The Real Women of BravoTV

Not so very long ago, the classified ads for employment were broken into categories by gender.  Much has changed since then, with women finding themselves in positions where they can have leadership roles ranging from CEOs of businesses to Heads of State. With the role of a leader comes power and influence, and with power comes responsibility.  In some instances, however, the notion of responsibility has been lost along the way.

The BravoTV network now has, to its’ credit, two women in very senior executive roles.  Both of them are smart, savvy, well educated and have had incredibly successful careers.  The Chairman of NBC Universal Entertainment & Digital Networks & Integrated Media – now that’s a title one might find tough to put on a business card – is Lauren Zalaznick.  Her second in command is Frances Berwick, President of Bravo & Style Media.

Ms. Berwick has  a Master’s degree from Edinburgh University and, before settling in at Bravo, 15 years ago, she worked in varying positions in British media.  Ms. Zalaznick has a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, majoring in English Literature and pre-Med.  Prior to her work with BravoTV, she truly bounced around the entertainment industry – cutting her teeth as an actress, movie producer and a member of the production team at VH-1.

I can only imagine how difficult it was for both of these women to climb to such heights in an industry which has seen very few female executives.  What they have done since arriving at the top is what bothers me.  They had an opportunity and simply squandered it.

Bravo, as a network, began in 1980 as a place where viewers could find programming that offered performing arts as well as international, classic and independent films.  Admittedly, these programs were not ratings’ grabbers, and ratings mean advertising, and advertising means money.   The network had more than its share of stops and starts until new blood was brought in to change its entire point of view.  In 2003, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” aired, and Bravo had a new following and a new direction.

Soon it was followed by “Project Runway”, “Top Chef” and the phenomenon of the “Real Housewives” franchise.  Starting in Orange County, California, then branching out to New Jersey, New York City, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Washington, D.C. and Miami, viewers anticipated that they were about to peer into the lives of wealthy, sophisticated, well connected and stylish women.  It sounded, on its face,  like “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” had met the Loud family from the 1973 documentary “An American Family”.  Now we know that this isn’t the case at all.

What has actually been served up to us is a very unnerving bunch of women who have no limits as to their boorish behaviors.  They throw things – from drinks to tables to Andy Cohen – they pull hair, curse, lie, steal, commit fraud and generally just gang up on each other in their quest to have the most camera time. It doesn’t matter if you are friends, family members or mere acquaintances. No one and nothing is off limits.  They are like tornadoes with their paths of destruction, willing to humiliate themselves and others. Basically, they come across as “Jersey Shore” with better shoes, Botox and breast implants.

Andy Cohen, the Senior Vice President for Original Programming & Development for Bravo, has taken a lot of heat from viewers and bloggers for his part in all of this.  I think Mr. Cohen is not all that relevant.  He is the public persona, the front man, even the court jester if you will.  He seems to both despise and fear the women of the Housewives’ shows.  He is, however, doing the job he has been told to do.

The bottom line, and that is all that matters here, both figuratively and literally, is that two women are running this circus.   They have produced record setting profits for NBC, GE and Bravo in particular.  That is the most important thing for any company, and it is why these two female execs have been promoted to their prominence.  They also accomplished this, in no small part, by portraying women as fools and adolescents while encouraging and rewarding aberrant behavior.

This is why I think about how they, and others, have missed their responsibilities and abilities to influence.  I wanted to believe that women at the top would understand that they had the responsibility to show other women in a favorable light and the power to influence those portrayals.  Just how much do you have to sell of yourself to get the title and the corner office?   We expected to see a little more “champagne wishes and caviar dreams”.  What we got was schoolyard bullies in Mahnolos and Louboutins.


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  1. Designdiva says:

    Empress of Aiken….
    I am excited for you as you venture into the world of blogging. You pretty much stated what I believe most women feel…that WE have been led down a primrose path by two women who have done nothing to elevate women to the the status we deserve.
    It becomes another one of those age old questions…WHY ???

    Looking forward to reading more of your insight into the world of REALITY and all that it entails.

    Hugs and Peace

  2. Viewer 5 says:

    Well – there’s a lot there. I think the Bravo programming ladies (Berwick and Zalaznick) worked incredibly hard to get where they are and anyone who can keep it together and climb the ladder of any entity has my respect. Neither of these gals has a public twitter feed – quelle surprise. The first thing you check at the door in that arena is your personality.

