The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion – Part One

So, there you have it – part one of the Reunion.  The seating arrangements pretty much set the tone.  To Andy’s right were Camille and Lisa, and to his left sat Kyle, Taylor and Adrienne.  It made me wonder who would have moved over to even out the couches if Kim had made an appearance.

Adrienne is harboring a ton of issues about Lisa and nearly explodes trying to express every little tiny thing Lisa has ever said or done which has somehow hurt Adrienne.   I almost laughed at how petty Adrienne’s list of perceived insults sounded.   We had to revisit the “Maloof Hoof” joke, twitters about their respective dogs and the fact that Lisa was supposed to check with Adrienne about the details of Pandora’s bachelorette venue.  For a self-proclaimed strong businesswoman, she is very thin-skinned.  She even makes her own underhanded remark to Lisa, grinning and muttering, “once a princess, always a princess” when the discussion briefly touched on Lisa’s wearing a tiara at her daughter’s wedding.   Unless I am mistaken, Adrienne Maloof was the one who was bestowed the title herself, when she ascended into the family business.

It is an all out attack on Lisa.  Kyle chimes in about how afraid she is of Lisa because she’s smart.  I guess for Kyle, intelligent people, especially ones with a sense of humor, should be feared.  Andy must share an IQ with Kyle because he says that smart means manipulative.  Kyle reminds Lisa, and everyone, of how hurt she was by a comment that followed one of Kyle’s splits.  Lisa apparently said that it might have been for attention.  Okay, I’m waiting.  Where exactly is the hurtful part?   People on good terms, friends, are not hurt by such small things.  Real friends tease all of the time.  So what else is up?

Of course, we have to let Taylor use her voice to carry her message and heal.  She lets us all know that she and Kennedy are still getting better but that it is hard.  There is a question to the women about airing the show following Russell’s suicide.  Camille is the only one who vocalizes any concern for how Russell’s children must feel watching these episodes. Thank you, Camille.  Adrienne and Taylor think it was a good idea in that a could help other people dealing with issues of domestic violence and/or suicide.   Taylor also said something about her alleged abuse that I found very interesting and very artfully worded.  In describing the confrontations between herself and Russell, she said that she would tell him “Just hit me so we can get this over with.  Because I knew that would end it.”  Make what you want of that one.

When Andy asks if any of the women saw signs of any abuse, Lisa says she saw a particularly awful text, full of expletives, supposedly sent by Russell to Taylor.  There is also a conversation about the infamous email that Russell sent to Camille.  Taylor gives some cockeyed version of events and times when this occurred, and denies knowing its contents, something the other women are not so certain about.   Camille also tells Taylor that she did not care for being singled out for saying something out loud that each and every other woman present had also heard from Taylor.   She rightfully says that it can’t be private information when you have told an entire circle of friends.

The war on Lisa isn’t over with quite yet.  Adrienne announces that she knows somebody who talked to somebody who cleans somebody’s house who told her that Lisa sells stories to the tabloids.  Lisa is visibly shocked and denies the accusation.  I believe her.  Adrienne does not, and presses forward repeating it over and over until  finally, at last, it occurs to her that she might just have stepped over the line.  Well, I guess that evens the score on that “Maloof Hoof” thing.  Calling out one’s character and making a joke about a shoe – yep, it’s all good.  It’s a lot like making a remark about splits versus saying that someone preys on the weak.  I think we all understand now.

Finally, for only a very few minutes we are allowed to see Brandi.  I breathed a sigh of relief for her because I think she was being held in the Bravo dungeon while being forced to listen to LeAnn Rimes CDs and watch the same two episodes of “The Playboy Club” over and over.  She is ready for this and we are ready for her. Enough with the Eddie questions,  and enough with the Vegas wedding thing,  Andy. Welcome to the couch, Brandi!  It seems as if she has quite a bit to say during part two.  At least we know it won’t be the company line.


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27 Responses to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion – Part One

  1. I was pleased to hear Camille say that she hadn’t wanted the shows to air because of the children. It was good to see someone recognize that there are other people involved in this, and it isn’t all about ratings and paychecks. There were several times where Camille cut Taylor off, and left Taylor looking like a gulping fish as she struggled to compose herself. I believe Camille was laying down the law and saying to Taylor – no lies or I talk again.

