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Davy Jones and The Monkees

The news just reported that Davy Jones died this morning, and it made me more than a little sad.  Before there was the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber, there was The Monkees.  They were my must see TV for a … Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of Orange County – Who’s Laughing Now

Tamra shows up at Vicki’s for breakfast, following the painting party, and Vicki isn’t happy.  She lights into Tamra about the new BFF thing with Gretchen, and Tamra assures her that she’s trying to put all of the past bad … Continue reading

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Bethenny Ever After – Alias Benjamin Frankelin

Bethenny and her friend, Hoda Kotb, go out to lunch and start  talking about Hoda’s recent birthday trip to Paris with her boyfriend.  During their conversation, the waiter comes to their table and starts describing the specials of the day, … Continue reading

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Dr. Drew Pinsky, Expert

A few years ago, I read a book titled “Whores of the Court”  by Margaret A. Hagen, a professor of Psychology at Boston University.  Professor Hagen presented an argument regarding the dangers of using psychiatric and psychological experts during criminal … Continue reading

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TV’s Smart Guys

I avoid watching network news whenever possible.  Once in while, I will watch the last 5 minutes of the NBC Nightly News, and that’s only because Brian Williams is, like me, a sucker for stories about animals.  If I happen … Continue reading

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Dear Bravo, Wake Up!

Last week, sometime between the end of “Revenge” and the second or third showing of “Top Chef – Texas”, I must have dozed off.  When I woke up, the cheftestants were no longer in Texas, but were cooking food in … Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of Orange County – The Honeymoon is Over

We’re still on Catalina Island and Eddie is still mad at Tamra.  While Vicki and Brooks are seated for dinner, the other lovebirds take their problem outside to try to resolve it.  Eddie’s point of view is pretty clear and … Continue reading

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Bethenny Ever After – Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

This is the third season for Bethenny’s show on Bravo and rumor has it that it may be her last.  I can understand why she may not want to appear in a Bravo production any longer.  She told us a … Continue reading

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The Real Houswives of Atlanta – Last Days in South Africa

Like just about everything else they do, the ladies have overstayed their trip to South Africa.  This episode was about as necessary as the third part of the Beverly Hills Reunion.  In fact, it really could have gone into Bravo’s … Continue reading

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Reality, Personality and Ethics

Last month I was watching a crime show on Identification Discovery hosted by Aphrodite Jones.  This episode dealt with the murder of Jasmine Fiore, who was killed by her husband of 5 months, Ryan Jenkins.  Jenkins had been a contestant … Continue reading

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