    One of them came from Oxygen – which started as the kind of programming you’re talking about – and I do know that by 1996, my friends who were working there were jumping ship, fast. The format wasn’t working, as I remember. Hell – even the Biography Channel, today, has celebrity ghost shows and how-I-almost-got-killed shows. I think Oprah’s network is in trouble. Not even Peter Arnell is helping Gwynyth Paltrow’s GOOP gain ground!

    I’m going to assert that the public demands what the public wants. And people who go on reality shows are… well, look at what we get. There will always be someone lined up to take their place, there will always be someone lined up who’s charging up (incredibly-uncomfortable-since-2005/6-Louboutins) to get on a show, there will always be someone who thinks they can game the camera and try to present what *they* want the world to see, and NONE of this is for amateurs. You need a really, really, experienced PR team behind you; not someone right out of college who worked as an assistant at a fashion or beauty firm for six months.

    So, when Bravo asks a Housewife to bring the drama, it gets viewers, as we all know. And we’re stuck with it; we’re stuck with people we love to hate (like Taylor Armstrong, etc.)

    Love that you’re posting(!) So much fun! Congrats and keep ’em coming.

    • Designdiva says:

      Good Post V5….. Love your take of it also seeing how you were connected also thru friends in the industry..
      Now with that said…UPLOAD A GRAVATAR… Lime green SO not your style


    • V5, Funny you mentioned GOOP. I really tried to read Gwyneth’s stuff but it all seemed like it was directed at a circle outside of mine – very rarefied air. I don’t know if it’s changed, but she didn’t allow comments or feedback when it first came out, something I found a tad bit arrogant. Sort of like – I don’t need no stinkin’ advice! LOL!

      • Viewer 5 says:

        “Goop” is a little weird. I don’t understand what the overall plan is – lifestyle advisor for really wealthy people? Maybe it was a way to push the gyms she was (rumored, if I’m correct) to be starting with Tracy Anderson – the tiny, photoshopped, fitness guru. Maybe Paltrow decided she’d found a way to be “healthy” and wanted to share the information with people everywhere, and hired Arnell to do her site, thinking she could “brand” herself? (I’ve worked in that field; but back then, my boss would have major clients who’d already established themselves in one area, and were expanding in a very focused manner.) I’ve never quite gotten the “why” behind Goop. 😦

  3. Adgirl says:

    Hey Empress! Great news about your blog. Thanks for the great read. I will visit you often.


  4. Thanks to those of you who have stopped by already. I am posting a link to an article I found that, while lengthy, gives a clear picture of BravoTV, why it looks like it does now and the relationship among the trio that is Zalaznick, Berwick and Cohen.

    • Designdiva says:

      Dang..Guess I need to make some more java for that read…..
      Football at THREE…so I’ll be away unless the game SUCKS..or is a blowout

  5. Nancy says:

    Great first blog. I sure hope someone will forward this to these women. I’m sure they agree with you deep down but they also know what sells. Can we honestly say we wouldn’t do the same?

    Are you going to include your life with your animals at all? Hope so.
    Congratulations! I’ll be visiting you often.

    • Hi, Nancy,
      One of the luxuries of my little place is that I can bore everyone to tears with stories of the farm and the resident critters. I will only post that which they approve, however. 🙂
      As for making the choices of the Bravo execs – I can only pray that my desire to respect other women would tip the scales.

  6. PussyGalore says:

    G’day Empress and congratulations on the birth of your blog. How exciting for you and for us as well and I so agree with Diva that this is a great first post. You had briefly mentioned these ladies at one point recently and I must say that I was shocked to learn that there are two powerful women at the top of the Bravo heap, yet look at what they give us. In the last couple of days I read that RHOBH has gotten record breaking numbers of viewers this year and since we know numbers and the bottom line is all that execs care about I hate to imagine what that means in terms of which of the ladies come back next season. I’m going to go now and click on that link up above. See you later.

  7. Deco says:

    Congratulations on your blog! I’m impressed. It’s well written,sans emotion,a blog by a woman for women that expresses what we women would like to see. I think you will fill a much needed niche in the blogging world.
    I too wonder how long it took for the two execs to sell their soul for that corner office. It is shameful. Maybe with their newly gained prominence they can pay it forward by green lighting some quality programming that portrays women as we would like to see them portrayed. Encouraging and empowering…how refreshing that would be. But I won’t hold my breath.