    You captured how I felt about Adrienne and Kyle very well. It was much adieu about nothing – and I was glad that Lisa was able to turn it around and talk about how their unjust accusations made her feel.

    I do agree with Camille that a “hoof” is not a cute picture of a shoe – and the joke had an edge of insult to it – as did the fat shoe comment – but it’s nothing like questioning someone’s character and accusing them of selling out their castmates to the tabloids.

  2. Judy says:

    Actually I thought that it was just a clever bit of word-play, Maloof hoof and Vanderpump. As much as I’ve read that Adrianne is the one who called the before-show meeting to put their ducks in a row before lumping Lisa…this whole thing just reeks of Kyle.
    And I laughed at Trailors working on her defense (for court) on TV telling us that Russell abused her when she wasn’t attentive to his business associates. What. A. Skank!
    Loving their nickname on twitter…”The Three Brooms” Yup that says it all 🙂

    • Viewer 5 says:

      Judy – it was a very clever wordplay by Lisa! I thought Taylor’s most truthful statement was when she said (of Russel) ‘you said too much – you said too little’ – it seemed real. What really freaked me out was when she said: “I was worried about (why Russell killed himself.)” “Worried?” Really? Why? Ew.

  3. nohausfrau says:

    Empress you are spot on in your review. Adrienne miscalculated this so bad. Lisa’s humor does have an edge to it but at least she has a sense of humor. Taylor certainly didn’t convince me with her act. Kyle came off as petty as Adrienne. Who does the splits at a party if not for attention? It’s hardly normal party behavior. I thought Lisa did a great job of keeping her composure.
    Love that nickname. So right on.

    • I saw a real “deer in the headlights” look on Adriennes’ face when it finally dawned on her that Lisa was seriously PO’d and mentioned slander. Adrienne actually looked off screen, at someone else, as if she wanted to know whether they could have a do over or just erase that entire exchange.

      • Adgirl says:

        I think the husbands were off stage. I thought Adrienne was looking at Paul. Or her hired PR person. There were probably 20 PR people hyperventilating offstage.LOL.

  4. klmh says:

    Great blog.
    I found it interesting when Lisa used the word slanderous, and Adrienne began to back off. I always wondered why it took A. so long to finish a sentence or thought and believed it to be a worry about being sued. Now my assessment of her include a few other descriptive words that aren’t as pleasant.
    I also wonder about Kyle’s remark. She knows Lisa so well and has a good sense of humor too, imo. I suppose she felt that she was given the mean girl edit this year, which she felt she didn’t deserve. That had to hurt. Now Lisa is pointing out the obvious, that she is a show off and needs to be the center of attention. Im sure Kyle wasn’t proud of that either.
    I wish we could see these shows in the order they progress rather than Bravo editing it, but Im still looking forward to the next part of the reunion.

    • Viewer 5 says:

      Hi K – how’s it going?
      I think Adrienne realized she’d been played. Did you see (both) Kyle’s and Taylor’s face during the “selling the story” section? They could not stop blinking. Rapidly. It might be that they *both* sold stories…

      • klmh and V5,
        I think that Adrienne had also been fed some terrible gossip about Lisa by Kyle and Taylor, and that was one of the reasons that she was angry about the little stuff.
        I also didn’t think it was funny when Kyle went into her British accent routine. It was uncalled for and rude.

        • Viewer 5 says:

          I dunno, Empress. I thought Kyle’s imitation was kinda spot on. 😦

          I think maybe Taylor has “something” on Adrienne. Did y’all see when Adrienne spoke of Russell’s email and Taylor knowing it? She turned to Taylor, looked dead into her eyes, (as Taylor nodded) and fed her an excuse about ‘you were afraid of Russell and doing anything wrong. That’s why you knew about the email.’ Whaaa?

