The Taylor Twitter Threats

I don’t normally write two posts in one day, but this week’s news regarding threats made to Taylor Armstrong through Twitter is worthy of an exception.  Most of us are aware of the threat as all of the gossip outlets have written about it for several days.  The FBI has reportedly found the party issuing the threat and “sources” of the tabloids believe that the suspect is a teenage girl from New Jersey.  If that is true, she is a very disturbed and, perhaps, dangerous young girl.

Taylor retweeted the threat for everyone to see.  She also responded to this tweet.  I question the wisdom of that move.  I thought that it was along the lines of hitting redial on your phone after someone left an obscene message.  She was right to notify the authorities for an investigation, particularly in light of her very polarizing personality.  I don’t understand her motive for making this a widely publicized event.

Part of the reason I decided to write this today is that it fit with some of the things I touched on earlier this morning.  If this is a viable threat, then this is a frightening example of just how emotionally invested TV viewers can become in these pseudo-celebs.  They really believe that they know these people and everything about them.  They divide themselves into teams – for or against these “stars”.   A young teen follows every word and movement of a recently fired Real Housewife of New York.  In my eyes, that is as equally disturbing.  There is a very fine line between an overzealous  fan and a stalker.  I hope that that Housewife never disappoints this  girl.


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  1. Viewer 5 says:

    Hey Empress.
    G’morning. I noticed something about a funeral in yesterday’s post. I’m sorry for your community’s loss. I *do* take the time to say “thank you for your service” to firemen, sheriff’s officers, and policemen… it’s a post-9-11 nyc courtesy (when we couldn’t say it enough.)

    hardboiledpeggs can be found on – tweets remain, even if the tweeter deleted it. I have the screenshots (which I can’t post in the reply, I assume.) There are some very telling details. The use of “cholo” instead of “chola” – it’s an L.A. expression for gangbanger, and “chola” is the female variation. (a tweet to melissa gorga.) The use of a song from 1984. (?) The use of “The Gap” (in a tweet to courtney stodden.) Who the f*ck shops at The Gap? Not anyone this twitter user is trying to portray. My guess is this is an older man who has lived in los angeles, or nearby. Diva joked that it’s Dr. Sophy. 😀 Who does work with kids… hmn…

    Email me, and I’ll send you the screenshots if you can’t find them on

    I have an ex FBI agent (current attorney) friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend who can answer this. It will take a couple of days, but I will find out if the FBI actually research this kind of threat. Calls to the FBI in L.A. (per @sassylassee on twitter) sassy states (something like) the FBI laughed and said that sort of thing was out of their jurisdiction. Suspiciously, the blog who reported that the FBI was on the case ended their post with ‘calls to FBI were not returned.’ (paraphrased.)

    Anyway, hope you have a decent day, and stuff. I’m off to my little volunteer job (I am useful! Yay!) and will be back later. If you communicate with Diva, tell her I adore her.

  2. klmh says:

    I don’t think Taylor is weak, and I think she loves being the center of attention.
    The threat will increase her book sales and she is now on the news 24/7 because of it. She is all about fame, and this has allowed her to enter the spotlight in a different form, the poor widow being threatened. I think its just that simple.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Klmh, I agree. She’s calculating. If playing weak gets her the spot light, then that’s what it must be.
      Empress! Great blogging such an easy flowing read. I find it a lil off that it’s a teen. Signs pointed for an older person; however, there are some truly disturbed people of all ages out there. I have no feelings toward Taylor’s safety-I’d apologize, but she’s made me numb to her actions. I pray that Kennedy stays safe. That’s the true concern for me with the threats.

      • ITA with both of you that Taylor will do anything for attention, especially when it reinforces her victim status. On the other hand, she is playing a dangerous game and I hope that the authorities have advised her against engaging folks like this. I see a lot of requests for retweets and shout outs from fans to celebs, as it somehow makes them feel connected and important. However, there’s a whole bunch of crazy out there and this might be just the kind of attention seeking that inspires something even more harmful. John Hinckley shot President Reagan solely to impress and prove his love for Jodie Foster.

  3. Adgirl says:

    As much as I do not like Taylor (for her scams with Russell) getting thhreatening tweets is just awful. I’m glad the person has been identified.

  4. Tuzentswurth says:

    Call me weird but if I received a threat like Taylor did, I would immediately report it and block the sender, NOT reply to the sender and then AGAIN reply when my young child is threatened! If my young daughter was threatened, I would be underground out of spotlight soooo fast, but then that’s just me. I’m not a hopeless famewhore.

  5. IMHO, Taylor is doing what Taylor does best – messing up the message. I’m almost certain that she is ready to announce that she is a spokesperson for those who have been stalked. Well, I don’t think that people who are threatened or afraid continue to tweet that they are on the slopes in Vail, or appearing on “The View”, etc. She continues to send the wrong message for everyone else who has been tormented or threatened by crazed “fans”. Someone really should stop her as she can’t seem to stop herself, and Dr. Sophy is well, you know.

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