    • Deco says:

      I’ll be back and looking for you daily. (no pressure) 😉 .I added you to my RSS feed, if you’re there, I’ll find you every day.

  8. Empress, great first blog & very illuminating about Bravo’s fall into reality h*ll. At first I liked Andy Cohen but have come to despise his pathetic handling of the “housewife reunions” as well as his WWHL show. WWHL is only bearable if the guests are (IMO) good. If Andy could ask direct, relevant questions & point out how the housewife is talking bs then I would respect him more. He just seems to coddle them & I hate it when he shows his favoritism (or dislike) of certain ladies.

    Back to the Patriots/Ravens game! It’s a good one. Then get ready Nancy….the Giants are going to give your 49ers a whoopin’!!! ; D

    • Nancy says:

      Now why would you post that? ha ha My 49ers won’t let me down. You’ll see. 🙂

    • Viewer 5 says:

      Hi Blue – I don’t think it’s going to end well for Bravo, re: Taylor Armstrong. “Taylor” never should have sold “photos” of her abuse, nor been recorded stating when it happened, and what damage was done. Because there are no photos supporting her claims, amidst the many times she was photographed in that time frame. And now there’s a book coming out? Big trouble. Huge trouble.

      RH’wvs shows are a little lowbrow, etc. But that doesn’t mean viewers are gullible and stupid. No one may be able to prove whether “Taylor” was abused, or not. But they are able to prove that the abuse she says happened did not happen in the time frame that she says it happened. You can’t write a memoir w/ lies w/o calling it “creative non-fiction.” It may not be a nytimes-worthy story, but it’s national enquirer-worthy – in that they don’t have connections (like celebrity magazines) to Bravo, etc.

      This is not going to end well. I really do think it’s going to wind up being the 64 thousand-dollar question of 2012.

      • Agree with you V5 it won’t end well for “Taylor.” Perhaps she realizes what she has done on some level, & that’s why she gets drunk all the time. Guilt? I truly believe she played a big role in Russell’s suicide. Did she drive him to it? Maybe. Russell was a con artist but still…it is all so awful. Like a murder/suicide mystery on Discovery ID channel.

    • Beverly says:

      Thanks for telling me about Empress’ new blog, Blue!

      Congratulations, Empress, this was exceptionally written,
      and a very interesting read. I look forward to your future
      entries! Thank You for respecting our intelligence and
      not throwing the same old crap out.

      Now, I have a question for you~~ what’s your “thought”
      on Chelsea Handler- she seems to effectively own NBC
      right now.(NBC owns Bravo) 2 shows on “E” an NBC owned station as well
      as 2 brand new sitcoms, premiering on NBC prime time,
      based on her life. She is starring in one-
      reviews for the the new NBC sitcoms were tepid, at best~~
      but the “E” shows are enjoying good reviews and decent ratings.

      I enjoy her shows on “E” never caught the ones on NBC prime time.

      your thoughts and anyone else’ opinions??

  9. Congratulations on your maiden blog entry. Enjoyed it very much.

  10. Empress do you tweet? I tweeted the link to your blog…I’m @BlueSky_Forever on twitter.

    Hey Nancy….this game is a nailbiter!!!! Go Giants!

    • Boobah says:

      Hi BSF! I have missed ya!

      • Hi Boobah! So nice to be missed. I’ve been really busy at the gym every day….trying to get my health better. Finally went to a cardiologist (chest pains wouldn’t go away, even with aspirin! I avoid doctors, but sometimes ya gotta go) & so it goes. Turns out I have a heart murmur, but doc says nothing to worry about. Going in for a stress test & echocardiogram in March. I’ve stopped taking the blood thinner & cholesterol meds as my liver was really messed up back in December. Dr. Oz had a doc on awhile back that says “we take pills instead of solving the real problem.” Yup. Sometimes that’s true. Maybe losing all that subcutaneous fat on me ol’ bod might be worth it! I’m supposed to get a scan done on the liver & gall bladder. I’m not having pain in my back now that I’m off the meds…trying to eat healthy so me gall bladder might last a little longer. Lol sorry to bore everyone.