          • V5, The only reason that I mentioned the British accent thing with Kyle, is that I recall something she had said (maybe in this season’s 1st episode) about how she viewed the British. Something about them being “better” than Americans. I just thought that she was trying to mock Lisa with it. JMO – it’s all good.
            Yep, caught that eyelock. She was giving Taylor an out. I just can’t figure out what is up with Adrienne. Maybe she is spending more time with the kitchen help and his circle of friends than we know.

          • klmh says:

            I agree with you on the Kyle imitation. I thought Lisa thought is was kind of funny, and you can’t take Lisa’s sense of humor away from her. Lisa’s smirk was a perfect response, imo. Isn’t it fun to see 3 different responses from the same footage!
            The clip shown last night when they were in Co. and A. said “you’re having a nervous breakdown”? Geez, that was so bad. Anyway, do you think she feels guilty about her past with Taylor in showing the world that Taylor lies (Kennedy’s
            Paul is so head over heels in love with A. there must be something there I can’t see. She hasn’t allowed us to see who she is either. Or, maybe there’s nothing else there.

            • ITA – Isn’t it fun to see 3 different responses from the same footage! We do have our very own POVs.
              I don’t think that either Adrienne or Kyle will ever be members of Mensa.

      • klmh says:

        Hi V5,
        Good to see you.
        As far as the “selling the story” I need to see that part again. It looked like it was discussed in their setup for Lisa beforehand, and even Camille had heard it, so maybe Adrienne took it as truth. She didn’t seem to turn the volume down though until Lisa mentioned slander. I don’t think Adrienne needs confirmation about her beliefs and thoughts but when a lawsuit was inferred by the “slander” word, she seemed to draw in her claws.
        The blinking thing I didn’t see. Does that mean they were lying? My take on that was that all of the housewives talk with different media sources, but that that is completely different than selling them. I believe both when they said they didn’t sell their stories. What did you think?

  5. Adgirl says:

    Hail Empress!

    I think Adrienne was a chubby ugly kid with a funny sounding ethnic name so even today using her name as a pun infuriates her!
    I assume Adrienne has reason to believe Lisa has also mocked Adrienne’s cosmetic enhancements. Therefore in Adrienne’s thinking she has extended to be an insult about Paul’s profession and generalize Maloof/Nassif bashing.

  6. Viewer 5 says:

    Hi Empress,

    Great blog!

    I kinda feel bad for Adrienne and Kyle (notice Taylor did not say ONE word to Lisa that was negative? she left it all to A&K) in that Lisa is incredibly sophisticated. Like: Mick Jagger-since-1969 sophisticated (that guy never says anything wrong.) And Kyle and Adrienne are just out of their depth. Lisa’s quips and personality have (apparently) given her a new show. I’m sure Adrienne didn’t see that coming! Piling on at the reunion was a bad idea.

    Remember: at the tea party, Taylor was the instigator against Lisa. She may have again been the instigator against Lisa at the reunion (per LynnnChicago’s interview with Brandi) and AGAIN sat back and said nothing about Lisa’s ego, save… her iPad photo? It was all about Lisa NOT BEING HER FRIEND. Perhaps Taylor knew the jig was up about her abuse, and the only way she could shut Lisa up about it was to accuse her in some way; hence: tea party.

    • I just can’t be as kind about Adrienne and Kyle re: their behavior towards Lisa. It they are willing to listen to gossip, particularly from Taylor, and not confront Lisa like grown women, then I believe that they are just as guilty as the messenger.

      • Viewer 5 says:

        Ha! It’s kinda clear (to my intuition) that Camille, who has already decided not to do season 3, is not afraid to “go there” with Taylor. The rest seem under some sort of weird ‘Uh-oh… Bravo is my future. Can’t mess with Taylor!’ problem.

      • PussyGalore says:

        I’m with you, Empress. Kyle I’ve never been fond of. My feeling is that she should have been honored to have a friend of such high caliber as Lisa and that she wasn’t really worthy of that friendship. The Hoofster, on the other hand, I actually liked last year but not anymore. Since her new season intro where she held up Crackpot saying that it was “game on” Jiggy, she’s been on a downward spiral of pettiness and jealousy. Not attractive at all and so unnecessary. It’s her fault that she’s being raked over the coals today because all season long people have been commenting on her Bravo blog that they don’t like the direction she has taken.

