Watch What Happens Live – Lisa and Brandi

It was a pleasure to see both Lisa and Brandi on WWHL.  I didn’t even mind that Kevin Lee was the evening’s bartender.   The two women do seem to have formed a warm and fun friendship.  You could see how comfortable they were with each other, and it really was a welcome change from some of the guest appearances and exchanges which usually happen in the clubhouse.  Lisa has had her own wild child past, and maintains her bawdy side just enough to be the perfect foil to the funny, honest and unfiltered Brandi.

The one who could have taken a night off was Andy.  Last night was a perfect example of how he can never let a good thing go unsullied.  Diva already beat me to this one, but I don’t think it was funny to make replace a clergyman’s face with that of a dog.  With that alone, he managed to take a swipe at both Brandi and Lisa.  Lisa was gracious enough to make light of it and my hat goes off to her for that.

Now, I wanted to mention the latest clubhouse game – “Plead The Fifth”.  There’s one that Taylor should be used to, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part.  Really Andy, really??!!!  Was it absolutely necessary to include questions to Brandi about Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian?  Given the juvenile, and often mean spirited, mindset of Mr. Cohen, I’m amazed that he didn’t have a “surprise” tweet or  phone call from the ever lovin’ Mr. & Mrs. Cibrian.  Andy just loves that kind of stuff.

The poll results were perfect, meaningless as far as Bravo is concerned, but perfect nonetheless.  We love Lisa and Brandi.  We don’t love Taylor and Kim. The rumor mill is at work already about who will or won’t be returning for Season 3.  This is a game too often played by Bravo.  They have stirred the pot over a number of possible shakeups.  It is what is done to keep all these women relevant and newsworthy.  Even Jill Zarin told everyone that they gave her about 3 minutes notice that she would not be back.  We’ll wait and see.

A brief follow up on the season finale

It was a really pretty day here today.  The sun finally came out after three days of rain, fog and general gloom.  My husband and I took the opportunity to do some farm related maintenance and housekeeping.  We replaced and repaired some fencing which the horses, by design or accident had broken.  We then did the routine things – feed, waste removal, etc.  The good thing about this type of work is that it doesn’t require much concentration and allows you to ponder.

I started thinking about the finale episode of Beverly Hills.  I then looked at the three very disparate segments and realized that this episode had a running theme about marriage.  We had a story about a wedding,  a story about couple married for ten years and a story about a marriage that ended tragically.  While not told in that order, it had a beginning, a middle and an end.

One couple was just starting out, fresh from their vows.  One couple was going through what can only be described as the “for better or for worse” part – that being something as mundane and, at least to my strange sense of humor, as silly as having a routine procedure.  Yes, Adrienne, that’s part of what it means.  That brought us to the end, which is the ongoing story of someone who should be a grieving widow.  Despite what she has told us transpired, we should have seen a woman still somewhat in shock and grief,  if for no other reason than some children were left fatherless.

I hope the rumors of her return are wrong.  I hope that we and our televisions survive the reunion.


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6 Responses to Watch What Happens Live – Lisa and Brandi

  1. Viewer 5 says:

    Good Morning Empress (et. al, to follow)

    Brandi is adorable; Lisa is very savvy. They make a good team. Andy’s earpiece antenna was sticking out; highlighted by overhead light. It looked like a hearing aid. Maybe it is.

    I didn’t notice what Taylor’s numbers were – only that Lisa and Brandi’s were higher. But, I read the publisher’s summary of Taylor’s “memoir” and she’s going to be focusing on “leaving” Russell and how “hard” it was (after they got served for MMR, natch) – she is not going to specify the abuse.

    By now Bravo, her publisher, and her agent all know she lied about the specifics of her 2011 abuse. She will never get caught out for this – she will just say she didn’t want to “focus” on the “abuse itself” in her “memoir” – that it’s about “healing” not hashing over “memories” that are too “painful” to dredge up again. That she wants to “protect Kennedy” and “Russell’s other children.”

    No entity or person (Bravo/their hwv’s production company/Simon & Schuster/Taylor’s agent) making money off Taylor’s tale(s) of woe gives a sh*t about her lies. Most people, most corporations, will not do the “right thing” when you put enough money in front of them. I repeat: most. And just as Bravo (and every other TV station saving public television) is all about the numbers and advertising rather than content – Taylor’s “memoir” is about sales.

    Our televisions may not survive the softball reunion that’s sure to come, but I know Bravo and Taylor will. They can’t simultaneously release her “memoir” and kick her off the show. Too much at stake.

    • Boobah says:

      V5 –
      Thanks for doing the leg work re: Taylor’s book. I was very curious about how she was going to handle the abuse subject. She’s just dodging bullets with spin – she wants to focus on ‘healing’ not he abuse? Spin, spin, spin.
      Btw, if you wanted the poll results, here ya go…
      Here are the poll results:

  2. Designdiva says:

    I believe that the BOOK will be the reason she is let go…amongst other things…lawsuits and the FEDS looking into the Family Trust in the Cook Islands.
    Because she is a SOCIOPATH ( IMHO ) she just couldn’t wait to get that journal of hers to press. It will be her undoing.
    I am pretty sure Bravo does not want FEDS snooping around their “files”….
    She needs to go back collecting a paycheck from her many CORPORATIONS that she has…cough cough….

    • Well, if V5 is correct (thanks for the info V5), then Taylor and Bravo are covering their tracks, at least as far as the DV claims. As for the other stuff, I don’t know – the Giudices are alive and well in New Jersey. Maybe Bravo is looking into hiring a court reporter and expanding the job description for their own corporation counsel. 🙂

  3. lol Empress mucking out a barn is the perfect place to think about Taylor!

    Andy & WWHL is just sad really. The guests are the only part of the show that can overcome Andy’s idiocy. Thank God the turtle was left alone. Hopefully someone has rescued the poor thing so Andy can’t play turtle dress up anymore. I’m waiting for someone to slap Andy. His inappropriate questions know no bounds. I just can’t watch anymore Andy….sigh. The “reunion” will be time wasted that you will never get back, plus the waste of your brain watching Andy with his infantile, hostile & yes even lame questions. I’d rather muck out a barn! Best to go to the gym & work off some frustration there.

    • Hey, bsf,
      Yep, mucking and Taylor talk require wearing very tall boots! Funny you mentioned poor Tramona, I didn’t even realize that she had not made an appearance lately.
      As for the reunion, Diva is trying to show me how to dispense Xanax by way of email.

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