        How are you doing?

        I hope Nancy is ok. I was pretty darn worried about SF 49’s beating the Giants – the entire game & overtime. The Ravens/Patriot game was a tough one too. Party on!

        • Beverly says:

          I understand your worry about Nanc- she so loves her team~
          But she knows that the only thing that matters is to defeat
          the NE Patriots. Who should have lost to the Ravens. It doesn’t
          matter, the only thing that matters is who has the best score when
          the clock runs out. I literally thought about Nancy when the
          Giants won, and knew she would be disappointed~ And since
          Nancy is our friend we don’t want her to be disappointed.

    • Yep! – @empressofaiken
      I added yours to those I follow, thanks.

  11. Boobah says:

    Congrats on your blog debut! Truly a wonderful read.

    I read the article you linked. I thought it was fascinating. Lauren Zalaznick, as depicted by the author, claimed that Bravo casts people based on interesting and strong personalities. It seemed that personalities are more important than a proper fit for a particular show. So, personality types are more important than, say, fulfilling the criteria for the HW shows which I thought would include wealth, prestige, notable friends, etc., I guess I was wrong about what I thought I was watching. I presumed I would get a birds eye view into the lives of the affluent. But this article sheds light on why these strong personalities are the ones selected for these shows. It seemed to me, that women with a propensity for losing it or ‘bringing it’ are more coveted than women living in luxury. The (illusion of) wealth, power, etc are just a bonus. In actuality, it is this small bonus that is rarely seen on the small screen, that is being capitalized on by Bravo’s marketing team. What we actually get is nothing close to what is advertised.
    Also interesting is how Zalaznick wanted to capture the real yet mundane, everyday lives of the housewives. Maybe it’s me, but that is not at all what I see when I watch these HW shows. I see over-edited, contrived debauchery – mental health catastrophies, bunkruptcy, incessant fighting, disease, crime, and the like. How is this everyday life?
    Personally I want to see more restaurant openings, events, lavish homes, expensive wardrobes – all the things I don’t have. I do not feel entertained by Teresa’s financial crisis, Kim R.’s plummet into addiction, Taylor’s lack of morality, Kelly’s emotional breakdown, Michaele Salahi slithering into the White House, Jill’s unrelenting deceit, well the list could go on and on here.
    It’s interesting that Zalaznick considers dying her hair inauthentic but then casts these types of women to demonstrate authenticity.
    Additionally Zalaznick holds a “very high regard for personal responsibility”. She used a Looney Tunes cartoon as a metaphor for how we, as viewers need to know that if we hit our head with a frying pan, our heads won’t become mis-shapened nor will we be able to shake it off. It’s this last part that bothers me the most. She wants to pass the buck of responsibility unto the viewer as opposed to being responsible for what type of TV she is producing. While I absolutely agree that I am to be responsible for myself and not dependent upon others to make my choices, I find it disturbing that she doesn’t share or even reflect on her responsibility as a woman and especially as a woman in a top position of a TV network. So does that mean that I can drive crazy and all over the road and it’s the responsibiilty of the other drivers to avoid me? Or maybe I should be responsible for my actions as well?

    I am stupidly waiting for the good ole’ days of the HW shows to return, as I enjoyed it very much. But I fear that Zalaznick and her crew aren’t listening to their viewers.

    Empress this blog was a delight to read and a welcomed opportunity to vent. Thank you. I agree 100% that Zalaznick had a great opportunity to show women in a better light but failed miserably.

    //rant over// Sorry so damn long.

    • Viewer 5 says:

      Not so “damn long” at all, Boobah. What a thoughtful post. I say: Bring Back Lauri Waring! I loved Lauri’s storyline.

      I think it’s really, really hard (regardless whether you’re an *sshole or not – but I’m digressing) to have a position of power in any corporate entity and stay there. We all know it’s about the advertising/viewership, etc. and “Taylor” just brought the drama at rhobh, as she imagined herself morally 😉 contracted to do. I too wish Zalaznick would go in for more fun programming – but the bottom line, is… as they lose two viewers b/c of the drama, they’ll gain ten-to-twenty more because of the drama.

