you each wretched detail about this debacle.  You have already seen it for yourself, or know of others who do excellent recaps.  There were a few things that were revealed that spoke volumes about all of these women.  I think it was important that Brandi let all of us know that no one should have a conversation with Adrienne without legal representation and a notary public.   Taylor let us have just a little glimpse into how her legal defense will proceed – denial and coercion.  Russell left a briefcase near his body containing files with information about ten bank accounts and business dealings in Rio de Janeiro.  There are also some computer memory cards which Taylor says she is afraid to look at.  I’m afraid that she won’t be able to avoid those for very long.

Taylor is clearly enjoying her new status as queen of the talk show circuit and spokesperson for both domestic violence and suicide survivors.  She is a dark and deviate woman.   She wants us to believes that she has Kyle and Adrienne for support and friendship.  She wants them to believe this, too.   She may have already managed to trap Adrienne in her web with whatever information has been shared between them.  Kyle is simply a dupe.  I am convinced that when she made her remarks about Lisa while talking to Taylor, she had no idea what she was saying or even what it meant.   She accused Lisa of being a predator –  something that no one would say about anyone without serious cause, never mind someone you call friend.  Adrienne may already know how conniving Taylor can be and may already be paying the price for that.  Kyle isn’t quick enough to realize that she is just another mark and the only predator at the Reunion is sitting right beside her, smiling and plotting her next move.  I have a funny feeling that the three other women are not quite as gullible or foolish.

I know I didn’t mention Camille, but I didn’t think that she’d mind.

Can you believe that we have to go through this again next week?


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  1. The most telling thing to me was when Brandi revealed that Russell told her that it was Taylor’s idea for him to send that e-mail to Camille threatening to sue. That and the fact that Taylor would like for us to believe her book is going to prevent many women from being killed in DV situations.

  2. Viewer 5 says:

    Good grief, Empress. You are so funny. Giggy is ver-y busy! How cute! KAT3 is also very clever. I don’t know how you think this stuff up. I love your perspective. I can’t believe there is more next week.
    @Bravotv tweeted the following at 9:30pm:
    @BrandiGlanville needed to stand up for herself, and she did. You go girl #RHOBH
    And at 10:30pm:
    Um, @BrandiGlanville is our new hero. #RHOBH

    This is, seriously, Bravo’s account. I would watch for Bravotv distancing themselves from @TaylorArmstrong in the coming weeks/months.

    • Deco says:

      Interesting tweets from BravoTV… thanks for posting them. It does give a grateful understanding of how Bravo views Brandi and ultimately Taylor. One can only hope. )

  3. klmh says:

    Enjoyed the read. Tx

  4. windycitywondering1 says:

    Both Kyle and Adrienne misjudged the “alliance” they thought they created (KAT). Taylor can not attack Lisa but she can attack Brandi for Kyle. Adrienne really thought that Brandi owed her because she “brought” her on the show and Brandi has proved to be her own woman and has no problem pointing out the “elephants” in the room. Kyle has appointed herself Taylor’s mouthpiece because talking that trash takes the heat off of her sister’s situation. These women don’t understand team play!
    Interestingly, Bravo has learned an important lesson from the last RHNY reunion – using more tight shots on one individual so we can’t see the other ladies reaction to what is being asked or answered.

  5. Designdiva says:

    Good morning all… well part deaux down…one to go…. As I have said before..I could not be friends with any of these women…
    I have alot to digest after reading this article … I cant put into words the anger I have but yet a sense of that …I KNEW SHE WAS A LIAR ALL ALONG….
    I guess I am mostly pissed that Taylor took an issue close to my heart and a part of my life that I had tried to forget and brought it back to the fore front of my brain..I feel like my brain is a hard drive and it has gone thru defrag and put all the pieces back together…
    She has made a mockery of the DV issue and she should be ashamed…There is a book review over at Lynns site if anyone wants to read it…. pay particular attention to the part about NON BRUISING…I call BULLSHIT…Mr ford calls BULLSHIT…
    Here is the link to the article from the Daily Beast….

    Off to collect my thoughts and cry again…….My heart is heavy with thoughts of other DV victims that may be hurt by all of what taylor has said and done….
    She truly is a SOCIOPATH….

    • Donna says:


    • The book review at Lynn’s is well done and I would suggest that others read it. It confirms what most of us thought that Taylor’s book would be like. I now know that my money will be better spent on hay bales.

    • Boobah says:

      Oh Diva, I am sorry for your heavy heart and the flooding of pain that you must feel. What’s going on here with Taylor is a crime, and just legally, but against human nature. She is not helping anyone, not even herself or her poor little daughter. She is actually hurting many people with this mockery – thats what I mean when I say this as a crime against humanity — people are suffering because of all this. She is not putting a helpful spotlight on DV, she is perpetuating the fear that many DV victims might feel if they were to come forward. This is all so shameful.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      There is so much wrong about taylor on so many levels, I feel your pain Diva. ((((Hugs))))

  6. Donna says:

    Have you noticed that Bravo is running OC constantly. They are running scared!

    Brandi & Lisa will be the ones to salvage BH bs.

    Adrienne is a business woman? She doesn’t have the ability to articulate her thoughts without thinking about what she is going to say. I admit I don’t think quick on my feet, a person in business has to be a quick thinker.

    Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, get over yourself and your need to be the center of attention and leading authority on all things.

    Now that I’m done ranting, I’ll have a cup of tea.

    Empress I enjoyed your column. 🙂

  7. Designdiva says:

    I am going to repost this here so i dont have to repeat myself…it has to do with Lisa and taylor friendship…

    I keep going back in my mind to the first episode where taylor “runs” into Kyle shopping for a dress..taylor goes on about “running” into Cedric and she is worried that Lisa may read something more into it… Well..was taylor afraid that someone saw her talking to cedric ??? I think that taylor herself was the “source” for all things related..stories to radar etc…. and she told things to cedric who then in turn embellished them and re told them to “others”..I also think that cedric told things to taylor about his “stay” at lisa’s…..and maybe..just maybe..this is what lisa is protecting by befriending taylor…. is just may buying her silence…just my gut feeling…

  8. Adgirl says:

    Thanks Empress!
    You are right about Kyle being a dupe. I don;t hate Kyle the way a lot of viewers do. I think she is incredibly immature, overly emotional, not a Mensa member and most of all a codependent – as in she is addicted to troubled people. Kyle gets her ego trip on by swooping in to defend and fix broken people. Since Kim was AWOL Taylor found a job vacancy and slithered in with a big “Help Me” sign.
    Taylor, please get off my tv..

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