        • PG,
          I don’t know how to speak “Beverly Hills”, but my understanding of the word friend doesn’t mirror theirs at all. I think all of us have situational or contextual acquaintances. I have had colleagues, co-workers, neighbors and I can make small talk with the other women in my Pilates classes. My friends, however, are the few people who I know will pick up a prescription or groceries, or cook a meal for us when hubby or I are having a rough patch. They’re suppose to have your back. I wouldn’t think any of those women are friends, despite Kyle’s little speech about caring about them and being happy that they are in her life.
          Lisa’s ability to remain composed was amazing. Adrienne is just making me shake my head.

          • PussyGalore says:

            You’re so right about the friend thing. I can’t imagine living in place like L.A. where such a high percentage of the populace acts or hopes to act for a living. Where honesty could be the kiss of death, where one must pretend and be really good at butt kissing in order to get a leg up. How do you know who to believe about what? One would have to be very confident in who they are to navigate such terrain. And if you happen to lack confidence and/or do not have a stable personal life with loving and supportive family and friends, it could easily crush a person’s soul. I would not do well there, that I know, because of my inadvertent honesty. Not that I’m unhappy about being honest, it’s just that there are times when it doesn’t pay.

            But with Lisa and Kyle it did seem to me that they had a true friendship. At least I believe Lisa thought they did and that may have been a big mistake on her part.

  7. PussyGalore says:

    Another great blog, Empress. Thank you. As you may recall, we’re several episodes behind up here so I’ve been deprived of the pleasure thus far. Next week I’ll be in Seattle so I’m hoping that the friends I’m spending the night with will be willing to watch round two. I’ve written several comments to Adrienne on her Bravo blog and along with many others have tried to point out to her that her attitude towards Lisa is loosing her a lot of fans. Every week the majority of posted comments express this point of view and, although I don’t know when the reunion shows were taped, I believe by that time Adrienne should have already been aware of this turn of events away from her.

  8. Tuzentswurth says:

    Excellent blog Empress, thank you. The blog was thought provoking, especially these points for me:
    1. Smart=manipulative. Yes, I can’t think of anyone more manipulative than that Stephen Hawking guy and that Albert Einstein guy.
    2. Why does Adrienne look at Taylor and use that Svengali tone of Yes, Taylor you this or that, like You are having a nervous breakdown, you were afraid of Russell. I recall Adrienne clapping her hand over Taylor’s mouth at the Malibu party to prevent something coming out of that big mouth. Adrienne was seated beside Taylor to keep Taylor on a short leash perhaps? What is the connection there that makes Adrienne so nervous about Taylor? Smarty pants Taylor “has something” on Adrienne methinks. Taylor would like to “get something” on all the ladies. That will ensure her survival.
    3. My opinion about Maloof hoof is that is was clever, it rhymed, it was cute. Hooves have a very beautiful, graceful curve much like a high heel. If allowed to pass I don’t think most people would see it as such a slam. Such a big deal was made of it, hence Lisa made the “fat” shoe comment that WAS a mud rub in the face and bravo for Lisa. I wondered why, after Adrienne received the beautiful German Shepard for her birthday, did she get a little carry along dog to taunt Lisa?
    4. Kyle is small, petty, untrustworthy, jealous, immature, insecure (and insignificant) and two-faced.

    • The Adrienne/Taylor thing really has me baffled. She even let Taylor slide a bit on the Godmother thing during the last Reunion. I am wondering if, while trying to get all the dirty details from Taylor about her life and problems with Russell, that maybe Adrienne let some of her own stuff out of the bag – sort of like you shared yours and I’ll share mine. The only thing that seems to stop Adrienne is the faintest whiff of a lawsuit.
      As for Kyle, well, I’m guilty of giving her the benefit of the doubt and others, rightfully, called me on it. I think that maybe I should listen to them. I am not liking what I’m seeing between the KAT bunch and Brandi in previews for the 2nd part of the Reunion.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I wonder if there is some connection in shady business dealings that connects Shana and Adrienne. I never would have thought it before but there is something really creepy there that leaves me wondering.

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