      I do think listing them as you did (para 2: Teresa’s financial crises to Jill’s unrelenting deceit) really does bring it home, and it’s depressing. The only h’wvs show I watch is rhobh, and I’m not sure I’ll be watching season 3. I’m very interested in what’s going to happen, re: Taylor’s “memoir” in the coming months. I really think (I keep posting this everywhere – sorry!) there’s going to be mad fallout from all the deceit, which becomes a serious legal issue for her publisher and Bravo – and that’s putting aside all speculation of Russell Armstrong and the hand Bravo may have had in his decision to end his life. If you present something as fact, you’d better back it up in publishing.

      “Taylor’s” “memoir” is not the same as Diana Vreeland exaggerated stories and shifting timelines in her memoir in the 80’s before her death – it’s a serious accusation against “Taylor’s” dead husband, and a distortion of truth at best. This is not going to end well.

      • Boobah says:

        Thank you V5. I was concerned that I rambled. It felt so right yet so wrong 🙂 to go on & on. Lol.
        I hope you’re right about a fallout – “Taylor” should find herself face to face with the justified repercussions of what she’s done. Her particular “plotline” is far more sinister than any I’ve ever seen. Not only she should be removed from the show, but a legal intervention is necessary. It blows my mind that she walks among us, unscathed. It scares me to think that others like her are watching and thinking they too can get away with this type of wickedness.
        It is all about the almighty dollar – viewer ratings/advertising. You’re so right. I needed this reminder. And you pointed out another great point – I bet it’s very hard to get a exec position nevermind hold on to it. I guess my thinking is that with great power comes great responsibility. But I will admit that I can be idealistic.
        The bright side for me is that as a result of Bravo’s exploits, I found some terrific blogs and terrific people that reflect my sentiments and whom I enjoy chatting. 🙂

        • Viewer 5 says:

          Hi Boo – I think “Taylor” – amidst facts, timelines, accusations, and (hopefully) legal repercussions will maintain her lies; she probably believes them at this point. Exhibit A (amongst many) “you don’t know what she’s done to me!” at Malibu – she is clever, and not too smart. There is *no way* Simon and Schuster is going to publish stats on her abuse… because we all know it doesn’t line up. She never, *ever* should have sold those pictures.

          I found some nice blogs, too – duh – but am a lit-tle tired of the mini-wars, over-sensitivity, and attacks. As far as I know, Nick Denton and Arianna Huffington aren’t going to be knocking on anyone’s door anytime soon. I’d bet my life on it.

          The reason the Bravo corporate ladies are where they are is because they know how to hit fast without leaving a mark, and push a well-planned, creative agenda with the proper tone, manner, and research. Genius’s, ego, and histrionics are a thing of the past; it doesn’t even play well in the fine art world. Now… once you’re established… ;D

    • Boobah, Rants require no apologies. I think my bottom line is that what we were hoping to see from the HWs’ franchise was someone more like Ms. Zalaznick herself, or at least the image of women in her position. There really does seem to be some diconnect between how she views herself and how she views the rest of us.

      • Boobah says:

        Thank you for that, I was bit worried about the length. *sigh of relief*

        A show about people like her would indeed be interesting. I thought that’s what we would see throughout the HW’s episodes. Zalaznick’s disconnect is strange for sure – with the viewers and apparently her own family. The reporter even commented on how her children knew she was unavailable to them during the interview – I can understand that, but for the reporter to comment on it made me think it was quite evident and maybe even weird to him.

        Your blog is really great. I am going to make it part of my routine.

  12. Dame Rhetorica says:

    As usual, I’m a day late & a dollar short. Impressive post Empress; great start to your blog. If women keep selling out our gender, we will never become true leaders. We can provide entertainment that depicts women in a positive light; it’s just more difficult. lt’s much easier to show women who rely on “b!tchiness” for ratings. Now I’m not a fan of Lifetime movies but there has to be a happy medium somewhere.
    Thanks again Empress.

  13. Adgirl says:

    Let’s face it. The RH franchise is not about the lifestyles of affluent women. It is about women who want to appear affluent. They are poseurs, graspers, flakes and climbers. Bravo does not care if they ARE wealthy, Bravo cares if they are brazen enough to go on tv bragging about their possessions. Secondly, Bravo cares if they are verbal, selfish, quick tempered and insecure. The cast has to have the desire to wear 6 lbs of hair extensions and have their makeup larded on. Finally, they have to demonstrate a knack for throwing friends and family alike under the proverbial fame bus.

