Taylor Armstrong on “The View”

Taylor Armstrong is popping up everywhere, spreading her message and pushing her book onto everyone who will give her airtime, with the exception of perhaps Al Jazeera.  Today she made an appearance to talk to the ladies of “The View”.  This was a very sympathetic interview, begun by Barbara.  It was apparent that all of the women were not going to question her allegations.  Joy went so far as to announce that, if she had been similarly situated, she would have been relieved that Russell had killed himself.

Given this climate, Taylor was free to tell her story without anyone challenging any of her accusations and claims.  She told her version of her childhood where she witnessed, beginning at the age of two, her father beat her mother.  When Barbara asked her about the timing of the book and whether it was a good idea given the trauma Kennedy may be facing, Taylor said that her daughter has been undergoing counseling for grief. She also said that the therapists will help Taylor when they determine that Kennedy is ready to know the truth about her father’s death.

She responded to the question as to what was the final straw which brought her to understand that it was time to separate herself and her daughter from the situation.  Taylor said that it was not the infamous black eye but, rather, it was when Russell had been screaming incessantly at her, in front of Kennedy.  At that moment, she realized that she was continuing the cycle for her daughter that she, herself, had seen as a child.  Everyone in the audience received a copy of her book.  I didn’t envy them.

Madeleine Stowe also appeared, thank goodness.

Jill, Bethenny, Lisa, Kyle, Adrienne and Taylor

I just wanted to say something about what was done to Lisa VanderPump last week at the hands and mouths of these women.   I remember a moment during the last New York Reunion attended by Bethenny.  Bethenny did something that was so out of character for any of the Housewives on any franchise that I couldn’t help but smile.  She showed compassion for a cast mate.

Jill had been under fire, relentlessly, because Andy enjoys doing that.  Bethenny basically told him, and some others, to knock it off.  The pain and loss between Jill and Bethenny – and I don’t care how much Jill likes to say otherwise – was real.  It wasn’t about a hoof or a dog or a stupid split.  Not one woman on the couch facing Lisa had the courage, compassion or real understanding of friendship to offer her that same simple act of kindness.


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13 Responses to Taylor Armstrong on “The View”

  1. Humbruh says:

    Great post. I agree with everything you said!

  2. Designdiva says:

    Russell”s final interview…

    Funny how taylor has vivid memories of her father abusing her mother, when allegedly they seperated when she was ONE…… Waited till she was TWENTY TWO to change her BIRTH name from HUGHES to TAYLOR…..Another HW who should have kept better notes….. It will all come out…..SOON….. Players in the game from FLORIDA ….I now have them connected to her in CALIFORNIA…… I keep GOOD NOTES…..

    • I found it odd that she used the word “father” when I also understood that her parents separated early on. I thought her stepfather was more involved in her upbringing, but it could just be a case of semantics.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I’m so confused. I thought her father left “shortly after her birth” and that her mother remarried in 1996 or something?

        • Designdiva says:

          Tuz…you are correct… and notice that Marla DID not get married to Randall Steven Taylor till 1996 BUT Taylor changed her last name to TAYLOR in 1993…Three years before her mother got married….allegedly…

  3. Pghemtchick says:

    Great post, Empress! I agree. If Kyle or Taylor were truly friends and compassionate someone would have said enough is enough!

  4. Designdiva says:

    taylors BIO Father got remarried in 1981….Grandview texas….taylor was born in 1971….hmmm

    And here she is getting slammed by the media and YET…NO ONE from her family is speaking out on her behalf……makes you wonder, doesn’t it ????

  5. Donna says:

    I called my father, father, my mother, mother (when teasing sometimes yes mommy)

    I called my step parents, dad & well I better not put her what I thought of my father’s demented jealous wife.

    • Donna says:

      My present hubby and I get along with our ex’s. His ex helped me out tremendously during the time when my mother was dying.

  6. windycitywondering1 says:

    Lisa knows that not everyone one can be friends but that you can always be courteous and respectful to others. IMO, Lisa realized at the reunion that she is dealing with some individuals who are not either of those things and who also trade in gossip, hearsay, lies and petty behavior. What Kyle and Adrienne didn’t bargain for was Brandi and her willingness to call them out on their behavior.

  7. Tuzentswurth says:

    Brandi seems quite sure that “Oklahoma” of full of BS. Glad to see her call Taylor out. Kyke was a big proponent of not interfering at Lisa’s tea party, but stepped in to interfere at the reunion when Brandi and Taylor were arguing. I thought it was weird when Kyle started to explain to Taylor why Taylor didn’t leave Russell because she had a child to support. Puhleeze, Taylor could get a job and live within her means, she is educated and has advantages many single mom don’t. Foe Kyle to infer that Taylor HAD to stay and be beaten is ludicrous. What can Taylor possibly have to share with young girls about self-esteem? “You too can live in Beverly Hills”?
    Now which is it? You can’t leave because you will have to send your child for visitation with a horrid violent monster that will kill your daughter, or you had to stay because Russell was such a good father that would never hurt Kennedy? I wish Shana would stick to one script.

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