    And who am I to watch these hyenas on tv and then run to the internet to comment on them? LOL.
    Don’t answer that.

    • Viewer 5 says:

      Ha! Diva… where was this guy in college, when I was researching perception and truth in form. Damnit!!!! I’d like to add that reality shifts with time, depending on one’s “mood” in the moment. Meaning the same past (personal) event can be seen from two (or more) perspectives at any given time, yet it’s kinda difficult to have two differing thoughts simultaneously. Jeez – I need to read more. Thanks for posting.
      V5 (Mach VII)

  14. princesspindy says:

    Congratulations Empress!
    Great writing and great thoughts. I use to love the HW shows. Now I dread them. I use to look forward to WWHL, wouldn’t think of missing it, now, I don’t care. I feel like it was a “bait and switch” scheme, and I fell for it. I ffwd through most of Atlanta last night and was disgusted by Marlo’s closet, especially when I think of how she “earned” all those shoes… what a waste of an opportunity by Bravo execs. I didn’t know they were women, how sad.

    • pindy – my favorite mob wife!
      I can proudly state that the only shoes I have with red soles got that way because I stepped in a spilled can of Rust-o-Leum – and I earned them!
      Marlo and Nene – we know that nothing good can come of that pairing. I think Nene, from what I have seen of her “business” partner, John, has already taken a few moves from Marlo’s playbook.

    • Viewer 5 says:

      Me too, Pindy! Although I don’t watch Atlanta (got tired of the fighting, etc.) I agree on your first points.

  15. tuzentswurth says:

    I enjoy your debut blog Empress. I think the HW shows went off the rails after Teresa’s table flip and I never understood why anyone found that endearing. OC was mindless entertainment without women acting socially unacceptable prior to the table incident. It seemed that every HW show then had to “bring the crazy”. I’ve stopped watching two of the franchises and more could drop off my schedule if this behavior continues. Call me crazy if you like, but I enjoy civility. I understand real life problems will happen but this contrived “drama” is insulting and degrading. Best of luck with your blogging adventures, I see you are a fellow animal lover.

    • Viewer 5 says:

      Oooo… I think I can answer the table flip. 😦 I think the “endearing” part (good word) had to do with Teresa’s frustration, and an “honesty” (if you will) that came from it. I’m not saying she was right, but her expression and inability to hold back on Danielle after all that crap was what did it. I think. Then, Tamra got crazy with Gretchen, etc. and ever since then, it’s been downhill. I too enjoy civility, and you are ABSOLUTELY right – the contrived aspect of the drama is “insulting and degrading.” I wish I could write so succinctly! Ha.

    • Boobah says:

      Holy cow – I also deduced that the Tre’s table flipping nonsense inspired the now commonplace and expected horrendous behavior as seen in the HW franchise. That particular scene caused much water cooler discussion which likely increased ratings. Since Bravo only cares about the $$ bottom line and clearly has little regard for social responsibility – this behavior was encouraged and capitalized on by instigating and contriving additional bad behavior. They manipulate their “stars” and us, the viewers (Bravo blogs are a joke), so that we all get worked-up with eager anticipation to see how it plays out.
      What Bravo refuses to acknowledge is that, imho, the viewers are looking and rooting for the bravolebrities to find contentment while resolving issues with their castmates/family/businesses! And to do so while demonstrating their lavish lifestyle….maybe clanking their expensive stemware at a job well-done, proclaiming by-gones following a petty dispute while dressed to the 9’s, issuing congratulations at the newest, hottest restaurant, etc. Flying tables, pieces of ripped out hair extensions clutched in a woman’s fist, in-your-face verbal arguments, etc. are not the resolution methods I am eager to see.

      I wanted HW’s shows to be a healthy escape for me, not a show that made me feel like I needed a hot shower afterwards to scrub off the filth.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Exactly, Teresa’s table flip did cause discussion because that behavior was so outlandish. It was incredible to me that someone would behave like a wild animal in front of TV cameras. Bravo somehow mistook our shock and disbelief to mean that we want to watch a steady diet of contrived Neanderthal behavior. I hoped for a return to normal social behavior but I don’t think it will happen. Bravo will make a lot of money by the time we all turn away in disgust if things don’t improve.

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